DUARTE (CBS) — A ten-year-old girl is battling cancer in Duarte.

But tonight her battle is made a little more easy as a wish was granted. Tayler Hall wants to be a clothing designer when she gets older, so a special organization designed her bedroom to help make that goal a little more of a reality.

And as Susie Suh reported for KCAL9, the organization BrittiCares, has special reason for helping young cancer patients.

The organization is named for Brittiana Renee Henderson, another young woman who fought the good fight against cancer. Although Henderson’s story does not have a happy ending — she died four years ago at the age of 13 — her friends and family were inspired to, in their words, “help children survive cancer one smile at a time.”

For more information about BrittiCares.org, click on the following link: http://britticares.org

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  1. mom says:

    I’m glad her story made the news. However, I wish that they would have mentioned how her school organized a fundraiser to remodel her room. Thanks to the kind donations of the students and their families, they helped remodel her room. Kudos to all involved but please next time don’t forget all the children that collected their pennies and change to donate to “Tayler Hall’s clean room”

    1. Belita Hall says:

      Thanks for your comment. We (Belita, Jason and Tayler) are overwhelmed by the amount of support that we have gotten from the community. It was amazing to find so many strangers willing to help out with the project! Donations and support came from family, friends, churches, businesses, etc. There were many individuals that played roles in helping this project become a reality. We would like to give a special THANK YOU to:
      Shauna Pierce: for organization the families and students of Valley View Elementary and also getting the word out in the community of Duarte. It was exciting to see students come together to raise money for Tayler. Mrs. Pierce is the 1st of many angels to help out with the project and was instrumental in helping us establish momentum and getting the project up and running.
      Fernando the Plumber: helped with plumbing related demolition, picked up and hauled heavy items and of course installed the majority of the plumbing for the project.
      Hum and Brad of the Duarte Unified Maintenance Department: and other employees of the district who stepped right up and helped install flooring and solved many of the plumbing problems we had. Although many of our friends and family helped with demolition, we desperately needed the help of professionals like Hum (Mr. Purple Rain) to come through.
      Shirelle and Jamie Henderson of BrittiCares: completely and totally rescued our project by bringing in professionals such a William “Kilday” Ross, Joe, and James Hahn. Shirelle and her family literally became our family overnight. They are some of the most remarkable people you can ever meet. We all shared many laughs while we worked late into the night, sometimes ending @ 4:00 AM. There is absolutely no way we could have completed this project in time for Tayler’s arrival without their help. They have inspired us to get involved as we move forward with Tayler’s struggles.
      William “Kilday” Ross: is truly a humanitarian and angel. Kilday as he likes to be called drove 100 miles round-trip nearly every day for two weeks until the project was completed. His 37 years of construction experience was evident throughout project. Tayler’s Clean Room involved both her bedroom and bathroom. Thanks to Kilday, Tayler’s bathroom is just as remarkable as her bedroom.

      1. Shauna says:

        Thanks for your nice words, Belita! Our hopes and prayers are with Tayler and your family.

  2. Mr. Bean says:

    makes me happy to see this, something nice to do to a special child

  3. Helen says:

    Keep praying for her. She is a lovely girl. Also pray for her mom, Belita. She did everything for her daugher.

  4. Sergio says:

    I’m so glad, that I participated on that project! And so sad, to hear this news,but even great warriors need to rest! I don’t think I can keep up,on a fight with cancer,like she did! Now she’s in Paradise, talking face to face with Angeles, and the LORD himself!

  5. Germann says:

    I honestly wish that I could have spent more time with her. I feel so Guilty! I prayed for her everyday and I knew everything was going to be ok. I want to tell you (Jason and Belita) that every second I look @ the picture of you & Taylor and I cant hold back the tears. I honestly love you guys and wish you well. If you need anything and I mean anything I will be hear for you. That beautiful Angel is welcomed To The Lord Jesus Christ arms. And I know now she could not be any happier. Taylor I Love You & We Miss You!!!

  6. mom says:

    I am terribly sorry to hear about your loss. My daughter was so excited because she told me that she saw her on TV on The Kid’s Choice Awards this weekend. Mind you my daughter had never met Tayler but she was so excited for her. Her schoolmate told her on Monday morning the bad news. Not sure if she’s right because the only picture she has seen of her was the one on the school flyer. But anyway, I can’t imagine what your family is going through but you guys are still in my prayers and I hope that you know you have many friends in this community.

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