ANAHEIM (CBS) — It’s the happiest place on Earth, but one man says it is not if you’re disabled.

San Pedro resident Jose Martinez, a quadriplegic, is suing Disneyland after a 2009 incident which left him stranded on a malfunctioning “It’s A Small World” ride.

Martinez says the other guests on the ride were evacuated, but he and his wife were left behind for 40 minutes, even as he suffered a medical emergency.

Disney cast members helped Martinez onto the ride, but told him they couldn’t help him out from where the ride stopped.

“No one came to us, which I felt was another potential deadly situation,” Martinez said. “I told my wife, I said,’ they want us to roll to first aid? I don’t think we’re gonna make it.’”

In the 40 minutes stranded on the ride, Martinez suffered from dysreflexia, a condition experienced by those with spinal cord injuries caused by stress and overstimulation. Dysreflexia can lead to a stroke or death.

The Disability Rights Legal Center is representing Martinez, accusing Disneyland of violating federal and state laws and being unable to evacuate disabled guests in the event of an emergency. The lawsuit is seeking policy changes and unspecified damages.

Martinez says his lawsuit is about making sure theme parks are accessible to the disabled.

“This is Disneyland, for crying out loud,” he said.

A spokesperson for Disneyland said they had not seen the lawsuit and could not comment.

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  1. Mike says:

    Any excuse to file a lawsuit. Even if he is disabled, this guy is a complete loser. So file the lawsuit and seek changes to policy, what makes him think he is entitled to damages. Like i said before, WHAT A COMPLETE LOSER!. I hope he dosen’t get a red cent.

    1. David says:

      I saw this story last night as did one of my personal assistants about Mr. Martinez. I am disabled with cerebral palsy and a seizure condition. I have also worked for a social services agency (one of the largest in the state) and a law firm when I was living in Nevada. I can relate to this because of my own history and the things I’ve been through. The commenter Mike should be ashamed of himself not only for his inhumane comment, but also for the apparent lack of basic human understanding and feeling. You deserved to be pitied.
      If this had happened to me, I wouldn’t stop at suing Disney (and I would), but make it my mission to paint Disney in the most unfavorable public campaigns. As for myself, I will never step foot at Disneyland or buy their products. I will also ask my friends and others in my community to do the same. Boycotts do work!!! Mr. Martinez has my full support and I will do my best to boycott the Disney corporation as a whole.
      Mike, I invite you to live ONE day in my wheelchair.

      1. Kevin says:

        I sometimes think that Sparta had the right idea, this would be one of those times. If you know you have a problem then you should not go on a ride where you know something may go wrong, do it at your own risk and if you do take responsibility no one made you go on the ride, you are not entitled because you are disabled. Now you are going to say, but something can happen on the way to the store in the car, and yes it can, something can happen anywhere but it was you that put yourself in that situation so accept some responsibility for your decisions instead of suing everyone, sometimes life sucks. And by the way, go ahead and boycott Disney they can survive without your money and the rest of the world won’t keep their kids away because of it, and it will reduce the wait times.

      2. Claire says:

        Many of these people are ignorant idiots that are more concerned with spewing hate than having compassion. But what would you expect from pathetic losers who take everything they get for granted, including their health.

        I am a firm believer of Karma-what comes around goes around. While I do not wish anyone ill, the universe will take care of these unintelligent, uneducated, poor excuses for human beings. You get out what you put in.

      3. Rhonda says:

        My son is in a wheelchair and I can totally see his point. Ones who speak negatively about this have no idea what its like being treated differently. Living your life at others chest level with so many limitations is bad enough but when something like this happens, it makes one feel like things will never get better or change. We ( I say that because I live my sons life with him), dont live “normal” lives. Atleast people can treat us normal. Its really discouraging to see this happen. I am not sure about the gaining money out of this but pushing to make things change would be a great and positive thing. Mike, I hope that you will never need to be in a wheelchair but if you ever do, GOD forbid, you will see the struggles of the ones that HAVE to be in one every minute of their lives. Have some understanding for those less fortunate than yourself.

      4. MissDaisy says:

        Disability does not equal entitlement…take responsiblity for putting yourself in a dangerous situation to begin with…think and do for yourself. My wheelchair says “Don’t do amusement park rides!”

      5. Tracy Brooks says:

        David, my boyofriend has CP and uses a power wheelchair. Have you ever been to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. They have fantastic accessibility when it comes to rides and shows.

        We have been evacuated off a ride in WDW but I would think the procedures would be the same. There are rules the Cast Members (Disney Employees) had to follow. In our case they have to have the Reedy Creek Fire Department come to witness them turning the ride vehicle and be there while Bill exited the ride. We were there for over 30 minutes. It was for his SAFETY.

        We applaud the Disney Company for having those procedures in place. We will continue to happily go to the Disney parks knowing that even though it might take more time to get Bill off the ride (and having to listen to those songs for a long time) we know he will be taken care of professionally and courteously.

      6. SuzyQ says:

        On rides like Small World, and Pirates there are certain things that have to be done, procedures and such, for evacuating guests in wheelchairs. Regular attractions cast members are not allowed to lift guests out of the ride. They have to call the fire department and it does take them awhile to get there sometimes. The fire department then has to tie the boat off and lift the guest out. It is for their SAFETY.
        Disneyland caters to the disabled as much as possible. Are you guys saying they should have left every other person on the ride until after they got the ONE guy in the wheelchair out?

      7. in the know says:

        first off

        Mike is a family member.

        second Joe Martinez is a well know con artist. he makes his living suing people, as well as committing illegal fraud.

        this is a frivolous lawsuit which i can tell you personally that i heard him plan out.
        He specifically went to Disneyland That day in order to create a lawsuit. I was in his home when he was making these plans. Just ask his nieghbor, Joe Martinez ripped him off for over $100,000

    2. Steff says:

      Mike-People like you are the reason that our children are so damn ignorant today. This poor man could have DIED on this ride, and you’re going to call him a loser because he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to someone else?

      People like you are teaching our children to be rude and disrespectful to people who aren’t exactly like them. A friend of mine, who happens to be deaf, spoke at an inner city high school in Syracuse a few days ago. She was mocked and totally disrespected , perhaps not just because she is deaf, but that was definitely one of the reasons she was so disrespected.

      This man has the RIGHT to be treated just like everyone else! There is absolutely no tolerance of ignorance toward those who are “different” in my household. My four year old daughter has more respect than you do.

      I personally doubt that this man is filing a lawsuit because he wants to strike it rich. He probably just wants equal rights.

      1. MissDaisy says:

        He didn’t die. Coulda, woulda, shoulda

      2. Kev says:


        People like you are the reason that things like this happen and why our kids are so delicate. Someone says I was discriminated against and you immediately yell that’s not fair lets legislate so it gets fixed. as if we aren’tt broke enough already, lets give everyone a trophy hey the superbowl wasn’t fair, the Steelers must feel bad, that’s not fair, from now on the fiar thing to do is give everyone in the NFL a trophy for playing, after we’re all winners right?

      3. ebby says:

        Steff, Other than Disney, please tell me where people, who are quadriplegic or just wheelchair bound, are thought of and included when designing amusement rides/experiences. I do not think any exist. I think this man sees easy money & . I think he is trying to destroy the “magic” for all those w/disabilities who go to Disney. I hope people w/disabilites come down hard on him & I hope that Disney turns this around in positive P.R. for them. If you have never been to Disney, I must tell you they really excel at making it magical for ALL.

      4. kozmo says:

        how many other times has this man sued for damages? wiyh a handicap some things in life are off limits,,even a small world whichhe should stay in. we cant afford to make everybody egual,it juast isnt possible.

      5. Tazzman says:

        If he could have died on the ride, then maybe he shouldn’t have gone on the ride? If you doctor tells you that you have liver disease, and drinking alcohol will kill you, do you just keep on drinking anyway?

        Lets see.. I’m going on a boat. Surrounded by water. It could sink. I can’t swim. But hell, I’ll go anyway, what’s the worst that can happen. Somebody will risk THEIR life to save mine, right?

      6. in the know says:

        To Steff

        I am very sorry to say that you are 100% wrong!
        This Guy Is suing just to get rich.

        I live here in San Pedro
        and here in San Pedro
        Joe Martinez is Well known as a con artist,
        that sues all business for profit
        His wife who is a nurse helps him in these cons
        Joe Martinez also has a Brother named Alex Martinez
        those two team up and sue not only business
        but also come up with cons the steal money from innocent individuals as well

    3. heather says:

      he was STRANDED on a RIDE you moron! Do us all a favor and take yourself out of the gene pool.

      1. Ick says:

        Where in the story did it say that Disneyland personnel abandoned him? Where did it say they failed to do what they could to get him off the ride. Being wheelchair-bound, if Disneyland personnel had to help him actually get on the ride in the first place, wouldn’t you assume that if something were to happen, you would not be able to get off the ride without assistance? I am sure they did what they could to get him off the ride as soon as safely possible. If I were Disney, I would agree to only one thing, his request for a policy change and change the policy to restricting the ride from wheelchair bound individuals. How’s that for policy?

        “Party’s over everyone! Jose f%$#ed it up for everyone!”

      2. Laredo says:

        Ick, you took the words right out of my mouth. This “victim” put himself in that situation, and he should realize and accept the consequences. And yes, Disney SHOULD restrict the ride only to able individuals, for the very reason that a medical emergency could occur that simply couldn’t be dealt with in a timely fashion. That’s not discrimination, that’s life.

    4. junior says:

      While Mike might not be PC, this man waited OVER a year to file this lawsuit. Why, because he was probably sitting around the table one night telling this story and some fool in his family said sue and let’s live for free courtesy of the bleeding hearts in that broke state of California.

      1. sillybilly says:

        when you see a long timeframe before a lawsuit is filed, that usually indicated an attempt to settle between the lawyers for both parties that did not work out. the filing of a suit is therefore a further attempt to get a settlement….no lawyer in thier right mind actually wants this type of suit to go to trial.

    5. jack sparrow says:

      I agree. it is a shame folks have special needs, but such is life. it is a two hour wait to get on this ride and this guy waltzed right on with his handycapp pass.. stuff breaks.. again it is not the end of the world. u saved 2 hours and now u lost 40 minutes. sounds like he still came out ahead, but now he wants cash.. groups like this don’t see the economy is bad and they put the price up everywhere.. next they will want cranes in theme parks on call if something breaks down.. do your boycott. go to another country and see how u get treated..

    6. Salie says:

      how does that make him loser? please clarify.

      1. kosmo says:

        low life sponge on the rest of us. are you two related?

  2. CA562DUDE says:

    This happen in 2009 ??? Get a LIFE!!!! If this was so Serious why wait for soo long to COMPLAIN ???? You should have did this atleast a couple of days if this was SO SERIOUS!!!! What a Total Loser… Yes I said it ” A TOTAL LOSER “

    1. CorrineM says:

      I don’t think it says in the article, but in the video he says it took this long to get someone to represent him.

  3. Alan C Rhine says:


    1. I'm a nurse says:

      The low life is you for making ignorant comments and judgments on subjects you have no knowledge in.

      1. notlovinLA says:

        And how would you know whether Alan C Rhine had any knowledge on this subject, I’m a nurse? You’re obviously not educated enough. Go back to nursing school or find something else to do with your pathetic life.

    2. in the know says:

      i know joe martinez personally.
      he is a professional conartist.
      he ripps off everyone he can
      He personally stole $40,000 from my gym
      he sues people by going around town looking for handicap violations
      then he threatens lawsuits

      also he commits fraud by collecting disability
      then not reporting all the money he is rolling in!!!

      you should see this guys apt
      its a luxury apt with an ocean view

      i personally know over 10 people Joe Martinez
      has ripped off.!!!

      this makes me sick

      i wish someone would put a stop to this man.

      oh ya heads up everyone
      he’s about to change his name too
      so he can continue his cons under various names.

      email me if you have any info on this loser

      we are trying to put together a legal case against him.

  4. socalmal says:

    Forcing anyone to run their business how you want, to me is always wrong. However, since they allowed him in the park and then on a ride, they should have gotten him off of it reasonably also. Without hearing exactly what happened, I will withhold judgement. Let me say tho, no monetary settlement over admission fees. Courts & lawsuits are getting beyond reality.

    1. DT says:

      The thing is, there are federal regulations to ensure that the safety of EVERYONE is not at risk. The argumentof forcing people to run their business however they want is in he same vain as was used during racial segregation. This is segragation of able-bodied and non-able bodied.

      1. Sara says:

        Goodness. Please learn how to spell.

  5. Susan says:

    Wow most people wait longer than 40 minutes to get on a ride at Disneyland so what’s the big deal?

    1. I'm a nurse says:

      Get informed… That’s the big deal.

      1. notlovinLA says:

        And you know ALL the fact, don’t you I’m a nurse? You are SO well-informed of this situation, aren’t you? You’re an idiot. Get a real life.

      2. Craig says:

        Sure, get responsible. It’s disgustiong that we have to change how we do things for everyone all the time because it isn’t fair to them. I believe that going places like this is a priviledge not a right and if they couldn’t get him out there is probably a reason, do you expect everyone to put themselves in a bad spot because someone can’t do it for themselves? How is it that everyone is entitled in this country now instead of being responsible for themselves? You want to complain and have things changed, fine, you want to sue and get money then the only problem you have is greed.

      3. kosmo says:

        nurse,your an idiot to even log on

      4. AnnieMay says:

        Why don’t you get informed? Guests with certain disabilities (wheelchair bound, etc.) almost never have to wait in a line as long as those without. They cut about 2 hours off of almost every ride on a normal day of operation. Disney has certain procedures when dealing with wheelchair bound guests that get stuck on rides. The fire department has to be called and they will have to, god forbid, wait for about a half hour before they can be SAFELY lifted out of the ride.

    2. David says:

      It’s a big deal if you CAN’T stand up and walk away. Believe me — I am a disabled man of 45 and have lived as I do all that time. 40 minutes can seem like an eternity, especially if you are or feel abandoned. Needless to say, Disney wouldn’t want me presiding over this case. The disabled are not people to be pitied — we are exactly like everyone else. I just wish people would get back to reality.

      1. Drew says:

        I understand that 40 mins abandoned could be a long time but they did not abandon him. They have policies to follow which relies on the fire and rescue squad to be there.
        I completely understand that the needs of the disabled are important but so is the understanding of corporations when making policies to try to prevent lawsuits.

        What if the adores helped him off and they weren’t strong enough to move him? More than likely a lawsuit….. It should be told to every disabled guest that enters the park that there may be a long wait to exit because of policies but they can’t predict when something like the medical emergency that this guy will happen.

      2. in the know says:

        this guy Joe martinez is a con man
        he has coned Me personally
        as well as many in his local area of San Pedro
        and other areas

        he planned this with his wife.
        who is a nurse

        that is probably the nurse that is responding in these comments.
        its actually his wife who is also a part of the cons that they constantly are involved with.

        he is a horrible man
        that hurts people
        and steals their money

    3. Sarah says:

      The big deal is he needed medical attention and was stuck. It has nothing to do with him being inconvenienced.

      1. I'm a nurse as well says:

        Exactly! Why do people keep overlooking this very important point?

  6. I'm a nurse says:

    Dysreflexia is a life threatning condition for spinal cord injury patients. Unfortuantely this person did not anticipate the stress and anxiety caused by the evacuation nor the reasons for it. It’s not his fault.
    Disneyland should have strategies in place to accomodate the safe evacuation of handicap persons without regard to type of condition.
    If there had been a fire, would Disneyland staff simply let them die simply because they didn’t have a way to evacuate? People pay PREMIUM money to visit their establishement, they should be up to par with guest relations and services.

    As for the lawsuit, he has a right to compensation as his life was put in danger as a result. Most people will not and cannot understand that because they do not understand the suddeness and emergent condition of
    dysreflexia, so stop judging!

    I invite all of you to read up on what dysreflexia is, it’s causes, and potential outcomes.

    Because of the bureacracy of negotiation and litigation, I assure you Disneyland was well aware of this in 2009…well BEFORE any lawsuit
    was filed. But the nature of the beast is to outlast and outspend any potential claim until people go away or the claim goes to trial. So, no, the victim didn’t wait until now to file a claim.

    Stop judging and get informed! Oh, and learn to have a little compassion, it might do you well.

    1. Disneyfan87 says:

      I agree that it is a serious condition and I feel bad that that happened to him for as you said he didnt expect the stress. However in the situation of a fire rides do things differently under different situations. Most times (because not everyone does it) with the handicapped line, you are talked to about the procedures before entering the ride. The cast members job is to get guest out as safely as possible but do remember that they are responsible for their safety as well. When doing a walkthough you are to speak to each guest and tell them to wait. Some rides take longer to evacuate than others.

      1. I'm a nurse says:

        Dysreflexia is not only serious, it’s life threatning. No one is saying that the employees are not trained in certain situations, but you all cannot possibly be expected to handle every situation. This is when you would ABSOLUTELY call your nurses or medics to respond. THAT is where the training needs to be!
        As for the example of the fire, it was just that, an example. Training needs to be undertaken with ALL your guests in mind and any potential situation that arises.
        No one is saying it was the employees fault, but a breakdown of communication and a lack of training is where Disneyland went wrong.

    2. notlovinLA says:

      What’d you do, copy and paste that info from WebMD? The comments you’ve displayed here certainly don’t lead me to believe you have any intelligence whatsoever. I hope i never have you as a nurse. THEN my life would be in danger. Idiot.

      1. I'm a nurse too says:

        of course you would say that ignorant fool.
        I have nothing to prove you. But word to wise, this isn’t about’s about
        this article. Intelligent people argue the point at hand: they don’t attack eachother!
        Get a life.

      2. notlovinLA says:

        They don’t attack each other? I’m pretty sure I’ve read some attacks coming from you in this same article. Isn’t that a little hypocritical? I love it when stupid people prove my own point about them! So thank you for proving to the world that YOU’RE STUPID, I’m a nurse! Or should I say “I’m a STUPID nurse”?

      3. I AM A NURSE says:

        thank you for proving my point! You have NOTHING of substance to offer, u poorly educated pathetic loser.

        Since you want to make this about attacking me, I’ll do the same.

        I’ve seen other posts from you and you NEVER have anything to say except insult people, must be because you are a bitter old man who has nobody in his pathetic life waiting for him. I feel sorry for the likes of you…you destroy what you don’t comprehend which is EVERYTHING!
        Sad little old man! You spew hate because that’s all you’ve ever known.
        Get some help, there might be hope for you yet! I will pray for you!

      4. David says:

        Are you a Republican?

      5. Kevin says:

        No, but you are an idiot. What is it if all else fails use that or the race card to prove your point? You are quick to defend this guy without even hearing the other side of the story, so sorry that your heart is bleeding so much but Disney deserves a chance to present their side of things as well. This isn’t a debate on politics it is a debate about personal responsibility and integrity, something you are showing none of by spewing hatred towards an entire group of people, something you yourself are saying is intolerant and wrong. I guess that only counts if it is something you believe in though and you don’t care about anything else. This is about someone who put himself in a position to have something bad happen then blaming others when it did. But to answer your question no I am not a republican, I hate both political parties since they are both a bunch of greedy criminals in office for themselves to gain money and power and not represent the best interests of the country, but worse are sheeple like you who believe anythng they are told and follow it like good little robots.

      6. Kevin says:

        No, but you are an idiot. What is it if all else fails use that or the race card to prove your point? You are quick to defend this guy without even hearing the other side of the story, so sorry that your heart is bleeding so much but Disney deserves a chance to present their side of things as well. This isn’t a debate on politics it is a debate about personal responsibility and integrity, something you are showing none of by spewing hatred towards an entire group of people, something you yourself are saying is intolerant and wrong. I guess that only counts if it is something you believe in though and you don’t care about anything else. This is about someone who put himself in a position to have something bad happen then blaming others when it did. But to answer your question no I am not a republican, I hate both political parties since they are both a bunch of greedy criminals in office for themselves to gain money and power and not represent the best interests of the country, but worse are sheeple like you who believe anythng they are told and follow it like good little robots.

      7. Claire says:

        You tell me, since you know all about it. STUPID MORON.

      8. notlovinLA says:

        I’m a (stupid) nurse, you couldn’t be more wrong about everything you’ve just said. You’re so wrong it’s comical! Then again, you being wrong and looking stupid is normal for you. I’ll bet the other nurses have to fix everything you touch. Being pushed out of the way for stupidity is probably something you’re used to. You’re an idiot. Go back to school. I’ve already prayed for you AND your patients. God help them.

    3. jaclyn says:

      I completely agree with you,,,you and David are the sane voices on this thread,,,glad there actually are some.

      1. David says:

        To Claire, Rhonda and Jaclyn,

        I went to bed last night disgusted and furious at people’s stupidity and ignorance. The issue of “entitlement” is almost a non sequitur. What is relevant is that Mr. Martinez was treated in a manner none of us (disabled or not) would stand for. Disney has a responsibility to the community to be mindful of their consumer’s expectations and thusly respond to them. I’m just glad to see there are still people with a sense of compassion. Isn’t it ironic they are all women. I’ve been to a lot of concerts (mostly, metal/hard rock) and I’ve seen more respect from the people there than I do in daily life.
        Ladies, you have my ever-lasting respect and empathy. For your son, Rhonda, I hope his life continues to be a healthy one and allow him to be himself. I salute all of you, Ladies!!!!

    4. steve says:

      While this mans situation is most definitely unfortunate I’m sure DL was doing all it could to get him off the ride SAFELY! With a condition as serious as this I would not want 2 security guards or ride attendants trying to move a person unless there was immediate peril such as a fire. Sounds like Disney acted in his bes interest by not moving him and letting the professionals do the job they are trained for

    5. steve says:

      You said it yourself — “Unfortunately this person did not anticipate the stress and anxiety caused by the evacuation nor the reasons for it” End of story – it IS his fault!

      Disneyland is responsible for safe rides – not saving lives. The ride is safe and warning are posted everywhere concerning preexisting conditions.

  7. Disneyfan87 says:

    being how I used to work there and just as recently as last year I can say that the employees are trained in how to deal with emergency situations. Not to say that it isnt a stressful situation as guest dont know but most likely the ride just broke down and him frustrated got tired of waiting, I rather wait and make sure I am properly evacuated without getting hurt than be rushed and then sue anyways for someone hurting me because I was rushed out. people find any excuse. Im sorry but just because the title is Disneyland doesnt mean ppl are entitled to anything. People don’t expect Knotts berry farm or six flags and just as valid theme parks.

  8. I'm a nurse says:

    Stupidity at it’s finest.

    1. notlovinLA says:

      Again, showing your stupidity, aren’t you I’m a nurse? You should change your ID to I’m a stupid nurse.

  9. Norma says:

    Another person looking for a free ride., The incident ocurred two years ago and now this idiot is trying to sue two years later. Somebody should kick him out of his wheelchair and use him as third base in a girls softball game. Deport this ungrateful guy. Mexico will know what to with him. He brings shame to our hard working, legal Mexican decent citizens.

    1. I'm a nurse says:

      You are a dispicable human being… Ignorant and evidently VERY uneducated.

      1. Mike says:

        I’m a nurse,

        You sound really really smart with all your big words. To bad GOD forgot to give you any common sense. This idiot knew what his condition was, and maybe he should have used better judgement and not gone on the ride. He does not deserve a dime in return for his lack of judgement.

        Maybe if you were not so IGNORANT and UNEDUCATED, you could have been a doctor.

      2. HEAD NURSE says:


      3. Claire says:

        Head Nurse,
        What are you the Head Nurse of? Stupid moron.

      4. Justin says:

        If you are going to insult people at least sound like you have some form of education. “Stupid moron”? what does that even mean it’s sort of a double negative which is grammatically incorrect, or you live in the foothills with dad and aunt mommy.

      5. Claire says:

        What a stupid moron! YES, STUPID MORON!
        I guess you would know wouldn’t you?

      6. HiVeloCT says:

        DOn’t let the ignorant idiots whose prejudice and bigotry blind them to common sense and compassion get you down. These folks are their own worst enemy and the hatred they spew will eventually back up and drown them in their own bile. Think of it as a “hate reflux” disorder. 🙂

      7. notlovinLA says:

        The pot calling the kettle black, huh I’m a nurse? Hypocrite.

      8. Claire says:

        SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE! You ARE a poor excuse for a human being! You obviously lack intelligence…since all you have done is bash the obviously educated, well informed people. You on the other hand have nothing worthwhile to say notlovinLA. All your postings are ridiculous rants that you have neither read nor understood, but responded to. Nothing says ignorance more than your asinine comments. I too pity you.

      9. Justin says:

        Well posting a reply saying that someone didn’t read or understand their own comments speaks volumes about ignorance as well, wait you just did that, HMMM.

      10. notlovinLA says:

        Hmmm, it seems you’re a hypocrite too, Claire. You point the finger at me for attacking people yet didn’t you just do that to me? I’ve read your other comments before and you’re just as much an attacker as anyone. Ridiculous rants? Have you read any of the other comments being made here? Seems to me that they could be construed as attacks. Even the educated, well-informed people (supposedly like I’m a nurse, although I’d argue that) you have mentioned are just as guilty of attacking people and calling people names as the next guy. You have now just fallen into the “I’m a hypocrite too” category. Losers everywhere I turn….

        Oh… How can I shut my pie hole? My thoughts don’t have sound other than the clickety-clack of the keys on my keyboard. Another stupid person saying stupid things. :Sigh:

      11. MissDaisy says:

        You need to shut up and get off of here.

    2. Kate says:

      Norma, you’re disgusting to assume this man is illegal. Racist pig.

    3. Susan says:

      Norma, you’re disgusting and sub-human.

  10. Dave says:

    @ mike,well said!

  11. LOU says:


    1. notlovinLA says:

      No, actually, Mike is quite well spoken and obviously very smart. You, on the other hand, I cannot say the same thing. Perhaps you never finished school?

      1. I'm a nurse too says:

        you have NOTHING valid to offer…all you have done is attack people.
        I think the one who didn’t finish school was you. You are dispicable, poor excuse for a human being who leads a pathetic life. Get real, and argue something worth arguing, but don’t strain yourself…with your 3rd grad education!

      2. notlovinLA says:

        Your stupidity and hypocrisy is running rampant, I’m a (stupid) nurse! You attack me and say that I’m not intelligent because I attacked you with my words. Let’s see what you’ve had to say in this article… You called Alan C Rhine a low life, david stupid, Norma a despicable human being, and me all of the above. WOW! Who’s the ignorant low life now? I don’t even need to say it. Everyone knows it’s YOU! I would quit nursing and focus your time and energy on further education in Hypocrites 101. And when you’re done with that course I would look into How To Fix Stupidity. There’s isn’t much hope for you though. I feel sorry for your patients.

      3. I AM A NURSE says:

        I pity you. I REALLY pity the likes of you.

        Youre a sad sad little old man.

      4. David says:

        I hope when you’re a little old, decaying man you end up in a convalescent home. There’s nowhere better to be for you. Saves us all from listening to you.

    2. Mike says:


      You’re a moron, who ever said i was nurse?????Not me, i was replying to “I’m a nurse.” Why don’t you read my comment throughly before making your stupid comments. You make yourself look like a complete idiot.

      If i was a nurse, i could help you remove your head, because it is stuck WAY up there.

      1. Lindsay is a loser says:

        What an idiot! Thank God youre not a nurse!

      2. Mike says:

        Lindsay the loser,

        Your name says it all!

      3. Kevin says:


        If you are going to call someone an idiot quit leaving the apostrophe out of the contractions in your insult.

  12. ANGELA says:

    Hope this isn’t the Idiot who travels around measuring doors and soap dispensers!

  13. Justin says:

    If this guy knows that stress can kill him, why is he going to Disneyland and riding rides? Bad judgment, taking no personal responsibilty. See’s a chance to make some money. I wonder where else he’s had unexpected “stress”? Restaurants, retail stores, Knott’s Berry Farm?$$? If I were a wise old Nurse, I’d suggest he’d stay home and download movies, don’t stray too far from the house. Let’s not forget he IS a quadriplegic.

    1. HiVeloCT says:

      Are you saying the guy should have been worried about stress when riding It’s a Small World”? Are you really that stupid?

      1. Justin says:

        No, I’m saying the guy would be an idiot not to worry about stress at an amusement park as overcrowded as Disney. It doesn’t matter what ride it is the place is so overcrowded with people it is sure to cause great deals of stress in that alone. Glad you put so much thought into my comment when reading it.

      2. Jason says:

        So are you saying there is NO stress associated with riding Small World?? So, are YOU as stupid as this guy is for not considering what could happen on a RIDE? Every adult with the SLIGHTEST bit of a brain has avoided situations because we’ve thought about the potential outcome. As a quadriplegic, i’m sure he does it more often than usual. He’s a sleaze.

  14. greg sands says:

    I agree lou! people talk about other people until it happens to them so as for all of you like Angela, Mike, Norma, Dave etc; just hope that GOD keeps you healthy because as far as im concerned I wish you’ll all become Quads then you’ll keep your mouths shut. Have a nice day.

    1. Mike says:

      Greg Sands,

      It’s not talking about people you idiot, it’s showing common sense. You’re obviously another BRIGHT one. I never said one thing about the guy being a quadripligic …..did i? Unlike you, i don’t wish bad on anyone. I simply said, this guy used bad judgement, and should not get a dime.

      So, you have a nice day MORON!

      1. Claire says:

        You too have nothing of substance to contribute. Why are you soo bitter? Has life treated you so rotten that you spew hate just like notlovinLA?
        How hypocritical of you to say that you dont wish anyone any ill, yet you make comments that are mean spirited by calling this person a loser. You are no better, sir. You too are a despicable human being.

      2. notlovinLA says:

        Wow, Claire, your hypocrisy is also running rampant. I’m beginning to think you’re I’m a nurse, just using a different name. Has anyone told you recently to look in the mirror when you make accusatory comments?

      3. notlovinLA says:

        Oh, and AMEN, Mike!

    2. David says:


      Great one!!!!!!!

  15. sheri g says:

    justin so your saying women should stay in the kitchen and
    Gays in the closet, and blacks in the back of the bus…. your a raciest a hole

    1. Justin says:

      No, that would harm none of the parties mentioned in your post, however, the person in question knew that stress could be fatal to him and chose to go to the most overcrowded amusement park in America. Just saying if you know something is potentially lethal and do it anyway take responsibility for your decision.

      1. MissDaisy says:

        To Justin,

        He went because disabled folks go to the front of the line…crowds don’t matter…we get “Special” treatment! I think this man is a complete low life looking for a settlement from Disney…pretty soon they’ll have a sign saying “NO ACCESS FOR INDIVIDUALS IN WHEELCHAIRS” Wonder if he tried any of the rollercoasters?

  16. Oliver says:

    Greg, that’s not nice. God didn’t keep Jose Martinez healthy. Why do you suppose? So he could go on to teach Disneyland a lesson?

    If he was sincere about just helping handicap people, why is he giving interviews on the news? Why embarrass Disneyland? I’m sure Disneyland will make any necessary adjustments.

    I also find his statement, “but he and his wife were left behind for 40 minutes, even as he suffered a medical emergency.” hard to believe.

    Also, from the video, I couldn’t see what was so stressful. He was completely still, on calm seas. Maybe he “worked” himself up. I hope he didn’t have too much traffic on the way to Anaheim to San Pedro.

    He should amend that last statement he made in the article to say, “This is Disneyland, for crying out loud, NOW PAY ME!”

  17. Alyssa says:

    So, wait, they’d help him on but not help him off? What good does that do? That doesn’t make any sense. He literally couldn’t move, not to mention suffered a life-threatening condition on their ride. If he had died, there would have been an even bigger lawsuit filed by his family. And just because he is disabled does not exempt him from common human courtesy nor the joys of life. What is he supposed to do, stay in his house for the rest of his life? There is a terrible notion in this country that the disabled do not deserve a normal life.

  18. ed rooney says:

    Easy solution to this- don’t be disabled.
    next case.

    1. Jason says:


    2. David says:


      Better idea… Return your brain to the maker — it’s defective like you!!!!!!!

  19. ed says:

    And I bet this clown still goes to the park and makes the emplloyees kiss his butt. I cant wait until i read that he is suing them because his bottled water was too cold. just another waste of courts time and taxpayer dollars

  20. Andrea Parenteau says:

    These comments are comical:)

    1. I;m a nurse as well says:

      Actually, they are sad. I am very disappointed by some representatives of humanity here.

      1. I'm not a moron says:

        It’s “I’m.”

  21. OChipster says:

    I used to work this attraction a couple of years ago for about 5 years, and I have to say, It seems complete sketchy what this guy is saying. In a event of a evacuation, If the employees comes up to someone who says that they are unable to walk/get out of there boat, the employees are required to call the 911 and explain the situation to the guests who are not able to get about. Also, they have an employee with the guests to make sure they are alright and wait until the paramedics or the fire department arrives to get them out. The only reason why an employee wouldn’t be with him is if they are about to get the ride back up, or if the guest says they are completely fine and able to wait. And another thing, it is not possible for no one to pass him because of where he is (which you can clearly tell that it is the exit) dozens and dozens of employees will have to pass him if they want to evacuate the people inside the ride and if he was having an emergency, he would’ve told an employee that he was having an emergency because one is required to stay there until THE ENTIRE ROOM is empty and in each of these rooms, there are phones, so they can call 911.

    Those of my 2 cents. I mean it does suck to be stuck in the ride for 40 minutes, but I don’t think he’s telling the whole story.

    Also, a FULL evacuation of that ride is about 3 hours long. So, the whole ride couldn’t be evacuated before him.

    1. jaclyn says:

      This seems to be the most common sense response on here,,,especially from someone who knows.

  22. David says:


  23. Talkeetna101 says:

    “notlivingLA’. I am sure LA hates you, too. I also hope that you are the next person to become totally and permanently disabled, by legal standards and then you can learn all about being disabled, first hand. You are an arrogant, vindictive, non-feeling, uncompassionate low life and your time will come, when you will pay your ‘full measure’. When it happens, I hope you find the same love and compassion that you have for others, especially ‘I’m A Nurse’, who I am certain has much more experience in dealing with and seeing what people, less fortunate, than yourself, go through every day of their life.

    To all else who ‘despise’ the disabled man and think he is just looking for a fast buck, God will show the same mercy to you, as you have shown to others.

    ‘notlovinLA’ and “HEAD NURSE’, you are both hypocrites and are both blacker than Toby’s a@@, when it comes to pots and kettles!

    1. jaclyn says:

      Did you really say “toby’s a*s*s” ? wow,,, i was so with what you were saying til that came up,,, discrimination against the handicapped is the same as discrimination against blacks so now you are no better than all the losers on here who put down the disabled. Terminology like this isnt acceptable in a forward-moving society.

      1. David says:

        Yeah, words DO hurt… These “people” are probably ignorant, little trolls — can you say “Republican”? Let me buy you coffee sometime – we can laugh at these idiots!!

    2. notlovinLA says:

      You’re another idiot, Talkeetna101. First off, I’ve had nothing to say about the man in the wheelchair. I began to comment on his misfortune and noticed too much stupidity being commented here, especially coming from I’m a (stupid) nurse. Listening to the things she’s said I seriously doubt there’s an ounce of compassion in her… same goes for you. That’s why I pity her patients. Now I pity you too, you pathetic loser.

  24. Claire says:

    What a stupid moron! YES, STUPID MORON!
    I guess you would know wouldn’t you?

    1. Claire says:

      Sorry Talkeetna101,
      that comment was for JUSTIN from the trailer park, who seems to know how it goes. For whatever reason, the comment was posted here, but not meant for you.
      I applaud you for your bravery and your compassion. God bless you.

      1. Justin says:

        Wow, I am so ashamed after such an eloquent reply to my question, Savvy computer skills by the way, you learn from dad or aunt mommy?

  25. Erin310 says:

    Regardless of how someone feels about this situation and even if people are throwing insults around, for ANYONE to say to another person they hope they die or become permanently injured/disabled… that is just plain wrong and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  26. Jason says:

    YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE KNOWLEDGE ON MATTERS OF THE “DIFFERENTLY-ABLED”!! This guy is a CREEP with a CREEP lawyer who is looking to take advantage of the system & trying to make a fast buck! But not TOO fast seeing as he waited 2yrs to build his case, citing he couldn’t find a lawyer. There are 10THOUSAND sleazebag attorneys in LA that would have taken his case next DAY! Plus, Disney CANT and WONT remodel ALL of small world on the off chance it breaks down with an invalid on-board! PERIOD! They’d then have to retro ALL their rides because of all the IDIOTS that this suit would open the doors for! So what it comes down to is them putting a waiver on their tickets saying “ride at your own risk” or not allowing wheelchairs onto rides. They don’t HAVE to make their rides handicap accessible! It’s private property! Look at SixFlags&Knotts. All they have to do is post signs & now you can’t ride. Good job idiot! Enjoy holding everyone’s purses!

  27. 2cents says:

    Wow, I feel bad for the guy but you think he would have realized that getting on the ride in a wheelchair wasnt the best plan for him. I mean come on, really???? I hope disney doesnt give him a cent beacause he doesnt deserve it. They should add another condition to his disabilty, VAGINA-HURT-A-LOTUS!

  28. James Robbins says:

    That’s why the laws need to be changed to loser pays the others attorneys fee’s. This would stop all frivolous lawsuits & these ambulance chasing lawyers would not take every case because they’d be the one’s paying !

  29. Why Fight says:

    Although I think I would freak out if I had to listen to It’s a Small word for 40 extra minutes, over and over again…I agree that this guy is looking for a hand out and shouldnt be paid.
    Disney is regulated by the Federal goverment about ride safety, all amusement parks are. They must follow certain rules and regulations set into place to protect as many people as possible. If he really was out to make a difference, he would sue to strengthen those rules and regulations.
    There was another man commenting on here that said he was also in a wheel chair, David I believe. He said that if it happened to him, he would throw it to the media to disgrace who ever allowed it to happen…..This man instead got a lawyer and filed a lawsuit…
    I also agree that intelligent people prepare in advance. Going to Disneyland disabled, you know that the rides may break (and they unfortunately do often), the park is noisy, and crowded, lines are long and even getting from point a to b takes FOREVER! He should have prepared.
    You can call me names all you want for my opinion but I have a brother who is blind and there for understand the challenges disabled people face. I have no animosity or ridicule for this mans disability. Its his in ability to take responsibility for his actions up to and perhaps even on the ride and his inability to try and get rich instead of tryig to make a difference that bothers me. He is indeed a sleaze with his hand out.

  30. sean says:

    He siad himself that they warned him they wouldnt be able to evacuate him if the ride stopped. I sense a scam on this story, this guy is just trying to get free money from disney.


    1. David says:

      Hey Sean!!!!

      I’ll roll my chair off that cliff — with you tightly in my grasp!!!!! Be worth it to take you out

      BITE ME

  31. Jason says:

    Ride at your own risk, especially when you’ve suffered a spinal injury that leaves you highly susceptible to further injury- which can, and quite logically would, happen on any kind of motorized “ride”. Someone like this shouldn’t even be allowed in an elevator, as any jolt can further complicate his injuries. While the cards may not always fall in our favor, some folks just need to accept their lot in life. For example, every single one of my ribs on the left side of my body has it’s own unique shape/bend, and it makes it impossible to develop any kind of chest muscles on the left side. Oh yeah, and I look like a circus freak when I take my shirt off. On top of that, I have the metabolism of a hummingbird, and will always be “the guy that looks weird when he takes his shirt off” because I am as tall as a giant, yet skinny as a pole. What do I do? I always wear a shirt. That’s just my flag to fly in life. I don’t subject people to my disfigured body just to feel like I’m as normal as they are. In reality, I am different. I do not look like everyone else. I do cause a reaction when I take my shirt off. Most folks aren’t mean about it, but it isn’t up to me to punish them if they are. It really isn’t their fault that I look this way, and it isn’t up to me to make them pay for not looking the same way. In my long winded way, I’m basically saying this guy hates the world, and is upset that his condition once again sets him apart from the rest of the world. It’s just always going to be that way. Fighting it will do nothing but bring the negative attention that will only make your life worse. I’m sorry for what he’s gone through as a result of his injuries, but he was injured before he went on the ride, and he knew that. It sounds like he sort of kept his fingers crossed, hoping nothing would happen. Is this the only ride he went on that day, or had he spent all day on the rides leading up to this?

    1. Rhonda says:

      Why should people just accept that? Thats saying that my son should accept the fact that he is in a wheelchair, he cannot do ANYTHING which we are so limited now. Its hard now and I refuse to tell him to lay down and do nothing in his life because people are closeminded and not willing to make adjustments so that people who are confined in chairs have something in their lives besides limitations and chairs. You may not look the same without a shirt but try sitting in a chair, view the world from a chair and see how you see it then. ITS DIFFERENT but that doesnt mean that we should just let life pass us by and accept things for how they are. If people dont push it, that means that nothing changes. I dont agree with making money on this but again, pushing to make changes is something I see to help people make life a LITTLE bit easier.

      1. Jason says:

        I’m saying your son is in a wheelchair, and should accept the fact that he’ll never run a marathon. Rather than demand the definition of “run” be changed to include those without that ability, just accept the hand you’ve been dealt. You can suffer through the things you cannot change, or you can accept them, and move on to bigger and better things.

      2. Jason says:

        for the record- my chairs are all backless because 3 ribs stick out in the back. I can’t lay flat, etc. I have many problems as a result. When I go places, I have to bring my own chair. Rather than bring the world to me and demand that all chairs be backless, I went to the world and made it easier for myself. That is where we are different. This guy brought the world to his level, rather than adapt himself to the world.

      3. dAVID says:

        You go Rhonda!!!!!!!

        People need to be taught to use that thing between their ears – think it’s called a “brain”… Tell you a story. I live in an apartment and recently won a federal complaint. The owners wanted an emergency escape route, but didn’t take into consideration the physical conditions of the area. I went to the mayor, city officials and, eventually, the feds — since they receive HUD money. Now, there’s a nice, flat and continuous route. A little tenacity goes a long way…

      4. Sue says:

        Jason, cry me a river. “I have to use a special chair.” Get over yourself; some people have real problems.

      5. Rhonda says:

        We have accepted his limitations but will not accept the fact that there are things that can be changed to make it a little bit more fair for people like my son who cannot help what has happened to him. I am not saying that this guy sueing disney is right especially about the money and I think the story is a bit sketchy but I do know that unless certain situations are pushed, then things will never change. Thats what I am saying here. If you are not about the money, then do it for all the people who are dependent on wheelchairs, handicapped, disabled whatever word you choose to call it. I just will not “learn to accept” because to me, thats giving up and my son deserves more than laying in bed all day while everyone else in the world who can walk and do for themselves are out having a great time. To a point Jason, I understand what you are saying but you are taking what I am saying wrong. My son was diagnosed with Duchennes M.D. walked until he was 9 so he knew what it felt like to walk and have it taken away at an early age. ALthough horrible for him because he did know what it felt and slowly could not do so anymore, he has learned in accepting his fate, with no complaint. The thing is, for people like my son, it isnt fair that we have to base OUR LIVES around if he can get in this building, if he can enjoy the simple things such as public bathrooms that people take for granted. Sometimes doors arent always wide enough, sometimes he cant go because there are no elevators. I mean there are always a worry and to me, and to a lot of people, its not only sad but it does hurt because the limitations are bad enough. I am not going to accept someone telling me that my son cannot do certain things because the only reason that doors are widened , that there are elevators now is because people have pushed. Thats it!!!
        What this guy is doing, I dont know, I do not know the entire story, but what I do know that yes, he could mess it up for lots of people and then again, he could make it better if its found that they didnt act on Disney policy or regulations. Again, let me stress this, I do not agree with the money part of this at all. I just simply hope that Disney was right on this one. I love that place and so does my son. Its an amazing place and not something you can find around where i live. They have adaptations that allows people in chairs to feel involved and part of something. Not something I see everyday. Hats off to Disney and if they are negligent, then deal with the employees accordingly, and simply enforce it. DO NOT PUNISH ALL PEOPLE for something this man is trying to do.

  32. Illauria says:

    I am a physical therapist and have taken disabled clients to Disneyland on an outing. I do not believe it is Disneyland policy to do any transfering of patients to and from rides. It is usually the people that take them that are required to do the actual transfer. If a ride is down and that is something they do not have controle of, then it is the family that should have been able to transfer the patient off the ride. If they are not able or fit enough to actually carry the person off any attraction or any hotel floor, or in any situation they choose to put themselves in then it shouldn’t be Disney’s. There are lots of people that will help out in a situation like this. People are stuck upside down on roller coasters when they have to be rescued. If you are unable to help yourself and your family is unable to help you, you can be in a world of trouble.

  33. Doctor says:

    Look my screen name is doctor, so clearly i have a PhD and know what i am talking about. A troll is a troll no matter what they call themselves.

    ON TOPIC…..if this was so life threatening that he needed to sue why would he wait 2 years? If he knew the risks (which all patrons of theme parks are made aware of BEFORE entering a ride) then it is clearly his own fault for throwing caution to the wind. If the workers can’t get you out safely then you have to sit. If you were upside down on a roller coaster would you want out quickly or safely?

  34. just saying says:

    Martinez suffered from dysreflexia, a condition experienced by those with spinal cord injuries caused by stress and overstimulation. Dysreflexia can lead to a stroke or death.
    Its a small world….is full of overstimulation…as is Disneyland….it is hard for many ppl to read this article and not look at the judgement of someone who chooses activities that are overstimulating….I think he deserves to be treated right and to be cared for just like everyone else…thus they got him on the ride…but Disneyland did not purposely have the ride fail…nor did they make this man ill…he already had this condition…getting him off the ride posed issues…which may of caused stress….but nothing intentional…policies should change, yes….but compensation for a condition this man is aware can happen to him…Disneyland would not of let him ride if this man disclosed what CAN HAPPEN to him if it breaks down and he gets stuck……
    I am sorry this man suffers from his ailments…I am at disneyland alot and always am glad to see ppl enjoying the park …disabled or not…its a magical place…..but it, like everything in life, has limitations for many….my daughter cant ride the Indiana Jones ride…she is too short…old enough, but a small person…we dont sue, cause we cant get on……I know this is not really the same….but Im trying to point out that limitations are there…and sometimes we have to be responsible to decide if we really can handle the whole ride…or if we should sit this one out……

  35. angela says:

    has he ever been to morgan’s wonderland before??
    Morgan’s Wonderland is a theme park for the disabled and special needs children and its located in san antonio, texas.
    BUT this mike guy criizing someone, yet a person with a disability, is just downright ignorant!!!!!!
    I have a disabled daughter and brother, and know how inportant it is to protect those who can’t protect themselves.
    I’m pretty sure that if they helped him on the ride then they can help him get off.

  36. Libra says:

    Okay, after reading all the rebuttals of everyone going back and forth… I’m still focusing on the true nature of this lawsuit. Unless more is made public, it does seem like there is some missing links to the story. My son was recently diagnosed with epilepsy, and we can’t take him in places where there are “over stimulation” of lights. I have all the plans to take him back to WD world (with Dr. clearance) in May… so IF he does have an attack, I would NOT sue. I was aware of his health before getting on the ride. This ride did not cause the condition… DID IT? My heart aches for the man, however warning signs are posted. We are making America into a litigious society. WD will probably settle out of court anyways.

    1. I'm a nurse as well says:

      I think the point that is being missed here is that if anyone, disabled or not, in a wheelchair or not, is experiencing a life threatening condition, you call emergency medical services. Anyone can suffer a sudden heart attack or stroke anytime, anywhere. “Cast Members” should be trained to call 911 in such an event. If the gentleman in this article let “cast members” know that he needed medical assistance, why was this not provided?

      1. Dan says:

        No, they get the point here. Two years after the incident the guy finally sues. Like previously stated this usually means that there was an attempt at a settlement between the two sides and the lawyers could not agree. Disney is a huge company and have setteled out of court on numerous cases wth a large settlement, what is a few hundred thousand to Disney after all saves bad publicity and it’s pretty insignificant in the big picture. Problem here is they didn’t take the money because they want more. The problem people are having is that he put himself in the position in the first place, that lends some responsibility to himself that he is just not accepting. If you know something is dangerous for you, don’t do it and if you do accept responsibility for your actions. No one is saying that disabled persons shouldn’t be able to do things they want but the fact is they are disabled and can’t do everything that someone in their condition can do. Another problem now is all you have is his word against theirs but many here are ready to crucify Disney and their cast members based on just his word like thiers means nothing and they haven’t even heard their part of the story so really who is biased here. Is it any worse to spew hate against someone who is disabled than it is to spew hate against someone because you have only one side of a story and that side happens to come from a disabled person. I think they should have equal opportunity to express their respective sides. I also believe that disabled persons should have the chance to do things that they want and be able to enjoy life to the fullest they can but that enjoyment is no more important than someone without disabilities enjoying theirs and can’t interfere with their personal rights, they are humans who deserve equal rights but that doesn’t mean they are entitled because of their condition. Alot of people from both sides of theis argument here may flame me for this but it is honest and a fair point of view.

  37. Someone who understands says:

    Wow, I’m astounded by the cruel and unfeeling comments toward people with disabilities posted here. As someone with M.S., I don’t always look sick. But I have lots of trouble walking and moving fast. People usually run me over when I’m trying to limp along, and look annoyed when they pass me. If I’m in a wheel chair, I usually get treated better.

    I know it’s no one’s fault but I feel people need to be more aware of those around them. Some of the comments here just break my heart. Until you get in a wheel chair you don’t understand the prison you are in We (people with disabilities) go to DL because we want to experience a little magic in our lives. Most of the time our lives are very sad and difficult. We shouldn’t be treated as if we are less than normal by DL or others.

    This man should not have been treated this way. I suppose if it is truly a law suit without merit, that will come out. Shame on those of you who decide to dictate to us what rides we should or should not go on. Small World is a mild ride. It’s not like he went on Space Mountain and is now suing because his spine was hurt!

  38. mitch says:

    As a paraplegic, for 25 years, who has visited several Disney properties, I feel that Disney has made great efforts to accomodate the disabled. They have long been a leader in this area. As with all areas of life there is risk outside of your home and any time you choose to leave your controlled enviroment (namely home) you accept the risk that comes with this. Disney does and has made reasonable accomodation to assist the disabled and in my opinion they have gone to great effort to minimize the risk to all patrons. In regards to the Disreflexia if this condition (one I deal with as well) is so severe in this man’s condition then he should not choose to put his life at risk by pursing activioties that could aggrevate the condition. I see that he lives in Southern California where on any given day day a person could be stranded in a traffic jam that exceeds the 40 minutes that he spent on the small world ride. Should Caltrans be sued for not building more roads? I understand the frustration that come with being disabled but there should also be an understanding that there are just some things that are your responsibility not everyone else’s. This sounds a bit like the McDonalds “oh the hot coffee I ordered is hot” BS.

  39. veronica cacciola says:

    $$$ plus he looks like a paraplegic and not a quad. What’s wrong with sitting on a ride for 40 min. and just relaxing?? It’s all about the $$$ Disney lawyers have heard it all before. As A. Lincoln once said. “people should avoid litigation at all costs”

  40. D says:

    I am shocked and disgusted at some of the comments regarding this article. I am shocked at the lack of compassion for people who have disabilities. I am truly blessed that I am not in a wheelchair and neither are my two children. We visit Disneyland regularly and willingly know what we are getting ourselves into when we wait in line for a ride. People with disabilities do not have to wait because they PHYSICALLY cannot. This does not make them losers or entitled. I cannot fathom what it would be like to live even ONE day physically unable to walk and confined to a chair. People who are disabled should be allowed to experience the same things all of us experience despite their conditions. The lack of compassion in this thread is disgusting and incredibly ignorant. Additionally, just because someone does not agree with you does not make it okay to be immature,disrespectful and just plain mean. People….think before you speak!!!!!

    1. Sarah says:

      It’s nice to know someone in this world is actually still capable of being empathetic.

      1. David says:

        Yes, there are still humans with empathy here on the planet. I personally know of another Sarah who thinks the way you do. I respect you both.

    2. I'm a nurse as well says:

      Well said D.

  41. cmadd says:

    Wow I feel like ppl just argue to argue. No one really cares about the issue at hand. This guy is trying to take away from our children what we had growing up. Didn’t u totally believe that Walt Disney was the greatest? I mean, if we sue Disney we are saying that Disney is bad. Then what do we do for our kids? Tell them there is no good in the world? Terrible that ppl can’t look past their own selfishness.

  42. Ben says:

    The only reason he’s during is because he had to hear that song over and over and over and over and over and over and over for 40 min. And for people who want him to be treated like everyone else, HE’S NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, he has limitations and can’t do everything, I’m fat and can’t ride some rides with lap bars I’m not sueing for more space I don’t go on those rides, I know my limit.

  43. OChipster says:

    This is what my mommy taught me:


    Anyways, like I said before in my previous post, the guy just seems very sketchy with his story. I’m not saying anything ill about this guy, in fact, I feel rather bad for him that he had to stuck in that ride for soo long, It just irks me about him saying how nobody came to help him because I know for a fact that nobody would ever do that. When an evacuation happens, we are required to inform every guest in the boat about the situation and see if they need help. We would never leave someone in that position ever. We’re trained better than that.

    Also, in the Disneyland’s Guide for Guest with Disabilities, it does say that in an event of an evacuation, that if the person is unable to get out of the vehicle, that they may have to wait for an extended period of time until proper assistance (Example:Disney Fire Department) arrives to properly evacuate the guest.

    As I know, this won’t get through to the people who are already have their opinions burned into their brains that,”how dare Disney does this, blah blah blah”. I’m just giving everyone the facts. I know personally that the people who work that ride try to do the best they can in order to make the guests trapped in the boat as comfortable and and informed as possible. I know I did. We would rush to the phone if there was any kind of emergency as we are trained to do because we don’t want anyone to be hurt.

    @I’m a nurse as well- CMs all over the park, no wait- EVERYONE WHO WORKS FOR THE WALK DISNEY COMPANY are required to call 911 in case of an emergency. That why we have phones everywhere. Even if we don’t have phones, Disney allows CMs to use their Cell Phones to call 911 just so we can get help to the area as fast as possible.

  44. CorrineM says:

    Wow. Having read all 135 comments (as of this writing), I think I can count on one hand the number of comments that do not include the words moron, idiot, loser, stupid or ignorant. I almost forgot what everyone was commenting on. It’s sad, really.

  45. Kevin says:

    I feel for anyone with any disbility, having been to both parks in the US, and going on the ride neumous times I seem to remember a sign stating this is a water ride and the safeguards for those with limited mobility. I believe the sign states (and don’t quote me) that there is limited exit for those with mobility problems and one should be able to exit under there own power if needed. This person should have read the sinage and if he felt he could be at risk should never have entered the ride. Rides do stop for many reasons, I got stuck on a coaster in California Adventure many years ago, I also have a back problem and understand the problems of going on certain rides, I go on them with this knoledge and take resposibility for MY actions. SO SHOULD HE. I also go to many theme parks and I feel Disney is VERY safe and does more to safeguard their guests than most parks do. We need to start taking responsibility for ouw actions.

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