LOS ANGELES (AP) — Some parents are seeking to remove a Beverly Hills psychiatrist from their child custody cases after discovering lewd pictures of him on Facebook and other websites.

The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday that Dr. Joseph Kenan was thrown off one recent case and challenged in at least two others.

The newspaper also said at least four complaints by parents who hired Kenan have been lodged with the Medical Board of California.

Kenan, who advises family courts in custody disputes, has said the “bawdy humor” on the Facebook page was for friends and not intended for public viewing. He has deactivated it.

The Times said Kenan declined to be interviewed for the story.

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Comments (3)
  1. johnny chingas says:

    When will people learn?

  2. rlntlss says:

    These pictures weren’t “bawdy” they were disgusting. That the LA family court has viewed this man’s evaluations as “expert” is very disconcerting.

  3. regulate family court says:

    horrifying that that man had the power to ruin the lives of children for his own sick gain. he is a monster.

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