VENTURA (AP) — A Ventura County judge has delayed the murder trial of a teenager charged with the classroom shooting death of a gay student.

Brandon McInerney’s trial had been tentatively set for March 15. The 16-year-old defendant, who is being tried as an adult, is charged with the Feb. 12, 2008, shooting death of 15-year-old Larry King at E.O. Green School in Oxnard.

The Ventura County Star says Superior Court Judge Charles Campbell on Monday set an April 4 hearing to determine if attorneys will be ready for trial on May 2. Defense lawyers want more information, including the release of the victim’s juvenile records.

McInerney is also charged with a hate crime because he allegedly had adopted white supremacist views and King professed to be gay. A police gang expert testified in a 2009 preliminary hearing that white supremacists consider gays enemies of the white race.

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  1. Grant Smith says:

    This is a total mis-carriage of justice. It makes me ashamed of our legal system. We are talking about a 14 year old ( and please keep your facts straight) who was being sexually harassed by a gay person to the point where virtually everyone in the school knew about it. I attended EO Green myself years before and I know how intolerable it must have been. With a military base so close by it was a hard environment for anyone outside the norm or who was being harassed in such a way. Unfortunately, neither the teacher or administrators were willing to do anything about it (pretty much par for the course there). He had to solve the problem on his own and chose a very unwise method of doing so. This does not excuse our justice system of trying him as an adult. McInerey was 14 years old. Trying him outside of the law is inexcusable and I have yet to hear any disagreement from anyone concerning this matter, including a few gay friends that I have . They, at least, have the sense to respect the fact that I am straight just I respect their own choices. If I were the judge in this case, the prosecutor would have gotten have got their **** chewed in a major way and would have totally refused such an absurd motion.

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