SAN RAFAEL (AP) —  A 10-year-old boy is no longer in the driver’s seat after Marin County deputies nabbed him driving a stolen reform school van.

Sheriff’s Lt. Barry Heying says the 4-foot-10-inch boy and his 14-year-old passenger were stopped near Sausalito early Sunday.

Heying told the Marin Independent Journal the boys fled St. Vincent’s School for Boys in San Rafael by stealing the van’s keys from a school staff office.

He says the boys gained access to the office by removing a window pane and then replacing it.

School staff spotted the van leaving the campus and notified authorities.

The boys were arrested on suspicion of vehicle theft and taken to Marin County Juvenile Hall.

St. Vincent’s is a 60-bed residential school for troubled boys ages 7 to 19 run by Catholic Charities CYO.

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Comments (11)
  1. mister s says:

    So…. the 10 yr old was the dominant one over the 14 yr old? Cause most teens Ive met arent about to let a 10yr old drive them around when they could do it themselves.

  2. PL says:

    San Rafael is next to San Quentin

  3. No Nonsense says:

    They should be both executed. I don’t care if they are children. The crimes they are doing now as 10 and 14 year olds, will drive them to commit very serious felonies in a few years. Other countries don’t have the crime rates as America because these other countries don’t tolerate crimes and they don’t let people protest if they don’t get their way.

  4. idiot watch says:

    no nonsense, you should be executed. your crime? stupidity.

  5. No Nonsense says:

    Idiot watch….I assume we should “rehabilitate” these two? The California correctional system for youths and adults is a joke. Inmates sit around and play cards and learn to become better criminals. Get rid of both of these sour apples before they rot the whole tree.

    1. mister s says:

      I approve this message…. and before someone says “What if it was your kid?”,….. If it was mine, I would have failed as a parent in a massive way and would deserve punishment as well for being too stupid to get the wife an abortion.

  6. idiot watch says:

    nonsense, you are as big a problem as these children are and every bit as dangerous.

    He’s 10. If we can not, as a society, rehabilitate a wayward 10-year-old, then the burden of that abject failure is upon us.

    If the paradigmatic shift from the punitive to the rehabilitative model isn’t working, then it is we who must fix it.

    if you, sir, would murder a child because of a crime that he might commit in the future then you are not a man but a monster.

    1. mister s says:

      Its called preventive crime fighting. And yeah hes only 10……. and already in a home for trouble makers……. and already stealing cars from there to joy ride in……. exactly what direction do you see his life going in? Be realistic, rehabilitation is not coming.

  7. Kereg Bender says:

    Execute the parents of both boys! They are defective adults. At least sterilize them!!

    1. KEC says:


      Many of the boys struggle with deep emotional disturbances that result from severe parental abuse—physical, sexual or emotional—as well as parental neglect.
      They have no parent to kill, do your homework. This is a beautiful facility that you would be proud of.

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