LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Watch your back NBA…the E-League is holding court!

The E stands for entertainment and just about every hot actor in town is putting on the sneaks.

KCAL9 cameras got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the secret location where stars, celebrities and the city’s elite meet to play basketball.

The list of players is a Who’s Who in Hollywood, Oscar winners, recording artists, movie execs, soap studs, sitcom stars: Jamie Foxx, Dean Cain, Joel McHale, Common, Adam Sandler, Tim Daly, Casper Van Dien, Joshua Morrow, Brian McKnight, Zac Efron, Taye Diggs…to name just a handful.

This 16-team league often plays for charity (and often just for some bragging rights.) But for thirteen years, they’ve kept the games and locations a big Hollywood secret. Until now!

Click here for a closer look at the E-League: http://eleagueproductions.com/

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