LOS ANGELES (CBS) —  Officials believe a pedestrian who was struck and killed on the 10 Freeway early Monday may have been hit by as many as 20 cars.

The victim, identified late Monday as 36-year-old  Ronald Edward Hill Jr. of Los Angeles, was hit near the Crenshaw Boulevard off-ramp, according to Officer Anthony Martin of the CHP Traffic Management Center.

The body was discovered just after 3:40 a.m.

The preliminary investigation indicated the victim was moving south across the westbound lanes and eventually hit in the number 4 lane, said CHP Officer Monica Posada. It’s unclear why he was trying to cross the freeway, she said.

The right two lanes and Crenshaw Boulevard off-ramp were shut down for the investigation through the morning rush hour period.

Anyone with information about the fatal hit-and-run was asked to call the CHP at (213) 744-2331.

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Comments (41)
  1. One Less Illegal says:

    Down the ILLEGALS.

    1. Kiki walker says:

      W T F – NOT ONLY ARE YOU TRULY A MORON OF THE LOWEST ORDER WITH YOUR “one less illegal”. Can you not EVEN know how to read past the 1st. grade level? ALL YOU BIGOTS ARE SO FULL OF HATE AND teeny tiny brains!

      Ronald Edward Hill, jr. Is NOT A LATIN NAME. The fact is you are a true coward that cannot do anything other than spew your venom behind your computer.

  2. Dawn says:

    Was it an illegal?

    1. laura says:

      why does it everybody think it’s an illegal. he has a gringo last name, HILL !!!!

    2. James says:

      Definitely an illegal — those Canadians are flooding our country!

    3. A saddened family member says:

      no he was not an illegal. He was born and raised in Los Angeles

  3. so what!! says:

    More taxpayer’s $$ wasted trying to clean up this POS illegal.

  4. Ed Rooney says:

    Illegals should understand that this is America & not the US-Mexico border crossing. Running across freeways here at your own risk.

    The CHP should post up signs on the freeways with pictures like the ones in the US-Mexico border with Man/Woman/Child holding each other’s hands and running across the road.

    1. laura says:

      why does it everybody think it’s an illegal. he has the last name, HILL !!!!

  5. david says:

    You clowns are obsessed with immigrants. If you focused more on your own lives, perhaps you wouldn’t be angry that they’re outcompeting you for minimum wage jobs.

    Keep posting your asinine comments and the rest of us will keep laughing at you.

    1. Wow says:

      Totally agree, David. Everyone’s angry because of their own shortcomings and underachievement in life. I do agree that illegal immigrants to put a drain on the California economy, but at no time do I ever wish anyone death like most people do on here. As far as crime, illegals do commit them, but most of the violent crime in L.A. is caused by the people born right here.

    2. Wow says:

      I meant born here.

  6. skip says:


    1. laura says:

      They can’t read.

      1. johnny chingas says:

        You’re not kidding.

  7. frances m says:

    did any of you read his name, you do know to read, I hope. His name does not sound illegal does it?

  8. johnny chingas says:

    Dang, you people are tipping the stupid scales today.

  9. Bryan Devianza says:

    And there’s also 20 drivers out there who need their licenses revoked.

    1. Oops.... says:

      No kidding! No one stopped! Who cares if he was white, black, brown, pink or green! That’s absolutely inhuman.

  10. 213 Angelino says:

    To: “One Less Illegal, Dawn, so what!, Ed Rooney”

    Did you guys read the name of the moron who did this? Ronald Edward Hill Jr. Does that name sound like an illegal to you? Apparently yes, as you all still posted your dumb ass comments.

    This was probably some crack-head or junkie high on meth thinking he was playing frogger, or some homeless person that was done with it all.

    Jeez you ass munchers. Get over it…better yet, as David said, “Keep posting your asinine comments and the rest of us will keep laughing at you”.

  11. JD says:

    Interesting how the most illiterate people are the ones that complain the most about illegals.
    In any case, this was a horrible tragedy.


    White Trash cannot read. WHITE TRASH IDIOTS.

  13. LMFAO @ White Trash says:

    Nothing but stupid White Trash.

  14. white garbage!! says:

    That’s why white trash don’t have jobs coz hard working illegals taking over their menial jobs.

    Why should employers pay white trash $8/hour for menial service when they have a reading level lower than the 1st grade or similar reading levels are illegals?? When illegals make $2/hour & no health insurance benefits & no 401k plans.

    LoL @ white trash.

  15. illiterate white trash says:

    illiterate white trash. how sad. no wonder they kept complaining about losing minimum wage jobs to illegals. their racism is a result in loss of job & hatred. stupid white trash.

  16. Exterminate the ignorant race says:

    Hope GOD returns to earth and exterminate the ignorant whites.

  17. Mr.BarrackObama(Official) says:

    I am a suprise visitor for the cbs2 website today.
    By reading the first post, I believe that our nation needs change.Yes, Illegals are more over critized by the Republicans. The topic states that a man was hit in the freeway,and then someone talks about illegals. Just keep it on,and think Yes We Can.

  18. arizona joe says:


  19. elber gudo says:

    yea deport him to africa or europe
    now what

  20. tuscon slim says:

    if i was you ronald hill…..i would go to the cops an say someone stole my ID. before you get charged with inpersonating a illegal alien.

  21. so what!! says:

    lol at illegals. Fighting tooth and nails on this one..

  22. george says:

    sounds like an afro-american homeless person , because the area where the accident took place is next to south cental l.a. where the major riots took place.

  23. Sad! says:

    How sad. I can only hope he didn’t have the time to experience the fear of multiple vehicles approaching him at high speeds. I’m so sorry for his family and friends. I hope we can come to understand why he crossed the busy roadway so we can make moves to prevent such actions in the future.

    1. Jeanee says:


      thank you for your comment he was from LA and he was not homeless and he leaves behind a mother kids and a host of family and friends who do and still care for him.

      1. Tammi says:

        You are absolutely right, this is our family member, nephew to be exact. And, we don’t know why he was on the freeway. He could have been beaten or running for his life. and by the way, he is a Black man. But what does it matter? A life is a life. So now all you readers get this. He is Black. He is a father. He is a son. He is an uncle. He is a brother. He is not illegal, born and raised right here in the L.A area.

  24. vince says:

    Illegals are now stealing id’s as demonstrated by this case. Time for us to start picking off people at the border one by one. I will gladly go to the border and start takin em out and doing us and my country a hugh service

  25. JEFE ARPIAO says:

    if i had stop,i would have been late to work and lose my job to an illegal mexicans. afterall, i cant run for the border like they do.

  26. joe says:

    Now is too late to deport these people without a lot of red tape. Lets just round up all the messycans by offering free tacos and then have a perimeter where they cannot leave until they prove they are here legally and for you anchor babies born here to illegals you are also illegal and must go back to mexico and come here legally

  27. joe says:

    What part of illegal do you people not understand? They are breaking the law everyday they are here. Also I cannot stand anchor babies being given citizenship cause their parents snuck in to stay in this country. They are also illegal. How about the people who came here legally? It is not fair to them. As far as I am concerned these anchor babies are 2nd class citizens and I will never consider them real americans and must go back to mexico where there parents came from. No exceptions no excuses

  28. Old crazy white guy says:

    Mr. Hill’s incident is a tragedy, Rest in Peace. What in the world his intents were will never be known. As far as the illegal immigrant issue-I blame the USA for not annexing all of Mexico during the Mexican-American war. Think about it! We would all be speaking the same language, could travel, work, have equal opportunities, etc. from the Canadian border to Central America without too many problems. The drug cartels would be limited to Central America. Maybe we should think about an American Union similar to the European Union. Their currency is valued higher than the US Dollar

  29. Old crazy white guy says:


    I don’t think, You are not the brightest star in the sky. Unless you are Native American, you are a second class citizen. Maybe, we should rate citizen’s on their IQ. I don’t think you would be in the top 50%. Have another drink-it increases brain function.

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