VENICE (CBS) —Prosecutors are not expected to make a decision Monday on whether to file a criminal case against Lindsay Lohan, who is suspected of stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice jewelry store.

Celebrity Web site TMZ had reported that charges could have come as early as Monday.

KNX 1070 Reports: Lohan May Have Violated Her Probation Terms

The site reports that Lohan, 24, will be charged with a felony, possibly grand theft.

A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said the case is under investigation, but denied that charges were pending.

“I don’t know where TMZ is getting their information,” spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons said. “We have our investigation under review and a filing decision has not been made.”

Lohan is under investigation for allegedly taking an item from a jewelry store on Jan. 22.

She was seen in a store video wearing a necklace, which later went missing, law enforcement sources told the Los Angeles Times.

As detectives began looking into the case, a Lohan associate brought the necklace to the LAPD’s Pacific Station, according to The Times.

Los Angeles police turned the case over to prosecutors on Wednesday, the newspaper reported.

Lohan spent 14 days in jail last summer for violating probation on a 2007 drug case, in which a small amount of cocaine was found after she was involved in a crash on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

She also faces possible criminal charges for an alleged attack on a worker at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, where she underwent a court-ordered drug rehabilitation program from late September until Jan. 3.

She has been living in Venice since being released from rehab.

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Comments (23)
  1. Not a Thief says:

    I would still like to know who gave her the $5000.00 neckless to put on because you can not just walk in to put something like that on?

    1. Gary says:

      I agree, they say steal but I’m almost sure it was not stolen. The necklace was actually $2,500 and she spends more on her addiction. It wasn’t stolen.

  2. General Ike says:

    I pity The Fool

  3. rescued sammie says:

    I liked her in the Parent Trap remake. Too bad she turned into a little ……..

    Next we will be seeing her obit with her supporters saying what a wonderful, kind, caring, but misunderstood person she was.

    wern’t they a;;

  4. DAN says:


  5. Li Loser-han says:

    Lindsay Loser-han is a sociopath and a kleptomaniac! Why do people keep enabling her?
    I cannot fathom that anyone else in her position would be allowed to get away with as much as this loser has! Her attorney is not stupid, just immoral for defending a person she does not believe only because she makes exorbitant amounts of money putting out all her fires!
    Li Lo-ser is trouble and her mom and dad continue to act as if nothing were wrong and are even saying Loser is an easy target! Major denial happening here! The parents care more for Li Lo-ser as the cash cow she is than the daughter she should be! This whole family is out of control!
    Li Lo-ser needs to go to prison just like someone that has committed as many offenses as she has.. And the judge needs to grow some testicles and do the right thing!!

    1. Mad Bruin says:

      Get over this and worry about yourself rather than gossip like a spoiled college student. UCLA rules, Titans suck.

      1. Li Loser-han says:

        @Mad bruin
        ok, I think I’ll get over it and worry about myself and I’ll not have an opinion because YOU told me to.

        You macho pig. Get a life.

    2. Joe says:

      Li Loser-han,

      First off, your gossip is too sexual. What kind of generation do you belong in. Get over it and worry about your life.

      Titans lose to Riverside, hahahahaha

      1. Li Loser-han says:

        are you for real? Sexual? What freakin planet are you from!?
        I think you need to get over YOURSELF!
        Your an idiot.

    3. Moonbeam says:

      Her attorney is legally obligated to put on the best defense possible, not to seek justice. That’s not a criminal defense attorney’s job, and it would be malpractice if she did anything else.

  6. Jerry Archer says:

    Borrowed Come on, If you or I just borrowed a necklace we would be in jail as quickly as you can say jail. Put her butt in there that will sober her up real fast. Hey Lindsay say hi to OJ for me,

    1. Duh! says:

      You do know that OJ is in prison in Nevada.
      If Lindsay goes back to jail, it will be in California. Therefore, she will have a hard time saying hi to OJ.

      1. Moonbeam says:

        Jerry was just making a comparison in the similarities of those person’s legal predicaments that they got themselves into. He didn’t mean to literally say hello to OJ. Duh!

  7. Justice is Blind says:

    Nothing will happen to her, she will be reprimanded and told keep up the good work and be a good little girl.

  8. George Greene says:

    Suggstion: Why doesn’t the news reflect the minimal rather than maximum charges possible? Then there is not the inevitable let down when the lesser penalty is realized?

  9. Black Man 2011 says:

    Why do white people love to say “GET OVER IT.”

  10. Ed Rooney says:

    Hey Lindsay

    nice CSL’s.

  11. Teacher who is disgusted says:

    Why is she being given chance after chance? A perfectly normal person would have been in jail already awaiting a trial. She has proven by her past acts that she cannot tell the truth, she has shoplifted before and she is NEVER really sorry–only upset that she has gotten caught!!! Let her do the time and learn how the real world is.

  12. Jade says:

    Great. Move into my neighborhood, and cause problems. That’s all we need. I’ve already been mowed down twice for looking like her. The paps are just as bad as Lindsay- they tried to run me completely off the road! All we need is one more kook-fab. Take it back to Hollywood.

  13. Moonbeam says:

    I hope the D.A.’s office doesn’t spend an inordinate amount of money and time to prosecute this because I think there are some problems with it, such as the jeweler waiting a day to contact police. I don’t trust Lilo’s word on much of anything, but something about this doesn’t make sense — I get the feeling that the truth might be somewhere in between what Lilo and the jewelry shop are saying.

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