TORRANCE (AP) — A man who shot and wounded a Gardena police officer two years ago has been sentenced to life in state prison.

Trevon Willis, 24, of Carson, was sentenced Thursday for the August 2008 attack. Los Angeles County prosecutors
say he shot Gardena Officer Eric Hyde twice in the leg from an alley behind a strip mall. Willis was arrested later that day.

He was convicted last year of attempted murder on a peace officer, assault and possession of a firearm by a felon. Jurors found true an allegation that the shooting was a gang crime.

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Comments (12)
  1. NICOLE says:


    1. Mini Mousekat says:

      Because he shot a police officer, the crime carries a stiffer penalty. It’s the law. Penalties are higher for crimes against not only officers, but pretty much any public officer (like firefighters, etc).

  2. Mitchelle says:

    The guy was a bad shot so he must pay. Life is great for this young dude. Live like a criminal die as one too. Congrats young Jeti

  3. Muddle says:

    Yeah, Nicole. Life. Just for shooting him in the leg. Ever been shot in the leg, Nicole? My guess is that if someone did that to you, you would want them put away for life. Just a wild guess.

  4. Rob says:

    I don’t see that not being overturned, or some reprieve in the form of parole in 15 years. America is way too prison-happy. Got a problem? Just hide it under a prison cell. Christ.

  5. Siegfried says:

    Trevon da tough guy wid a gun.. have fun in your new hellhole ! Bye Bye (-;

  6. Kereg Bender says:

    It’s just a shame we have to spend the money to lock him up. Too bad the officer did not kill the convict gang member that night.
    . All gang members should be shot and their bodies left for the birds to pick their eyes out!

  7. Robert Longdon says:

    Just more money we have to waste on criminal who is not worthy of life. POS!!!!

  8. JL says:

    He shot a cop in the LEG?! What kind of a gangster is that!?

  9. So what!! says:

    Just give the cop a lifetime of free DONUTS he will be happy!

  10. tim says:

    Its all funny unless it happens to you or your family. Anyone willing to shot the police is willing to do crazier thing. If ur cool with a thug like that getting out then u r part of the problem. People earn their stays in prison…

  11. Trevonswife says:

    I thinks its wrong u ppl can judge sumbody u dnt even kno u damn right this will over turn because he did nt do it hell if he did do it trust me it would nt be no fuqqin leg shot but god bless u all nd trust me he will get the right chance at life again…

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