LOS ANGELES (AP) — A judge says he wants jury selection in Elgin Baylor’s lawsuit against the Los Angeles Clippers and the NBA to begin.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kenneth Freeman says he wants jury selection to start Friday or Monday.

He has yet to rule on motions by the Clippers and the NBA, asking that Baylor’s race and age discrimination case be dismissed.

But he did begin hearing pretrial motions in the case, which began in February 2009.

Team officials say Baylor, the Clippers’ former general manager, resigned in October 2008 after 22 years with the team.

But Baylor, who is black, claims in his 2009 lawsuit that he was “discriminated against and unceremoniously released from his position with the team on account of his age and his race.”

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Comments (4)
  1. jack says:

    wow, this guy worked in the NBA for 50 years and he’s got the nerve to sue them, what a jerk. He is old (77), just retire already dude, didn’t you save your money?

    1. CBSivan says:

      So jack, let me understand your logic..racism is justified and acceptable if one holds a steady job for a number of years and happens to be up in age??? Really?? How someone handles their finances is irrelevant. There is no place in society for racism.

  2. backin1959 says:

    u dum dum Mr.Baliey is the best period……… get they azzzzzzzzz.. yayyyyyyyyy. love you always Ingram

  3. snarkwoofhund says:

    I was there the night Elgin Baylor retired from playing with the Lakers. They gave him a Buick. He is a great guy and was a great player. I wish him the best.

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