LOS ANGELES (AP) — More than 200 medical marijuana collectives have applied to be in a lottery that will select 100 legal dispensaries in Los Angeles.

The city clerk’s office said Thursday that 229 collectives submitted forms by the Feb. 18 deadline.

The lottery is the city’s latest attempt to lower the number of dispensaries and separate legal from illegal ones.

It’s unclear when the lottery will be held. The clerk’s office must first review the forms to determine whether the applicants meet the criteria to be included in the drawing.

The collectives must submit proof that they’ve been in business since Sept. 14, 2007 and have at least one of the same operators since that time. City officials said they believe that fewer than 135 collectives can meet the requirements.

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Comments (5)
  1. Free it says:

    Senseless actions, and a waste of time and resources. 100 dispensaries is not a sufficient number to serve the needs of a city the size of Los Angeles. Who picks a number out of a hat and decides that this will be the number of dispensaries? Some investigation into the actual functioning of a storefront dispensary would make it obvious that this plan would not work. In terms of patient visits per day, the remaining storefronts would not be able to service the mass of patients senselessly funneled through too few locations. Thankfully, right wingers like Cooley and his chums on the council, can and will be voted out of office soon.

    1. Not newsworthy says:

      Haha yeah steve cooley is a jerk off right winger all right thank god he was voted out from not becomng ca ag

  2. free it 2 says:

    I totally agree with you, this is such an uneducated, ridicules, and obscene action that has been taken. As a collective owner myself, who have been in business before the criteria deadline, which is also (excuse my language) a bunch of B.S. I disagree with their actions. Where did they come up with that date and the number 100? That is what I would like to know. Free it you are right I serve anywhere from about 500-1000 patients a day. This will also monopolize the collective’s in turn raising the prices on the patients. The point is to help not to make a profit. This will also create a much larger problem, with more than a 1000 patients that come through the door there is peace and a sense of privacy, when they shut everyone down the, they will be forced to wait in longer lines and feel that they have no privacy when they are picking up their medication. This is a stupid and unjust means of power that will backfire in Cooley plans face. I hope that they will just understand to shut down the collectives that are not operating for the right reasons and leave the rest of them alone. Hopefully someone will hear this message and join the fight against the judgment of those who need their medication. I.E. cancer patients, cataracts patients, arthritis patients, and much more, I have seen these patients personally and wish that upon NO ONE, yet I still have sympathy for the ones who do.

  3. Sandi A says:

    And all of my acquaintances that have a medicinal marijuana card have nothing wrong with them.

  4. DD says:

    ‘Sandi A above should stop acquainting with the pond life she currently enjoys so not to bring disrespect to herself with her self fulfilling concepts of abuse.
    Cannabis is a plant that has huge potential-we should try and unlock it shouldn’t we?.

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