LOS ANGELES (CBS) —  Charlie Sheen’s world continues to spin like any soap opera. The estranged wife of Charlie Sheen was granted a restraining order against the actor Tuesday, the online entertainment news website TMZ reported. Meanwhile, Radar online is reporting his twin sons Max and Bob have been removed from his home.

Sheen tweeted “My sons are fine…My path is now clear…Defeat is not an option!”

The order from a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge requires Sheen to stay 100 yards away from Brooke Mueller and have no contact with her, according to TMZ.

Sheen told TMZ “Great. I was already planning on staying 100 parsecs away from her.”

A parsec is an astronomical term for a distance equivalent to 3.26 light years.

Mueller claimed Sheen threatened her several times and feared for her safety, TMZ reported.

Sheen told TMZ that he was considering getting a restraining order against Mueller because of her erratic behavior.

Sheen filed for divorce from Mueller on Nov. 1.

The couple were married May 30, 2008, but have been separated since Christmas Day 2009, when Sheen was arrested for allegedly assaulting Mueller during a fight in Aspen, Colo.

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Comments (9)
  1. Pooky says:

    All that money doesn’t mean a thing..

  2. katherine says:

    He knows what a parsec is? I’m impressed!

    1. RicardoCabeza says:

      He doesn’t know he was (mis) quoting Star Wars.

  3. beenthere2 says:

    Glad to see the kids who are hostages in this situation finally taken from the home. They deserve a safe environment – not one filled with drugs and porn stars. Now if only Mama Brooke would get a backbone and never get back together with a guy like this. (WAIT – THE WORST PART IS YET TO COME… THE MEDIATION HEARING FOR A PERMANENT RESTRAINING ORDER…

    Mediation NEVER Works in Domestic Violence Cases (IT’S WHAT GETS PEOPLE KILLED) and California’s Biggest Flaw in the Court System is the Mediation Hearing that is REQUIRED in all Restraining Orders in L.A. County – It will be Coming in this Restraining Order Issue.

    YOU DON’T NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS. EVER. PERIOD. Domestic Violence & Restraining Order Issues Should Not Be Required to Have a “Mediation Hearing” in order to get a Permanent Restraining Order. That is Where Things REALLY GO WRONG IN RESTRAINING ORDERS IN CALIFORNIA. FIX THIS SO DOM. VIOLENCE VICTIMS DON’T HAVE TO NEGOTIATE WITH THEIR ABUSERS! )

  4. Sheen says:

    it’ld be funny if Sheen becomes homeless or dead 20 years from now. Coz of the Divorces & Child support against him.

  5. M.D says:

    We get it!!! He’s on drugs. Now please stop the interviews,their painful to watch and hard to understand unless you have the same dealer.

  6. doc says:

    Maybe Mr. $1.8 Million per episode can help reimburse the County / City for all the services used (police, fire, etc) to clean up his messes.

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