CHATSWORTH (CBS) — The principal at Chatsworth High School has been placed on administrative leave, but LAUSD officials are not saying why.

District officials say Principle Tim Guy was placed on leave Monday. Assistant Principal Chuck Miller has temporarily taken over the position.

Students KCAL spoke with said Guy has been the principal at Chatsworth High for three years. The Los Angeles Unified School District said Guy started with the district in 1978 as a teacher’s assistant.

Officials say Guy will remain on administrative leave pending a district investigation and that all personnel matters are kept confidential.

Comments (24)
  1. Jon says:

    Mums the word, as they say. It’s probably drug related or fooling around with a student.

    1. Larry says:

      What a stupid unformed speculation. Get a life…

  2. enough already says:

    shut up, jon. keep your uninformed speculation to yourself.

  3. Anonymou says:

    @enough already:

    Actually that’s what the comment section is for. Shut the hell up yourself you anonymous fool.

  4. Pure Evil says:

    My son goes to Chatsworth, and the word at the School is that Mr. Guy stole Money from the School….

    1. west1 says:

      ya probly wen i went der he gave alot of money out that the school didnt have. in the high 10’s of thousands. i heard he lended out 50,000 plus to sports teams

  5. chs says:

    As a student at Chatsworth High School, the only thing that they have told us is that he’s on personnel leave. Stop with the speculation, it most likely does not involve a student.

  6. enough already says:

    Could be both. Probably the latter.

  7. enough already says:

    Submitting comments under my name? That’s how you spend your time? Pathetic.

    Accusing someone in a public forum of child molestation/rape with no evidence? Pathetic.

    Thinking that uninformed speculation is the untended use of a comment section? Pathetic.

    I’m drowning in a sea of morons.

  8. enough already says:

    Not that you idiots would notice but “untended” was a typo.

    1. Dave says:

      Idiots don’t proofread their posts.

  9. PL says:

    Every administrator is responsible
    for accounting of our taxpayer dollars
    as well as the safety and education of those
    under their care! Audit them all!
    Chatsworth Alumni 1971-74

  10. Ashley says:

    students as well as teachers are stating the following ” He stole money from our school” approximitely 40, 00 ? Not sure . I go to the school & hear statements made.

    1. ashley says:

      40, 000 ***

      1. Ziggy says:

        Must have spent money from one account
        and assumed it would be covered
        from a discretionary fund
        Could have had honorable reasons
        money not stolen
        Improper compliance


    Everyone out there should just keep there comments to them selves no one knows what trully is going on with Mr.guy so please stop spreading rumors! I have one thing to say, he was a good principal, Always trying to help students.

  12. Scott Stevenson says:

    Probably fooled around with a student.

  13. Class 2010 says:

    SO i was there when he became the principal and honestly i dont think he did much of anything at all.
    To be honest he is a complete moron when it comes to spending money. He got over charged for some lousy performance that he recommended. Therefore leading to a higher price for prom because he forced us to hirer a bunch of his friends (dance crew).
    Mr. Davis was an awesome principal! Mr. Guy didnt stand a chnace!!!

    1. Larry says:

      All of this qualification you have with a high school education…Sick

  14. The Truth says:

    Mr. Guy did NOT steal money from the school. It was an error caused by another school employee. The truth will come out. He has and will always be dedicated to the students, families of students, and staff of all the schools he has work at. This is someone who has dedicated their entire life to education. Everyone posting negative comments should be ashamed of themselves.

  15. The Truth says:

    BTW Class of 2010 Mr. Davis is the actual moron. You wanted to talk about administrators that should be investigated, try that one!

    1. Class 2010 says:

      Mr. Davis got promoted
      Mr. Guy is MIA

      apparently a moron is doing pretty well

  16. Angel says:

    A trusted inside school source says Mr. Guy was seen being escorted by police in handcuffs, leaving the school. :/

  17. Mr. Facts says:

    The incompetent principal at John F. Kennedy is the cause for all this. As you know, Mr. Guy was the assistant principal at John F. Kennedy before being promoted to Chatsworth as their principal. The issue at hand is Mr. Guy was linked to Kennedy’s accounts and should have been taken off the accounts three years ago following his promotion. All principals have access to their school accounts. Mr. Guy deposited the Kennedy account money into Chatsworth’s student body account not knowing it belong to Kennedy because why would he even be linked to John F. Kennedy’s money after three years. Sounds like John F. Kennedy’s staff is to blame or LAUSD for the lack of being able to keep track of their accounts. All of the $56,000 was deposited into Chatsworth student body account and nothing was taken for any personal gain by Mr. Guy or any other individuals. LAUSD, here’s how you fix the problem, have Chatsworth student body write John F. Kennedy a check for $56,000 since non of the money was spent. Bring back Mr. Guy as principal and learn how to manage your accounts better. I see why our kids funds are so jacked up!

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