ROSEMEAD, Calif. (CBS) — A $10,000 reward was offered Monday for information leading to the arrest of a hit-and-run motorist, responsible for the death of a 19-year-old woman in Rosemead.

The reward was being offered by the parents of Yihang Ma, who was struck as she walked in the 3800 block of Walnut Grove Avenue around 10:30 p.m. on January 31, 2010.

“No parent should ever suffer the pain of outliving their child,” the teen’s father said.

Witnesses described the vehicle as a white, gray or silver newer-model minivan or SUV, with front-end damage.

Anyone with information about the case was urged to call Deputy Marvin Payne, (626) 292-3389; or the Temple Station at (626) 285-7171.

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Comments (5)
  1. Jackie Winters says:

    I pray for this family that the trash that hit and run this person will be caught. Man or women they are trash and I hope they get the electric chair or at least sit in jail the rest of their lives, the sad part is the person who died is gone forever and the trahs that killed them will be paid for sitting in jail, what a discrase to the general public. If we had jails like other countrys we would likely have less crimes. We give to the trash a pay check for every week they sit in jail.

  2. Jazz says:

    The problem is the law. The law should not seperate vehicular manslaugher from voluntary manslaughter or even 2 degree murder.

    If you drink and drive it should be murder period. An automobile is a lethal weapon just like a gun or a knife. If you are drunk and stab or shot someone you are convicted of at least voluntary manslaugter.

    People who hit and run should be convicted voluntary manslaugher because they are guilty of the crime after the fact because they left the scene.

    If you are an illegal immigrant you should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law because first, you are breaking the law by being here, second, you are driving without a license, third, you left the scene of a crime.

  3. gary says:

    why do they keep censoring and erasing comments geared towards illegals, its not like their kind read anyway. quit being so sensitive and leave the comments up cbs so you can see what real americans are thinking and feeling!

  4. DAMN ILLEGALS says:

    What is so sad about that case was the fact one of the Illegals stopped, got out of their car & remove the severely inured 19 yo USC student off his windshield & dragged his helpless bloody body across the crosswalk & out of his way so they can drive pass the crime scene.

    Barbara Bach probably could’ve been saved had the ILLEGALS stopped & called the police/paramedics. They were left for dead. Miraculously, the 19 yo dude survived but with lifetime paralysis. Damn pests.

  5. ILLEGALS says:

    wow! since jan 31 2010?? Those damn illegals got away with murder. Even when caught, they’ll just sentence ’em to 3-6 years in Jail. They should be out in 3-6 years for good behavior.

    Remember the 2 USC students who were struck by 2 illegals drunk after a party? One of the victim BARBARA BACH died as a result of her injuries, & the dude miraculously survive with lifetime paralysis(broke both his legs). And the 2 illegals only received 6 years prison sentence for ruining 2 lives.

    The crazy part in that case is that one of the illegals got out of their car and removed the dude off his windshield and dragged him out of their way so they can continue driving.

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