Remember, You Read It Here, FirstBy Kent Shocknek

All-time Great Slogans: “Be all that you can be.” (Army)  “Pork. The other white meat.” (National Pork Board)

All-time Less-Than-Great Slogans: “An Army of One.” (Again; Army).  And a new one, you’ve never seen before: “Pork: be inspired.”  (Again; NPB)

Nevermind that the first two slogans were pure Madison Avenue Gold. The army tried to get you to enlist, by promising you that it would help you reach your full potential. And pig farmers got you to buy more bacon, by positioning pork as something as healthy as the first white meat, chicken.

When the Army dumped “Be all…” in favor of  “An Army of One,” I don’t know of anybody who bought in. Granted, pork may not be quite as fat-free as chicken, but at least it is white. But nobody is going to fall for a line that makes it sound like joining the military will give you the freedom to be your own independent, free-thinkin’ loner, because that’s how you roll.

Which is why I’m curious about the new pork slogan. The chair of the Domestic Marketing Committee of the National Pork Board (really? -Ed.) says the new slogan will celebrate pork’s versatility. I’m glad that’s cleared up: I had thought the new slogan arrived accidentally, because someone’s internal email that was supposed to say “Pork: be inspired to come up with a catchy new saying that’s even better than our old one, and get back to me,” was cut off after the first three words.

(Photo Source: AP)

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  1. BikeRider says:

    I think a better slogan should be: Canadian Bacon… IT’S HAM!

  2. Lesley Clack says:

    Bike Rider–yeah, eh?!

  3. Ossie says:

    Pork on your fork.

    Damn good ham.

    Dig the pig!

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