MOGADISHU, Somalia (CBS/AP) — Two pirates and a Somalia official say a hijacked yacht with four Americans onboard is nearing the Somali coast, and that it’s being shadowed by a warship.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks Reports

The three say the yacht Quest is in the waters between Yemen and northern Somalia. One pirate gave his name as Bile Hussein, the second gave his name only as Hassan, who said he is in contact with pirates on the Quest. The Puntland official asked not to be named because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly.

Hussein said a warship with a helicopter on its deck is near the Quest.

Four Americans sailing around the world are aboard the yacht, which was hijacked off Oman on Friday. If they are taken to land, it would likely lengthen their hostage ordeal considerably.

The organizers of the Blue Water Rally said late Saturday on their website that a yacht belonging to Scott and Jean Adam, of Marina del Rey. They had been participating in the race, but left it Feb. 15 to take an independent course from India to Oman.
For the past seven years, the couple has been sailing around the world to distribute Bibles.

Jean’s former brother-in-law, Mark Savage, told CBS2/KCAL9’s Stacey Butler that the couple was well aware of the danger of sailing through pirate-infested waters.

The Blue Water Rally organizers identified the other two Americans aboard as Phyllis Mackay and Bob Riggle of Seattle.

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Comments (27)
  1. AJ Morgan says:

    Next time, maybe you should stay home and let people find religion for themselves instead of sailing around the world shoving your religeous beliefs down their throats.

    1. GJ COBB says:

      Jesus loves you too, take the time to learn of the SAVIOR before you make judgement.

    2. Pirate Smasher says:

      You must live a real loving life to make those kind of comments, if i were around you i would smack the shizzit out of you Aj. Your a heartless peice of shizz

    3. Kim says:

      Just maybe they are helping spread the word to people who are less fortunate. May God Bless U

    4. LUCERO says:


  2. JMiller says:

    mrs. AJ Morgan, some times people need to be advised of better directions in life. People can chose is most parts of the world just as you were taught to speak and eat. I am sure your mama did not teach you to be rude and maybe we need to shove a nice pill down your throat to act norman….

    1. AJ Morgan says:

      @ JMiller; Nothing abnormal about me, merely pointing out the distinct lack of intelligence it took for them to sail into dangerous , pirate infested waters simply so they could shove their beliefs down someone else’s throat.

      Perhaps you should take a pill yourself and go have a lie down.

      1. to the big mouth says:

        How do you know those Bibles were not wanted? How do you they were “shoving” religious beliefs down anyone’s throat? You assume a lot. You know what they say about people that assume…

  3. Marnie Wilson says:

    Somebody has to say this: Where’s the wisdom of sailing a pleasure craft in this part of the world? With so many other oceans to choose from, these foolish couples will lose their wealth or their lives. Those warships are there to help protect the passage of important commercial shipping, not for tourists out sightseeing.

  4. Michael Hake says:

    @ AJ Morgan: No one is promised a next time, not even you, nor these pirates. The time to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior is when you are asked, like now. Won’t you? But, remember, unless you are willing to represent Him to the world, He will not represent you to His Father in Heaven. You have to serve somebody, AJ. I am inviting you to serve Jesus Christ.

    1. James says:

      Michael Hake, you Jesus freaks can’t resist any opportunity to spread your superstitious beliefs. Go ahead and serve whomever you want, but stop pushing your idiotic mumbo-jumbo on others.

    2. Tom Surmon says:

      Why isn’t Jesus saving the sailors, instead of the U.S. Navy and our tax dollars?

    3. AJ Morgan says:

      @ Michael, please don’t proselytize to me, religion is meant to be found, not forced. Forced religion creates mindless idiots who can’t think for themselves.

  5. robert lee says:

    Hey AJ Morgan, maybe next time you should leave your anti religious bigotry at home or just stay off the internet and stop shoving your opinions on to others.

    1. AJ Morgan says:

      @ Robert, I am very religeous, I am secure enough in my faith and just don’t feel the need to shove my beliefs down anyone elses throat .

      1. just sayin' says:

        If your faith includes rudeness, bitterness and being ugly when other people are in bad shape, then you are definitely the prize pew warmer.

        If you knew how happy these people are to receive those Bibles in other parts of the world and the freedom you apparently take for granted, you’d keep your ugly judgemental trap shut.

  6. Raptor Jockey says:

    Time for our long range bombers, predators and fighter jocks to get some practice.

  7. J Smith says:

    Many english were privateers
    Pirates under contract to the monarchy
    They hijacked Spanish galleons, French sloops
    Now so righteous

  8. Michael says:

    Robert Lee, the same should be said for these people who seem hell-bent on cramming their religion on others. I have no bad feelings for these religious fanatics that intentionally go into hostile environments to shove their religion onto people that obviously are not interested. And now people want to use my tax dollars to go rescue these idiots? I don’t think so. They are grown adults (using that term loosely) who should have been well aware of the intended consequences and now they can cowboy the fk up and deal with it like grown adults. Maybe they can use some of those Bibles to hit the pirates over the head with…it’s ridiculous and they’re all idiots!!!

  9. Dallas says:

    so this is gods plan for them….? Thats not very nice, your gods a a$$h0le!

  10. Jim says:

    Where are our seals or our subs? Let’s take them back.

  11. Mike says:

    What are you thinking. Lets sail to somalia and then we will swing by pakistan for lunch.

  12. Michael Casey says:

    For crying out load. Keep your bibles home, where they belong. Is your religion going to feed all those hungry people? Of course not. Is your bible going to restore order to a part of the world that despizes order? Of course NOT! Keep your religion to yourselves and stay out of their way. They know no other life and those idiots sailing into trouble deserve what ever happens to them. I deplore spending millions to defend shipping, let alone stupid book thumpers trying to pass their superstitions to savages. Blow the hell out of anyone traveling through the area, pirate and commercial shhipping alike. Pirates are pirates. People traveling there made the CHOICE to travel there. Let the consequence rest on THEIR head.

  13. G COBB says:


  14. john says:

    poor use of U.S. military assets to bail out people with no judgement

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