LOS ANGELES (AP) — An armed man driving a stolen SUV has been critically wounded by a Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy after a high-speed chase.

Deputies investigating the theft of a Cadillac Escalade east of the city spotted the sport utility vehicle nearby. Investigators say deputies pulled up to the Escalade and the driver pointed a gun at deputies, leading to a five-minute chase.

Sgt. Michael Thomas says the chase ended Monday at about 8:20 p.m. when the suspect pointed the weapon at deputies again. The motorist was shot and he’s hospitalized in critical condition.

No deputies were injured.

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  1. Ed Rooney says:

    OK, now let’s hear from all you nimrods who think the police over-reacted.
    I suppose this loser’s moronic family will try and sue as well.

    All ya’ll are dopes.

    1. Grip says:

      you sound dumb and immature

      1. Ed Rooney says:

        Thanks for the life lesson, loser.

  2. Tyler Koling says:

    Score one for the cops. Another thug off the streets, one loser at a time. Way to go LACSD.

  3. So what!! says:

    Let both criminals take each other out!!!!

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