ANAHEIM (CBS) — Call it a last-ditch effort to tackle truancy in Orange County.

Two Anaheim schools have become the first in California to adopt GPS tracking to prevent students from cutting class.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports on the new voluntary program at Dale and South Middle Schools.

Students with at least four unexcused absences will be given a handheld device with a GPS signal to verify their location, which officials hope will cut down on truancies.

Anaheim School District Director of Safe Schools Rick Martens says participating students would be required to check in electronically five times a day by entering a text message.

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  1. Trevor says:

    This is absolutely absurd! Spend the money on the kids who WANT to learn – this is a disgusting waste.

    1. GrownUp says:

      Perhaps they could use this technology on the AWOL democratic state senators in Wisconsin. Will it work over state lines? They were last seen in Chicago at a car show.

      1. touchdowntony says:

        I love that statement. So true. What a bunch of cowards.

      2. Indignant says:

        Indeed, and fire every teacher who lied that they were sick. They should not be teaching “how to lie”!!!! Shameful teachers in Wisconsin who participated in this fiasco

      3. endgametime says:

        Yes, cowards that have abandoned their posts. Military are executed for abandoning their posts in war. By running away, they have neglected their oath of office to uphold the constitution and are in dereliction of duty. THEY MUST GO.

      4. Erik says:


        While I certainly see your point about teachers lying, I cannot agree that they should be fired. If they have the sick time available, they have the right to take it. Kids lie continually and never get “fired.” When the teachers’ sick time runs out, they should be fired for taking days not allotted to them, and not a minute before. The schools made the problem. Now, they have to live with the decisions they have made. Accountability goes a long way.

    2. Smart Target says:

      Then they can sic the gangstalkers on their little cases. They are also government funded and they don’t have housing costs nor do they pay taxes. They are a hidden community and are far worse than anyone receiving food stamps. They set people up for arrest and they are paid bounties for that too. Look it up folks, and read it and weep.”

      Look for bald guys with jingling keys and cell phones held out trying to intimidate with operant conditioning skits. We are all slaves, we have no rights. It is official. Look around you, how many bald men do you see who are shaved? How many buzz cuts. Any man who wants to be free should immediately grow their hair out so we women can know who they are.

      1. erewhon says:

        Valproate or geodon might help that delusional state. I do read it – but if I were to weep, it’d be for you.

      2. andrew says:

        Wow. You’re nuts lady.

      3. Bluec says:

        Sorry lead paint Lizzy, its forbidden for good Christian men to have long hair.

    3. Bruce_Almty says:

      Instead of a handheld GPS,,, just give them $1,000 to show up to school.

      1. MarkBench says:

        Give them conservative teachers who teach how to think, not what to think. This would infuse common sense, necessarily eliminating illegal truancy, and insert a much needed generation of voters.

    4. p3orion says:

      Oh, please! You and your tax fantasies have nothing to do with this! I don’t like income taxes any more than you do, but the matter has been settled. Work to elect legislators who understand and respect their Constitutional limits, and taxes and much of the rest will take care of itself.

      Stop wasting people’s time with BS interpretations of “secret hidden passages” that will do them no good and never stand up in court when they’re busted for tax evasion (just ask Wes;ey Snipes… he googled “Excluded Income”

    5. shakil says:

      Completely outrageous. Whoever came up with this policy should be fired.

      1. Andrew says:

        The source of this program must at some level be found in the industry that manufactures the GPS product. From that perspective, the party in question deserves a raise, not a slip.

    6. sosure22 says:

      LOL, If they gave my kid one of those, It would end up at the bottom of the nearest body of water. Fools.

    7. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers.

      Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.”

      ~ Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in our Time stop being conned

    8. Chippy55 says:

      Bravo! Liberal Democrats at their finest. Waahhh, I’m a big baby and not going to show up, I’ll fix you Gov. Walker, I’ll go to a bar in a different state. Hopefully they’ll all get picked up for DUI once they cross back over to Cheesehead territory, and the Conservative voters will oust them next time.

      1. teacher says:

        You are all idiots. Wisconsin has the #2 ACT/SAT scores in the country because the state attracts good teachers. They have some of the best public educators in the country.

        You = just total idiots. There is no liberal conspiracy. Unions are supported and belittled on both sides. I hate to think that we all vote in the same election.

      2. Andrew says:

        teacher: Do you read? erewhon is not an idiot; I am not an idiot. There are several intelligent, aware thinkers in this forum. Your point is well taken about labor and the quality of the education available publicly in Wisconsin. Your point about everyone here being idiotic, however, reflects poorly on your willingness to read the content in the first place.

    9. Brain says:

      Want to learn?????? I supose you don’t realize that most kids who end up truant have family issues. They wanna learn but …………. I simply suggest some wisdome, knowledge and then a dose of compasion.

  2. RC says:

    I think the problem is the schools dont get paid when a kid isnt there. Same with our jail system its a business now the more they have illegal or legal they make money. GREED!!!!

  3. So what!! says:

    What a buch of idiots!!!!! How do these people get jobs….. Waste our money…

  4. Bryan B says:

    They don’t have the financial means to provide pencils and books for those students who attend but they can afford GPS tracking systems for delinquents?? Delinquency results from bad parenting. If little Jonny doesn’t want to go to school then send both he and his parents to jail for 30 days. Once word got out that this was being enforced it would scare everyone straight.

    1. Chuck Curry says:

      Pencil and books don’t bring the fat salaries and hefty pensions…Only the dole does that…the more kids in the classroom, the more dole money the schools get. What the kids do while they’re in there doesn’t matter to the “educators”. Only the money matters.

    2. Chuck Curry says:

      Truancy does not equal delinquency, and sometimes results from good parenting. My mother encouraged me to drop out recognizing that the system was wasting my time. Today, I am an engineer. Thanks ma!

      1. Andrew says:

        You tell ’em. Role model.

      2. nomoregore says:

        Go vouchers, go homeschooling!!!!!

      3. Brian says:

        Nice point. Glad you had a mother active in your life. I would say that is a big part of the problem. Parents leave their kids to be “nannied” by the schools.

        Also they spend more on administration than on schooling. Why is it private schools don’t have that problem? Oh ya that’s because they have not become a source of fat money for politicians through unions. Unions were once a necessity now in most cases it has become a monster.

    3. benth164 says:

      Jesus Bryan you have just become, with that statement, part of the problem. We don’t have enough money or jail space. It is time the politicaly correct idiots back the fuque up and stop wasting our money on idiotic programs.
      Forcing kids to wear GPS devices INDEED !!!..Doesn’t this just prove who far our society has sunk into the depths of political correctness provided by the military industrial banking complexes. This sickness must end, or else the slaves may finally stand up and take you out with a scythe at the knees!

      1. Offizier Thomas says:

        So when do you think they’ll upgrade to telescreens?

    4. Jeff says:

      Jail requires housing. I would suggest the parents and students being put on probation and required to spend time on work crews picking up litter along the roads and cleaning parks. Both the parents and the student could attend jointly. If the parents lose a days of work doing this, maybe things would improve. Better yet, do it on the weekends so the students lose their weekends.

    5. Jes says:

      I’m afraid that jailing parents would lead to kids holding parents “hostage.” They would get the idea, “I’ll do what I want. If you fight me then I’ll skip school and make you go to jail.”

      1. Andrew says:

        You are too intelligent to be in this forum.

    6. AJnSD says:

      Go to jail? I think jail cost more than a GPS. Obviously, little Johnny has something more interesting to do than attend school. What a scam! What makes anyone think that little Johnny is going to call in if he can’t make it to school? Who is getting rich with this scam? Not you! Maybe, this will create jobs and stimulate the economy. A wish man once said, “They get the milk and we get the cheese”. Johnny recognizes that school is just another jail. It’s pre-jail, let him roam. Cha-Ching!

  5. swhit says:

    Where is the ACLU????? aaaah yes, no money in it.
    Meanwhile our kids are treat like prisoners under a corrupt system who refuses to actually educate! This country is run by NATZI’s!

    People should be outraged, what next – us? Hmmm didn’t we laugh at the conspiracies about microchipping people? Wait for it E-Verify is the company that makes the V-Chip!

    1. RC says:

      Swhit one of the first companies with the chip was digital Angel. My god if the name itself doesnt creep you out. By 2020 we should have no rights and our government will make all decisions for us.

    2. erewhon says:

      Well, E Verify’s not a company, it’s a government program. And no, it doesn’t “make the v chip”. And yes, I do laugh about conspiracies regarding “microchipping people”. PS – that would be “Nazis”

    3. Alan says:

      The ACLU is now about making money from lawsuits of public entities (greed) to further liberal causes and destroy what made this country the envy of the world.

  6. Chris says:

    If Wisconsin is any indicator, it might be more worthwhile to track truant teachers (or legislators, for that matter).

    Waste of money.

    1. Missy says:

      Kids don’t want to learn – from teachers who don’t want to teach. Yeah, throw some money at that.

    2. A Guy in LA says:

      Absolutely, put them on the teachers who “called in sick” and missing legislators

      1. Andrew says:

        Yeah, and on all agitators!

    3. mw says:

      Dang it Chris, you stole my thunder. Negotiate a GPS for every public union member’s ankle in exchange they get to keep their job so long as they are where they are supposed to be!! What a unique thing, show up in the workplace when you are being paid to do so and don’t lie about being sick. Liars in government are not fit to receive tax payer money. What a great example of ethics for the kids. Pout, lie, do whatever to get your way. Time to lay down the law just like Reagan and the air traffic controllers. Do your job or go, just like real working people.

      1. R says:

        Yea mw, while wer’e at it, let’s requrie all emailers to post their home phone number and address too. Hmmm, it got very quiet from you all of the sudden.

  7. Jason C says:

    Sounds a little big brother-ish. But come to think of it, the state of Wisconsin could use something like this right now to track down some teachers and representatives who are not where they are supposed to be.

  8. Michael Knight says:

    Another clear violation of the 4th Amendment. Let the kids go to work and get a practical education rather than forcing them to endure the absurd nonsense and propaganda taught in schools.

  9. Martin Osterhout says:

    How long before one of the students with the GPS device gets sick of checking in & tosses the device down a sewer grate? And I wouldn’t blame him!

    1. sean says:

      how long before they want to insert theGPS in our necks!!???!!!!! >>thats my question.

  10. Jason C says:

    @Chris…I type a comment, answer a phone call, and then hit Submit only to see you beat me to the punch. Should have ignored that call. 🙂

    1. Andrew says:

      Because then you would have been cool.

  11. Ackston says:

    an insane invasion of privacy. A state run institution using satellite technology to keep tabs on kids -this should make every freedom loving individual cringe. How about we start keeping tabs on truant teachers calling in sick in Wisconsin. Greedy parasites.

    1. Andrew says:

      It’s a voluntary program.

    2. Andrew says:

      Don’t get me wrong. My love for freedom is as true and blind as any.

  12. don says:

    Save the GPS for Democrat legislators, they’re absent when the going gets tough.

    1. Andrew says:

      You know what they say: when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

  13. Gibbs Bentley says:

    “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality” ~ H. L. Mencken

    1. A says:

      “Money is the poor man’s credit card.” ~ Marshall McLuhan

  14. Congress Works For Us says:

    How about GPSing the truant teachers in Wisonsin….

  15. freedom lover says:

    I find it strange that no one seems to acknowledge that the compulsory nature of schools is in itself a violation of freedom. Yes, the GPS trackers are bad. But no human being in a free country should be compelled to spend all day in an institutionalized setting that he doesn’t want to be in.

  16. ladyluck says:

    I think that we should do this with our missing politicans in Wi.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    if somene tried to force me or any child of mine to carry something like that, it would end up in the trash faster than you can say “Unconstitutional.

    1. Andrew says:

      It is a voluntary program.

      1. Elizabeth says:

        It’s not likely to remain voluntary should it prove succesful.

      2. Andrew says:

        Elizabeth – would you consider providing one example of the programmatic involuntary tracking of a person in the U.S. without a court order? If you can, you ought to bring it to the attention of the authorities.

  18. Hank Warren says:

    Endless surveillane, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. Andrew says:

      Not to mention The Anarchist’s Cookbook. I’m still quite upset about that.

      1. erewhon says:

        You should be – quite a few of the “recipes” in TAC aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

      2. Andrew says:

        erewhon – How do you know this?

      3. erewhon says:

        Andrew: some of them are dangerously unstable, some just fizzle. Some are ok. The trick is to know which. Better yet, get a better book. Had a teacher in blowing up stuff school that loved using TAC as a bad example.

    2. Andrew says:

      Reads like a novel.

  19. WeThePeople says:

    If your teacher takes you to a political rally during a school day, are you considered truant?

    Case in point, the illegal Wisconsin teacher walkout.

    1. Andrew says:

      No, to answer your question.

  20. aa says:

    the parent of a truant kid and the kid need to sign affadivit acknowledging the truancy and the fact that the state will no longer be a source of any program whatsoever for that family – your on your own – no assistance, including medical – good luck. don’t want to abide by the rules of society – you get squat.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Obviously a Democrat. Unlike your crowd, many of us don’t rely on state programs to begin with. We work hard and earn our own way, even if it means we have to make sacrifices.
      The Government does not have the right to track you in any way, shape or form. Not you, not your children. It is they who are not abiding by the rules of society.

      1. Andrew says:

        Apparently a fascist. Unlike your crowd, Elizabeth, most of us eschew the glue. By the way, the government does have the right to track individuals in public places. So does anyone else, within the confines of law.

  21. a fluffy bunny says:

    If I was a kid tryin to ditch school I would just go to school hide the tracker in a bathroom or planter or some other place on campus and walk off. How bout the schools save some money and just check the kids big brother account(Facebook) since I’m noticing no one has qualms about posting about their illicit activities no matter how illegal or inappropriate

    1. Andrew says:

      Perhaps this is intended as a way to involve parents. Or maybe it’s a communist plot.

    2. Andrew says:

      Big brother always was and always will be the will of the people themselves. Orwell is largely ignored. Serves him for trying to communicate such an ugly truth about our gentle reader.

  22. crystalinwi says:

    what about truant teachers – today, my preschooler’s teacher didn’t show so she could protest, I didn’t know until I picked him up from school – a parent was asked to fill in, and between that parent, an aide from another classroom, and the other classroom’s teacher, my son was “supervised” today – should have let the parents know – unbelieveable

  23. jason burnstien says:

    Kick the jerks out of school. just teach them to say “Do you want fries with that” and they are good to go. Spend the money saved on those who want to learn.

  24. says:

    If my child brought one of these home, the first stop would be the TOILET BOWL!

  25. Kim Kaplan says:

    (One Nation under Sodomy)

    New Pledge of Allegiance
    I pledge Allegiance to
    the flag of the United States
    of Sodomites to the degenerates
    for which it stands one Nation
    Under Sodomy with Liberty
    and Justice Only for Sodomites.

    1. Andrew says:

      Kim, I’m going to have to quote you on that one. Wanna meet up and burn a flag or something fun?

      1. Andrew says:

        By the way; I like sodomy very much in my own butt.

  26. AnneP says:

    Gee, maybe we can track truant teachers instead.

  27. Josh says:

    So, how do you get kids that wont go go school to carry a GPS with them and text a code 5 times a day. WE CANT GET THEM TO GO TO SCHOOL!!!!! WHAT IN THE HELL MAKES YOU THINK THAT GIVING THEM A $1000. DOLLAR PIECE OF EQUIPMENT WOULD ALL OF A SUDDEN MAKE THEM RESPONSIBLE???

    1. erewhon says:

      At least your comment has some rationality to it. They’ll end up pawning them or whatnot. Better would be to hit them where they live – no drivers’ licenses if they keep it up. Or conscript ’em into some latter day CCC. Here, you don’t want to go to school, you can pick up trash or dig bridge footings by hand..

  28. Libertarian says:

    This is obviously a stupid idea.
    However, paragraph 3 explicitly states that the program is voluntary, “KNX 1070′s Mike Landa reports on the new voluntary program at Dale and South Middle Schools”. I take this to mean that the student’s parents would have to request to be in the program. There doesn’t seem to be any “government force” involved. The parents have a right to enroll, or not enroll, their truant children in the program.
    Am I missing something obvious? Besides the absurdity of the program, I mean!

  29. Billy Collins says:

    How much does this cost?

  30. Elizabeth says:

    Everything starts as voluntary. It won’t be long before it is mandatory if it allowed to continue. We have to say NO to big Government in all departments. Transportation, Security, Internet, Schools, Healthcare, Business, Law enforecement. Make it clear now that we are the ruling body in this country, and the Government is only there to carry out our decisions.

    1. Libertarian says:

      I agree with you that “We have to say NO to big Government in all departments”.
      But this program, although a waste of money, is still voluntary for now. The parents should have the freedom to decide if they want to enroll their children.
      If and when it becomes mandatory, this program should be vigorously protrsted as a violation of parental rights!

    2. Greg says:

      The policy might be-You can volunteer for the monitoring or be suspended…

      1. Andrew says:

        It might be – truancy can lead to suspension.

  31. Akr says:

    You never teach an old dog new tricks, it is easier to condition the young into accepting the erosion/elimination of their rights. They are ignorant and malleable and the perfect drones for the state to control. Wake up people, our rights are being taken from us everyday.

  32. JJ says:

    First is was mandatory schooling… then behavior modification through the schools… then a gradual transfer of personal Liberty of the family to the State… then the Federal State… really the Banking Cartel. Then domestic violence laws that made the 4th Amendment to the Constitution toast.. then 9/11 False Flag attacks … to bring in the “Pariot Act,’ and if you begin to effectively resist that… that is our Stasi HLS… you will get another attack… only a 100 times as big… making the stakes to cover it up far more murderous … at that point we will all have some sort of tracking.

    Those of you that make this a money issue are stupid. This is not about money… the FED stole trillions to buy up our industry that was left with our own DEBT dummies… they don’t care about money… the print as much as they want and the Congress are largely blackmailed 5th tier street walkers to frightened of the killers to peep.

    And GEE why don’t you all sign into Facebook… an Online GPS chip… that Globalist/Google same thing…CIA, NSA, Homeland Stasi… company that every Dark force in human history could not even imagine having. Just happens that the same ilk… owns Facebook as the FED as Google… and obviously controls the FED… .

    Libertarian… no government force involved… oh really… the kid has to be in school… if the parents are say… told after the “voluntary’ program is set up to put their kid of a GPS dog chain… which will happen after we all our inured to it… is that voluntary. Wake the he… up! Individual acts and erect a prison and many of them will seem just an incremental change… that is what our Marxist friends want us to see… the famous Hegelian Dialectic is all of gradual compromise that leads in one direction … acceptance of total control of individuals and it is accomplished by happy talk.

    This is fascism.

    1. Libertarian says:

      Mandatory schooling is one thing. A parent freely deciding to enroll his truant child in this program is another.
      The former is a form of government coercion. The latter involves the right of a PARENT to control the actions of his minor child.
      There is a lot of government coercion these days. We need to pick our fights and protest the more serious violations. Railing against a minor program that revolves around a parent’s individual rights is a waste of our time and resources.
      Semper Fi

    2. erewhon says:

      It’d only be fascism if some sort of corporatism were involved. Now, if you were beating the truants with a bundle of sticks instead, it might indeed be literal fascism, although I guess you’d want to leave out the axe.

  33. jt says:

    Police state liberals. “Give us all your money and we’re microchipping your kid.”

    One of my brother’s kids dropped out of school in 11th grade, got a GED within about 6 weeks, and went to work full-time right after that, all with their approval, because of the stupid molarchy going on at school, primarily peer pressure issues, secondarily teachers, the teaching, etc..

  34. Sean Adams says:

    When students are no longer wanting to be in scool there are some times reasons. Wht if that student is being bullied at school? I was not wanting to go to school when I was a teen I was lacking in material goods to properly attend school. I wish they had taken me out regular school and placed me in a trade/education program instead. I hate school the way it is they try to get everybody to be white collar and see blue collar as unwise yet many in white collar are switching to vocations that are way below their education.

  35. Kevin says:

    Feminism has done wonders for U.S., hasn’t it? What a joke this nation is today….

    1. Andrew says:

      Clearly, feminism hasn’t done you any favors.

  36. Kevin says:

    This country is on a downward spiral and none of you ignorant sheep can stop it. Until then, watch your feminized TV shows and think everything is wonderful. Ignorant fools….

  37. klesb says:

    Can Wisconsin borrow some of these to track its teachers and Democratic senators?

  38. Never Surprised says:

    Throw the GPS in the nearest gutter. SHould take the school only a week or two to figure out something isn’t right.

  39. Charles says:

    Now days the principals and counselors of the school have their salarys tied to the attendence rate of the school. The higher the percentage the more money they recieve. I would say that this is the root of that measure

  40. erewhon says:

    Wow – CBS LA and you guys are technically clueless. I’d have expected at least YOU guys to have a tech consult on staff. Hint – it doesn’t “emit a GPS signal” – that’s not how GPS works. It’s a stripped out GSM cell phone with a GPS receiver – way different.

  41. says:

    I think parents are the ones who need GPS, they don’t know where are their kids are hangng on.

  42. I P Freely says:

    Students in public schools are taught how to be good prisoners instead of the three R’s.

    1. Andrew says:

      Location, location, location.

  43. Thomas Jefferson says:

    So uh, if it’s voluntary, why would the kids even chose to sign up if they are the ones trying to be truant. If they wanted to tracked, they’d show up at flippin’ school!!

    It makes no sense. However, here’s how it works.
    1. First offer the program on “benign” grounds. Stupid liberal parents cry “That sounds great!”
    2. It ends up having problems with students losing the handheld device.
    3. School district adjusts, makes it a lockable bracelet, which stupid liberal parents, once again, applaud. (The line has now moved)
    4. Programs is successful and rolls out for ALL students.
    5. Work begins to think of it’s OWN GPS type system.

    Endgame… your freedom is gone..

    1. Andrew says:

      If only those liberals weren’t so stupid, the police state wouldn’t be able to do whatever it wanted.

    2. erewhon says:

      Pfft. MY work ALREADY has a tracking system, not GPS but doorway interrogators and a tag in your badge. Keeps the riffraff honest, donchaknow.

  44. Bob L says:

    Revelation 13:17 “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” The technology already exists to track humans and animals via GPS. We’re also headed for a cashless society in which a wave of the hand that’s implanted with a microchip will be all that’s needed to buy or sell — and without the chip, you won’t be able to do either. Your whereabouts will always be easily detected. Paper currency will become obsolete. Welcome to the world of slavery. Orwell wrote totalitarian regimes propagandize to the point where the populace is convinced that “Slavery = Freedom”. Who knows for sure. Just some food for thought.

    1. jaom651946 says:

      And that is some “SERIOUS” true food for thought!!!

    2. erewhon says:

      Well Bob, not exactly. Any GPS tracking system is big and bulky, because it’s a cell phone in drag. No, you can’t implant it. Your whereabouts wouldn’t be easily detected with any sort of implantable tag, because they have no range. Oh, and the term “charagma” which is translated as “the mark of the Beast” in Revelations doesn’t really fit the description of an implant tag. It’s a term which can mean tattoo, but could just as well mean a vow or oath, or your heartfelt allegiance, and given the context in which it’s used, it’s using the phrasing from the Torah which describes a tefillin or some other sort of phylactery or its equivalent. The Hebrew idiom rendered in Greek and translated to English “received the mark in his right hand or forehead” is directly related to the description of tefillin, wherein one wears the word of God on the right hand and forehead. For a tefillin, it means you’re carrying the word of God in your thoughts and deeds. For Mark O’Beast, you’re doing the same with the Antichrist’s word instead. No chips required.

  45. jaom651946 says:

    In reading this article and some of the comments I see little that I can offer? However I ask myself? Where do “THESE” educated (Idiots) come from? I have to wonder? How (FAR) in school did “THEY” go? This issue is a no-brainer to me? A kindergarden drop-out would have a better solution than the one proposed here? Who is dumb enough to believe that you can lead a horse to water and you can make “IT” drink? Same thing applies with hoodlums who do not want to attend school? That’s my take and How I see it!!!!

  46. Vegasradart says:

    All these comments and not one about the UNCONSTITUTIONALITY of it.
    — who are the morons???

    1. jaom651946 says:

      That’s what I thought about the Seat Belt law (buckle up) from way back then!! Even many of some of the Other laws,I feel are “Unaconstitutionality” and unaceptabe for Americans? WRONG!!! Guess you see how my opinion rated (fared) from that battle way back then?

      1. Osamas Pajamas says:

        When we were little kids, my parents put seatbelts in their cars before it was commanded by the Health Nazi dictatorship. And every dictatorship tries to justify itself by pointing to this or that health or security issue that they claim to solve. But who protects us from our protectors?

  47. Bonnie Blue says:

    Shouldn’t they be using GPS to track the truant legilsators in Madison and the striking teachers?

    Good heavens, leave the kids alone! Hold the parents responsible.

  48. Osamas Pajamas says:

    This is rightly called “branding the cattle.” I advocate the overthrow and destruction of the public school system snd the truancy laws. If the public schools can’t function without kidnapping students and making terrorist threats against their parents, then we should kill the public schools. And besides — the frkn public school teachers are overpaid, over-benefitted, and over -pensioned — oh, and they’re all Democrats, too — and they sxck,. big-time.

    1. jaom651946 says:

      In case you have not noticed? Your idea of “Kill the public schools” is already going on? Kids are killing each other and their teachers Etc. on a daily basis!! Your suggestion is out-dated!! I’m just kidding about your comment being out dated! I get your message! Do you see mine?

  49. doodlysquat says:

    I don’t want to put forward any crazy ideas – but how about using these tracking devices and public money to keep an eye on sexual predators that the probation department doesn’t have the time, money, or functioning frontal lobes to track? I know, I know – the unions don’t get MONEY for sex criminals showing up to school every day. I get it. It just seemed like the RIGHT thing…

  50. Elizabeth says:

    Even tracking sexual predators that way is too Big Governent for me. It sounds fine, until you realize that it gives a precedent and will be expanded to other crimes, and eventually the public. You cannot let them get a foot in the door. If the technology is there to be abused, it will be abused. You cannot take even the smallest steo down the “slippery slope” and yet keep from falling.

  51. public_servant says:

    Never ever submit to a tracking device. It’s unconstitutional and makes you a slave. Moreover tracking is performed on those who already have served their sentences. What to do? Sever the limb and get the hell out of this country.

    1. Bruce_Almty says:

      I like that ……. Sever the Limb; hopefully they’ll wear it around their neck.

      1. jaom651946 says:

        @Bruce_ALmty? My friend? Can’t wear it around “THEIR’ neck? That’s were the beheading started and ended!!! I could not resit that ONE? Good-Day (Hopefully?)

  52. daimok says:

    whats to stop the kid from giving it to a friend to check in for them ? hey bob / sally want to earn 5 dollars today , just check in for me

  53. Bruce_Almty says:

    The state of WI needs a couple of these trackers to locate their democratic representatives.

  54. Doug Glass says:

    So leave it on the toilet and go about your kid business. How stupid do the “oldster” really think the kids are. Given the devices are being given to the most tech savvy generation so far, it wont be long before the device is rendered useless. Remove the battery, soak in the toilet, wash by accident, lose by accident. These school admin imbeciles are no better today that when I taught 30 years ago.

  55. Dave says:

    This system should be instituted with the Wisconsin public employees calling in sick. Text in 5 times per day from home. If you’re not sick, you shouldn’t get paid.

  56. Helloseekers says:

    That would mean a lot of gps units for Wisconsin/Madison kids. Maybe not – they’re enjoying state-sponsored truancy…

  57. Tracey 12 says:

    WHAT BS!!!
    Why don’t we just go ahead and put the kid and parents in prison? Why they are avoiding the desires of the STATE and that just cannot be allowed in this New Obama Order.
    Next, federal laws regarding the use of the internet will criminalize many of the things you do today. Its already in congress and being moved through rapidly. Government knows all and is now attempting to replace mom and dad, and God Almighty. The question is, will you sit quietly and accept D.C.’s BS?

  58. Al Roberts says:

    I’m curious what’s stopping them from handing the device to someone else in school to send the text message? It would make sense to have a teacher do it or something but the “student” themselves?

  59. Ward Ciac says:

    It’s a good idea but they should use an ankle bracelet.

  60. Elizabeth says:

    Ward Ciac, one can only hope that you’re being sarcastic.

  61. Lisa says:

    If your child has attended those schools or if you live in that area, you would know why they have resorted to this. Good going!

  62. sick of it says:

    Why can’t the parents be responsible for them being at school? After all they are the PARENT!

  63. Vic Pedersen says:

    Perhaps rectally inserted GPS locators can be used.

    1. Andrew says:

      Gay, huh?

      1. Andrew says:

        I fly that way sometimes.

  64. KELLY/ 10 says:


  65. David says:

    What they should be doing is tracking the truant teachers, especially in Wisconsin.

  66. Rebelwithacause says:

    Seems to me schools do not have the legal right to enforce this on students. I say, “Just say no!” to any government electronic monitoring?

    1. Andrew says:

      Do you say it with the question mark?

  67. Lonnie says:

    Great idea! Maybe Wisconsin could use it to track absent teachers.

  68. Bob Bourgault says:

    How about we let them ditch school and fail. Someone needs to grow up and do the jobs no one else wants to do.

    1. Anarchos says:

      There is more truth in your comment than I am being allowed to voice on this board? What your saying is absolutely true in more ways than you can imagine and one way or another I will get my “opinion” as to who and how the system has been designed to do just what your saying! The truth is a real brute!

      1. Anarchos says:

        Think about it, after all the Democrats have their roots in the Old South, the party of the slave-owners!

  69. Chicago Nick says:

    Gee isn’t it just cheaper to throw em all out in the streets and let Darwin’ s theory take over. We’ve reached our ‘generosity with other people’s money” basement here, everyone’s gotta take a hit so if they don’t want school then cut em loose

    they’ll be in jail anyways shortly thereafter. Do it the Joe Clark baseball bat way, in fact go move that guy from city to city each year

    Either way we pay. 50 thou per in jail is about the safest and cheapest way ….welfare and free medical and food stamps for the year and free lawyers down at the courthouse, the restraining orders, parole officers, that $%^& adds up fast

    at least in jail we know what they’re costing us.

    1. Andrew says:

      You know who loved applying Darwin’s theory to human society, don’t you?

  70. Son of Bob says:

    As RC and some other posters have pointed out, this is what happens when government branches focus on revenue generation over the purpose they were intended to serve.

    Instead of police stopping drivers for dangerous traffic violations, yellow lights become red, and families traveling a few miles over the speed limit are stopped, harassed and treated in the same fashion as murderers and rapists.

    When schools get paid for each student that shows up, the emphasis becomes revenue generation and not education results. In a common sense school system, improving the situation for kids that show up and want to learn would be the focus, instead the focus is on kids that don’t. I’d be willing to guess that there are other restrictions that have been put on the good kids, as well, restricting what they’re allowed to do in their normal school day, as a result of the focus on the ones that cause trouble or don’t want to show up.

    Federally-run schools have been a failure. As the control of local schools moved from the community to the Federal government and their “teacher’s union” the quality of education has declined accordingly. Nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government even granted authority over such a system. We need to return to schools run by the local PTA and community, without unions, where communities can decide who will teach their kids and what they will be taught…as it used to be.

  71. Rubrick says:

    Maybe they could track truant politicians and teachers in Wisconsin using this approach.

  72. Anarchos says:

    I hope you all see where this BS is going? A few years ago anyone claiming that the government (thru the public schools in this case) would track people using a computer chip which can be tracked by satellite, would have been called a loon or a conspiracy nut? Well it appears that they were not as nutty as some people thought? The next step, once the delinquents just throw the GPS units in away, hack them or disable them in some fashion, is to “attach” the GPS chip in some way in which it would be almost impossible to tamper with? Implantation of these ID chips is already occurring on a limited basis with groups who are high security like certain government entities and wealthy people who are afraid of being kidnapped! Verichip has already been conducting human implantation trials and has people who have chip implants (look it up if you think it’s not true)! You will see in the next 10 years that the government will first require a National ID vehicle (card or other item with RFID chip therein) then implantable ID chips, VOLUNTARY in the beginning and thereafter MANDATORY for everyone, starting with children at first, with the pretext being security and safety, no more truancies or missing kids? Brave new world? God Help Us All!

    1. erewhon says:

      “A few years ago anyone claiming that the government (thru the public schools in this case) would track people using a computer chip which can be tracked by satellite, would have been called a loon or a conspiracy nut?”

      In this case, you ARE a conspiracy nut. It’s not “a computer chip being tracked by satellite”. At all. It’s a cell phone in drag. Thus the “text” part of the requirement. GPS doesn’t “track chips by satellite” anyway. GPS sats are really accurate time standards with radios attached. The satellite doesn’t track squat. It just broadcasts time and ephemeris data. Well, there are a few other functions the GPS constellation provides to the military but none of them include “tracking chips”.

      ” Well it appears that they were not as nutty as some people thought?” Apparently they are. Nutty AND misinformed.

      “…’attach’ the GPS chip in some way in which it would be almost impossible to tamper with?” Again, doesn’t work that way. Before you can have a really GOOD conspiracy theory, you have to actually have some basic understanding of the technology involved. Apparently CBS LA’s reporting staff doesn’t either, so you’re in good company.

      “Implantation of these ID chips is already occurring on a limited basis…” Well, no. Not if by that you mean some sort of transmitter with GPS location capability.

      “Verichip has already been conducting human implantation trials and has people who have chip implants (look it up if you think it’s not true)!” Verichip, like dog implants, are nothing but very very simple serial number parts which have a range of about 10cm. No GPS, no tracking, no satellites in the sky.

  73. ECHO21 says:

    its a voluntary program

    but how would they manage to have me to carry a gps device even if they forced me, i was pretty resistant although respectful to authority since a young age, i would probably have hid the gps device in a classroom somewhere and that would be the end of that

    1. Andrew says:

      No, it wouldn’t: GPS tracking devices can be tracked, so the device could not be hidden in a classroom.

  74. Big Bear says:

    Is there any plan to track the truant “teachers” and legislators in Wisconsin?

    1. heatherfeather says:

      Bah! Bet you thought you were being original, dearie, but looking at the other comments, you are behind the times 😦 Still funny, tho.

  75. vinvin says:

    There’s more…Do you know why there is is such a push for ADD and Ritalin?…Because if so diagnosed a student is considered handicaped and the Educational Industrial Complex gets extra monies. Do these childern really have ADD-they don’t care…Is there long term side effects from Ritalin-they don’t care. It’s all about the money!
    The only solution I see is a voucher system.
    Also, we’ll see how California’s Gov Brown handles the up coming teacher strike…it’s going to put him to the test..

  76. Anarchos says:

    It would also be nice to be able to keep our children in the district they actually live in without busing them clear across the damn county because there are too many of one color and not enough of another which is ridiculous and is an utter failure! The public school system is a complete mess with the brighter students being “dumbed” down because of the delinquents!
    The standards for a student graduating from one grade to the next and for being admitted into college must be standardized and equal for all, regardless of race or ethnicity! When you lower standards for a group due to race or ethnicity you are dumbing the whole group down and creating people who are academically inferior to their counterparts here in the US and in other countries! So what appears to be a way to help supposed ethnic groups who according to the Libdims “are not accorded equal opportunity” is in actuality helping to keep them down in a subclass which eventually is destroying there futures!
    So when you look at delinquency and under-achievement in these same groups as a whole, the story writes itself as a testament to the abject failure of this system! The Federally run public school system has done what apartheid only dreamed of doing, in that it has created generations of people dumbed down into an inferior subclass which does not have the academic skills required for the tech savvy world we live in today! So these “graduates” of the public school system for the most part do not go on to achieve what a much higher percentage of their “counterparts” go on to achieve and are either stuck working labor jobs or low paying service positions or don’t work and subsist on welfare or worse engage in criminal pursuits, thus populating our prison system in high percentages?
    Tell me I am wrong? While you do have a few exceptions where you get a few here and there achieving more than the average, the group as a whole is a failure!

  77. Anarchos says:

    The Federal government must be removed from the education system entirely and the role taken back by the respective communities and States! The standards for achievement must made equal for all and increased if the United States expects to regain the prominence we once had for technical achievement and leadership on the world stage! If this is not done we will sink into a 3rd world abyss and be left behind by those countries who have an education system creating people with the necessary education and tools to be the leaders of tomorrow!
    People in this country need to wake up and realize that we are failing to do that currently? Many of the kids graduating today cannot even spell correctly or do simple math problems? The last generations of people who were educated while the education system as it was, are growing old and dying out, those who were educated successfully when students were held to a higher standard, those who made all the technological breakthroughs which have enabled us today to enjoy the fruits of those achievements!
    I wonder who will take their place? The current system is failing to create people with the level of knowledge and achievement to replace those who blazed the trail!
    When hi-tech companies have to go outside of the US to get employees with the necessary technical knowledge to fill positions here in the US because those talents cannot be found here, it should be a big wake up call that there is a problem when we don’t have the necessary numbers of our own graduates with that level of technical expertise to fill those positions?
    I mistakingly thought these companies hired outside the country due to greed alone, but when I worked for several hi-tech companies and learned the real reason for this, I was astounded and angered at the same time! Realizing that our Federal government run education system was helping to destroy our country from the inside out by failing our young people and catering to failure by dumbing the whole down for the sake of a few delinquents!
    It must stop or else the future as we know it will be grim indeed?

    1. Andrew says:

      Or why not go back to an anarcho-syndicalist tribal lifestyle? Good idea. So what’s the plan, then, wise one? You’ll put your life up for it, I’m sure, and your family’s?

  78. Blacque Jacques Shellacque says:

    “I dropped it.”

    “It fell.”

    “I forgot where I left it.”

    Any others?

    1. Anarchos says:

      “My dog ate it” It’s a classic!

  79. Redford says:

    Perhaps the tracking should include state and federal and women.

  80. Anarchos says:

    Imagine a system designed to produce failure thus insuring years of allotted taxpayer dollars for all the ever growing prisons and welfare rolls along with all the corrupt politicians filling their coffers! The same system also creating a subclass of slaves to do the low paying labor jobs as well as to fill those welfare rolls and populate those prisons! You have to have a pretext to justify all those billions of taxpayer monies to keep the bloated budgets bloated so when a little is siphoned off here and there by the corrupt politicians then it won’t be noticed by Mr and Mrs Taxpayer! And to think Bernie Madoff was a master criminal? The real criminals are in DC!

  81. Bob Barker says:

    maybe they could make a GPS chip that everyone could have inserted into their forehead.

    1. Anarchos says:

      You may be more correct than you realize in the coming years?

      1. erewhon says:

        Alas, no. One, there’s rarely a thing called a “GPS chip” anyway. Usually it’s more than one – you have enough issues with noise and weak signal to begin with in the environment without trying to integrate the logic functions on there too. Generally speaking, optimizing the fab process for RF doesn’t help for digital and vice versa. While you probably CAN do it, most of the ones I’ve worked with are separated into logic and signal sections.

        Next, the satellites don’t “track the chips” – the satellites broadcast time and ephemeris data, and the GPS receiver calculates its position based on the signal flight times from the satellites. Both the RF section and all the number crunching makes the thing a relative power hog. But you can’t “implant” a GPS receiver anyway – you’re a big sack of conductive fluid. GPS signals are pretty weak to start with, buried in your head it’s pretty much gone due to the path loss and impedance transitions.

        That same issue makes transmitting out of your body a difficult task – you just dissipate radio signals as heat. Implants such as Verichip or your pacemaker et al do not transmit radio signals, they use magnetic waves (non-propagating near field comm, or h-field). While H-field communication of this type is not subject to Maxwellian path loss issues like radio, it has a pesky sixth-power of the distance power density fall off and since it’s non-propagating, it has no range to speak of.

        That puts the quietus on “tracking you by satellite using an implant” I’m afraid. And like I commented above, why not whup out that bible you haven’t really read and go look up the references on tefillin and compare them to the phrasing of that passage in Revelations? It’ll be instructive.

  82. Jah Yaweh says:

    And if the students don’t cooperate? Then what?

  83. Jacques says:

    Great idea. Then the government can track them down, shoot the truants with a tranquilizer dart and drag them back to school.. Another step in the dehumanizing of public school students.

    1. Andrew says:

      Which is dehumanizing? The GPS or the tranquilizers?

  84. Wm says:

    If they had tried to give me one of these things, they would have gotten it back smashed in little pieces in a paper bag.

  85. katy says:

    Ironic..Maybe they should put a GPS on missing Wi legislators and “sick” teachers!

  86. smokehouse56 says:

    You’re certainly are not the solution but instead you’re are the problem.

  87. TheMadKing says:

    Wisconsin needs GPS to start tracking truant teachers and Democrats lol!

  88. Northlander says:

    GREAT IDEA…. for useless Wisconsin teachers and democrat senators who won’t go to work. They are more childish than kids who won’t go to school.

  89. Tired of the Political BS says:

    Wow ! So many Delusional people posting stupid rants I feel like humanity has lost its mind! I guess you need to have one before you can lose it.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Do you have something valid to say on the subject or are you just going to call names?

      1. Andrew says:

        Name calling is valid.

  90. annoyed says:

    I informally dropped out of school and went to work at 16 in the 90s. They just kept me on the roll for a semester so they could collect their ADA money and left me alone. Then when I was 17 they sent the law after me and my mom for 30 days of truancy from Sept to Nov, in the next school year. So I transferred to a charter and continued to work. I dropped out of the charter the moment I turned 18. Then I had problems getting elevated in position since I wasn’t a HS grad. Of course, it’s a curious story when someone is 18 and had >2 years of full time field experience. So I went to the same charter at 19, while working. At 20 graduated from the charter while going to collage. At 21 had two Associates in Science one in Liberal Arts (a freebie). I haven’t bothered getting a BS instead I diversified my career into two full time jobs, very divergent jobs, but both are good earners.

    To the point my largest challenges weren’t in education or professional development, they were in school. Aside from general failure in purpose of schools in serving public education. Traditional public schools provided a very significant barrier in my development.

    Yeah, I didn’t even get into how many times I was mugged by a group on campus grounds from the age of 12-15. I haven’t had a violent crime committed against me while walking the same streets the schools are in or anywhere else for that matter.

  91. wallace1303 says:

    What a great learning experience. I can see an enterprising kid willing to check in 5 times a day with your GPS …for a price….a few weeks of this subscription service and a smart kid will be looking for investment opportunities and reading the WSJ.

  92. Real Rick says:

    I bet for every bully who has a GPS thing, there are at least 10 nerds who will carry it for them.

    1. Andrew says:

      I was that nerd! Roughed up and forced to carry the tracker. Again.

  93. Rick A Hyatt says:

    Just let the truants get a fair trial, and then be shot!
    Simple enough!

    1. Andrew says:

      Do you have children, Rick?

  94. Elizabeth says:

    In response to Andrew:
    I can provide many instances of illegal tracking. Unfortunately, our authorities do not care. They are often the ones in violation of our constitution.

    There are gps systems in all cell phones and cars, and rfid chips can be implanted in credit cards, and are required in passports. Pet and livestock owners are required to chip their animals in some areas of the country. There has recently been a push to have biometric National ID’s. On a completely different type of tracking, Obama wants internet ID’s as well.

    Even more worrisome is a section of the healthcare law requiring rfid chips either in a patient or card.

    There have been numerous breaches of the fourth amendment where law enforcement has taken advantage of systems they are not legally allowed to use without warrant. However, some courts are upholding these cases as legal.

    As if all that isn’t bad enough, if you live within 100 miles of any border, you supposedly have no constitutional rights at all.

    If you’re not worried yet, you should be. The school’s program is tame compared to all this.

    As there seems to be some problem in posting the information you requested, I’ve uploaded the links to the articles I have found here:

    By the way, do you even know what the term facism means?

    fas·cism? ?/?f???z?m/ Show Spelled
    [fash-iz-uhm] Show IPA

    1. ( sometimes initial capital letter ) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.
    2. ( sometimes initial capital letter ) the philosophy, principles, or methods of fascism.
    3. ( initial capital letter ) a fascist movement, especially the one established by Mussolini in Italy 1922–43.
    Use fascism in a Sentence
    See images of fascism
    Search fascism on the Web


    1915–20; < Italian fascismo, equivalent to fasc ( io ) bundle, political group ( see fasces) + -ismo -ism

    —Related forms
    an·ti·fas·cism, noun
    pro·fas·cism, noun

    How on earth does that term pertain to my statements?
    Also, while everyone has the urge to call names once in a while, doing so very often and without presenting a mature argument or reason does not get any point you may be trying to send across very well.

    1. Andrew says:

      Fascism is the conflation of the public and private interests.

      The technologies you mention are similar to ID cards. They are useful to positively identify an individual on contact, but do not help in the process of tracking itself. When someone is followed without their knowledge, this is tracking. There are entire industries based on it (law enforcement; private investigation.)

      These are not always innocuous. But if you remove law enforcement there is a name for it and it’s not fascism.

      Name calling is typically done for the benefit of a third party, and you know it.

    2. Andrew says:

      Where in the constitution does it say we have a right not to be tracked?

      1. erewhon says:

        @Elizabeth – Let’s try it in chunks. No telling what’s triggering off the censor.

        “I know quite a bit about rfid.” – I design with it at the chip level occasionally. Could actually design you an RFID part if pushed to it, but it’s a specialty design niche I’d rather purchase than design directly. Not so much the radio side – that’s trivial – but ultra low power chip design work is an art.

        “It may not be the same at the moment…” it’s NEVER the same, because it’s two totally different things. I know it’s trendy to call any radio-bearing technology RFID but that’s carrying it a bit far.

    3. erewhon says:


      “There are gps systems in all cell phones and cars” : cell phones yes, that’s a requirement for E911 so they know where to send the ambulance. Also the cops love it. Cars, meh, not so much. That’s not true at all.

      “rfid chips can be implanted in credit cards” : some cards have them. However, RFID and GPS are as alike as parakeets and cheese. Not only do the RFID parts in credit cards not do GPS, they don’t even transmit radio signals.

      “…and are required in passports”: No they’re not, my passport doesn’t have one, for example, but it probably will when I renew it. Same answer as above though, RFID hasn’t got squat to do with GPS OR “tracking”, if by that you mean facilitate following you at a distance.

      Before you go off the rails about RFID, you ought to learn something about it other than from Albrecht or some conspiracy website.

      1. Elizabeth says:

        I know quite a bit about rfid. It may not be the same as gps at the moment, but should a network be set up ( and there happens to be several plans for such in the works) or should it become an alternative to paying by cash, it could effectively be used as a tracking device. there are different types of rfid chips as well. “active” rfid chips may actually send out a signal that can be picked up from up to 300 feet.

        These gps devices the school is using seems to act on the same principle. It requires a student to text in to transmit their location.

        Cops in my area can legally place a gps device on a car in someone’s driveway without informing them of it. It has occured without warrant before. Built in devices in cars and cell phones are only harmless as long as they are not abused. That’s the whole point. They are abused, and often.

        As of 2006, United States passports have been issued with embedded rfid chips. I believe these chips are passive, and can only be read up close. But it’s not where the technology and laws are right now that’s important, it’s where it’s going.

        Out of curiousity, how far would be too far for you? At what point would you say enough?

      2. erewhon says:


        Tried to reply to you but the comment robot eats it. Not sure why.

      3. erewhon says:

        @Elizabeth: I’ll try it in chunks –

        “I know quite a bit about rfid.” – I design with it at the chip level occasionally. Could actually design you an RFID part if pushed to it, but it’s a specialty design niche I’d rather purchase than design directly. Not so much the radio side – that’s trivial – but ultra low power chip design work is an art.

      4. erewhon says:

        chunk 2:

        “…should a network be set up…cash…tracking device” Ok. You need to clarify what you term “tracking”. I can “track” you by monitoring purchases made with a credit card or check. That doesn’t make checks RFID. It means I can know your whereabouts by following a paper trail. Discarding that as a definition for “tracking” in this context, if by “tracking” you envision vans with antennae on top or satellites, no, it still doesn’t work that way. Assuming you’re not into field physics or a comm EE, it’s a bit tough to explain in a comment box. But there are two general types of RFID. One is E-field, which uses radio, and one is H-field, which uses magnetic field waves. E-field RFID can have some distance to it – the “active” tag you describe is an E-field device. You can’t implant E-field parts in a person for reasons that are sort of hard to go into detail on here, but in general your body absorbs radio waves, and also the transitions between you and air causes a LOT of reflections to radio waves. That’s why all the verichip and dog devices are H-field parts. But H-field parts have no range, and cannot be made to HAVE range, due to some pesky field physics beyond the scope of this discussion. Also, the active parts you’re invoking require something especially nasty – rechargeable batteries. That’s another reason you don’t put them in people. Antennae are another thing that’s hard to hide. While the actual chip part of e-field devices is small, the antenna part is not. The paranoia mags always skip that bit. You can fudge an h-field part’s antenna in a way you can’t with e-field.

      5. erewhon says:

        chunk 3:

        The GPS devices the school is using is basically the same sort of thing that cops use, or that you’ve seen advertised as being used on collars for large breed dogs, or occasionally for sticking to school kids in Great Britain. It’s a GSM cell phone module. That gets you a means for returning the data to some central location, and it’s easier to do GPS when you’ve got a cell phone in the loop because then you can get the job done with a noisy GPS signal and you can offload some of the math to the cell tower. It also gets you a way to send texts as you see described in the article.

      6. erewhon says:

        chunk 4:

        The parts in passports are h-field, and cannot be interrogated at any range.

        That said, nothing in the article relates to some sort of implantable technology or secret tracking methods that some nebulous gubmint agency can use to track you down. It’s a specialty cell phone. It’s not tiny. It’s not implantable. It’s not going to be.

      7. erewhon says:

        @Elizabeth –

        Oh well, there’s one paragraph it doesn’t like, although I can’t imagine why.

        At any rate, implanted parts are never going to be appropriate for what you seem to fear. You could, I suppose, be forced to hang a collar around your neck with a cell phone in, but it seems awfully unlikely even at the most 1984’ish stretch I can envision.

        What would make you quite unhappy would be the amount of data “They” already have on you, and the amount of personal prying that can be done into your behavior, habits, associations and the like, if the effort were to be made. I’m not talking about having surveillance teams either, just metaanalysis of the data you exude into the system every day.

  95. scarecrow says:

    How long will it take for the GPS devices to be handed-off to “friends” so truancy can continue unabated? Just like having one person staying behind at a timeclock to punch out the rest of their crew that left work early.

  96. Danny Milestone says:

    Our education problem is simple. Teachers can not teach as most of them do not understand the subject they are teaching. This is near universal in science and math where our students perform the poorest. When Phys Ed teachers get $100,000 salaries something is very wrong. You do not need any degree to teach Phys Ed. The schools spend money on the wrong things.

  97. Chad says:

    Perhaps they should follow the marijuana crusaders and just legalize truancy. After all, it’s a victimless crime…well, except that the school loses government money. And Wisconsin has shown that that’s what school is all about – funding teachers.

    More seriously, they have to text message 5x a day to verify their location. Considering anyone can send a text message it’d be awfully simple to fake this which naturally makes it useless.

  98. AJnSD says:

    Go to jail? I think jail cost more than a GPS. Obviously, little Johnny has something more interesting to do than attend school. What a scam! What makes anyone think that little Johnny is going to call in if he can’t make it to school? Who is getting rich with this scam? Not you! Maybe, this will create jobs and stimulate the economy. A wish man once said, “They get the milk and we get the cheese”. Johnny recognizes that school is just another jail. It’s pre-jail, let him roam. Cha-Ching!

  99. Don says:

    They need to put GPS on those limp wristed Wisconsin Democrats momma boys that flew the coop like they were in a gang fight.

    1. Andrew says:

      My wrist is particularly limp tonight, handsome.

  100. Nanny Mo says:

    Hey, leave the Truant Students alone! California needs some english speaking kids qualified enough to work at Burger King.

  101. Chris @ Austin says:

    Ha! No way my kid would participate in this garbage. If they made him/her participate I would tell them to leave it in there locker, period.

    They have been doing this for decades. Implementing these crazy, unconstitutional, schemes in the schools. They normalize these activities and as the children mature these move from the schools to society.

    1. Andrew says:

      Is your kid truant?

  102. Michael Sugden says:

    Kids would *never* give the GPS to a friend who was going to stay at school….No, they’d nver think of that….

  103. casey mcconnaughy says:

    I think they should put these tracking devices on Wisconsin teachers.

    1. Andrew says:

      Your original approach to this topic cracks me up.

  104. Dan Colgan says:

    Solution to lousy public schools and teachers. Vouchers to parents to chose schools for their kids and see if the public schools can compete

  105. Elizabeth says:

    I am not an expert on rfid chips, Erewhon, but I have spent
    time researching them. it is not the specifics of how they
    functiom that I am comparing to other systems, it is the
    ultimate outcome. I don’t like the “papers please” society we
    have become.

    I am aware that there are things already in place
    that can tell someone exactly where you have been. cell
    phones, credit cards, etc. I don’t agree with these either.
    that being said, You do not have to own a cell phone or a
    credit card (I don’t). but If a National ID or Internet ID becomes
    reality, You will be required to have one. if the Government
    calls it “voluntary” but then makes it impossible to function
    without it, or penalizes you for not having it, then it is not
    truly voluntary. (Think Social Security, or the TSA in airports.)

    As I said, it’s not where the country is now, although it’s bad enough already, it’s where it’s going.

    I don’t agree with tracking, surveillance, searching, or information
    collecting at all without excellent reason and some proof. I value my privacy
    very highly.

    I know they probably already have a boatload of information on
    most Americans already, but that does not mean I agree that
    they should. Just because something has been accepted by
    society for a while now does not make it right.

    The information I gave comes from what I have read on the
    internet, and several rfid manuals I happen to own. They may be outdated.
    I know the active rfids are not the ones being used for the general
    public, but they could be at some time. It’s not just
    “implanting” them either that worries me. An active rfid may
    not be something implanted, but if you are eventually required
    to carry one it is all the same. It is not really one specific type of
    technology at all, it is the Government’s whole attitude towards
    American citizens’ privacy in general. The patriot act has
    destroyed our country. We are all considered guilty until proven innocent, instead of the
    other way around.

    If there could be complete assurance that this technology would truly be completely voluntary and would remain that way, I would not be so against it. But our
    Government is not trustworthy in these days, so there is no such assurance.

    By the way, thank you for having a mature debate with me on the subject. It’s difficult to do these days due to the amount of trolls that hang out at places like this, although I don’t think any have hit this discussion yet. It’s a nice change.

    1. erewhon says:


      I guess I can’t see the entire “having to wear/carry an active ID at all times” thing as coming to pass. It’s too over-the-top. Especially given the level of personal intrusion that is going on anyway, without it.

      I wish I could discuss some of the stuff I’ve worked on – it’d curl your hair. RFID aside, they’ve got plenty of data on you anyway, more if they want it, and can place you with reasonable accuracy at will, unless you want to hide out in some disconnected cabin in Montana like Ted Kaczynski. That’s not going to get better, either.

      I see the RFID boogey-man as sort of like the pretty girl in the magic show. It’s a distraction to divert your attention from the magician’s hand under the tablecloth

  106. Elizabeth says:

    I am not an expert on rfid chips, Erewhon, but I have spent
    time researching them. it is not the specifics of how they
    functiom that I am comparing to other systems, it is the
    ultimate outcome. I don’t like the “papers please” society we
    have become.

    I am aware that there are things already in place
    that can tell someone exactly where you have been. cell
    phones, credit cards, etc. I don’t agree with these either.
    that being said, You do not have to own a cell phone or a
    credit card (I don’t). but If a National ID or Internet ID becomes
    reality, You will be required to have one. if the Government
    calls it “voluntary” but then makes it impossible to function
    without it, or penalizes you for not having it, then it is not
    truly voluntary. (Think Social Security, or the TSA in airports.)

    As I said, it’s not where the country is now, it’s where it’s

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Sorry, it didn’t post the first time and I tried again, only to find that it had showed up.

      1. erewhon says:

        Yeah, that’s happening to me too. Sometimes they just vanish.

      2. Andrew says:

        It’s the really long ones that do that.

  107. Ryan Mouk says:

    Why spend money on GPS tracking when you could just fail the little rats and save a few bucks. If they want to ditch school and fail let them and make room for students who are worth teaching.

    1. Andrew says:

      Schools exist to teach kids. More children equal more money for schools. It’s taxpayers who would save money if there were fewer children to teach. Taxpayers (or those who represent them) must think education is a wise investment.

  108. biff says:

    Maybe we can get some for the 12,000 teachers in WI for their failure to show up to school!?

  109. AJ says:

    ROFl! I’ve already told my kids that if these morons try and put ANYTHING (other than a pen or pencil) in their hands to take it and throw it out in traffic or give it to one of the drug dealers on he corner.

    1. Andrew says:

      Do you really tell your kids to associate with drug dealers?

  110. Teacher too? says:

    Can we put gps trackers on our “sick” teachers in Wisconsin?

  111. Nittnay says:

    Teachers in WI are the ones to need the lojacks

  112. GibsonGuitarGuy says:

    Stupid, wasteful, and rather scary, really. First it’s “Oh, the program is voluntary”. Then it’s one small step to MANDATORY. Do we want to live in this kind of world? Or shall parents teach their children some personal responsibility???

    WHY do you think there were cameras in peoples’ houses in the story “1984”? Because they failed to live as free people must – by being responsible for themselves!!! I’d resist this program, and any like it, until my last breath.

  113. Bluec says:

    How long do you think it will take before kids are paying nerdy kids to carry the baton around.

  114. Homeschool Mom says:

    In this age of the internet, everything anyone wants to know can be found online. I truly believe the reasons schools even exist anymore is because parents need the schools to be a babysitter.

    1. Andrew says:

      Education reduced to information – And, as a homeschooling parent in the age of the internet, do you believe your children benefit from your existence?

      1. Homeschool Mom says:

        Absolutely! I didn’t mean to imply that the internet is the *only* place they can learn. They learn by interacting with interesting people, traveling to interesting places, reading interesting books, experimenting with and engaging in interesting projects and games of their own choosing. I am their facilitator, making sure they get where they want to be, help them look things up when they need help, read to them for hours a day if necessary until they learn to read for themselves, helping them figure out how to earn money to purchase the resources they desire to help them learn.

        One thing that’s always been true, though, is that they have *NEVER* felt they didn’t want to learn. They would resist being institutionalized in the local public school very strongly, but their drive to learn is insatiable. The desire to learn is a flame that exists in every child at birth, and as long as nothing extinguishes that flame, it will continue glowing brightly throughout their lives. School, unfortunately, with all its standardization, testing, and loss of freedom, extinguishes that flame in a lot of children.

        These GPS units are so unnecessary because SCHOOL is so unnecessary. You don’t need to MAKE a child learn. You just need an attentive parent willing to facilitate their learning and make sure nothing extinguishes that flame.

        The GPS units are also akin to chains of slavery. Compulsory attendance in school is akin to slavery. We’ve freed our slaves, we’ve given women equal rights…but we still tell children and teens they must spend all day locked up with people all the same age as them doing what we think they should be doing, and if they try to escape this institutionalization, we want to TRACK them down and make them go back to their prison-school. It’s time to free our children.

      2. Andrew says:

        A lot of neat stuff in there. I am familiar with the principle that children have an innate drive to learn and that educational institutions, failing to recognize this, may in fact stifle the urge.

        Where I break from you is with the preposterous notion that women and men have equal rights in this society. Middle America in its fury over perceived attacks on our constitutional rights would do well to consider gender segregation in public bathrooms and laws requiring women to cover their chests in public.

  115. Gps navigation black friday deals says:

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