FOUNTAIN VALLEY (CBS) — Authorities are still trying to free a dog that somehow became trapped in a flood control channel drain pipe behind Northcutt Elementary School.

Children waiting in line for breakfast at the school were the first to hear the animal whimpering Thursday morning, according to the Orange County Register.

Animal control officers arrived at the scene, but were unable to reach the animal. Firefighters tried to flush the animal out with water, but each effort to lure it out sent it deeper into the pipe.

On Thursday night, animal control officers placed a humane trap at the end of the pipe with some wet dog food in an effort to lure the dog out. Orange County Animal Control Sgt. Kyle Werner also sprinkled flour at both ends in order to track the animal.

“We don’t think the animal’s stuck or injured in any way,” Werner said. “But it could be just traumatized from today’s events and too scared to come back out.”

One witness described the animal as a 30-pound brown dog. Authorities say it could be a German Shepherd mix or a coyote.

Comments (5)
  1. sfv41901 says:

    Wow…..lets flush out the scared dog with water approach……..cant blame it for not wanting to come out now.

  2. Daniel Fishkind says:

    hahaha! yeah, they prob should’ve gone with the food & trap idea to start things out.

  3. Robert S. says:

    Dogs can’t resist “chicken strips”, my dogs go wild for them. They are made with natural chicken, and is made by Waggin Train, and the dogs just go nuts for them. All your major grocery stores carry them. This will bring him into the trap pronto!

  4. ccatlday says:

    Any updates? I hope they don’t give up on him as rain is coming and they can drown in those water tunnels – please don’t give up on him!

  5. c says:

    Please show the kids that caring for animals is so important by doing all humane efforts to get this little fellow o to see that people still care and God sees all your efforts and answers prayers.. The children will place importance upon what you do or don’t do in this matter.

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