LOS ANGELES (CBS) —  Public housing residents ask for the resignations of commission members after we expose their extravagant spending. David Goldstein follows-up on his report last week outlining commissioners living high on the hog while traveling on city business.

“Step down Commissioner Del Angel. The residents of the developments don’t want you and neither do other developments.”

Public housing residents called for the resignations of commisioners with the Housing Authority of the City of LA. It came as commissioners abruptly ended their monthly meeting instead of hearing from resident in the audience who were reacting to our investigation.

“All the commissioners should step down.”

The outcry comes days after we revealed the seven commissioners spent $185,000 over the last two years on travel and fine dining. Mostly attending housing-related conferences.

The panel oversees public housing for thousands of LA’s neediest families — but we obtained their travel records and found some stayed at swanky hotels like Ritz-Carlton’s from coast to coast. Commissioner Margarita Garr ran up a nearly $2,000 tab at the Ritz in Laguna for just a 4-day conferences.

“No reaction? No reaction?”

She had nothing to say but residents said plenty.

“We’ll just keep on fighting until they step down. This is just the beginning that’s all.”

“None of them have a right to have that job. They do this again. They don’t let us speak.”

We also found some commissioners were double dipping on meal money. Getting a per diem check ahead of time which is supposed to cover food, but then charging room service and other meals.

“Thank God they’re getting caught. Now everything is getting exposed.”

Because of our investigation the Mayor’s office is looking into the travel and double dipping. And we understand several city council members were also briefed and may be looking into it as well.”

“We don’t want you representing us no more.”

After residents were turned away, they vowed to go to the city council which oversees the commission. And ultimately, the mayor who appointed them, in the hopes of getting satisfaction.

David Goldstein, CBS2 News

Comments (14)
  1. Bob says:

    Not to worry these are Little Tony Villars Amigos they do nothing wrong if anything they will get a promotion to the run the DWP.

  2. Timothy McGarry says:

    These guys just aren’t gettin’ it are they? Maybe we should tar and feather a few and see if the rest shape up…

  3. Manny says:

    Commission appointments are just pay offs to contributors

  4. beastie says:

    Mayor Evillaraigos needs to be the first clown to step down.

  5. Nickerson Gardens says:

    When absentee Executive Director Rudy Montiel rakes in $500,000 a year and has the city pay for a security guard to protect his house in Rancho Cucamonga on Halloween, they buy a $50,000 sports car for Security Chief Scott Butler and fired at least 3 fraud investigators for actually investigating fraud, why should the Hood Rat Commissioners act any differently?

  6. Mufon says:

    I think the protestors should show their displeasure by moving out of public housing and pay rent! That’ll show those rats!

    1. Disgusted!! says:

      Shut up idiot, mufon!

      What a turd!

  7. swhitS says:

    Resign? They should be held accountable made to pay back and spend time in jail!
    When are we the taxpayers going to demand more from our justice system? If we don’t set examples they – whoever gets in any office will continue this hooha spending of taxpayer money!

  8. What Law? says:

    I wonder when will the illegal immigrants be exposed and deported??

    1. Disgusted!! says:

      Let’s start with your own family, turd face

  9. Chow Ba Bes says:

    Fire them…

  10. Disgusted!! says:

    For all of you who want to make this about illegals or race, you are ignorant.

    There is corruption in all races! I don’t like that these “commisioners” are my own race, but it’s a shame regardless! They should be fired for taking advantage of their position and stealing money from the tax payers!! They should go to jail for imbezzelment!! They are dispicable human beings!

  11. victor says:

    I was one of those fraud investigators that did get fired. This is only the tip of the iceberg

  12. Dan says:

    Those resident leaders including Veronica Mendoza does not speak for all the Housing Authority residents.

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