With apologies to weatherman Josh’s dog, “Wrigley,” and my coanchor Sibila’s dog, “Coconuts” (really?); cats may be smarter than dogs. That’s something I never thought I’d say. But I have trouble thinking of a cat in any of the following situations (all, taken from Associated Press):

Riverside, CA.  “Smokey” the dog is doing OK today, after getting its head freed from one of those smudge pots — you know, those big smokey globes they use to burn oil, warm frosty crops, and create smoke.  What is it about a smudge pot that could possibly entice a dog to stick its head in it?

Livingston, MT. A guy is looking at an assault charge, for roughing up another guy, who was reaching over a fence to give the first guy’s dog a bone. Guy #1 thought Guy #2 was trying to poison the dog. It’s hard to imagine a cat that would engender that kind of fierce protectionism from an owner. (Cat lovers, prove me wrong, in Comments, below.)

Glen Cove, NY.  15-year-old “Lady” picked the wrong team to win this year’s Superbowl. Her family takes her for a walk: when they’re done, if she comes back in, it means the NFC team will win. Didn’t work out that way this year (despite six alleged correct picks over the past six years).  Again I ask: what cat would put up with this sort of mindlessness?

It’s scary to think I’ve been on the wrong side of this one, all my life.

  1. Paul Freedman says:

    My cat Gayla loves classical music–she”ll catnap with her ears wide open, no doubt following each metrical and harmonic nuance.

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