GLENDALE (CBS/AP) — Authorities are arresting dozens of suspected members and associates of an Armenian gang in the Southland.

U.S. attorney’s spokesman Thom Mrozek said Wednesday that hundreds of local and federal police are making arrests in Glendale and East Hollywood after authorities unveiled a federal racketeering indictment against the gang Armenian Power.

Witnesses say at least one warrant was also served in the Encino area during “Operation Power Outage”.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports an estimated financial losses in LA and Orange counties due to Armenian Power activity totals over $20 million.

A total of 99 people are being charged in federal and state courts.

The operation targeted a “Eurasian organized crime group” known as Armenian Power, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Officials say Armenian Power has been engaged in murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, extortion and other offenses. The gang is also known for identity theft and white-collar fraud.

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  1. Gargamel says:

    Good riddance. ‘Nuff said.

    1. poopsie says:

      Well put baby boi

  2. Michael Newton says:

    It is about time

    1. rjsmitty says:

      Thats what I was thinking!

    2. arm3n1anpow3r says:

      I hope u get hit by a bus

  3. Steve Fisher says:

    Good, a lot of bad stuff has been happening in Glendale.

    1. YAN says:

      Also a lot of good, you think the Americana would of opened if it was left up to the white folks and mexican shopping there. I dont think so Steve Fisher.

      1. Ethan says:

        The grove has done just fine with us “white” and Mexican folks you bigot!

      2. Hovig says:

        Who cares about the americana Or who opened it when it isn’t safe with all those criminals running around!

        Obviously you think you superior to whites and mexicans and it’s that mentality of entitlement by armenians that have created alot of problems in Glendale. Moreover,many armenians are rude and have no class. Quit tooting your own horn…cause your culture, Yan, leaves MUCH to be desired!

      3. proud ArmeniYan says:

        Who are you anyway? HATER

      4. C Mian says:

        Yan couldn’t have said it better my self aboush hrya’s think they can say whatever they want

      5. gazan says:

        Hey Ethan Grove is doing good because of Jews not WASP’s like you.

    2. Harry says:

      I am armenian myself but that doesn’t mean i support them. Lets not judge the whole culture based on some idiots. About a month ago 60 Mexicans were cought in an Insurance fraud and no one ever said that ALL mexcians are bad. Yan its just to Funny that you think All armenians shop because they do Credit Card Frauds. I Shop there with the money I worked for. Soo dont even go there and just talk about yourself

      1. Patrick says:

        No amount of logic is going to stop ignorant uneducated people from posting their 2 cents of hate like this. Comment features like this on websites gives these classless bozos a soap box to stand on to make themselves feel empowered for a minute. Truth is, this kind of negative mentality will only take away from their own relationships with society and overall life experience. I’m happy to be a hard working tax paying Armenian that loves the USA, and i’m proud to say I choose the people I trust & associate with or entirely avoid based on character, personality, and my own instinct — Not their race or color. I’m glad these criminals will be brought to justice.

  4. AJ Morgan says:

    Bout time, they’ve had a free hand for far too long in that area. From ripping off the state with bogus home health care scams, accident fraud, ets – you name, these filthy crooks have their big noses in it.

    1. C Mian says:

      Hi and what about the Jewish people please enlighten me

    2. John says:

      AJ there good boys just like the boys up in Kansas

  5. andy a says:

    there isnt a bigger crook than your american government idiot

    1. Tigran says:

      Look at how Armenians have transformed Glendale, Burbank, La Cresenta, and other cities they have moved into. All those places were very limited as as far as economic progress is concerned. However if Armenians leave as you suggested what do you think will happen to the economy. We are going to take our businesses and consumption with us. Its basic economics, if you don’t understand that, maybe you should be the one to leave.

      PS. Historically anywhere Armenians have migrated to have lead to increases in prosperity.

    2. Ashley says:

      first change your gay ass last name then talk.

    3. Hovig says:

      yes they prosper alright! By milking the system, driving expensive cars and paying with foodstamps…so no, it’s not true prosperity because it’s funded by the taxpayers money!

      All the elder armenians are on medical medicare and SSI when try never worked a day in their life in America! You are scammers and the prosperity you claim is propelled by fraud! No thank you!!! Take your buisness and consumption elsewhere!!!

      1. chozen 1 says:

        right on the money….

      2. lily Hurst says:

        about the SSI you just described all immigrants in our country. But about the foodstamps, I live in sacramento and I know a lot of Armenian’s here and actually they don’t even get foodstamps i always see them using dollars at the front counter when purchasing. I also like to pinpoint on that fact that those laws of medical and medicare and ssi were written by Americans like you and I, so we can’t really judge these people getting the chance in getting SSI even though they have never worked in US. Plus I’d like to add on the taxpayers money, do you know exactly how much taxpayers money is put into the funding? And two if you are one of those taxpayers who gets a refund at the end of the year please don’t count yourself in that line because you get your refund back. And I’d like to add taking business from our country is not good that’s how all corporations thought the way you did and that’s why we are in this economy! So take a chill pill and don’t take few people that you know and judge a culture!

  6. johnny comelately says:

    will they all get ED HARDY jumpsuits in prison?

  7. LAgirl says:

    Glad that our government are cracking this bunch of crooks. The are roaming around the street as if they owned it. They should also investigate them for welfare frauds, medical and medicare frauds, etc.

  8. LAgirl says:

    I meant, They are roaming around the street…

    1. Rp says:

      It’s so funny how you people don’t have anything better to say. Always singling out the Armenians as if there isn’t problems like this for any other race like Hispanics, Blacks, or even Whites. There’s always a few bad apples in a bunch. No ones perfect, so no need to give your unnecessary opinions about ALL Armenians being like this. Next time before you open your arrogant ignoramus mouths go look at your own ethnicity then talk.

  9. vic says:

    your stupid, not all armenians are alike..I’m a hard working armenian you stuped motha f@#$Er

    1. jeff zuzasabadoa says:

      there are no hard working armenians… you should look up oxymoron in the dictionary.

      1. germarmo says:

        That would be you with zit cream on your face

    2. Vorig says:

      Then why are you on the internet during work hours? Eshak.

  10. germarmo says:

    There are plenty of honest Armenians out there. In fact, they outnumber the crooks- just like any ethnic group. This Armenian would fight for your right to say stupid things but will punch you in the mouth for being a racist moron.

    1. Ricardo Alberto says:

      yeah right. Haven’t met one honest armenian. They are cheap, shady, and mean.

      1. SS says:


      2. Maj Sarz says:

        U say those things about Armenians but U know very well the whole world says those about your STINKY race and some more

      3. Maj Sarz says:

        ricard,s race is the dirtiest and cheapest race on the face of the earth and he is giving opinion about Armenians!thats funny

      4. dntwryboutit says:

        thats cuz u dnt deserve to meet one u idiot

  11. GodBlessAmerica says:

    99% of armenians are crooks period. Shady people, especially those guys at the stereo system place. It’s their gang’s hangout.

    1. Tigran says:

      Yeah your comment must be true. But just to be sure can you please provide the source where you got at 99% fro. I’m interested in running a Hypothesis test and figuring out if that term is statistically significant at a .05 percent confidence interval. Thanks! Im sure that you ignorance will prove to be correct!

      1. GodBlessAmerica says:

        I MEANT 99% of the Armenians that I have met in the San Fernando Valley from growing up with them in middle school, high school, college, and everyday places.

      2. SS says:

        lmaooo. Well Put Tigran.

      3. ss says:

        I’m not going to disagree whole heartedly because I do think there are Armenians who put our name to shame. However, it’s not every day you hear about Armenian affiliated crimes and people need to realize that every race has its unfortunate cases and there are plenty of good Armenian people to go around. I think you’d be pleasantly surprised if you met some.

    2. Harry says:

      srry to say this but you’ve been hanging out with the wrong armenians, Just stop judging the culture based on those crooks that you hung out with. I am armenian myself but that doesn’t mean i am saying that what ever they did is right. I am realllllllyyyy happy that they got caught. Since you have that hatred towards armenians, I would recomannd take your little time and learn about our culture and learn about who really armeinans are.

      1. gary says:

        What i find funny is the fact your stating that you seem to hang around armenian crooks and how much u dislike them, or the reality of it is you were in an environment with armenians’ around and assumed they are crooks GodBlessAmerica…. so in other words your just racist.

    3. Martin says:

      well I happen to be an Armenian and I do drive a nice car. However I welcome everyone and anyone to challenge my hard work, 13 hour shifts and all other hard work i put in to provide nice things for my family. so Ms God Bless America, Kiss my American blessed ass and do your math before you open your uneducated mouth. mr 99%

      1. lily says:

        Good one Martin! I totally agree with on that.

    4. lily says:

      I’m curious where do you get those numbers? If you were at a court at this moment and bought in a number without statistics/ sources you would have failed miserably! Plus I’m an Armenian-American that loves USA even more than you do, and I do a lot of hard work working with legislature to actually do something to make life better for our country and let me guess you are one of those people who sits his ass down and blames every single person you know for your problems! And plus if you would ask anyone in Sacramento about Armenian’s they would tell you they are nice people and that is statistics! So that’s because you are having a bad day with with one or two people doesn’t mean to blame the entire ethnic group! And next time bringing in numbers get sources that are logical! Be realistic. God bless the United States Of America and God Bless all people!

  12. SS says:

    It’s unfair for anyone to generalize and say that Armenians are all crooks. If you don’t know any honest Armenians personally then you have no right to open your mouth. Armenians are just like any other ethnicity. You have some good and some bad. And I’ve seen the good, so I can talk.

  13. mister s says:

    Ill bet the majority of those being indicted had “yan” as the last 3 letters of their name. Most I’ve met with those letters are arrogant criminal pricks. On the other hand, most I have met with surnames ending with “ian” are usually hard working people just trying to get from day to day like the rest of us. There are exceptions on both sides.

    1. Harry says:

      Ok, your commant just proofs how Uneducated you are. Honestly. Instead of commanting to this article, you should learn about the culture. PPl like u make me sick. That saying that doesn’t mean I support those crooks who did all that fraud. I am happy that they got caught.

      1. mister s says:

        Uhhh its an armenian that tipped me off to that. Their comment not mine. Then once I started looking….. he was right. All the ones I work with…. “ian”….. most the ones I see in the paper for being arrested….. “yan”.

      2. IAN FROM ARMENIA says:

        I stongly disagree with your “YAN” AND “IAN” theory. Of course that’s my opinion but i think most people would agree with me. The difference in most cases with either ending defirintiates what kind of Armenians they are or where they came frpm. For those of you who are ignorant and stereotypical, let me clarify that my last name ends with IAN but I am from Armenia. No, my last name doesn’t end with Yan. Immagine that! Please clarify your information to the max before you occuse people based on the ending of their last name. FYI..there are a lot of Jews who’s names end with YAN or IAN. Immagine that as well. How do u feel now? A little stupid i would say. The term exceptions to both sides doesn’t sides doesn’t do justice for what you stated, Mr/Mrs IGNORANT

    2. lily Hurst says:

      you have to remember that there are Persians who have that last name too with yan or ian!

  14. javier says:

    I have been in construction for many years, i dont know of any contractor that has anything good to say about armenians or that would work for them. In my own experience i can say that if they are from the middle east that they are educated and honest, if from russia or armenia, be careful

  15. Sur says:

    For those of you who are labeling all armenians
    as being crooks, you are 1 of 3 things:

    1)Jealous,2) rasict, or 3) just arrogant.

  16. johnny chingas says:

    Ok, maybe they arent all crooks. But can we still agree they are all arrogant as hell? That alone should be grounds for an arrest, charge them with mopery. Who cares, just get them out of the san fernando valley.

    1. SS says:

      no we can’t agree that they’re all arrogant as hell because it’s not true. You’re arrogant for thinking those things. Btw you sound just like Hitler saying stupid things like, “get them out of the san fernando valley.” Why don’t you get out and take your hate somewhere with less culture. Perhaps the mid west would suit you better.

  17. Jayy Jayy says:

    wow too many of you have one too many opinions keep your opinion to your self. LOL everyones hating as if they dont have a gang to back up there race.. every single race has a gang that defines them? is that what all of you are saying? How embarrassing are peoples opinions…

  18. Anonymous says:

    It’s extremely sad seeing these negative comments on here…all cultural backgrounds have different kinds of people, many great individuals and many bad ones too, doesn’t give any of you the right to discriminate against all Armenians…and HOVIG you should be ashamed of yourself…your name should be something else and not related to anything Armenian…very very sad reading an Armenian speaking like this about his own culture…basically agreeing that YOU yourself are a very dishonest person and a crook…great going buddy.

  19. Vorig says:

    The ones creating the trouble are generally from Armenia. They’re more Russian than Armenian. They’re also of a lower socio-economic background than other Armenian immigrants.

    Older waves of immigrants came from Turkey, Lebanon and Iran. These groups tended to be middle and upper class hardworking folks.

    1. An Armen"IAN' woman says:

      VORIG- Your name says it all. To translate your name from Armenian to English, it means ASS. On that note, let me explain to you how ignorant you are. Armenians from Armenia or any kind of Armenians from anywhere are all one and the same. We are “ARMENIANS”. The Armenians from Armenia are not at all “more Russian” as u stated. We are Armenian. U must be very uneducated like some of the other ones that commented on this page. I can forgive them as it’s not their responsiblity to know their culture or their heritage, whereas it’s your responsibility as an Armenian to know where Armenia is in the geographical aspect of it. We are an independent country. Yes, Very independent. We have very many talented people. Without making u look any worse than u did yourself, i will tell u to get educated on the history of Armenia. FYI.. JEALOUSY IS MISERY

    2. Charm says:

      Vorig, what I would kick your davachan vorig. And you know why because you are really VORIG lol.

  20. David says:

    Wow this is something new. A group of men try to break the system and get rich. And the educated and intelligent folks like Hovig have the perfect solution to this problem.

  21. Nice Work Feds says:

    The increase in Prosperity, at the cost of who? There frauds and schemes have to be paid by someone. And that someone is the honest, hardworking taxpayers. It was nice to see a few of these schemers go down.

    1. TT says:

      Always glad to see the bad guys put where they belong, no matter what culture they are from,,, unfortunately – there is a downside …We get to pay for them to sit in Jail…. With our taxes etc… But glad things got cleaned up at least a little bit..

  22. Not impressed says:

    what a stupid comment.

    1. Vorig says:

      @Not Impressed:

      You’re right. Some Beirutsis are also low class.

  23. Norma says:

    Hmmm. Is this why there were gunshots and about 10 FBI cars 6am this morning in Sevenhills (Tujunga) and 5 FBI cars and 2 police cars at a neighbors on Hillhaven?

    1. Verdugo Dave says:

      ‘Cause that’s normal for Tujunga. Land of old truckers and future unibombers.

      1. Norma says:

        Dave. We had a really good laugh at your comment. Thanks!!! I wish I could find out why there were 4 gunshots. My husband says it was if of 357 size.

  24. Hovig says:

    arrogant armenian,
    Thank you for proving my point, Your name is fitting…arrogant AND ignorant armenian!
    You just showed us how uneducated, disgusting, and pathetic you are!

    You give us a bad name!

  25. Arrogant Armenian says:

    Did an armo do your sister rough and didnt pay enough?

    1. Vorig says:

      Everyone knows Armos can’t do it rough. Shod bzdigeh.

      1. Arrogant Armenian says:

        Not true! My brother gives it to my mom very roughly!

  26. gmon says:

    Armos are roaches and should be exterminated as such.

    1. Vartan says:

      Bet you wouldn’t say that to the face of one. Internet warrior, real life wuss puss.

      1. dntwryoutit says:

        hahahahaha good 1 vartan

    2. 777 says:

      fk your whole family

    3. 777 says:

      sk some Armenian shlong, you pos gmon

  27. Vartan says:

    “too bad the turks didn’t finish the job!”

    Lucky for me, your mom knows how to finish a job. FULL service woman.

  28. Anonymous says:

    HOVIG, i feel bad for you that you haven’t encountered any of your good natured fellow Armenians but let me tell you they do exist…I don’t know you personally but I don’t understand the concept of how one can accept all that is being said to him about being dishonest, living off of fraud, driving expensive cars, etc and just act like it applies to everyone. I myself am an Armenian girl and i DON’T drive an expensive car, I WORK full time and I go to school FULL TIME…and I definitely am not the only one doing this…EVERYONE that I know is doing this as well…DON’T even talk about arrogance…ARROGANCE only applies to people like you that are blind and pessimistic who only see the bad in people…take a step down and learn to acknowledge your culture and all that we have been through as one.

    1. lily Hurst says:

      see I have a feeling that guy who claims to be “Hovig” that isn’t his real name I’m sure he is too scared to reveal his real name to all of us.

  29. gmon says:

    Vartan, go shave ur moms beard,

    1. Vartan says:

      Dude, your stepdad is coming. Better get off his computer and go do your chores before he beats you.

  30. juan cholalarga says:

    armenians say americans are stupid for working when the government gives you money for free, just pass by any welfare office and watch them drive away in their mercedez

    1. anonymous says:

      Go mow a lawn

    2. lily Hurst says:

      Isn’t that what latino community does! Bunch of Illegals being border hoppers speak for your own self Juan! Using the money of taxpayers. As an American I have to tell that you have no right to speak on this cause. Plus if you think you are so great of a person why don’t you go do something in your life that will help all Americans in our country and not your own community. back in Sacramento, yeah, I don’t even want to go there because you border hoppers are bunch of mistake! Plus when I mean that I don’t bring in good Latino’s in this they are different people just saying!

  31. Armo says:

    Hovig berutsi beranet kunem

  32. Vartan says:

    Man, you have terrible spelling and grammar. That’s what happens when you get kicked out of CV High for meth. Maybe you can make a career at OSH or Der Weinerschnitzel.

  33. Only Armenians says:

    Seen some of the names of people on the Indictment L Lopez,F Bell,R Benson,D Chatson….Yup All Armenians I can tell by the Last names Freakin Crooks!!!! (Sarcasim)……

  34. gmon says:

    Well,it’s still better than working at anoush golden palace, or gohar’s hairy back removal.

  35. Tamika says:

    White people be hating like always. KKK is alive and well.

    1. ss says:

      TAMIKA, Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately there’s too much hate out there and it’s virtually impossible to stop it. We should all ban together and stand up to racism and hate crimes. There are white, black, Mexican, Asian, Italian, etc gangs out there, as well as Armenian gangs. People seem to forget that their own people have their faults too. All though I don’t by any means promote gang crimes and violence, I don’t think it’s fair to judge a whole nationality because of one group of people.

  36. Maj Sarz says:

    gmon,s mom knows many Armenian men and he isnt happy about it

  37. Maj Sarz says:

    as long as there R blacks and hispanic dirtbag,roaches armenians dont have to worry about being the worst

  38. Maj Sarz says:

    hispanic,s are the diriiest race on the face of the earth….i think you ROACHES atleast shouldnt make any comments about this issiue!

  39. BB says:

    Look for those who call “All Armenians Crooks” I have one question have they meet “All” Armenians around the world? Answer No. So please stop generalizing. Every racial group as good and bad. Just cause theres a few bad applies it doesn’t mean the bunch is bad.

  40. Patrick says:

    No amount of logic is going to stop ignorant uneducated people from posting their 2 cents of hate. Comment features like this on websites gives these classless bozos a soap box to stand on to make themselves feel empowered for a minute. Truth is, this kind of negative mentality will only take away from their own relationships with society and overall life experience. I’m happy to be a hard working tax paying Armenian that loves the USA, and i’m proud to say I choose the people I trust & associate with or entirely avoid based on character, personality, and my own instinct — Not their race or color.

    1. Patrick says:

      I’m not wearing any pants right now. Who wants to party?

  41. Rain says:

    This should not be about race.. This guys/ girls were criminal!!! Who cares if they Armenian. I am a white woman.. I’ve been ripped off by white people, does not mean I’m bad. I’ve had Armenians be rude to me, but I’ve also been treated very nice by Armenians.. I’m just they were arrested.. I had my debit card compromised at the 99 cent store. They got me for $900. They were responsible for it… Happy they are behind bars..

  42. Anna says:

    This is so sad, how much hate there is among the human race. Good people and bad people come across all creeds, races, and genders. The media loves to portray minorities in a bad light because let’s face it “Black and Mexican gang War leaves 12 dead” is sure going to get much bigger of an audience than ” first Black/Mexican/Armenian/Philipino female to win Nobel Peace Prize in literature”. And their antics are working, just look at the amount of hate that is in all of these comments! If you people actually believe the things you are saying, then you have fell victim to the brainwash game of the Media. Congratulations. Not to condone any illegal behavior, but you have to ask why things are the way they are, what in the SYSTEM has led to these occurrences. But you aren’t, you are just perpetuating the hate and stereotypes that the government keeps you busy with because its much easier to keep you entertained with that, than to have to deal with questioning of the governments behavior. LOVE one another, HELP one another, no matter whether that person is pink blue or yellow.
    And to all the Armenians that are filled with hate for your own kind, stop it, if you’re that much better than them, then SHOW others that Armenians are great people that come with a great history. How can you expect to be respected if you do not respect yourself.

  43. Marty says:

    wow so many uneducated ppl here. get your facts straight. yes this guys are crooks but it doesn’t make the whole race crooked. I have a nice car and a nice house but I also work 14 hours a day so there…. and before all you ignorant ppl make a comment, go back and watch the clip again. there are others involved. look at the pics. so lets all say that mexicans black and armenians are the crooked once….. ignorant ppl will never learn

  44. Proud Hayastanci says:

    Hovig you better get out of this site, and remember Never call yourself an Armenian, it is so embarrassing having you among us. I am an licensed architect, my hubby owns a business, I drive the best car in my neighborhood, I have the most beautiful house. What’s wrong with that? Are you hating me now?

  45. The Truth says:

    I love how all these low life so proclaimed immigrant Americans are judging Armenians. It does not matter what race or color you are you will have a group to degrade you too. Hispanics ever hear of your gangs the bloods and crips? Blacks can you robbery, gangs, and murder? Turn the TV on and you will see how the society portraits your race. Oh and let us not shy away from the whites. Can you say Hitler or KKK ? So again these are some thugs who got caught doing wrong and deserve to be prosecuted. If you want to call names go right ahead but take a good look in a mirror because your kind is not any better.

  46. sev says:

    its amazing how some people just say YAN OR IAN becareful…thats bs,i am persian armenian myself,and I have a lot of gr8 PURE ARMENIAN friends from armenia,and they all bust der asss to feed der families…it doesn’t matter if they from IRAN OR ARMENIA Or w/e,u can find bad apples between everyyyyyyyyy race or religon,that doesnt mean you have the right to insult whole armenians…grow up people…

  47. Arthur YAN says:

    what they did was wrong but judging the Armenian culture by 100 people is simply stupid. This shows how racist people living in this country are. They should burn all of you for being this racist. I am armenian and i work 12 hours a day 6 days a week more then most people you know. i have lived in armenia for 16 years and 12 years here in the US. i know the Armenian culture and the blood in my vains is pure Armenian. I am very proud of my culture and i feel sorry that there are so many stupid people like these racist basterds. Do yourselfs a favor and go read about who Armenians are after all we have been around for over 5000 years and guess what we are here to stay so you can lick my B>L>s. and the news channels are very racist too. cbs 2 and kcal 9 can both lick my b>l>s!

  48. Tee says:

    Lol oh & if you guys wanna judge a race go spend your time watching those mexicans and blacks rapping and murdering people & focus less on armenians actions!

  49. goflex says:

    First off im not white. Im a minority who grew up livinging in Hollywood, N hollywood, Burbank. I know every race has its bad apples. Ive been robbed by Mexicans, jumped by Asians, harrassed by blacks. But i still cant stand Armos. I would say 20% of them are good honest well mannered people. The other 80% are just people that shouldnt exist. You peeps need to learn some manners and respect.

    1. lily Hurst says:

      where do you get your number? Can you name your source?

  50. elush says:

    Its funny how everyone talks about Glendale and the people who live in Glendale who are mostly Armenian. Why not talk about East LA and the black and Hispanic community? Or perhaps Beverly Hills and West Hollywood big community of Jewish and Persian right? I don’t know do you people not see the BAD in any other culture? I just think people have jealousy towards Armenians and the fact that they have culture that comes from way back into History.. They love to live a luxuries life and have a family and know what family means. I mean common you all know your race isn’t so innocent either. Enough said.

  51. deekeleeian says:

    Thank you Yan. What Is never heard of and extremely rare in Armenians is crimes against humanity, druggie parents, and sick crimes against children which is not at all common in white folks!! Watch the news everyday and I rest my case Steve Fisher and all you ignorant folks. Gangs are every where in every nation!! white folks….. Dont forget your great grand parents had slaves, Armeians are hard working honorable and family oriented. We dont kick our kids out at 18, and see our children once a year for holidays. We have parents that would give their lives for us. Dont forget Glendale is full of Armenian business men, professionals, hundreds of doctors, and lawyers. Damn good for a small race, and proud of it!!!!

  52. Legal Aid says:

    Every race has its good and bad. I work in downtown in the legal industry. most of the people I go after are white, hispanic and Black. If you look in the streets you see 13-14 year old mexicans pregnant and milking the system. Do I complain when my hard earned taxes are going to pay for some illegal immigrant who has 5 kids with 5 different men? Do I judge the whole race? Of course not! A few bad seeds cannot define who I am as a proud and honest and tax paying armenian. I think it is silly for all of us to judge each other or try to define a whole race based upon the actions of a group of individuals which also included whites, mexicans and blacks. Please be civil to one another.

  53. Zeitoun says:

    I am Armenian, and I am really happy that these people were arrested, just how Mexicans should be happy when Mexican gangsters get arrested, and white people should be happy when white gangsters get arrested.

    WERE ALL HUMAN IN THE END, and these were all criminals. All other comments/conclusions based on racism is just a form of bigotry, grow up.

  54. roy rogers says:

    I never met an Armenian that I could ever like, unless she had her close off and a bag over her head, and she shaved!

    1. ss says:

      For some reason I have a feeling that you were recently rejected one of us Armenian girls and are displacing you’re anger with your own incompetence on us. Get a life, grow up and learn how to spell the word “clothes,” like i did when I was in kindergarten.

      p.s. Armenian women are beautiful just like every other woman on this planet. Like I said, growww uppppp.

  55. maryyyyy says:

    first and foremost i am an American born ARMENIAN and i couldnt love my people more than i do. i think more power to you if you can do it and pull it off but they get way to greedy and are giving all of us a bad name. its just wrong.

  56. Angel says:

    do u no they almost let half of them out?

  57. angel says:

    they almost let d half of dem outtttt

  58. ANGEL says:

    besidesss,,,u alll are so jeloussss,,,,cuz u cant drive BMW or mersedez,,u cant go vacation every year,,u cant wear expenssive brand name clothes,,,in a word do things that only WE ARMENIANS can doooooooo
    ,,,if u see someone who is pretty ,well dressed so u no that its Armo,,,not like other people living in USA,,,,nasty,,,smells like pig,ugly,,,fat,,,,but w r soo different from othersss,,,,,,,,,so I WANT EVERYONE TO NOOOOOOO IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT ARMOS DO ,,,W STILL D BESTTTT,,,AND D ARMOS WHO SAYS THAT THEY R ASHAMED FOR BEIING ARMOS,,THOSE R TURKSSS,,,DAVAJANNER EQ DUQQQ,

  59. KAREVOR CHI says:


  60. ed says:

    If a small race can pull this off that means these people are wayyyyy too smart then the rest of the idiots who live on this planet lollll.. white people rape kids and beat there wifes and all there kids end up on crack.. black people will kill you for $10, mexicans will tag on ur wall and kill u because of a gang sign lolll. You will never hear an armenian rape a kid tag on ur wall rob u for 10$ they will do it the smart way and make $20,000,000 lol… doesnt that tell u people how smart they really are?… oh besides all morons who go to vegas to party and have the time of ur life guess who owns 80% of vegas YESS an armenian lol enough said

  61. $ImAllAboutTheMoney$ says:

    can someone loan me a few hundred thou,
    I need to get some rims for my car, O! and a bracelet, Diamond bracelet!!!

  62. BIG-C says:

    Armenians put the Traditional Mafia to Shame

  63. Position of Power says:

    its up for the taking.All Money is Ours

  64. Mike Smith says:

    Every race has some bad ones. Whites included. Skinheads anyone?

  65. Billigflug London Frankfurt-hahn says:

    Vast Flight,worry flow search student tomorrow pattern career painting show heavy above trust foreign beside late up rich flower sheet selection realise troop little grey gate wild enjoy form capacity nod question advise shoot view never earth cabinet body remain trial effect lady shut create engine match engineering however training poor band royal book stand force upper plate contact desire from compare literature incident meeting employer speak both no injury arise climb impact hear direction according claim light percent new easily form dangerous prison publication control tradition responsible claim

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