PALMDALE (CBS) — The public’s help is needed to help find an 18-year-old Palmdale woman who is mildly developmentally disabled and has been missing for two weeks.

Lauren Heather Priskorn was last seen at her home at 6 p.m. on Jan. 31, sheriff’s Detective Diane Harris said.

Priskorn is white, about 5 feet 2, 110 pounds, with red shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a black-and-red sweater, dark blue jeans, and black tennis shoes.

Anyone with information about Priskorn’s whereabouts can call the sheriff’s Missing Persons Detail at (323) 890-5500, or Crimestoppers at (800) 222-TIPS.

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  1. sunshine in CA says:

    Why have they waited so long in alerting the public?!! I sure hope she’s found safe.

  2. GiGi says:

    January 31 was quite a long time ago for a situation like this. And 18 is not a woman. She’s still a CHILD. And the fact that she is disabled makes it all the worse. As far as I’m concerned, this is negligence on the part of authorities for waiting so long to put this out.

  3. Will says:

    An 18-yo is an adult. And unless her disabilty is severe enough to be under a protective order, she has every right to go off where she wants and not say a thing. Typically the authorities will wait an extended period when an adult seems to be missing, because of this.

  4. GiGi says:

    Okay, Will. YES, an 18-year-old is a LEGAL adult but let’s get real: 18 is NOT an adult. Don’t you remember being 18? And nobody is saying she doesn’t have the RIGHT to go where she wants. But we’re talking about a very young, probably inexperienced, very petite girl with disabilities. Two weeks is way too long for them to have waited to put this out to the general public unless she has a habit of going off and not telling anyone. But my guess is that since she is disabled, her family probably keeps close tabs on her. Trust me, that’s how it goes when you have a disabled loved one. You are vigilant about their safety.

    1. jessie says:

      Hear that!

  5. Will says:

    Get real yourself. I was an adult at 18 and serving my country in Vietnam.
    You are reading alot into the story that wasn’t there. If law enforcement didn’t start looking for two weeks, believe me, she has a habit of going off and not telling anyone. If she was unable to care for herself the alarm would have been sounded within 24 hours. Sounds to me like she may have an overprotective family that is playing the disabled card a bit too much. I’ll bet there’s a boyfriend involved that the family doesn’t like. I’ve known families like that.

    1. Jessie says:

      So sorry, but your wrong. She’s challenged and needs our help. check out this link for more info and questions answered.
      lets find Lauren Please!!!

    2. Patricia Olsen says:

      Lauren is like a small child your commenting on someone you do not know! Sad for the family involved and friends like Jessie that have tried to mentor this child over the years. We pray for a safe return for Lauren

    3. Corky says:

      You know Will, I’ve been reading what you have had to say and find that obviously you are dumb to how missing people are handled. I’ve been involved in searching for the missing for quite some time now and believe me when I tell you that LE has a time line they have to abide by and they do not set out on a search for anyone right away. Those that you hear of getting a search set up for them fairly quickly are those that were seen getting abducted and those same missing people get to have an amber alert set up for them providing someone got a description of the car and the plates. However, the rest,of the people that go missing are assumed runaways.and nothing is done for them for quite awhile. Sad but true. I really think you should reseach things before you open your mouth. This young girl needs people to be searching for her asap., I have seen many terrible endings that could possibly have turned out better if the laws were changed and searches could begin right away. Thank you GIGI for standing up and speaking on behalf of those missing. I can see you have some knowledge and it is appreciated.

  6. Pat Robertson says:

    I’d do her.

    1. Kris says:

      You disgust me!

  7. jessie says:

    Uhhm, she’s more like a 6yo when it comes to most stuff. She’s my neighbor girl. I miss her. I know we can find her!

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