LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Bored with your bunions? Are your arches less than golden? Do you have an Achilles heel? (And we don’t mean your boyfriend.)

More and more women are turning to Beverly Hills Aesthetic Foot Surgery…in search of the perfect pair of tootsies.

With the rise in popularity of high heels (ouch!) more women are tip-toeing, literally, towards getting feet that won’t hurt at the end of the day.

It’s called the Cinderella Procedure and it involves narrowing the foot medically…no more bunnions or hammertoes…they take fat from another part of your body and put it in the balls of your feet.

High heels…no more discomfort!

For more on the procedure, click on the following link: http://beverlyhillsfootsurgery.com/

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  1. Michel Bouchard - St. Louis says:

    Good Morning

    Regarding your story about High Heels. A piece of trivia. High Heels were invented my Leonardo Di Vinci.

    Michel Bouchard – St. Louis

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