LOS ANGELES (AP) — Lance Armstrong is backing a new tax on tobacco in California that would fund research on cancer and tobacco-related illnesses.

The cycling champ and cancer survivor joined Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Monday to urge support for the California Cancer Research Act, which would increase taxes on cigarettes by $1 a pack to raise more than $500 million a year.

Voters could decide the tax as soon as June if Gov. Jerry Brown is granted a special election by legislators, a decision expected by March 11.

Otherwise, the initiative would land on the February 2012 ballot.

The act is backed the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, American Heart Association and other advocacy groups.

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  1. Richard says:

    Lance Armstrong and Antonio Villaraigosa backing any kind of ANYTHING is a sure fire way to lose…. like Charlie Sheen being a spoke’s person for the Betty Ford clinic.keep up the good work Loser’s……

  2. Mufon says:

    I’m sure any money received from such a tax will be spent responsibly and with full accountability. Just like the tobacco settlements of a few years ago, those billions of dollars, remember how those dollars were wisely spent? Speaking of that money, anyone seen it lately?

  3. rob says:

    this sounds like a train wreck, Armstrong? dude, teaming up with Vill? OMG, this sounds like a recipie for distaster, jesus christ what are you guys thinking…..seriously. quit while your both ahead, i dont know who and what is worse, Armstrong or the worst mayor ever. jesus christ

  4. Meg says:

    why not tax sports drinks and power bars, Mr. Athlete?

  5. david says:

    wow, the brain trust is out in force today. 4 comments from 4 morons. you’re batting 1000.

    why do you guys love cancer so much?

    1. Mufon says:

      People don’t love cancer, they hate excess taxation. How about this, you can pay for the four people whose posts you didn’t like, that’ll make it even.

      1. Mufon says:

        David, yours makes five comments from five morons. Welcome to our club!

  6. Teddy says:

    This is like putting a fox in charge of the chicken pen. What a great idea. It is really had to tell of the two who has the lowest IQ. I mean it could be a tie, then we would have to drawn straws to determine the winner.

  7. Meg says:

    Speaknig of morons, David: Have you got your stories mixed up?

  8. Chris says:

    Alcohol causes cancer as well (liver cancer) Why Not TAX More on Alcoholic drinks??

  9. chic says:

    People, QUIT trying to save the world and take care of your own life !

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