CAMP PENDLETON (AP) —  The Navy says two sailors are dead and a third injured after a 7-ton water truck rolled over during a joint Navy-Marine Corps training exercise at Camp Pendleton.

Cmdr. Greg Hicks, a spokesman for the U.S. Navy’s 3rd Fleet, says the injured sailor is in stable condition following Monday morning’s accident.

Hicks says the truck was carrying drinking water to resupply a campsite, and the sailors were riding in the truck when it rolled.

Their names have not been released.

Hicks says the cause of the accident is under investigation. He said he did not know whether rainy conditions contributed to the rollover.

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Comments (8)
  1. so what!! says:

    Hooray! 1st news all week without an illegal making a run for the news.

  2. so what!! says:

    Hooray! 1st news all week without an illegal making a run for the news. illegals are like attention deficit disorders.

  3. AJean says:

    So sorry for the loss of lives in this accident.

  4. cheeses k. reist says:

    go shrivel up and die. you’re lower than a worm.

  5. mister s says:

    So I guess kcal9 doesn’t know how to ban an IP address from the comments section.

  6. A.B. Normal says:

    Hard to imagine being either the person who has to tell the families about this accident, or the families themselves. Who’d ever think their son or brother could die in a training accident in California? Unbelievable and horrible.

  7. Former CamPen Jarhead says:

    Some of these trucks have a higher center of gravity due to them primarily being used offroad. The water trucks are more susceptible to rollovers when carrying water, especially when it is partially full. The water sloshes side to side making the danger of rollovers much more probable. Sorry to hear about the loss of these sailors. I’ve seen plenty of fatalities in training at Camp Pendleton and 29 Palms.

  8. John Harris says:

    Heroes Just the same

    Although they were killed by friendly fire or while driving a steep grade after the rain.

    And not while storming an enemy bunker –
    They are heroes just the same.

    Their final resting place will be at home and near their kin
    Not placed beneath a cross of white in a field in Arlington.

    Whether they served their Country by humping ammo or slinging chow
    What makes them heroes, is the Why and not the how.

    When they died, they bled rivers of Red, White and Blue
    For their blood was shed for the likes of me and you.

    Years from now we may be unable to even recall their name
    But an unsung hero is a hero just the same.

    Heroes too are not just the ones who have died
    but those who soldier on -for God, for Country and for Pride.

    Despite the ridicule, doubts, pain, fears and low pay
    For us they willingly place themselves in harms way

    Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine –no matter what the name
    they serve our Country and remain Heroes just the same.

    -John Harris (daughter Trained with Mychael)

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