LOS ANGELES (AP) — Nurses have staged a walkout at a Kaiser Permanente hospital in Los Angeles over a lack of progress in contract talks.

The unionized nurses took the action Wednesday at Kaiser’s Sunset Boulevard medical center in Hollywood.

Union spokesman Leighton Woodhouse says at least 90 percent of the 1,100 nurses signed up for the walkout.

However, Kaiser spokesman Jim Anderson says he doesn’t know how many are actually on the picket line.

The 24-hour strike protests what nurses say are refusals by Kaiser to address union staffing demands for the Sunset hospital, where the sickest patients are sent. They also accuse Kaiser of bargaining in bad faith during the past year.

Kaiser says it continues to bargain in good faith. Kaiser says its hospital is open and providing care to patients.

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Comments (14)
  1. Anon says:

    Nice try trolling frank. Next time post reasons/facts why they’re striking before branding them with ” they dont give a damn about the patients, just their benefits”.

  2. Pilot53 says:

    Look, if they do not like what they are being paid, they can go elsewhere. Let the market control the salary. If no qualified nurses will work at kaiser because of the pay, Kaiser will have to raise the pay to get them. That is how the market works. The unions were really needed 70 years ago, so workers had protections for overtime, work place environment and rules, etc. Now those things are law. Unions purpose now is to make money, period. The union does not care about you, it cares about itself. Every time you get a raise, a part of it goes to the union, making them more money. Money is power. They give to the left candidates, who further the unions cause. This has caused us to be priced out of the work markets. It has been one of the biggest contributors of our states debt. Even here, if salaries had not gone up so fast, housing and other pricing would not have gone so high. If no one can aford the product you make, you have to lower your price to be able to sell it.
    Unions were good for us at one time, but now they have almost ruined us.

    1. Richard Castillo says:

      You have a very strong point. However if the union is dissasembled, what is there to stop the employers from going back to the old days. Those laws you talk about are good,but not great! They do not protect you if you work for an employer who has less than 100 people on their payroll. Even less if they have 15 or less. Almost no protection there.
      Do you know that Miller Bottleing Co., the truckers actually voted to have the unions removed? MBC’s response, all employees will be recieving half their original pay, no more OT, and their benifits where slashed. $ Day work weeks eliminated, and if you do not like it, go somewhere else.

      How do I know, it happened to my cousin. Unfortunate but true. If you eliminate Unions, the average worker gets left in the cold of the employers back door step. I do not work for a union, and I get treated great! But I seriously believe that is because our main competitor is union based. The union is knocking on our door, and I must tell you, It is very conflicting. Especially because of how much truth their is that is in your comment.

      But here is the main problem. You say Kaiser will have to raise the pay to get qualified nurses. What is to stop them from hiring UN qualified nurses at half their pay. Then would you want to be the one on the table?

  3. Michele says:

    iF this is really about patient care and safety – why are the nurses abandoning their patients?

  4. shawn says:

    Hey Pilot 53 you are right on the money.Get rid of the union and let demand and supply determine the pay

  5. One Last Stand says:

    Unions nowadays are nothing but Parasites.. They brought down Corporations with their greedy demands. No wonder companies are moving overseas. Unions are destroying America!!!

  6. Duh! says:

    Maybe Kaiser can hire all the out of work nurses to take over for the union nurses.

  7. lili says:

    wow-seriously-send them back to mexico?!!!! reality frank many of the things you need on a daily basis is thanks- to immigrants and the “mexicans”…so dont be so ignorant and make a comment about the issue, not a racial comment! seems to me your not making an “eduacated” comment! do really know what nurses do? how much they have to pay for school? no i bet you dont!!!!

    1. Richard Castillo says:

      not to mention most are Philipino. Which is a whole other topic of discussion. The cost of getting a nursing degree here is astronimical! Many of these nurses are way under payed and totallyy over worked. They perform much more functions than any doctor does, and they get no credit. I say give them what they want. Kaiser has taken the latest Healthcare law and imposed all it’s charges to MAX. When they did not charge that much before. You know they are actually instructing there finance people to tell the customer to blame the “Federal Government” for their bills???? WTH is that? Kaiser needs to keep their people happy. Otherwise the company will collapse from with in…..

  8. ed says:

    after the doctors have done their cutting and suturing, who keeps the patients alive……the NURSES do..they are the primary medical managers of all hospitalized patients…making sure that you or your family members remains above ground and not six feet below it…

  9. cbt says:

    I just read a comment from lili,,,,Are you serious! What the hell do you mean send them back to Mexico??? Open your eyes lady! Most of those idiots that work for Kaiser are Phillipino. Don’t you know that all the foreigners are taking over the United States? Legal, Illegal BOTH are taking over and this is why teachers are being layed off and Americans are unemployed!

    1. RNP says:

      @cbt – Kaiser doesn’t hire nurses directly from the Philippines or other countries like other hospitals do. These are filipino-american nurses (US citizens) but it’s a completely different issue. Foreign nurses were RECRUITED to work here in the US to address the nursing shortage problem. I know this cuz I was a nurse recruiter. I feel sorry for other americans who are un-employed but nursing is not an ordinary job that an out of work office worker or teacher can do just to give you an example. If there is an out of work RN out there, I bet ya she or he doesn’t like bedside care (cleaning your or your family member’s behind when unable to – that’s the dirty aspect of the job) and want to be a supervisor or do out patient instead. FYI, layed is not the past tense of lay. Maybe your english teacher is one of those un-employed teachers right now. lol.

  10. cbt says:

    I’m furious! How dare these foreigners come out to the United States and cry about getting raises when Americans are out of work! GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT HERE!

  11. mica says:

    unless your an american indian, your a foreigner in this country like most people are… your the IDIOT…get your facts straight…

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