LOS ANGELES (AP) — The founder of a Los Angeles charter school organization that was ensnared in a cheating scandal has been fired.

The Los Angeles Times reports Saturday that officials with Crescendo charter schools fired founder John Allen during a Friday night meeting attended by more than 300 people.

Allen allegedly ordered principals and teachers at the six charter schools it operates south of downtown Los Angeles to break the seal on state standardized tests last spring and use actual test questions to prepare students. That is a violation of state law.

Some teachers reported the alleged cheating to the school district, which led the state to invalidate the schools’ 2010 test scores.

Earlier this week, the LA school district revoked Crescendo’s operating charter.

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  1. William Joseph Miller says:

    It’s nice that John Allen got fired, but what about the teachers who revealed the fraud. If you teach in a charter school and you discover wrong doing, you have two choices. You can keep quiet, and get fired when the truth comes out. Or you can reveal the wrong-doing and get fired when LAUSD revokes the charter. Either way, you will join the unemployment line – regardless of how dedicated you are.
    The Crescendo Charter School should serve as a warning for any one who wants to teach in a charter school — DON”T

    1. Daymond R Johnson says:

      Let’s get it straight its not Charter Schools, its those who are in charge that should be held more accountable, there are great charter schools who follow the law, and then there’s those bad apples that make charter schools look bad. Besides over the years you have heard more about wrong doing at district schools, and Charter Schools. I fell they should address the person who’s doing wrong not close the whole school. When we close a school were hurting children not those who are violating state, and local lawswe shouldn’t fight about district schools or charter schools we should fight for the best education for our children, and when we fight we should fight as if our own children are been affected. This fight should not be about district or charter it should be about the laws that govern these two different types of public schools. If the laws that charter schools have to follow makes education better for our kids then we should also apply those laws to district schools

  2. Lis says:

    Fantastic!!! And everyone thinks Charters can do no wrong? That’s bs

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