ANAHEIM (AP) — A parolee who was shot by an Anaheim police officer has been arrested for investigation of stealing mail.

Sgt. Bob Dunn says 27-year-old Travis Mock, who is hospitalized under guard with a gunshot wound, was arrested Friday for investigation of theft of U.S. mail and possession of stolen property. The Orange County Register says the Santa Ana man has also been placed on a parole hold.

Investigators say the on-duty officer encountered the unarmed Mock in the residential area near Anaheim Hills early Thursday. Details about the shooting haven’t been released.

Dunn said his department was helping the Orange County district attorney’s office investigate the circumstances that led to the shooting.

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  1. roy rogers says:

    another senseless shooting of an unarmed ex-con going through the peoples mail looking for something to steal. Now if the state is going to release these convicted felons, they need to get them a job so they don’t steal and get themselves shot.

    1. Realist says:

      Uuuh hellooo? They want to take from the working not go to work themselves. How many ex-cons do you have working for you? How many ex-cons do you have living with you?

  2. richie kotzen says:

    that’s what we’ve been doin all these years roy… tens of millions doin just that, rehabilitate stupid criminals… most criminals will stay criminals… would you hire an ex felon if you had a business??? how did you know it was senseless?? have you read the full report??

  3. Fidel Chavez says:

    here we go again with Anaheim PD with use of force?? RSP? very good reason to shot a suspect, hows about youngster stealing a Loly-Pop ? Shot or Taser?? what is the policy. this shooting is by far totally use of force. Parolee with stolen mail, let us find out later it was one of the relatives mail who he went to pick up and only ran due being on parole, as I am very certain the police department will may good reason for shooting him, cover up always?? it is getting to the point where one can’t trust cops anymore, lets look at the shooting in Long Beach over a water hose nozzle which looked like a gun, but cops gave no command to drop it, just opened fire?? and when cops are shot by fugitives or open fire upon them as did in Long Beach some time back it is called “Coward, as Ambush” 2-side to the coin and it goes both ways, now we wonder why there are cop shooting on the rise??? we must gain control as trust to stop these types of acts

    1. Realist says:

      Prison population at midyear 2008
      4,777 per 100,000 BLACK MEN
      1,760 per 100,000 HISPANIC MEN
      727 per 100,000 WHITE MEN

      Blacks were three times more likely than Hispanics and five times more likely than whites to be in jail.

    2. Wang Sun says:

      Well if they can’t learn right from wrong
      That’s correct
      Shoot them

  4. t wilson says:

    richie, your attitude is the reason that ex-cons can’t get a break. he was unarmed and stealing mail. deserving of a bullet? nah. you on the other hand…

  5. Ray says:

    Even if he were stealing mail, that does not justify a shooting. As an officer, I would like to see the report and how a shooting was justified.

  6. richie kotzen says:

    t wilson.. what break?? he is already an ex con and never learned his lesson and came back stealin.. maybe he wants to go back to jail… but instead got a bullet.. nobody knows the truth yet… maybe it was justified..

  7. My opinion says:

    POLICE = To much authority, OVER paid and totally Uneducated.
    If you cant get a degree or have low IQ and want a job. Join the Police.
    If you are a bully and lacks attention Join the Police.

  8. Fred says:

    Just shoot him
    Hr was black, right?

  9. Realist says:

    I don’t think he is an Anaheim Hills resident, probably sightseeing from East L.A. or Santa Ana 🙁

    Prison population at midyear 2008
    4,777 per 100,000 BLACK MEN
    1,760 per 100,000 HISPANIC MEN
    727 per 100,000 WHITE MEN

    Blacks were three times more likely than Hispanics and five times more likely than whites to be in jail.

    1. Fred says:

      Is it true, statistic 70% of black adults have done time

  10. Pendajo says:

    Just saw this guys pic
    He’s snow white
    Thanks to all you who assumed otherwise!

  11. irathernott says:

    from my understandings i know the family that this kid came from i was informed that the bulett entry was in the back over the hip his hip was shatterd if there is justafication for shoting some one in the back now would the time to break it out

  12. irathernott says:

    but like i said it all could be a rumor so dont take what im saying as the facts im just repeating here say

  13. vice says:

    i know travis. i just did time with him in chino prison. the bullet hit his spine and bounced off and shattered his hip.

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