EAST LOS ANGELES (CBS) — An off-duty deputy shot a man who allegedly stabbed one deputy and lunged at another in East Los Angeles Saturday, Sheriff’s said.

This after the suspect and two other men confronted the deputies about being in the area, a sheriff’s lieutenant said.

The stabbing and deputy-involved shooting occurred around 3:50 a.m. on East Third Street, said Lt. Kimberly Unland of the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau.

“Two off-duty deputies and two civilian friends were walking toward their vehicles in a parking lot when they were confronted by three suspects who demanded to know what the deputies and civilians were doing in the area,” Unland said.

The two groups argued and the deputies identified themselves, the lieutenant said.

Unland said the suspects, identified as 24-year-old Anthony Carlin, Michael Gomez, also 24, and 22-year-old Alexander Galarza, stopped arguing with the deputies and began walking away.

“At that time the deputies began walking toward their vehicles,” Unland said. “As one of the deputies neared his vehicle, he was suddenly re-approached by suspect Carlin, who without provocation produced a knife and stabbed the deputy in the abdomen.”

Unland said another deputy saw the stabbing, pulled out his service weapon and ordered Carlin to stop and drop to the ground.

“Suspect Carlin refused and lunged toward him with the knife still in his hand,” Unland said. “The deputy, fearing for his safety, fired one round from his duty weapon, striking suspect Carlin in the abdomen.”

The injured deputy was taken to a hospital where he underwent surgery. He is currently listed in stable condition.

Carlin also underwent surgery, Unland said. He is currently listed in stable condition. Upon his release from the hospital, Carlin will be arrested and booked for attempted murder of a police officer.

Unland said witnesses told investigators they heard a deputy identify himself and order Carlin to drop the knife. The witnesses also saw Carlin lunge toward that deputy with the knife in his hand.

A knife was recovered at the scene, Unland said.

Gomez and Galarza were both booked at East Los Angeles sheriff’s station for attempted murder of a police officer. They are each being held in lieu of $1 million bail.

There were no reports of any other injuries.

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Comments (21)
  1. Oops.... says:

    Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight! Good job, deputies.

    1. Ript says:

      You must be a sniffer, your nose all up in that LASO bung hole.

  2. LAPD LEO says:

    I patrol Van Nuys with the LAPD and these LEO’s were way too nice to these criminals. I would have unloaded my whole magazine on Carlin to make sure he was dead. Oh and I found out Gomez and Galarza are both illegal aliens from Mexico…but that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    1. robert c says:

      A whole clip till he was dead? Your job is to maintian peace not murder people. As far as the illegal alien thing goes, there all american citizens and attended college, but im not surprised that cops stecth the truth or lie for that matter. Why are cops at king taco at 4am??? Hmm i let u decied that one

  3. Lee Gary Kushner says:

    You smell worse.

  4. R3d_drag0n says:

    These thugs should get their ass thrown back to where they came from ….which is a cage of barbwire belong in the jungle….My condolences to the off-duty deputy got stabbed….Good reaction or not from the deputy who quickly drawn his weapon is only up to the judge to decide…….i wasnt at the scene so i dont know what really went down….

  5. infobearer says:

    I wan;t there either, but I have serious doubts as to wether this version is the truth. Nor do I know how the other two being immigrants (legal or otherwise) has anything to do with the story, but I think the charges against them are indeed excessive.
    The “witnesses” are the deputies buddies” of that I am certain.

    Smells bad, but hopefully the truth will emerge, and these deputies will be exposed for their part in inciting the indicent.

    1. Mario Hernandez says:

      The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t lie. And whether or not the deputies are covering their story, these criminals still stabbed him which means they will stab anyone who gets in front of their path, including you. So be happy these guys are convicted instead of hurting you or your family.

      1. Im Not as Dumb as Mario Hernandez says:

        yes and the tooth fairy and santa are real as well.

        also don’t let it startle you that the “alleged” knife suspect has no previous record and is attending college as well as his friends.

        but sure LA county sheriffs dont lie!!! and they dont release alligators into nearby lakes after keeping them as pets in their bath tub right ?
        get a brain of your own and think before you post

  6. socalmal says:

    The guy tried to kill an officer- he’s no saint. Get them off the streets for a long time. If the criminals had been shot & killed, they would have deserved it this time. That is justice.

  7. Not newsworthy says:

    U sound like some1 who gets slapped around by the homies, so close ur mouth

  8. Thevoiceofreason says:

    What does that say about these thugs if they stab someone who identifies themselves as law enforcement. You should be thanking these LA County deputies for getting these criminals off the street. Good job LASD!!! I wish that deputy the best and a speedy recovery.

  9. abbygail says:

    yeah but of course the cops failed to say that they had been drinking and also that the cop who was stabbed by Carlin had Carlin in a head lock to the point where Carlin needed to defend him self . but why would the other cop who wasnt being hurt go to his car and get his gun and shoot carlin ? and why would any one in there right mind lunge them selves at someone with a gun ughh… doesnt make sense . of course the cops are gonna try and make him sound like a thug to clean up there mess . i know carlin and he is no thug. but a very caring and good guy .he would never hurt any one .especially not someone who identified them selves as a cop.

    1. Mario Hernandez says:

      Don’t freaking say that you know this guy and he’s a caring guy and what not. If he looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, he’s a duck. I’ve been on patrol and have met people who are very caring and when you least expect it get into a fight with a deputy or into a shooting. So unless you have lived the life in law enforcement, don’t make any comments what-so-ever.

      1. Im Not as Dumb as Mario Hernandez says:

        ^^^^ Looks like a pig..smells like a donut.. thinks like a 2 year old…

        must be LASD ^^^

    2. Thevoiceofreason says:

      Your right I guess all of those witness (who were not involved) are all liars then right?… I’m sorry. By the way having a drink if your not driving doesn’t mean you should get stabbed

      1. the voice of someone you could never be says:

        all those witnesses???? lmfao please humor me and show me where in the story above it talks about all these witnesses ???????? the only witness i see in that story is unland who happens to be a part of the LASD

  10. Mario Hernandez says:

    Matter in fact I have… And there are a lot of deputies who go have a good time with friends at that time because they are busy protecting YOUR streets during times you’re having fun..

  11. Lis says:

    @ Mario: Are u LAPD or Sherrif? Either way u seem a little tense and maybe u may need some anger management counseling. I’m only saying since you’re out there patroling the streets that we citizens pay for….just saying =)

  12. The city always watches says:

    Police officers from the east LA area have an interesting history with off duty shootings after they had an argument with “thugs” they seem to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time, its not surprising that there is a police officer speaking up on the side of the police officers and saying not to talk about living the life of an officer, but they don’t live in the poverty stricken streets of LA with the gangs and the constant harassment of police officers on a near daily basis. why would the officer be carrying a gun off duty like if it was a toy or a pack of gum. it almost seems as there was an intent to go looking for a fight. I’m not saying all officers are bad and all “thugs” are good , but why would the two others get arrested for attempted murder of an officer when all they did was be there with there out of control friend? they were the ones that actually got him to walk away from the fight to begin with when the officer continued to scream obscenities to the young men., but of course everyone will always side with the officer because there suppose to be on the side of good. The guys aren’t thugs they were just a couple of guys at a king taco enjoying there night until the intoxicated officer came in and decided to show off to friends and act like a big man..

    don’t defend either side for anything.
    they are both at fault for the entire incident.
    Carlin should pay for the attack on the officer
    but it doesn’t mean the officer is entirely innocent and telling the truth
    i was at the incident but of course, no one was actually asked what happened.
    i chose not to speak to an officer for the same reason many others don’t.
    the fear of the police department in the area because of there constant abuse of power.

    police officers are supposed to be upholders of peace.
    not tyrants that scare the very people the “protect” into hiding.

    just because your an officer doesn’t mean you know your fellow brothers in other areas and departments.
    everyone has there own agendas and don’t share the same thinking as you.
    you might side with him one day and he could careless about you the very following day if something were to happen to you.

    all we can do is speak for our selves in out own point of views
    but we shouldn’t preach hate and prejudice on a day to day basis

    officers of the law should do what there really there to do
    uphold the peace and become a part of the community they have an oath to protect.
    not harm the people around it.
    if they should show real care for there community then the community will truly appreciate them and assist them in cleaning up the city.

  13. 0 tolerance says:

    ”OFFDUTY OFFICER INVOLVED SHOOTING’ is a caption we read waaaaaay to much. We NEED to really take a look at who we’re letting be cops. And hold them to a HIRER STANDARD. We need to stop putting THUGS IN UNIFORM and giving them weapons to carry. Their sworn to protect and instead they ABUSE.
    Their suppose to be trained to defuse situations not START them or escalate them. It’s sad when we fear the ones who are suppose to protect us. We need to SAVE OUR COMMUNITY through voice. We need to show them that ABUSIVE COPS WONT BE TOLERATED ANYMORE.

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