Call for 'respect' during Black History Month

LONG BEACH (CBS) — City leaders want young people in Long Beach to do two things this February: pick ’em up and keep ’em up.

Bishop William Ervin along with Carson City Councilman Mike Gipson are calling on black children and teens to “pull up their pants on their waist” as a sign of respect during Black History Month.

KNX 1070’s Ron Kilgore reports their message to young men who wear their pants down around their knees is simple: “You can have the swag without the sag”.

Community leaders say the plan is not just for cultural purposes, but may have legal benefits as well: sagging pants are often used for profiling purposes by law enforcement agencies.

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  1. bdj says:

    Unfortunately you cannot write a law to create good sense in people. I don’t understand the reason behind the droopy drawers, unless it is a fad, new style, or some type of rebellion.

    1. Dr. Bombay says:

      “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”
      – Plato

      1. David says:

        The city council is NOT asking to pass a law. It IS asking that people show respect. Sagging is a sign of disrespect for oneself as much as it is as sign of disrespect for the community.

      2. SABoy says:

        How can someone even walk with their pants already halfway off? If I didn’t find the whole concept so crass, I might be tempted to observe a few saggers to see if they fall down a lot.

      3. Fayrix says:

        Dr. Bombay = Aunt Bee

        Hey Auntie, why the hate for saggers? Shouldn’t you be directing your hate at your usual targets of ridicule and derision? Namely, anyone religious? Hey, wait… this story has a Bishop in it. How about a little hate for him? I know you’ve got it in you.

      4. Michael says:

        whatever happened to PARENTING?

    2. SMac says:

      Well, in the past that “style” has been used to conceal weapons (even sawed-off shotguns…)

      1. ethancase says:

        well that’s where the style comes from. Back in the 80’s and Early 90’s rap artists and other celebrities who came from the inner city used to dress that way because a lot of them were involved in gangs and violence. The kids such as the one pictured, wear their clothes to emulate their favorite gangstas. It is also said that the baggy style originated from Jail Uniforms that were often ill-fitting.

        what you need is for kids to stop idolizing criminals, and start idolizing positive role models.

      2. JohnF says:

        In jail it is against the rules to “moon” an officer. So the thing to do is drop your pants revealing your boxers. It’s an act of jailhouse defiance. The loose and baggy clothing is a long and traditional means of concealing weapons. A lot easier to do than when wearing tight jeans, etc. This goes all the way back to the mafia gangsters of the 1930s with their loose fitting “zoot” suits.

      3. GreatGranny Smith says:

        It started in prisons.

    3. Goober says:

      You know it’s a strange coincidence, if they didn’t wear their pants so low they wouldn’t have gotten caught running away with that television set and they wouldn’t have had to go to prison, where they practice wearing their pants so low.

    4. John D says:

      Exactly right Ronnie. Very few people seem to know that.

    5. TacoDoritos says:

      Yeah what’s another law right? that’s the problem with the Nation today. Left/right wing Fascists want to impose laws on peoples personal choices. Just because you don’t agree with there “dress style.” Of course it’s idiotic, and highly ignorant, but freedom is a bittersweet pill. Try thinking outside the box, besides wanting to impose laws to get your way with force and guns.

      1. TheTruth says:

        Yeah I’m pretty sure, without even reading the article again, that they were simply being asked to pull ’em up out of respect for month that honors black history….also, it’s “their”…not “there”.

      2. bdj says:

        Please read my comment carefully. I did not say the law should be for baggy pants, It said “Unfortunately you cannot write a law to create good sense in people”.

      3. Jailer says:

        I completely agree, plus teenagers will rebel against whatever adults say about dress, music, or any other entertainment. So there really isn’t a point in asking them to do it . It is also a cultural thing for teens. Like earing in the late eiighties and early ninties for guys. It is there to get a rise out of “the man”.

      4. bufallobiff says:

        “Yeah I’m pretty sure, without even reading the article again, that they were simply being asked to pull ‘em up out of respect for month that honors black history…

        Yeah, when White History month gets here, they can pull ’em back down again….oops-forgot,-we don’t have a White History month.

      5. bufallobiff says:

        “Yeah I’m pretty sure, without even reading the article again, that they were simply being asked to pull ‘em up out of respect for month that honors black history…

        Yeah, they can pull them back down during White History month—oops,… forgot, we don’t have a White History month.

    6. JC says:

      The Droopy pant fad comes from Incarcerated prison inmates, where the state issues the inmate his nearest pant size and most of the time the pants are over sized. There are no TAILORED fits in prison.

      The SHORT BALD BUZZ TYPE haircut is also a phenomenon that comes from prison.

      The KIDS see this a see it as a rebellious act and therefore imitate this behavior.

      Take a look at prison inmates , especially County lockups and you will see that their pants are Droopy as well.

      1. John Rupert says:

        As opposed to UN-incarcerated prison inmates?

      2. Floyd says:

        Did Al Capone Sag his pants when he was in the joint?
        I don’t think so. Sagging is a choice.

      3. lensmanct says:

        So, these idiots are just trying to emulate their idols, prisoninmates?

      4. Ar Amytas says:

        I thought that the droopy drawers look came from MarkyMark, white rapper.

      5. ethancase says:

        @floyd yes, his pants in prison were probably baggy. he went to alcatraz so he probably had a super baggy striped thing.

        @lensmanct yes. because those inmates often get out to become rappers, or they were rappers/athletes/other inner city heroes who then went to prison.

        @Amyas Marky Mark went to prison too.

      6. George Cowan says:

        Stupid. Even in this PC environment, the word is stupid.

    7. p3orion says:

      So are these idiots exemplifying “hope,” or “change?”

      1. Too Funny says:


      2. Doober says:

        “Change” as in I need to change my dirty undies

      3. Mike says:

        Ah, a clever Obama reference. Trouble is, a) it’s highly unlikely these guys vote; and b) Obama doesn’t wear sagging pants but dresses, I’m guessing, far better than you do.

      4. Centcom says:

        Oh p3orion, you got that right. Can you imagine what our Founding Fathers would think if they saw how these folks squandered their opportunites in the best country in the world.

      5. crybabyMike says:

        hahahaha this is twice as funny becasue it made Mike get all touchy – lefty wanker. It’s a spot on reference because the idiot has earned as much respect as these dolts…

    8. lolbama says:

      I always figured it was gay code or something. Why else would someone want to show their crack to other dudes?

    9. 656 says:

      there is a lot of complaining about “the white man” is holding us back… no when you walk around looking like a hood and a thug expect to be thought of and treated in that like manner. I wouldn’t want you around me.

      Respect your self and your community, and when you respect your self and others you can demand it.

      Don’t expect society to look lightly on baggy sagging pants that is jail bait mentality and you get as good as you give.

      Have pride and dignity and respect for your self and you can get it …. command it demand it in return until then stop blaming other and look in and at you

      1. Marla Beihl says:

        I agree with you completely. Pull your pants up, get an education and make your community proud. Not to mention Dr.King. And for the record, quit blaming me for your problems that you are bringing on yourself.

      2. NCT says:

        Very well said – Amen…

      3. Tony says:

        Here Here!

    10. Floyd says:

      This “Style” started in prisons where guys would sag their pants to show they are available for gay sex.

      1. BpSitRep says:

        That’s hilarious, I’m going to use that every time I see it.

      2. A9racer says:

        Yeah, you would not believe how many fights I have been in for stating that fact. Apparently, it does not contribute to their sense of humor…

    11. paul says:

      It comes from the big house… Prison. The prison b!tches wear their pants low to let the other guys know they’re available. That’s the facts. Now….. any parents, teachers, friends want to tell this to those kids? They’re immitating gay inmates!

      1. nopms says:

        I was told the same by a friend – it’s a ‘fashion statement’ from prison culture. I have shared this information with a couple of young men, asking them why they want to put out that signal, available for gay sex. They had no idea but I noticed they were covering their arses next time I saw them.

    12. PTG says:

      The problem is there are very few black role models that aren’t tied financially to “shaking down the man”… It would be terrific to see some black role models speak to this issue, Bill Cosby is the only name that comes to my mind, and most of the current young blacks have no idea who he is. The Black family has been decimated, no Fathers in the homes. These kids have no hope, and are destined to live a morally corrupt life. PTG

      1. Floyd says:

        Bill Cosby took alot of flack from Black activists for speaking up too.

      2. Stan says:

        The reason Cosby took a lot of flack is because the truth hurts.

    13. Wendy Weinbaum says:

      As a Jewess in the US, I can only say that this is yet ONE MORE reason why all REAL Americans must put our 2nd Amendment FIRST! I don’t know what is worse: the trashy ghetto clothing style, or the police-state repression that it engenders.

    14. Paul says:

      Dear bdj, the baggy pants ‘fashon’ is based on black veneration for prison garb. In prison, when pants are issued the often don’t fit well or there is no belt to hold them up, so they are baggy. This is what Frederick Douglas’ great-grandchildren, and MLK and Rosa Parks grandchildren have chose to emulate…dressing as though they were in prison or jail.

    15. Dave says:

      True. It means you are the lowest of the low in prison…. not sure why you would want to use that as a fashion statement.

      Anyway, using prison “fashion” shows a problem with society. It is decades of the inner city and urban culture viewing cops in a negative light and glorifying the criminal.

      1. Reject Thugs says:

        I was just at the national park grounds at Pearl Harbor and there was a group of African American’s yelling at each other, laughing and talking “shouting” on their cell phones. They also walked through the lobby of our hotel with their pants on the ground, cursing, shouting, etc. They have no respect for anyone or anything. I hate their “thug” rap culture and I’m sick of kids emulating this negative lifestyle.

    16. potatoe says:

      ……….and OFCOURSE The Man gives Black History Month the shortest month !!!

      1. SteveO says:

        As soon as reds, yellows, greens, browns, purples, and evil whitey have an entire month dedicated to the culture of people with similar melanin content, then that complaint might hold water.

      2. Ar Amytas says:

        Actually the whole thing could be contained in just a few days, but the whole month is given just for looks.

      3. Eric says:

        So how long is white history month?

      4. justsayin says:

        how come Black History month doesn’t include the decades of public assistance that have done nothing, how about the Black Panthers, how about black hate groups, how about the self destruction of the inner cities, how about the fact that the first black slave was owned by a black man you know little pieces of history like that, the LA riots, the larger proportion of the incarcerated, the birth rate out of wedlock, the abortion rate, the racism against whites? Just saying – I mean the current trend seems ot be to pick apart history from the white perspective how about a little light on some of the unpleasantry on the black side of things. I mean since history is not good enough being history without now being split into each groups version. Not all blacks are part of what I point out but neither are all whites guilty of oppressing their black brothers but oen would thinks so with the way thigns are portrayed. If you don’t want to be treated different don’t work so hard at being different!

    17. Snapperhead says:

      Its a throwback to prison fashion.
      The sagging pants denoted a person open to sex with other inmates

    18. WAYNE M says:


    19. Enzo says:

      Because that is where they will be soon.

    20. sayhonkmon says:

      This is ignorance of the blacks, and shows their upbringing. Of course, most of these kids live with only one parent that is probably working and cannot teach their child good manners and how to dress properly. I would never hire anyone, black, white, red, yellow or whatever race if he or she was dressed poorly like the saggy pants!

      1. Mike says:

        “I would never hire anyone, black, white, red, yellow or whatever race if he or she was dressed poorly like the saggy pants!”

        Hee- hee, like *you* would ever be in a position to hire someone.

    21. Throw Away says:

      It’s because you are not allowed to have a belt in jail, so the ill-fitting pants they give you tend sag down below your waist. That is the look they are going for. To these people, being a thug and going in and out of jail is cool thing to be.

      1. America swampfox says:

        We need a U.S.history nation indivisible with liberty and justice for ALL

        more divisional BS united we stand divided we are falling

    22. MJ says:

      It comes from the prison culture where it shows you “belong” to somebody (yes, THAT way). Most kids don’t know that but they wear their pants like that because it’s affiliated with prison and they are trying to convey a hardcore persona.

    23. Ron Branney says:

      AS Reagan would say, “Here we go again”. We as a Nation are falling into the hands of the Evil ones and we focus on the senselessness of drooping the pants. Looks good for a job interview. I’m afraid friends, it’s all the Old Greek Philosphy of wearing a mask. We focus on this and the Radical movements move in all around us. Hey kids pull them up! Even the fat cops can catch you easy with your drawers at your ankles. Hard to jump fences too I bet. God bless you all. God made every one of you….. Ron

    24. jenny smith says:

      Sagging your pants comes from the prison system. It was a signal to other inmates saying that you were ready and waiting for sex.
      I guess there’s a lot more gay men in the black community then we thought!

    25. Doug Echols says:

      Again, this is another invention that can be credited to the Black/African-American culture along with the Gatorade dump on coaches at the end of football games.

    26. Lance Bartwell says:

      Good Lord! We must weducate our young Negroes of this terrible offense!

    27. GreatGranny Smith says:

      It started in prisons. By the way, zoot suits were a fad of the forties (WWII). Saggy drawers are a sign of tough.

    28. Lance Hartwell says:

      Oh my! How far the American Negro has advanced in social progress! Hooray!

    29. Heartland Patriot says:

      Sagging, as it is called, comes from rappers who took the so-called fad from a prison style. Most have no clue that it means, in prisons, that one is “available” for a physical encounter with another inmate, so to speak. Where did I get this information? I have a co-worker who used to work as a guard in a mid-size prison for quite a few years. He’s a pretty straightforward guy and thinks its funny, in a jacked up way, that this is somehow seen as a cool thing among young “inner city” types and wanna-bees…believe me or not, I don’t care…just thought I’d pass this along.

  2. SoOverIt says:

    Telling them to pull up their pants isn’t solving any problems. Yes, we all want them to pull their pants up over their underwear, for goodness sake, but this is a waste of time and effort.

    1. Profg says:

      How do you solve problems with those who let their pants sag, and who obviously aren’t into problem solving themselves?

  3. RTC3 says:

    What’s crazy is these boys don’t realize what they’re afflicting themselves with. The style orginated in prison because there were not given any belts to keep their pants up… Come on people, educate yourself. Is that really what you’re aspiring for?

  4. roberto says:

    they are stupid!

  5. josue says:

    why is a picture of a black kids?,white, hispanic,most teen wear the pants down too.

    1. surfbum says:

      Maybe if you actually read the article you would understand why. Because black leaders are asking black children to pull up their pants as a show of respect to their own community. Would be pretty stupid to post a picture of a white kid or mexican kid when the article is clearly about blacks, now wouldn’t it?

      1. equal says:

        I understand what your saying, however why cant every person regardless there skin tone respect that this is what is being asked of this month. Black history month is for all human races.

      2. ned says:

        If it is indeed for all races, then why not label it as such. It is clearly for blacks to try and uplift their sense of self-esteem. You can preach the message of pulling your pants up but you can’t fix stupid no matter what the race.

      3. robert says:

        Equal? Do you really understand just how wrong your statement is??

        “Black history month is for all human races.”


      4. a3r says:

        You may understand what hes saying but you fail to grasp the bigger picture. You say Black History month is for all but what would you say if we made March White History month?

    2. Josh Butts says:

      The article is about black children and teens to pull their pants up during black history month. This has to do with blacks. So it wouldn’t make sense to have a picture of a white or hispanic person there, would it?

      1. Josh Butts says:

        Oh I just read surfbum comment. He said actually the same thing I was thinking, oh well.

    3. Ed Rooney says:

      What a stupid comment. What planet are you from, dude?

    4. Highly Amused says:

      Because whites don’t get a “white history month.”

      1. ZHT says:

        We would be crucified if we even asked for a white history month. Oh, imagine the uproar if we were to ask to have a Straight Pride Parade! Gay Pride Parades and Black History Month are fine though. I am white, middle aged, middle class, and I am a minority.

    5. marty says:

      So, they have to provide a picture of all races in baggy pants? Does this make it fair? You are such a small person!!!!

    6. dlf says:

      That is just an ignorant statement a waste of brain matter and time

    7. zaks5thave says:

      It is not white or hispanic history month.

      1. botflyguy says:

        I still call it February

      2. ProudInfidel says:

        Me too, I did not realize it had changed. Black History Month, Miss Black University, Black College Fund. Try naming anything “White” and the ACLU would be all over it. I am surprised we can still call bread “White Bread”.

      3. Fed up says:

        How about non-white bread?

    8. tubaman says:

      i don’t see white kids or hispanic kids wearing their pants hanging’re nuts.

      1. Ear Leader says:

        Fed UP has a Rye sense of Humour

      2. meso honey says:

        ummm ear leader that’s wry, although he may be soft as a piece of bread or as easily swayed as a stalk of grass…

      3. GreatGranny Smith says:

        You haven’t been in large city neighborhoods, then.

    9. Just the Facts says:

      Statistically you are correct (look up “Race and Crime in the United States” on Wikipedia just for one example). You can certainly get into whether this is justified or not, but blacks make up about 13% of the general population but over 60% of the prison population. Aside from that, this mode of dress looks ridiculous.

    10. gil says:

      Josue its your PC views that are killing this nation.Why is it only white guys break into houses on home security commercials? How come cardboard shooting targets only come in white guys? ECT ECT ECT ECT.

      1. Squir12 says:

        Don’t forget the insurance commercials where the smartly dressed, eloquent speaking African-American explains to the bean-brained White bread goof how insurance works.

      2. Ear Leader says:

        Or “Criminal Minds” on A&E which has all white psychopath criminals on their Fictional show to counter all the actual murderers shown on The First 48, also on A&E. And the good guy cop looks just like Ear Leader.

    11. Count Yob says:

      White or hispanic teens imitating degenerate black ghetto culture is a problem for the white and hispanic communities to address.

      1. Kevin Stowell says:

        There ya’ go–I knew someone on here would get ti right.

    12. Dave says:

      Not where I live. Why dont you try to start living in the real world and admit that blacks are the vast majority who wear their pants under their butts?
      Hispanics wear too big long shorts and the white kids waer their jeans so tight that you think their heads will pop off.
      The Hispanics and white kids have their pants around their waistlines for the most part.

    13. Drew says:

      because they started it!

    14. sara says:

      it’s a black thing, so some want to join and be wiggers, so what, you want to be included in this pic?

    15. magnus13 says:

      When are we going to have white history month? Then I can wear my pants down and CBS can take a pict of my ass hanging out.

      1. Amar Cooper says:

        If you really think about it….EVERY month is White History Month, because whites wrote the history books! It doesn’t need to be labeled as such because it’s an automatic assumption. This thread has degenerated into a totally different subject than what I think the article was reporting. Black leaders in Long Beach were asking young black men to not sag their pants as a sign of respect for Black History Month, that’s it. No Laws were suggested, implied or enacted…it makes no sense for any other race to be in the picture, because it pertains to young black men, not out of any racist agenda or intent to exclude any other race. I personally feel that ALL races/ages should educate themselves and be permanently dissuaded from wearing this style, simply because of its origins.

        Your comment shows a sarcasm, bitterness and ignorance that would require an entirely different article to discuss. I hear where you’re coming from, however it seems to have been presented in a non-productive manner.

        This is coming from a 36 year old Black man who grew up in Los Angeles, absolutely loves the city and I’ve never sagged my pants in my life.

    16. Carlos says:

      They’re addressing black kids and black history month. That’s why

      1. alanwillingham says:

        Instead of 3/5ths of a man, now it is 1/12th of a year….

        …gotta’ love the rampant mindlessness of the all inclusive Liberal Utopia

    17. Leroy says:

      Josue, you are an idiot.

    18. David says:

      Dean is exactly right. The black community is very dysfunctional and commits most of the crime. Why don’t they own up to it??

    19. Steve Johnson says:

      Excuse me but “most teens” do NOT wear their pants down around their thigh, just the loser kids. And loser kids come in all colors.

    20. Truth says:

      Josue, heres some truth, this fad orginated in the hip hop community from the artists that served time. Black artists influencing all our cultures but none so much as the black teen culture. Get the facts, get em straight, then youll be ready to change things. Dont let the truth hurt your feelings, accept it, and change it.

    21. nvrick says:

      I’m sure there will be a similar motion during white history month….er, never mind.

    22. NotoriousJP says:

      Not on Staten Island, NY. Some white kids do. I saw one that did. Most do not. Maybe in El Lay. And not all black kids do either. And no, I don’t understand it at all.
      i don’t understand ear hoops either….and don’t want to.

    23. Dave says:

      because that is what the article is about: the black community in general.

      Besides, even if it was not, does not imply the photo is racist. It is simply showing the teens that actually started the trend.

      Get off the race baiting craaaap

    24. largo says:

      would be if it wasn’t precedent fact

    25. Snapperhead says:

      Doesnt matter if your Black white or Brown,
      the Gangsta mentality is the stupidity that embraces sagging pants.
      Prison wear for the future criminals.

    26. Danglingjohnson says:

      Mostly blacks..and obscenely low.

    27. somedude says:

      Whites and hispanics did not START the fad… blacks did. So the photo choice is valid.

    28. sean says:

      i agree DOC here they come …and they will think there so gangster for it!!!Cool doggy dogggg and be sure not to talk proper WHITE english thats not cool neither.. not racist reality and beside i dont even care to be label a racist anymore for disagreeing with a horrible president or stating facts ..blacks tend to be more racist then anyone ….. they will never overcome with not fathers and idolizing rappers and drug dealers

    29. Heartland Patriot says:

      Maybe where YOU live, but not where I live, in the Heartland of this country…rock and country kids wouldn’t be caught dead looking like that…

  6. LCC says:

    They bring disrespect to themselves. They can’t complain how people treat them when they present themselves this way. Deplorable.

  7. SuperT says:

    I don’t see how it telling them it’s for black history makes it ok to single out the blacks and for that matter what duz it have to do with black history at all!?

    1. curious says:

      Are you ret@rded? No really, are you ret@rded? I would hate to go off on someone and explain how ridiculous thier statement is if they are ret@rded.

    2. Goodgold says:

      It has everything to do with black history – looking back in 10 years all these knee dragging idiots will be in prison. We can look back historically and say, “see, we knew it was going to happen”.

    3. watiaminute says:

      Blacks are like Muslims. It’s never their fault.

  8. Profg says:

    If they only knew how stupid and idiotic they looked to others… But I guess they don’t really care. Perhaps a reason they will go no place in life. It’s an attitude by some, not all.

    1. mahone dunbar says:

      Profy. No, they don’t care at all. Their sense of self esteem does not come from the approval of whites, Asians, Hispanics, or even older bllacks. It comes from a tightly knit peer group, i.e., other adolescent black males. This is why the “self esteem” for black kids movement in schools did not work. They already have an outrageously high sense of self esteem, one supported by their limited peer group and not concerned with the opinions of outsiders at all.

      1. Michael Cochran says:

        I agree. Popular culture making light of this trend doesn’t help at all.

      2. john says:

        very true

      3. rick says:

        You want to dress like a circus clown then expect to be treated like the fools you are. You don’t deserve anybodies respect because you don’t show any for yourselves by dressing respectful.

  9. ed rooney says:

    They look like clowns, let them join the circus. Misguided dopes.

    1. Count Yob says:

      They act like overgrown 3-year-olds.

  10. nonation self says:

    …well let them not profile, that is, let the p…s not assume guilt before it is proven…because maybe those poor boys in Long Beach CANNOT AFFORD A BELT!!!!!…but what does Black History got to do with the issue??????????…lord i thank you that i can afford to have a belt…i’ve got it in my backpack right now…i am now wearing draw-string pants so i am not using my belt right at the moment…but my backpack is probable cause that i am a slave, that is, a homeless…the new peculiar institution in the Satan incarnate u.s.a. right now

    1. istherenoend says:

      Wow! I tried to read this post twice. My head now hurts.

      “But my backpack is probably cause that I am a slave, that is, a homeless”

      Wow, just wow.

      Since you can afford to buy a belt, I assume you can afford to get some basic education on sentence structure, grammar, and puncuation too, right?

      I really hate to post comments unrelated to the article, but this murder of the written word screamed out for intervention.

      1. bob says:

        More likely this “religon of Peace” type can’t write in english well. “satan=USA” another filthy dog that should be locked up.

      2. Badger H. says:

        “get some basic education on sentence structure, grammar, and puncuation”

        Easy there, cowboy. Grammar/Spelling Nazis living in glass houses should not throw stones. “Puncutation”? What the hell is that?

    2. Dorothy Kuns says:

      Because they can’t “afford” a belt? Go to Target and get one for 5.00! Or a piece of rope or anything that holds their pants up! They think they look like gangstas when they dress like prison inmates. So who are their role models? Prison inmates! Losers. Complete and utter losers.

    3. WriteGuy says:

      1- You should have stayed in school and learned how to write complete, cogent sentences using punctuation and capitalization in order to express yourself.
      2- Learn the use difference between the use of “got” and “has” such as “history have”, not got.
      3- If you are homeless how do you get onto a computer to express your ignorance? Probably at a public library, where the internet is available due to funds from the public via taxes and donations forom .
      4- You should also realize that some crime statistics are going down because while these “wannabes” go around holding their crotches as security blankets or their pants above their knees they cannot commit crimes since they can’t run away afterwards.
      5- Get a life.

      1. jr says:

        “forom”? Whats dat?

      2. WriteGuy says:

        Fat fingers!

    4. Count Yob says:

      Well, boo hoo. I feel so sorry for you, NOT!

  11. Reggie Mason Sr says:

    In the big scheme of things this sagging situation could be played down as much ado about nothing. Trust and believe, while most of our kids are not bad kids, this sagging thing will have them grouped (racialy profiled) in another group all together. As another blogger put it, this is a prison thing, cant our kids aspire to something greater? Dare to dream big dreams, Dare to Be Great. I’m sure big dreams and greatness don’t sag.

    1. Taquoshi says:

      Just remember one thing, the kids look up to rap stars who use “trash talk” and sing about murdering women and cops. Yeah, Snoop Dog, I’m talking about you and your homies.

      Quite truthfully, the police just love those low pants because the kids can’t run when the officer pulls up to talk to them. Oh, the kids try, but they usually fall flat on their faces.

      One school counselor told a group of us the other day that the kids in school think it is a sign of maturity when a student (the one under discussion was a whopping 10 years old) has a parole officer. It’s considered quite the norm. Is that sad, or what?

  12. Cherokee Blindada says:

    Man Long Beach people are lame. I can’t believe people there still sag their pants. THOSE DAYS ARE OVER. GROW UP ALREADY!!!!!!

  13. CP says:

    Tell the WHTE/ASIAN/HISPANIC teens to comply in solidarity!! lol

  14. Fact Check says:

    Mike Gipson is not a Long Beach councilman, as the story implies. He’s from Carson.

  15. equal says:

    I am so glad to read that some of us were lucky enough to be educated. If schools would actually teach facts and truth in class about black history….. PERIOD….. Maybe the truth would be understood, Instead it is gloryfied by the Media and others that it is a , “swag”, thang…. you cant be educating without being taught. Point the blame were blame is do…

    1. Dorothy Kuns says:

      Some of us were self educated. If someone wants to learn and improve their station in life, they only need look as far their local school or community library. The key to education is reading and applying what’s learned to everyday life. The public schools are not the problem so much as a lack of interest in learned by our children.

      1. Dorothy Kuns says:

        Sorry – went too fast. Lack of LEARNING by our children.

  16. Joshua says:

    How about for black history month, read a book on a black leader, help an elderly black person, pick up your pants aint cutting it

    1. Dorothy Kuns says:

      Yes, that’s what the original idea was.

    2. ctr says:

      99% of the blacks ruin it for the other 1% that’s OK.

      Send them back to Africa.

      Just imagine a week in this country without blacks.

      We don’t need a black history month, maybe just a black history 2 seconds.

      1. AVEY0007 says:

        U brought us over here to work for your stink lazy behind. Why dont u go back to Europe and let the Indians have their land back u BIGOTTED FOOL.

      2. Don T Renig says:

        AVEY0007. Since this is black history month, you best go and bone up on your history. African tribesmen were the slave traders who went out in the jungles capturing the slave monkeys to be shipped around the world, not only the United States to produce the useless black generations of today.

    3. Telling says:

      C’mon don’t equate reading comic books with that other stuff…plenty of adults that are well educated read comic books, good entertainment…and those savages wearing their pants beneath their belts don’t read ANYTHING. If they did they wouldn’t talk in ebonics as they do. And yeah here in NYC, young blacks rob the elderly all the time. Blacks are nothing but cowards who need to run in packs. Send all those savage beasts back to Africa in cages where they belong.

  17. John Taylor says:

    I agree with Joshua. I believe that there are better, more effective ways of paying homage to black history than this — read a book by a black writer, go to a black exhibit at a museum or patronize a black-owned business, for example.

    As much as I don’t like seeing young men (regardless of race) walking around “saggin,'” this is clearly not the answer. And I say this notwithstanding the stigma involved.

    There is nothing right or wrong with saggin’ in and of itself. It’s only a problem if, when and because people make it so. This about personal responsibility, which is very subjective.

    1. JOSHUA says:


  18. Dr. Bombay says:

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” ~ Goethe

  19. Mike Merryman says:

    Another absurd story involving black people. No wonder people have given up on them.

    1. Dorothy Kuns says:

      Mike, how would you like to wake up on a planet where you were the minority? Would you still make such stupid comments about your own “absurd” people? And by the way, Caucasians may very well become a minority. Already have in some states. So chill, dude.

      1. tubaman says:

        those states where whites are a minority are those in the biggest financial trouble.

      2. steve says:

        Blacks are the majority in Africa. How is that working out Dorothy?

      3. Mike Merryman says:

        Dorothy Kuns –

        Your reply has nothing to do with my comment.


  20. Chris says:

    I don’t know about you, but I use things like this (as well as the number of blacks in general) to identify the bad neighbourhoods, and then keep away. And if you see them on the street, I cross to the other side as well. Better safe than sorry!

    1. Dorothy Kuns says:

      Then stay out of the fifth ward! I know a great many black people (who chose not to be African Americans) who are nice, charming, and caring. So take your racist comments, fold them up until they are all sharp corners, and stick ’em where the sun doesn’t shine. Knucklehead.

      1. ctr says:

        Spoken like a real BCL.

      2. curious says:

        Wow, you’re telling me that you wouldn’t do the same as Chris? Somehow I find that you would or have in the past. Don’t act like you are better than thou because odds are…. you’re not.

      3. Alexandra says:

        Talk about ignorance. If you look at the crime rates and do a little research on demographics, you’ll find that areas that are mostly black have the higher crime rates.

        Racism comes about from experience, not from ignorance!

      4. John Rupert says:

        When Caucasians become a minority they leave. Look at urban centers all across the country. Look at whites leaving South Africa. Zimbabwa. You need to chill babe….in fact, if you stay there after the whites have left you’ll end up chill’n in the morgue….check the news from Zimbabwa.

  21. Eric-Gunther :Oberhauser says:


  22. Bob says:

    Black leadership…that is an oxymoron. Get real people, there is NO BLACK LEADERSHIP. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are too busy give these kids excuses. MLK was the last real black leader these guys had, the man was a great, inspiring man who spoke of pure common sense, dignity, and SELF RESPECT. You can’t turn on a switch and ask people to do something for the wrong reason.. respecting MLK is the WRONG REASON… do it for SELF RESPECT and respect to EVERYONE WHO CASTS EYES ON YOU. The way ANY person dresses is a direct reflection on who they are and the company they keep. If you dress like a hoodlum, you are a hoodlum.. you hang with hoods and will be treated accordingly.

    1. JOSHUA says:


    2. ctr says:

      If MLK was such a flawless person, why does his family block making his FBI files public?

      1. Lisa says:

        Uh, because there’s embarrassing stuff in those files. You know, how the Ph.D. thesis was plagarised, how he liked wild sex parties, e&. The truth would bring down the legend. Ergo, the need to cover up the messy details.

      2. Joshua says:

        Cause it was Drugs that gave him his “dreams”…

  23. dave says:

    Actually the saggy pants started in prison as a way of letting other inmates know that the lower you wore your britches the more available your anus was

  24. Joshua says:

    Just make anyone with sagging pants take them off and go naked. Since that is not cool, they will LEARN to keep the pants up.

    1. oldfart says:

      How about wearing the underpants on the outside? That could be the next Black fad!

      1. Joshua says:

        Have to explain to them that the brown stains go on the back and the yellow ones on the front!

  25. InfidelMan says:

    Here’s a little Black History for you: Wearing pants that low isn’t because of a “lack of a belt”? Wearing pants that way mimics black prison hos who are trolling for a poke. These kids are adopting that style in rebellion. Let them do it. It’s their “Freedom of Expression” and because they’re ignorant of what that style says about them using nonverbal communication. Even funnier, they probably think they’re “cool” for wearing them that way.

  26. Mamaganoosh says:

    Black women must be given belts in prison; you don’t see black girls sagging their pants. Why can’t they sew velcro on the black men’s prison pants? They can’t hang themselves with velcro can they? Or use snaps, buttons. Honestly, wouldn’t you think someone could have thought of this by now. ELASTIC…VELCRO…SNAPS…HELLO.

    1. Goober says:

      It’s because there isn’t anyone for them to entice for a poke (except the guards) Besides, most black women actually have a butt to hang their pants on, they don’t need a belt.

      1. Joshua says:

        Michelle Obama has the BIGGEST butt.

  27. Mark Matis says:

    Until this country is willing to address the demographics issue, expect this swill to continue. Dontcha just LOVE Diversity?

  28. Rick says:

    There is not history, white history, hispaniic history etc. There is only history. Period.

    1. Rick says:

      Meant to say ther is no black history, there is just history.

  29. RickBooker says:

    droopy drawers just makes it easeir to point out who the stupid, low life losers are. How can anyone expect them to respect their culture when they don’t even respect themselves.

    1. ctr says:

      It goes with the sloped forehead and small monkey brain case.

      1. curious says:

        Pay attention “Dorothy Kuns”. Now that statement was racist.

  30. JR says:

    It’s a ‘fashion’ fad that came and went so long ago, I don’t remember when it disappeared, so arguing fashion is silly. To me, it’s not just about showing respect for the past in February, it’s showing respect for yourself and others, year around.

    Guys, it doensn’t make you look cool, it makes you look sort of stupid. Only toddlers run around with their pants sagging to their knees but that’s because they’re too immature to know what is happening. What’s your excuse?

    Best advice: get a new fad. One that doesn’t make you look like you have a load in your diaper. JMO

  31. SamEe says:

    This is America. They are free to wear whatever they like. You are free to express your negative opinion. That’s what make this country great!

    1. reason says:

      I guess, when you’re used to wearing leaves, shoving bones through your nose and think that beating on hollow logs is music, anything is “uptown”.

  32. Melvin says:

    It absolutely disgusting , that young men regardless of what color they are, walk around in this manner. And please don’t patronize us with the phrase, “Its a cultural thing.” Black men used to take extreme pride in their personal appearance. Years ago a person would never ever catch a black man wearing nothing less that his Sunday go to meeting attire.
    For the life of me I don’t know why that the majority of black men dress down these days displaying their underwear, walking about grasping their crotch out of fear that they might lose something.
    No longer do black men walk around ramrod straight proud of themselves, now they walk with a slouch and a shuffle.
    For the life of me I can’t fathom in why black females think this type of behavior from males is attractive.
    In the old neighborhood I grew up in. If a black mother caught her son outside dressed like that, she would storm out of the house and grab junior by the ear, and swatting his backside for going outside dressed like that.

    1. leslie says:

      Melvin that is exactly the missing point in all this. Where are the Mothers and the Dads?

      1. curious says:

        Watching the “O” network and … well who knows where the fathers are.

    2. Lester Spratt says:

      What happened was Johnson’s “Great Society” which instituted welfare in a misguided attempt to help Blacks, but instead destroyed the Black family by making the government the father and only giving money to single moms, and the more kids, the more money. In the early 1950s Black’s illegitimacy rate was lower than White’s. Now it’s triple.

      1. Floyd says:

        That’s because the Left are the biggest racists on the planet don’t think minorities can make it on their own, which is not true. They just need a fair shot and some ambition and they can do anything they want. Welfare is a racist institution disguised as compassion.

  33. Babs from PA says:

    Wouldn’t a better idea be to try to teach them to pull up their pants for self respect? Such an old-fashioned idea, I know, but one that may not lead to a prison cell ot worse, and that’s what people who really care about these kids should care about, period.

  34. Bo says:

    Everyone seems to miss the obvious here. Sagging IS now part of black history.
    Not a part to be proud of either. Stop doing it while it can still be considered a fad and not a cultural identity. It does not matter if non black individuals are doing it as well as they are just seen as copy catting black culture.
    The same as how rock grew out the music of black culture but this is not possitive and artistic as that was.

  35. DarkStarz says:

    Hope this catches on in Arizona!

  36. Dorothy Kuns says:

    Okay, I give up. There are too many racists on this blog to attempt to educate. If you insist on thinking and behaving like imbeciles, then I leave you to it. If you want to welcome and embrace hate in your life, then the only one you are hurting is yourself, you pointy headed cretins.

    1. Colonel1 says:

      But hate spoken in comments such as “point headed cretins” is acceptable.
      Thanks for applying to the club Ms Dorothy. For awhile, you started sounding reasonable, but you lost your audience with the name calling.

      1. Alexandra says:

        Note that by “educate” Dorothy means “indoctrinate” or “brainwash.”

        She has this misconception that racism is inherently hateful or ignorant. And right there she displays her own ignorance.

        “Racist” people are those who have managed to rid themselves of political correctness. Now granted you wouldn’t catch me with the KKK…I’m what you’d call a realist.

      2. chris f says:

        racism crosses the line when it incites animosity towards a whole group of people. stating facts is one thing, inciting/perpetuating anger says more about you than it does about the group you’re talking about. so to Colonel1 and all the other thin-skinned, racist, hypocrites who felt the need to express themselves today.. GFY.

    2. I is being disrespected says:

      Talk about the pot calling the kettle balck.

  37. Colonel1 says:

    IF we were to cut-off or drastically reduce subsidies, many of these people (all colors included) would modify their behaviour to become eligible for a job. As things are, nobody will hire them, nobody wants them, and nobody should.
    We enable them with our tax paid subsidies.

  38. MacCane says:

    Loss of personal dignity, self worth, self respect, and no modesty, respect for others, all of it has been lost. Fifty years of Welfare state, decling education, immorality, broken families, births out of wedlock, no discipline in homes or schools, no fear of God, no responsibility, hip-hop culture and thug life with its glorifying of drugs, violence, sex, rebellion, obesene speech and materialism…..and one tiny outward symptom – pants down by your knees, looking a fool like a priosner. Society has lost its way and it is now reaping what it has sown for half a century, all in the name of freedom, or distortion of it.

  39. Caligula says:

    TNB. It won’t change.

  40. Finbar says:

    And why is it OK to resume looking like an ignorant clown on March 1?

  41. Caligula says:

    We need more black men like Morgan Freeman and Bill Cosby, and less thug N-words like Kanye West and P. Diddy.

    Morgan Freeman says the concept of a month dedicated to black history is “ridiculous.”

    “You’re going to relegate my history to a month?” the 68-year-old actor says in an interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes” to air Sunday (7 p.m. EST). “I don’t want a black history month. Black history is American history.”

    Black History Month has roots in historian Carter G. Woodson’s Negro History Week, which he designated in 1926 as the second week in February to mark the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.

    Woodson said he hoped the week could one day be eliminated — when black history would become fundamental to American history.

    Freeman notes there is no “white history month,” and says the only way to get rid of racism is to “stop talking about it.”

    The actor says he believes the labels “black” and “white” are an obstacle to beating racism.

    “I am going to stop calling you a white man and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man,” Freeman says

  42. HansJurgen says:

    This “style” shows stupidity at its highest – and guess which race it’s associates with – yep, the blacks. So, seeing these punks dress this way continues to fuel the fire or racism and blacks parents are too stupid to make their kids stop it.

  43. NOT Black says:

    These blacks with the drooping drawers are idiots. Most black fads are absurd and stupid. Thank God I’m not black. I feel for the decent intelligent ones who hav to share their race with these knuckle draggers. If you want these buffoons to pull their pants up…threaten to take away the supply of Kool-Aid. That should do it. Nasty, disgusting primates.

    1. ProudInfidel says:

      You always have a group of White kids that follow suit right behind the Blacks.

  44. Finbar says:

    Get your pants off the ground
    Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground

  45. tiliyeah says:

    Black history month??? did I miss White history month..where have i been?

  46. Nostromo says:

    What the Great Society did to Black America is a stunning indictment of liberalism. Prior to Lyndon Johnson and his massive intrusion into Black family life, the Black family in America was intact. White America should wake up as liberals are attempting to destroy the White family just as they did the Black one. When an anonymous beaurocrat supplants the father, when checks come from the government instead of the labor of the father, when women are paid to have more children without the support of a father, and when the result of this insanity is called racism this is what you get.

  47. charlio says:

    Also stop clutching their genitals (legacy of a certain late pop singer).

  48. Finbar says:

    With the gold in your mouth
    Hat turned sideways
    Pants hit the ground
    Call yourself a cool cat
    Lookin’ like a fool
    Walkin’ downtown with your pants on the ground

  49. Speedygoon says:

    You can take a black man out of Africa but you can’t take the Africa out of a black man.

  50. TILIYEAH says:

    AL SHAPTON, JESSIE JACKSON IN MY OPINON ARE NOTHING BUT EXTORTIONIST..they twist arms to rub big corp and it should shap…looks as he is SLIZZY THUG THAT ALWAYS LOOKS FOR A T.V OPT

  51. Finbar says:

    Get your pants off the ground
    Lookin’ like a fool
    Walkin’ talkin’ with your pants on the ground.

  52. Caligula says:

    Finbar, your posts would have more of an impact if any of these saggy pant wearing goons could read…or were awake at this hour. Is it the 1st or 15th yet? Nah, they’re still sleeping.

  53. Finbar says:

    Hello! I’m a highly educated, upper middle class black professional, but you wouldn’t know it because I walk around town with my pants on the ground.

  54. Mike00ss says:

    So, what have blacks done lately to be proud of? Help elect the worst president in history??? Rape white chicks cuz your women are so ugly… Ya..way to go homey’s.

  55. BikerBen says:

    I grew up in the Bronx where it’s hard to keep from getting into a fight from time to time. My question regarding this strange fashion statement has always been: How do you defend yourself in a fight with one hand devoted to holding up your pants?

  56. Caligula says:

    Mike00ss, don’t you watch sports? lulz

    1. Mike00ss says:

      No, I don’t.

  57. Jason says:

    This article isn’t about attire, it’s an attempt to get the black community to respect they’re own month. The gays have more pride! You don’t see articles during gay pride week encouraging participants to wear their rainbows.

  58. Caligula says:

    Actually, Colin Powell started this fad when he dropped trou and bent over for Obama.

  59. Seymour Butts says:

    Time to conduct a federally-funded study on the percentage of droopy-panted unemployed and for politicians to discuss the reasons.

  60. Finbar says:

    I remember, Frederick Douglas used to walk around town with his pants on the ground. Martin Luther King too. Walkin around town with his pants on the ground.

  61. y0y says:

    Respect black history? Hate to tell you, this IS part of black history. Recent history but history none the less. Anyway, I am sure there will be whines of racism for this call. Al Sharpton will get his face in the press so he can continue to live high on the hog off the backs of blacks. Where is Tiwana Brawley? She about as much an example of black leaders as any other these days.

  62. Finbar says:

    Thurgood Marshall. Pants on the ground under his gown. Walkin around court with his pants on the ground.

  63. Jack says:

    If they want to pull their pants down, that must mean that they want the city to hire a marshal arts expert to take a cane to their a)ses to teach them respect for society.

  64. Finbar says:

    George Washington Carver had his pants on the ground. Hands full of peanuts, walkin around the farm with his pants on the ground.

    1. Floyd says:

      Too Funny!!! LOL

  65. Realist says:

    Dey juss be practisin’ for der upcoming arrests..

  66. Julio Pezuka says:

    Pull them up just out of respect for “black history month”? No wonder they have no respect for anything. Their leaders have none either.

  67. Julio Pezuka says:

    What about pulling them up out of respect for the millions of citizens who are footing the bill to feed, clothe, and house them?

  68. JaWILLIAM says:

    No shoe laces and pants to the ground? No wonder they get caught!

  69. Caligula says:

    Finbar, now you’re just cracking me up. 🙂

  70. Finbar says:

    Percy Julian had his pants on the ground. Hat turned sideways, lookin at those soybeans with his pants on the ground.

  71. Caligula says:

    Charlie Bolden and Ron McNair, floatin through space with their pants…on the ground?

  72. y0y says:

    Is anyone really surprised by this? This is a subculture that has been allowed to whine, cry and throw tantrums until they get what they want no matter how unreasonable. And like any spoiled child it has to increase the level in order to keep getting what it wants. Now we have reached a point where they are so self-destructive that even common sense is gone all in the effort to keep special treatment in their favor

  73. Finbar says:

    Louis Armstrong with his pants on the ground. Singin “Hello Dolly” with the gold in his teeth and his pants on the ground.

  74. STOP THE LOOTERS says:

    Black History month is a fraud and is patently racist against whites. The evils and costs to tax-paying producers here in the US to support the welfare state, jails to house them, the never ending escalation of social programs, the costs of quotas in public contracitng and hiring, etc. is making white slaves to blacks. Wake up America, this is what liberals and democrats have brought on us.

    1. y0y says:

      Havent you realized yet that there is no racism against whites? Blacks attack a white youth for dating a black girl? Not racist, not a hate crime. Black only scholarships? Not racist. White only scholarships? Racist. Oh and its not just the liberals and dems. Thats misguided. All whites are responsible for this anti-white mentality in the US. We are the ones that sign on when idiotic or outright fabricated claims of racism occur. We are the ones that allow blacks and minorities to cry racism and we CAVE. Whites in general are to blame. Cant blame the minorities, if all you ever had to do to get whatever you want is cry racism and riot you would do it too

    2. John Frost says:

      97% Of Federal Employees are Black, We are their slaves while they pay huge salaries and perks.

  75. B. Favre says:

    pants on the ground, pants on the ground. lookijn like a fool with your pants on the ground.

  76. Finbar says:

    What is the one common element that defines all of the black men and women who have made great contributions to our culture throughout the years? Right! They used to walk around town with their pants on the ground!

  77. Noahfingwhey says:

    Shhh! Pants on the ground makes it easier to catch them when a crime is committed.

  78. Caligula says:

    they should start putting prison inmates in 3-piece suits…or at least business casual wear. see if that catches on in the ghettos.

  79. Smokehouse says:

    How pathetic is that? Well it is California.

  80. earllutz says:

    Leave it to LIBERALS to try to use something as worthless as “black history month (formally know as February) as a way to get kids to PULL THEIR PANTS UP.

    Done you UNDERSTAND.. they are DOWN to INSULT the hand that feeds them.

  81. Noahfingwhey says:

    I remember watching MLK during the great Civil Rights marches and being worried the poor man was going to trip and fall down if he didn’t pull up his drawers. He often said that he had a dream that one day all men would be able to buy a belt regardless of his skin color or the content of his character. In this regard we have failed the Black man. A belt is a civil right!

  82. mshopeb5 says:

    I told my 13 year old son he best not come home looking like that. I asked him what having your pants under your a$$, with your boxers means? He said it the style. I said ” it means your to stupid to put a belt on because you don’t know how to put the little strap through the “Belt” loops on your pants. It screams “I’m a F&&ken moron, I don’t know how to use a belt”. I also told him if he wants to have his pants under his a$$, showing off his boxers, I would be more then glad to rip his pants off and just buy boxers next time I go school shopping. Parent do/should have the responsibility to knock some sense into their children. YOU are the parent, show it.

    1. ProudInfidel says:

      You are assuming these kids Parent does not feel the same way the Kid does. Mom does not raise kids in the Black Ghetto the Grandmother does. That way the Mother can keep having kids to support the family on welfare.

  83. Scottm1207 says:

    When your “community leaders” continually tell you that you cannot get ahead in life because “the man” is keeping you down, and you just need to hitch your wagon to lifetime government dependency, this is the attitude you cultivate.

    When you cultivate no work ethic, no educational ethic, and a general nasty attitude towards any race and color but your own, as the ‘community leaders” do, then you get a community that is lost to society. When you watch Jerry Springer and see the fruits of liberal cultivation of government dependency, in return for a reliable vote, you should stand up to those who keep harvesting the fields of despair election after election. False promises should be exposed.

    The democrat party has done more to destroy society than any “institutional racism” that confronts people of color outside the government vote plantations, aka ghettos, in which “community leaders” warehouse their reliable voters. And when leftist “community leaders” are the only voice they listen to, they start to wear their pants like this in a display of general contempt for the whole of society, instead of freeing themselves from the hell holes created by their “leaders” and becoming productive, peaceful, contributors to the real community of the USA.

    1. ProudProgressive says:

      Apparently you have never heard some of the community leaders address their constituents as I have here in Washington, DC. Note that I don’t write “community leaders” because the rhetorical device of putting a term in parenthesis is a way of casting doubt of the term’s legetimacy. Yes, the ones I’ve heard are recognized as legitimate and they envariably implore the audiences to work hard, go to school and exercise personal responsibility. They may refer to racial bias as a hindrance but not as the controlling or limiting element of life; rather as an obstacle among many to be overcome. Perhaps in the 1970s what you say may have happened, but in the last 2 decades I have never heard such speakers say that “…you just need to hitch your wagon to lifetime government dependency” or that these speakers cultivate”…no work ethic, no educational ethic, and a general nasty attitude towards any race and color but [their] …own, as [you assert with no evidence] the ‘community leaders” do…”
      My view after seeing all this first hand over the years is that the young in these communities have rejected their elders as well as the community leaders’ messages (who include, in our culture, the preacher class so that scratches off the churches) in favor of feral kinship groups

      The primary family axis broke apart first and that’s where things began to spiral downward. Mass entertainment kicked in just about that time with BET etc. to bring forward the hypnotic glamour of gun/hiphop/gangsta rap culture. Every community leader I have heard has, since the 1980s, spoken in opposition to this trend.

      You’re next charge, about the “democrat party”, repeats constant chatter on the conservative blogs, and nobody ever steps up to object, but I will now. First, it’s the Democratic Party, as in Democracy, not “democrat party”. Secondly, most blacks are not an monolithic mass of cattle who vote just somebody riles them up with a bullhorn; they vote their interests. Many of us are old enough to remember the Goldwater campaign when the Southern Startegy began to be used by the GOP to lure away disgruntled ethnic whites and Dixiecrats. We remember Richard Nixon when the Strategy came full force and also, later, the symbolism of Ronald Reagan inagaurating his campaign in Oxford, Miss. We know that discriminatory policies persist in various subtle ways and that the culmulative effects are pernicious. Our Democratic leaders respond to those concerns. Not one of them that I’ve heard or read,puts down hard work, promote crime or invite people to depend on handouts, as your side always claims. We vote Democratic Party because Democrats respond to our needs and desires as a constotuency, and it’s as simple as that.

  84. Steve Roberts says:

    While I despise this style encouraging these thugs to dress normally may not be a good idea. Sagging pants much easier for police to identify, run down and catch criminal. I say they should be encouraged to wear their pants around their ankles.

  85. Blackhistory buff says:

    Can someone explain how these black history students keep their from falling down? Are there strings or clips or something I can’t see?

  86. d. smfic says:

    Whenever I see this I laugh out loud. These kids don’t even realize that the look comes from jailhouses where the gay prisoners do this to advertise their rear-end services.

  87. Caligula says:

    the boys in the photo can’t even afford shirts, and we expect them to have belts? come on people — show some compassion.

  88. Noahfingwhey says:

    In a related story, the Rev Al Sharpton issued a statement demanding Belt Reparations. He also said he was struggling to come up with a catchy slogan like the famous No Justice! No Peace! He lamented that No Belt! No Tracks On the Ground! didn’t sound good on the bullhorn!

  89. MEC says:

    Do away with “Black History Month” and let the idiots have their saggy pants. Why? For 2 primary reasons. 1) Black History Month is racist bent in that it (Black History Month) ignores or subordinates all other cultures and ethnics for the month, and 2) allowing the wearing of “saggy” pants with the individual’s a$$ showing readily identifies the person to be what he is; an idiot!

  90. Joe says:

    I think its great I see young African American men wearing their pant down like that and all I can think is at least the cops have a chance of catching them when they commit a crime!

  91. mtumba djibouti says:

    It’s beyond time to let black history month sag. clearly, kids and a culture that emulate and adulate being incarcerated are well beyond reach of any celebration of a culture that sought equality and preached individual responsibility.

  92. Noahfingwhey says:

    So can we refer to this as Black History Butt?

  93. cleatus says:

    hahahah dem negros is so crazy !

  94. Matt_B says:

    When I was a kid, it was all about skin tight jeans for guys and gals. This saggy pant thing – I don’t get it. I know it’s a form of rebellion but I guess I just wouldn’t feel comfortable walking around all day wondering if I was going to spontaneously pants myself.

  95. Lou says:

    When is White History Month?

    1. Ok? says:

      every month of the year?

  96. asiandude says:

    black need more guvment cheese i guess.

  97. Dann45 says:

    Let them wear saggy pants and appear ignorant. So what? It’s a free country!

  98. cracker says:

    If you still live at home and your mommy feeds you – you ain’t no gangster; pull your pants up!

  99. trooof says:

    malcolm x used to prophesize on a soapbox . . .pants on the ground . . . smilin through his golden grill, and making gang signs while ralph ellison stood bye with his pants on the ground . . . richard wright was a native son, held the picket line wit his pants on the ground while that ho rosa parks kept it real raising them babies in the ghetto with no money from no baby daddy, and those childs growin up to stand tall with their pants on the ground nearly ready to fall. what you gonna feed those babies . . .they can´t eat yo bag of weed, and they ain´t gona fall asleep listenin to a bullet fly lullabye . . . what make u drop yo pants boy? u think things gonna change for you if you manage to keep it real . . .true lies . ..truth dont change . . .stays the same . . .now decide for yourself to live or die, but don´t bring my babies up to let them look like fools and ground themselves before they learn to fly . . . dont let the man tell u how to wear your pants . . . pull em up and shut yo loud mouths . . . u aint original . . .u dont know nothin . . . u refuse to listen . . .be held down. not my problem.

    1. Paul Rosenberg says:

      malcolm x… richard wright… stellar examples of black leadership. whatever. might as well throw the likes of louis farrakhan, jesse jackson, and al sharpton in there.

      1. trooof says:

        your a stellar example . . . of missing the point . . . and have you ever read native son? its great . . .modern day crime and punishment.

  100. prison folk says:

    In prison wearing your pants like that means you are looking for a “mate”….

  101. summus says:

    black people ONLY represent 10% of the American population. I’m tired of talking about them even if the media is OBSESSED with them.

  102. Darren says:

    Black Hisree Munf. More like Monkey Month.

    1. ProudProgressive says:

      Apparently if what you say is true than you are, and each and every one of us is, a monkey, since researchers have come to the conclusion that for human race, excepting the superficial physical differences, is a cultural rather than biological construct.

  103. Rob A. says:

    A few hundred years ago, and atrocity of great magnitude was perpetrated against a race of people. There were other horrors too, but we are wise to take time to recognize the wounds, and to focus on educating ourselves so we learn and never forget those horrors. Blacks in America aren’t helpless victims though, the human will to survive is too strong. Blacks in America have risen above their humble and painful roots and have made significant contributions to making this country as great as it is. We are often tempted to follow some collectivist mindset, lumping all people together on a condition of skin color, gender, religion. But we can do better, and we are better than that and that is why it is important to take time (a day, a week, a month, a year) to reflect on the many great individuals who have broken through adversity to bring us the wonderful country we have today.

  104. curious says:

    Jeez, I knew that this article was going to get the attention of some racists, but good lord, you guys are vicious

    1. Melissa Tulin says:

      What do you expect? This article is linked to Drudge.

      1. Dave says:

        Another lefty with blinders to reality on.

        What does a conservative person actually have to do with racism? Look at the historical facts of who actually has been the most opressive group of people in this country… you’d be surprised because the media has done a good job of distorting the truth over the decades.
        The “progressives” or liberals-socialists…etc…, have been the ones. They tolerate NO ONE that does not think and act like them.

        Conservatives, for the most part, simply want less government, more freedom, less spending, less taxes… get government the heck out of people’s way… THAT alone tells you they are all for everyone being equal.

        The truth is pretty easy to find once you stop listening to the BS from the MSM

      2. f_u_c_K_ republicans says:

        but republicans want to change what rape means

      3. stacie says:

        Drudge tells it like it is! How would you tell it?

      4. KJ says:

        Show me what is inaccurate on Drudge. Not like Rachel Madcow.

    2. enuff says:

      Just because you don’t like the truth it doesn’t make it racist.

      1. says:


    3. Htos1 says:

      Well,two diametrically opposed cultures can’t occupy the same place at the same time,one MUST give.I await your cogent response.

      1. John Frost says:

        “Humans can’t co-exist with wild predatory African beasts” said an old retired cop.

    4. JB says:

      Yes, because of course only blacks wear their pants sagged. Don’t worry there are plenty of white and latino morons out there too.

  105. Old Hippy Lady says:

    When I was a young person in the sixties, lots of folks hated the way we dressed; no bras and the long hair on the boys. Let the kids dress the way they want. If you don’t like it, look the other way. I see lots of older people that go out in public looking pretty rough.

    1. Melvin says:

      It is just as disgusting then as it is just as disgusting now. Besides hippies during the 60’s had a foul order emanating from them for lack of personal hygiene. Sine this is 2011 hippie lady I hope at least that aspect has improved upon you.

  106. Paulie4 says:

    I don’t mind the saggy baggy fashion for the simple reason that people required to employ one arm holding their paints up and unable to run in such pants at any rate, have a lower probability of being able to rob me and my wife successfully.

  107. Wes says:

    What kills me about this whole fad is they call it saggin. I mean come on spell it backwards.

    1. Spartacus says:

      ROFL! Outstanding comment, man. Great observation!

  108. angry white man says:

    Forget about pulling up your pants….How about showing respect by not having more children than you can support? Or not beating the hell out of each other in public because you were “dissed”??
    MLK is turning in his grave…

  109. Joe Schmuck-a,telly says:

    It’s about time for the black community to stand up for their own. Take ownership on several issues: (1) Pants falling down; (2) teen pregnancy rates; (3) black ‘men’ abandoning their children; (4) lack of respect for others. I’m tired of hearing Jesse and the Rev Al spew their hate and blame everyone else for their problems (and have their hands out so I can donate)! Fix your own problems, before we have another generation of lost youths. You have already lost a lot 30 – 45 yrs old, and almost all younger than 30. What’s the solution? Black community, I don’t hear you…

  110. meesha4 says:

    A mother AND a father should come up behind any teenager with his underwear showing and give him a GOOD wedgie. It’s called RESPECT, and it has NOTHING to do with race, black history month, hispanic month, white month, pink month, or whatever other daily designation you want. If the PARENT gets any backtalk about it, then he deserves a smack across the back of the head. Ooops, can’t do that. Someone will call child protective services.

  111. ragu4u says:

    I’m just thankful these Bozos underwear. Otherwise you’d see Long Beach has more “crack” than Oprah!

  112. ragu4u says:

    oops………WEAR underwear

  113. Marcel says:

    Excellent advice for all kids applicable year round. If followed success in life will come. “Pull up your pants, turn your hat around and get a job”.

  114. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    We already have a “Negro Worship Day”. Why do we need a “Negro Worship Month”?

  115. friday says:

    While we’re at it can we ask them to throw on a shirt?

  116. natb1 says:

    I watch a lot of “COPS”, and I noticed the thieves and gang bangers cant run from the police as quickly with their pants falling down. This is a good thing to me.

    This dress code does not lower the self-esteem, it raises it up. The social statement is basically, “showing your ass”. Its meant as a disrespect of others. I remember eating at Toco Bell, and I was treated to an employees ass right in my face as he cleaned the next table. Im sure he was thinking to himself, “I am putting my ass right in that guys face”.

    They are smug.

    1. Connie says:

      The thing to do in that situation, and personally, I have done it…. is to reach over and pull the pants down. Oh, they get mad, but if they are dressed that way at work, perhaps the manager actually needs to see their behavior with a customer. I was at a local restaurant and a young man was dressed in his “uniform”, but the pants were hanging low. As he bent over to clean dishes off a table next to me, I simply reached over and gave a good pull. At first, he was spitting mad, but as the rest of the patrons started laughing, he quickly retreated. I am hoping some small lesson was learned by him that day.

  117. paphnutios says:

    Exactly right. The black parent (singular, since over 70% of black children live with only one) cannot control their children, since they haven’t been able to control themselves. The apples are not falling far from the trees.

  118. Kevin says:

    Telling black kids (and US kids in general) to pull up their pants, is like telling US women to stop complaining about everything. It will not work. The US is nothing but clueless, feminized, nanny-state loving sheep today….

  119. Caligula says:

    the fatherless race walks around with their butts hanging out hoping some male figure will come along and tear their a$$ up, providing the discipline they never received growing up.

  120. Caligula says:

    the fatherless race walks around with their behinds hanging out because they weren’t REARED correctly.

  121. Crash says:

    They ought to issue cops with heavy duty staple guns to help them out with that.

  122. Caligula says:

    the fatherless race walks around with their butts hanging out… hoping some male figure will come along and tear their a$$ up, providing the discipline they never received growing up.

  123. Caligula says:

    The fatherless race.

  124. John Svengali says:

    But if they pull up their pants, they cannot be cool “n-i-g-g-a-s.” It is a sad commentary on black culture that so much ignorance and disgusting behavior is perpetuated as style. Let’s call it what it is: vulgarity.

    To paraphrase M.L.K., “I have a dream” that one day these thugs will all find their way to prison before the ultimate destination of Hell.

  125. Caligula says:

    these morons don’t want to be helped, nor do they want to be successful at anything. let them perish.

  126. sandra says:

    the saggy pants style began in prisons and signifies that the saggy pants wearer is a “bottom”

  127. cowboy says:

    Unfortunately, they probably are celebrating black history month. Just look at the prison rolls.

  128. Flannigan says:

    These kids show pride, for black history month, by hanging down their pants.

    Best for them is to continue looking like dumb, jobless, uneducated hobos.

    The center piece of being black is to look and act as reprehensible as possible!

  129. Joey says:

    Why waste time on this?

    1. Bec says:

      What are you talking about? You a Hole

    2. Leroy says:

      Man you must be the biggest racists I have ever seen. We need black history month We have 11 months for white people and only one for blacks. we need 11 for blacks and only one for whites. Don’t you know we do have a great black president now.

  130. jj says:

    Unfortuately, they might be celbrating black history month.

  131. astralweeks says:

    Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool with your pants on the ground.

  132. Observer says:

    A big problem in this country is blacks hatred of whites. Blacks are the chief racists in this country. They even have racism amongst themselves based on skin darkness. This is insane.

    1. WES says:


  133. Dave, San Francisco says:

    I appreciate that they wear saggy pants. Wearing pants around your knees is nature’s way of saying steer clear of me – I’m a dangerous idiot. You don’t mess with a dog with his hackles up, you don’t play with a coiled rattelsnake and you don’t engage a person in conversation who has his pants around his knees.

  134. Constance says:

    I would have thought that the parents and the community should take care of this problem by now. I realize each generation has its young people dressing and acting in specific ways to rebel, but this pants thing is so stupid. I’ve often wondered what would happen in a genuine emergency, when running at full speed is the only way you are going to survive? Would we see a bunch of young men whizzing past dressed in only their underwear, since their pants fell off, or would we see a pile of them tripped up by their own clothing, laying on top of each other? When I see a black young man walking with pants like this, I immediately interpret him to be a gang member, a criminal, and a lazy SOB. He may be an A Student with a bright future… I interpret him otherwise. Time to pull up the pants.

  135. Connie says:

    Geez. Please go lay down somewhere and try to relax.

  136. hargen says:

    I guess I don’t see the connection between pulling up one’s pants and respect for black history month? Are these good people profiling? Are they creating racial stereotypes? If they aren’t and this “pull up your pants” applies to all races then why are we only doing it in honor of black history month? Is that month special over other months? Pure racism that won’t be called out.

  137. I is being disrespected says:

    No race more biased, bigoted, and racist than black. Raised to hate whitey.

  138. milt says:

    Leave the droopy pants where they are. Cops say it is easer to catch them when they run away.

  139. CharlotteDNC2012 says:

    See you guys in Charlotte on September 3rd 2012

  140. alanwillingham says:

    How is History either Black or White?

    And just a reminder, History is being created every day, so future generations will read the History of those who choose to draw extra attention to their buttocks rather than their brains.

    Who knows, maybe this brave fanny flaunting will also be remembered with pride and become a National Holiday

  141. Paul Begala says:

    Expecting civilized, respectful behavior from nigggers is asking a lot. There is a reason Africa is Africa…

  142. Paul Begala says:

    There is a reason Africa is Africa…

  143. Mike says:

    I grew up in Long Beach. I had to move after being woken by gun shots to many nights. Wife was shot in neck by a pellet gun, had a gun pointed at her and witnessed a shooting. Each time they said to come in and make a report. No officer came. Time to move.

  144. McGruff says:

    I have a better idea. Instead of worrying about the pants being disrespectful of MLK, how about being more concerned with the killing of each other and of innocent victims?

  145. MST says:

    I am a hard-working, tax paying African American woman who has never been on welfare, had out of wedlock children, or used drugs. I am a college graduate, home owner and have been working all my life (in fact, I currently work TWO jobs). There are millions of black people like me in this country, whose children DON’T act like thugs or wear these absurd styles, but the many racists here just ignore the fact that people like myself exist.


    1. American says:

      ah yes, blacks upset as ……… they spend half their time proving the stereotype and the other half being mad at people that notice

    2. Mike says:

      Because of ignorance. Keep posting and stating the truth.
      Don’t allow the big lie to continue unchallenged.
      God bless you and be safe in the knowledge that many people like myself have seen evidence of your existence:)

    3. Not Gullible says:

      Because the “millions” of black people like yourself fail to openly voice their disgust with the actions of the other millions of blacks that more strongly represent the entire black population. AND, it is quite obvious that you do engage in separatism and racism in that you have identified yourself as an “African-American” rather than an American who happens to be black. You are either African or American. Tell your story to a “fool.”

      1. ProudProgressive says:

        As an American of color I respond that a lot of us, like MST, are busy doing our jobs and carrying out our personal responsibilities. We make our objections to the gangsta culture known in safe venues, such as in church, at family gatherings and during community forums (if we have the time). It is important to consider, however, that this is a highly visible and noisy minority of our group, not necessarily representing the whole. But you probably never come to our communities to see that.

  146. bcb says:

    I wish some these kids and adults who wear their pants like this would realize how stupid they look.

  147. sean patriot says:

    Ticket those babboons for indecent exposure, it will stop eventually

  148. bubba says:

    eyes keeps it realz

  149. Mike says:

    I lived in a neighborhood that had a well known drug house down a few doors. I went to the police dept with pictures of druggies on bikes carrying stolen property to the house. I talked with a captain and our city councilman. The drug house was still there when I moved after 10 years. They befriended my child. I had to confront them myself. Forget the pants control the bad guys.

  150. steve says:

    Girls have walked around with mini skirts that show all for years and no complaints. Boys wear their pants so low you can see their underwear. unacceptable. I dont care for the style myself . But its not my concern. The thing that gets me is the people that support these laws and complain so much are the same ones who oppose gov regulation and control. and claim to support freedom. i was at a political rally recently and the representive said he was against big gov and the gov had no right in regulating the people and in the same speach he spoke of being against gay marriage. That seems alot like one man imposing his beliefs on another to me.
    I have thought about all these and really saggy pants , gay people getting married and all the others in between have no effect on me or my life. every american should have the same freedoms so long as they dont abuse them.

  151. That is easy access. There was a poll a few years back where 70 some percent of black males are or have been on the “Down Low”

  152. Duude says:

    Saggy pants came into style back in the 1990s when the Chicago Bulls were all the rage in the NBA. One year they had the old style short shorts that makes African American players butts look every bit as huge as they are, and the next year they had big baggy shorts. Big baggy shorts then came into style big time and remain in style to this day. The droopy pants look was borne of the baggy shorts fad. It was all in the name of making the African American butt look smaller. It was initially all about vanity. Now its in style.

  153. caspar says:

    I sympathize with the bishop and councilman but they know and we know their calls will be ignored and, in any event, it will have no effect whether anybody sags pants or not. It’s what’s in the mind.
    You just can’t fix stupid.

  154. phillysmart says:

    Indicative of the lack of civility, respect and moral decay of the black sub culture and society as a whole…This is a civilized sophisticated seems these kids are reverting back to their african culture where they walk around naked…

  155. Finbar says:

    Yo! Barak Obama. Get your pants on the ground.
    The Mullahs don’t respect you with your pants up around.
    Get your hat turned sideways, get some gold in your teeth
    G20’ll dis you if you look too neat.
    Get your pants on the ground and walk all around
    Elections are coming so look like a clown
    Get you hat turned around and your pants on the ground
    Lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground.

    1. donttreadonme says:

      “Brothers, pull up your pants.” — B.H. Obama

  156. Melissa Tulin says:

    I am a well-educated hard-working African American professional woman. I pay my taxes, own my home, have never used drugs, and have never had a child out of wedlock. There are millions of black people like me around the country, yet many of the posters on this site ignore that we exist. My question is: why?

    1. Publicus says:

      Because, Melissa, people like you aren’t news – you don’t stand out, you don’t do crazy or stupid things. The media can’t turn you into a story. The politicians can’t use you to run against.

    2. Truth says:

      Thanks for your honesty and question and here is the truth. Your media representatives do not make money off of normal folks like you. They need blacks to be a welfare class to stay in power and influence. Stop supporting the NAACP (if you do) and demand in the Black community that those who continue to perpetuate the stereotype STOP! Change can happen but has to come from good hard working people like you because if I said it, even in the nicest of ways, I would be lynched by the left. Only you and your children, and your friends can fix this.

    3. NG says:

      Because you conveniently and quietly hide behind your “blackness” in the black crowd, and when in the midst of non-black you act upon use your little story as stated above. You obviously want to be accepted as being anti-white to the black population and obviously want the whites to recognized that you ARE separate….AFRICAN-AMERICAN

      Get lost!!

    4. mot says:

      It might be a suggestion that respectable hard working African Americans like yourself start speaking out against the high perceantage of the black community that are involved in criminal activity and debunking race baiters like Al Sharpten who profit from the victimhood mentality in the Black Community. You have proven that any member of the Black community can acheive success just as easily as someone from the white community. Hell, I’m white and don’t own a home….your doing better than I am.

  157. tantrim says:

    I think the Black History Month is racist because if we were to have a White History Month there would be howling from the blacks.

  158. donttreadonme says:

    Thank God it is a short month.

  159. Mike says:

    This is not a black thing, it is gangsters and watabes emulating the prison wear. They have done it since the Zoot suit era. Nobody is going to pull their pants up. I love these politicians that work hard to come up with empty proclamations. Bad guys make it so easy, neck tats, baggy pants etc. In the 70and 80s Long Beach tried to create affordable housing. They plopped Apartment buildings with 50 units right in neighborhoods of single family dwellings. People had to rent their homes to be safe. White flight became a huge burden on the police. Forget the pants, tear down those buildings.It ruined so many nice neighborhoods.

  160. Chip says:

    I say good. More times than not these children lack proper guidance from responsible fathers. Quite simply they are not taught how to behave and they copy what they see around them. With the AA family almost non existent and the men completely devoid of any responsibility of their children, these kids need that proper guidance from men (not women). Since the fathers wont do it I commend these men to offering to the community. Keep in mind though by no means will it replace the proper role of the father being head of the household.

  161. Dave p says:

    This is how I dress when I go out to look for a job.

  162. Anon says:

    These “people” have no respect for themselves, why should they have respect for their history, their culture, or Black History month?

  163. rfield says:

    I like the saggy pants, it helps me identify who to watch out for.

  164. Tray says:

    If one of those thing their “Leaders” tell them to do to “Be Black”. Then when people shun them for looking like fools and idiots, they can claim “discrimination”—“because they are black”
    Hey, if they want to be treated as equals, looking like a FOOL is not the way to do it. No one of any consequence discriminates on the basis of race nowadays. But Dems and “black leaders” have a vested interest in keeping blacks down—So they will encourage foolish behaviour–and blame the consequences on “racisim”

    1. WLII says:


  165. Claudia says:

    They should show RESPECT all the time… not just this month!

  166. Piazil says:

    Well, I’m going to say what most people are likely thinking…..unless some serious intervention happens with these kids (and let’s face it, they are the products of their environments, upbringings, influences, etc.) they will grow up to be THIRD CLASS citizens who will be supported by everyone else. Seriously, if these ‘people’ want to live like this, lets give them a couple of hundred acres somewhere, cordon it off permanently, and let them all kill each other! ….Okay, that (the recommendation, not the description) was mostly facetious, but there is a pretty good sized thread of honesty in there, too.

    1. TYRONE says:


  167. lukenev says:

    When I was a cop it was easier to catch the riffraff because they could not run. Keep’em low. for the cops.

  168. Think says:

    If they have no respect for their culture outside of Black History Month, why would they during it? Its too late now for successful integration, sorry, that ship sailed when racist orgs like the NAACP were deemed good but the KKK was bad. They are both the same. promoting one races wellfare over another. Reap what you sew black people. And dont hate the messenger, hate the truth and change it.

    1. ProudProgressive says:

      “Its too late now for successful integration, sorry, that ship sailed when racist orgs like the NAACP were deemed good but the KKK was bad.” Unpacking this one will take work, but here goes. “Successful integration” is and has been happening, except I suppose in your mind. Please cite anywhere, in its 101 year history, where the NAACP has been anything but an ANTI-RACIST organization rather than “racist” as you claim. Primary sources, please – no hyperbole or fever dreams. Please cite anywhere how the KKK has been anything but “bad” – assuming you agree with the majority of people that lynching is bad – and finally how not thinking it was would’ve helped integration. Primary sources please – hyperbole or pointless assertions will be meaningless to anyone other than yourself.

  169. g good says:

    I’m 67 years old & here is a sure fired way to at least slow these jerks down when we see them with their butts hanging out. Just say loud enough in a situation where many people will hear you…”Honey, your PANTIES are showing”. I’ve done it every chance I had & they snap to attention!!

    1. KO says:


  170. Harry Obrian says:

    Why pull them up? Isn’t that how they show respect? Black history month…gimme a break, what’s next muslim appreciation week? Affirmative action just has too many workers and lobbyists.

  171. TXRog says:

    Think about this and consider the fact…
    If the city and it’s officials fell they need to tell these “gangster wannabes” to dress appropriately to show respect for Black History month, then these individuals obviously don’t have an innate sense of respect for their own history, culture and people do they?
    I was wondering when there will be a formal declaration for White History Month? I would wear a bow tie every day in honor of it.

  172. TR Bender says:

    They should stop crying.
    The kids have no repspect for White History week, nor Russian and Cossack Heritage Month.
    Get with the program. Today’s parents and society have brought about generations of trash that have no respect for any thing !

  173. Gloating Rich Guy says:

    But saggy jeans are black history month. The same moronic people who gave us Black History Month are the same people responsible for saggy jeans. Think about it, if you think a worthless made up month of celebrating the inventor of the traffic light or peanut butter is going to raise self-esteem in a generation of fatherless kids born to crack addicted mothers, then you’re part of the problem. Just the idea that black people are so pathetic they need a month that celebrates what are obviously silly things would destroy any person’s faith in their people.

    1. TIM says:


  174. Real American says:

    naacp showing racist rage as ……..blacks spend half their time and the other half being made because we notice

  175. Paul says:

    Pull up your pants as a sign of self respect.

  176. Bud says:

    What’s wrong with all you people !!! Obviously they cannot afford a belt… I propose a new program that will distribute belts free of charge for those in need.. “Belts For The Poor” if you will. I believe this will solve all the crime and murder problems that we currently have.. It seems laughably obvious as well that these poor individuals are so angry about their inabiility to afford a belt, that they take their anger out on the community though acting out, committing crimes and murder etc.. Please donate now to “Belts For The Poor” .org.. Thank You

  177. TYRONE says:


    1. Robert says:

      They can be educated but they will never achieve as much as whites, Jews or Asians.

      Also search for racial differences in IQs.

    2. Joshua says:

      only how to steal and lie.

    3. Don't Renig America says:

      No. Anything with an IQ lower than that of an amoeba can not be educated

  178. Caligula says:

    it’s really only American blacks that act this way. my black friends that emigrated from Africa are college-educated, successful businessmen. they even learn English when they come to America for a better life. how long does it take these low-life lazy black Americans to get over the past. minority immigrants come to this country and prosper. American blacks are a pathetic bunch.

    1. Harry Obrian says:

      While I agree it is really not their fault, they have been destroyed by their own leaders and a part of government that needs them to even exist.

  179. Mom says:

    Well, I have to say, I’m dissapointed in these kids. If these kids were more serious about wanting to emulate the gangster and thug style, they ought to try a little higher than baggy pants. Don’t they know today’s thugs dress up in tidy, tasteful business suits with belts like politicians, corporate shills and wall street bankers, Think lobbyist or J.P. Morgan banker.

  180. Aubrey says:

    Makes about as much sense as rap. Its an urban Negro thang.

  181. Bud says:

    It’s a well known scientific fact that the amount of prison time an individual will accrue throughout their lifetime can be accurately predicted through measurement of distance between an individual’s waistline and ‘pants line’… a WELL KNOWN SCIENTIFIC FACT!!!!

  182. angry whtie man says:

    the perils of saggy pants:

    1. JACK says:

      This video actually shows 2 stereotypes of black males hahaha.

  183. Giant9er says:

    I’ll never forget the day at the football game when I saw a black dude balancing a tray of 2 hotdogs, two beers, and nachos, He was making his way to his seat through the crowd trying to keep his pants from falling. Something happened in the game, everyone jumped, someone bumped him and he lost control of the tray. In his haste to try regain control, his pants dropped to the ground, which in turn made him loose the tray.

    Then some one strated yelling the “lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground.” May have been one of those “had to be there” moments. But try to picture this happening at a sold-out NFL Game in front of your whole section. In the first quarter.

  184. Bill says:

    The truth is that these kids probably do not have a Dad to show and tell them how responsible persons live here in USA. They need parents that tell them to go to school and make something out of them selves.

  185. racism sux says:

    Thongs at the beach on white people is ok. Saggy Jeans on black people in the streets, not OK. Hmmmm sure are a lot of racist comments on here.

    1. Mike says:

      Thongs at the beach are similarly disgusting.
      To me they demonstrate a total lack of modesty.

    2. Melvin says:

      Oh give the racism excuse a rest will ya. Thongs are made for being at the beach, not the public sidewalk, where many young black males shuffle and hold their crotch, and holding ones crotch in the mall or shuffling down the sidewalk isn’t disgusting?
      Besides enlighten us to the fact in do black males hold their crotch while walking?
      Besides who wants to look as skanky nasty draaws anyway regardless of the color of the offending person. It isn’t just a black thang, there are gazillions of dumb fool white boys from the suburbs trying to act like de from da hood and all that.

  186. Bill says:

    The police need to pull down their pants and take them from them including their shorts, let the stupid thugs go naked, then the other gangs can throw rocks at them and maybe they will learn to dress normally.

  187. Hank Warren says:

    This is all about limiting Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  188. Dr. King says:

    To think that I gave my life so that today’s inner city youth can use their freedom to act like absolute dopes…I have a nightmare!!!

  189. Caligula says:

    if you can’t distinguish the difference between wearing bathing suits at the beach and walking around town with your a$$ hanging out, you deserve your stupidity.

  190. CB says:

    These comments are just as funny as the article. Thank you all for an entertaining lunch hour!

  191. Bud says:

    Wearing a thong a the beach might indicate a Low IQ or other psychological issues, but scientific studies have shown that wearing pants down indicates a low IQ coupled with violent / criminal tendencies.. Being of low intelligence doesn’t necessarily have an impact on the community, but being stupid and violent is something of a concern to most rational people.

  192. GhettoThugBoy says:

    Goo luck wif dat

  193. Humphrey Stump says:

    Caligula’s got it right. Pants on the ground, the ink, the piercings, the hats’, the ridiculous first names, etc., etc. Yeah, they’re really showing the MAN. LMFAO.

  194. walter12 says:

    My God, how stupid do you think your readers are? Everyone knows who committs the vast majority of street crimes in LA and across the nation. No matter how much the LA Times attempts to lie and hide the truth, we still know that it is the young Mexican and black youths that committ all of this crime. Pulling up their pants is not going to change any of that fact.

  195. desertphile says:

    This is asinine and insulting. If people refuse to have self-respect, Long Beach asking them to suddenly act like they do is just…. idiotic. If Long Beach doesn’t like to see black anuses and flowery underwear, why doesn’t Long Beach do something useful and, oh, I don’t know…. pass out waist belts or suspenders or something?

  196. glenn says:

    They are the new gang in town…the “dirty diaper”gang

  197. SammieJo says:

    Let them wear their pants with their crack showing, it makes the thugs easily identifiable to the rest of us.
    Actually, I would think that wearing your pants with your crack showing would qualify as indecent exposure. Start arresting them, give them a sex offender record, they’ll stop after awhile.

  198. Yo, its Boo says:

    I wear dem low so i can poop in da street mang . Its my own social protest against oppression-peace out

  199. Chet says:

    Yea my wife outran one of these creeps when he tryed to steal my sons truck,his pants were half way down,that was funny

  200. Snoop says:

    Just profile them. Easy.

  201. Tyrone says:

    It’s because of slavery.

  202. Jon Fraud Carry says:

    Saggy pants.
    Really nothing more needs to be said about Black History Month.
    February, the shortest month.

  203. Stacie says:

    R-E-S-P-E-C-T… what? Gosh, that sounds a bit RACIST to me. Not to mention Patronizing lol!!!!

  204. Htos1 says:

    Stupid little boys,dix are for chix!

  205. OneRaceManyPeoples says:

    Diversity is our strength. This country achieved its greatness in science, technology and the arts because of diversity. Telling young African-Americans to dress like everyone else is insulting and stupid. It would be like telling Einstein to stop coming up with new ideas !!!

    1. says:

      oh cry me a river!

    2. Ty Harris says:

      You are comparing young balck males walking around with their pants pulled down to Albert Einstein? The next logical step would be for them to start flinging poop at each other like a pack of baboons.. Who will they be like then? Mother Teresa? Showing people your ass crack and your underwear is just a statement of disrespect- nothing else. Did Dr King walk around with his pants pulled down? What would he say I wonder. You are an idiot. Diversity through Disrespect…. BRILLIANT!

    3. Tom says:

      Oh come on, most people have already figured out these niggas, haven’t moved much beyond the monkey stage, how is that going to be good for diversity.
      Living with monkeys doesn’t help me any.

  206. MXT says:

    Since most of them are going to end up in prison anyway, what’s the problem? Most black youths nowadays don’t have any PRIDE like their parents or grandparents have. They would rather walk around imitating jail bait than trying to better themselves. Their parents and grandparents protested for their freedom and rights, these youth are just throwing that away.

  207. says:

    If the black kids do not know how to wear their pants proper is not a sign of slavery it is a sign of ignorance and lack of respect for anyone.When they preach so hard about being disrespected.And we have not had slavery since I can remember!They totally have become a laughing stock to this nation and themselves by trying to be different .

  208. John Frost says:

    Darwin:”Blacks are not Human but a different predatory Species”

  209. FLharleyPM says:

    This is laughable. The city council is asking them to pull up their drawers out of respect and honor of black history month. I’m curious as to what they’re going to ask them to do for “Labor Day”….

  210. barry1817 says:

    I just wonder what the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. would say to the parents of these children, that wear their clothes in this manner.

    Wonder what would happen, if all these kids, were to see parents doing the same thing.

    Wonder who is going to hire a person that presents themselves dressed in this manner.

    1. Jimi Streets says:

      Listen to what Bill Cosby says nowadays and you’ll get a pretty good idea what the Great MLK would be saying about things today…

    2. Barbara says:

      I don’t know what “Dr.” King would say to the parents, but I do know that he was purportedly caught on FBI tapes saying to one Ralph Abernathy, “Come on over here, you big black motherf–ker, and let me suck your dlck.”

  211. leila says:

    Oh PULEEZ. And next month we get to see their rears and boxers again? This is silliness.

  212. George says:

    Yeah and it’s white racism keeping trash like this down.
    Don’t let the PC police intimidate common sense out of you, dey is what dey is.

  213. Ty Harris says:

    Why pull up your pants and show respect ONLY for black history month? Why not do that ALL the time? Why does it require a special occasion fro young black men to act like civilized humans and not a pack of baboons? If they want to show disrespect to everybody around them then they don’t deserve to be treated with respect.

  214. Nietzschean says:

    They should lose the “swag” too. I simply loath this aspect of black culture and, worse, its influence on mainstream white culture. What a bunch of stupid sheep young people are today. But hey, at least they embrace diversity! Vomit.

  215. CC says:

    Dey just be lookin for some down low action, gnomesian?

  216. Tyrone says:

    Remember, these are our “equals” – it doesn’t matter if Africans are completely incapable of building or maintaining a civilization or not.

  217. Tyrone says:

    Yes, us evil “racists” who force American Black men to rape an average of over 100 White women every day – while White men rape an average of ZERO Black women… every YEAR! Look up DoJ statistics for yourself if you doubt these numbers.

    It must be “racism” to point out that Blacks commit over HALF the violent crime in America despite being around 12% of the US population. All those years of “oppression” I suppose.

  218. bob says:

    they will grow up to be obummas

  219. Itwhatitbe says:

    Robert knows his stuff.
    The Israelis (Jews is too politically “charged” since we know Jews are bad) have the highest average IQ. (Even though we know IQ tests are irrelevant, such as tests in general)
    There’s a reason why the world (not just bad old USA) enslaved blacks. And now they’re slaves to the democrats who promote resistance, anti-social behavior, ignorance, and hatred in the greatest country on earth where people would die trying to get here (and do).
    And if more helpful white democrat/socialist folk show up to help thems po folks out, theys gonna be stuck in the 18th century wearing hats fo’ shoes as fashion statements…

  220. cochrane says:

    I’m sure the Long Beach gang members will “gladly” pull up their pants for a month because some high ranking city official and priest asked them to.

  221. It's all my fault says:

    Someone needs to tell them how stupid they look. I would, but as a middle-aged white guy they’d kick my ass for, you know, disrespecting them. That’s how they roll….or waddle as the case may be.

  222. Peter Mak says:

    And these people want to be taken seriously and treated as equals?
    When they evolve past this primitive behavior it may start to happen

  223. Jimi Streets says:

    Okay, okay…There are fads. Big bell-bottom jeans. Platform shoes. Pennyloafers. Bobby-socks. Pompadores. We might look back and chuckle a bit. They all came and went. We simply say, “Well, that was the style then.” But the whole “pants on the ground” phenomenon, sure its a fad, but it is also just plain STUPID!! Seriously. Those kids in the picture may as well not even wear pants! I’m not that old, and one doesn’t need to be old to see that this “fad” is just plain STUPID! Hopefully kids of today will grow up, look back, and be disgusted at their behavior. By the way, the whole saggy pants thing originated in the prisons, where you wear what they give you, whether they fit or not…

  224. Victor says:

    Monkey see, monkey do.

  225. Chad Woodburn says:

    When a new employee at the company where I worked had his pants hanging down like that, I immediately mentioned it to my boss. Since he was still under probation, he was immediately let go, even though he had otherwise been approved for the job. I suspect, though, that he viewed his firing as proof of racism and discrimination — not as evidence that his conduct was unacceptable in the work place. You’d think that with the highest unemployment and poverty rate in the country, they’d learn. But no…

  226. dirtydog1776 says:

    The fashion of saggy pants started in prison where “girl friends” were expected to be ready to present their bottoms at a moment’s notice for the sexual pleasure of their masters. You can tell a black boy or man that he is part of a sexual slave culture by wearing his pants low, but chances are they won’t believe you.

  227. John Frost says:

    You are all wrong.
    Blacks are different than Us Humans. They have their own rules and Customs that go against the Human Whiite Civilized World..
    In their customs , lying, cheating, violence, terror, raping and murder is perfectly ok.
    That’s why our jails are full of these vermin.

  228. John Frost says:

    Africans have created:
    Failed Criminal parasitic Africa
    Failed disgusting Haiti (Leeches and parasites)
    Failed racist, corrupt criminal Detroit
    Their population is exploding around the World helped by, Liberal Laws and the UN.
    Europe is being invaded by these sub human animals and now
    Africans have accquired a taste for White Women.

  229. Rational says:

    But the saggy pants are the latest incarnation of black history–the decline of a race and culture into gangster symbolism. Some progress….

  230. Ernaldo T says:

    A culture that has never had any respect for anything, including itself, is going to take a month off???? Hahahahaha

  231. Vo Reason says:

    If living in a ghetto is bad, why would you want to justify ghetto behavior?

  232. Just Saying says:

    In the USA to suggest a correction to Blacks is racist. It is like encouraging women to cover their cleavage/chests during Women’s History Month.

  233. Yup says:

    If American government sponsored a month for group of people on recognition and respect, albeit they did not deserve it.

    Most all useful innovation have been created then marketed and sold by European-born males.

    Blacks are awesome in music – but not in a Bach or Beethoven sort of way.

  234. Ya_ChI says:

    “Yo, I’m here to apply for a job” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  235. Whatever says:

    It’s the single mom’s fault. She allowed her children to leave house looking like fools.

  236. DigitalBob says:

    At one time the civil rights movement was actually about being able to go out and work and have jobs. Kind of quaint, isn’t it?

  237. Eddie says:

    Wow………..NOW black people who are “bishops “are telling their children to pick up their pants???

    Maybe if it was done over 10 years we would not have this embarrassment.
    Know this. This mexican laughs everytime I see some kid with his pants on the ground. At least your grandfathers looked cool with their huge afros and disco pants….(well, maybe not)

  238. Jasper says:

    Yeah, because baggy pants are the reason for all the problems in the black community.

    1. Tom says:

      Sure won’t get a job looking stupid like that, that’s for sure.

  239. Mike M says:

    Maybe if liberals stopped pandering to racial divisions and dropped things like ‘Black History Month’, black people would feel more equal in our society?

  240. Banderman says:

    More compelling journalism; not. If we are going to hold a month in honor of one race, we must hold a month in honor of all races; one at a time. Otherwise the concept is patently racist. Don’t believe it? Open your dictionary; go to the ‘R’ section, and look up ‘racist’. There are two terms that have been subliminally hijacked; racist and civil rights.

  241. tinala says:

    In the immortal words of Larry Pratt:

    “Pants on the ground
    Pants on the ground
    Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground”

  242. TJ Jackson says:

    MLK’s dream has come true! They are being judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Oh Happy Day!

  243. Jack says:

    If it walks like human trash, if it talks like human trash, and if it looks like human trash, its human trash. Thank goodness I live in an all white town on the Oregon coast.

  244. gg says:

    What would Martin Luther King or George Washington Carver think if they could see this?

  245. says:

    The Black race is a total disgrace to this nation and the biggest failed experiment in our history.You can not take stupid and fix it .They will not conform to any rules and most certainly remain fatherless so mama can help drain the economy while jr.sells drugs off the street corner knowing that if they get caught it is like a badge of honor to this pampered and catered too race.All our government would have to do is tell them from now on you are under the same laws as the whites with no special consideration! I feel sorry for my white Amigo,s who freed the idiots who don,t even know how to wear clothes properly and had more than enough time to learn.

  246. fredgill says:

    So they are only asking these guys to show some respect for the rest of us during Black History Month? Sounds about right. Come March 1st they can go back to mooning the rest of us.

    Naturally the Bishop’s rhyming ditty of a message – “You can have the swag without the sag” – must still condone the dubious virtues of unrestrained egoism. What are these kids swaggering about in the first place? Most of them are on a fast train to nowhere. Yet we are somehow still compelled to condone their public posturing and strutting, along with the stream of foul language coming out of their mouths, as long as they take a short break from showing us their butts. I’m sure they are all laughing at the spectacle of the leaders of their community begging them to be just a little less obnoxious for a single month.

  247. Detter says:

    So they will pull em down afterward? Silly. Show respect and pull up your pants! LOL

  248. richwilly says:

    The more that we attempt to regulate stupidity, the more people will do their best to act even dumber

  249. lakia johnson says:

    Only one word- and it begins with an N

  250. justin says:

    maybe they can’t afford belts and the government should supply them too.

  251. Andrew says:

    Front page news? A city in America has to tell the “honorees” of a month of historic recognition to pull up their freakin’ pants !!! Amazing. And we’re “honoring” this bunch for what reason? haha

    Thank God the other 11 months are White History Months.

  252. chris says:

    Pull up your pants as a sign of respect for not only yourself but others.
    Lose the “I can [ … do whatever I want attitude.]”
    Otherwise governments will have to enact & enforce “Common Sense” laws.

  253. L Dubya says:

    And all this time I thought they were wearing them an “half staff” because one of their “homeys” was killed

    my bad

  254. chuck says:

    ni$$ars…what to do with them? maybe ship them back to africa and let them experience life/

  255. wingmann says:

    One tells me when one wears their pants low like this,it signifies they are gay and available.It’s how they do it in prison.

  256. wingmann says:

    they will probably get subsidies from our goobermint to wear these:

  257. Justin says:

    These people must be so used to being blanked by the police they dont even pull their pants up all the way in anticipation.

  258. Mark says:

    It is so that the police know who to violate first!

  259. Sal says:

    Gee, I wonder why young black males can’t get a job.

  260. Pablo says:

    Why cannot women wear their pants around their knees? I could go for that!

  261. Sister Honky Tonk says:

    Baggy pants worn by Obama are used for climbing walls in Spiderman movies.

  262. Mark Brunstetter says:

    Apparently it’s OK for them to walk around like that all the other months

  263. James says:

    Really, clothing is most pressing issue in right now….????

    Same story of every generation.

  264. SerfOfObama says:

    As much as I detest govt meddling of any kind, this is a good idea. Saggy pants are among the most powerful vaccinations against employment that exist, regardless of color.

  265. chris1 says:

    No, let them keep doing it and look like gangsters and idiots.
    Thats why I pack.
    Cant you see it hopeless.

  266. Tom says:

    Started in prison.

    It’s just proper training for what will become of many of these teens…prison.
    Nobody is going to hire them, if they don’t respect themselves. I’m not going to.

  267. David Heath says:

    Having to ask people to keep their trousers up… what has happened to America???

  268. Gail says:

    I think all senior ladies, such as myself, should start going around with our “grannie panties” showing at the mall and see how these stupid black kids like it. No one wants to see my grannie pannies and my butt, and I sure dont want to see theirs!

  269. Jayson says:

    I think it’s sad that a large group of mostly young black men latch on to a behavior and style that is opposite of the mainstream just so they won’t be called “Uncle Toms” or be accused of “Selling out to the Man.” I’ve got several black friends who admit being ashamed and embarrassed by these types that make everyone else judge their whole race as being thugs and losers. But I guess no one listens to them since they are “sellouts.” What nonsense.

    1. Joshua says:

      Black families have to raise chickens and pigeons so that they will be able to teach their kids how to “walk”.

  270. John Roycroft says:

    Let them keep their pants falling down. When I was in project drug enforcement it was easy pickens going after the street thugs with their pants hanging low. They were the easiest to catch in a foot chase. Hard to run with one hand holding your pants up.

  271. Joshua says:

    Bring back Marcus Garvey and the Black Star Shipping Lines for free transportation to Liberia. Abe Lincoln wanted to send the freed slaves back to Africa to keep from having to try to educate and socialize the black Africans that had NO idea how to live amongst white folks and educated blacks unless they had a master to manage them and their behaviors.

  272. Magnum says:

    When the “droopy pants”, and “backward /sideways caps” come into my business, asking for an employment application. they are told that if they really don’t already know how to put on their pants or cap, there probably aren’t any positions that they could possibly learn how to handle.

  273. MarketDominance says:


  274. jgreene says:

    Either let them continue to wear their pants this way indicating that they are STUPID or arrest them and fine them for violating a “pants down” ordinance of public indecency. First fine $ 100, next 200 then 600.

    I support concentration camps for IDIOTS.

  275. hoosiermile says:

    Hilarious, thought this was an Onion article at first

  276. Ernest says:

    I see white kids doing the same thing. Are they telling white kids to pull their pants up too? Both white and blacks look stupid by doing this.
    Stupid is as stupid does, its got nothing to do with black history.

  277. Sarah hutchins says:

    I am so glad i do not live in the U.S anymore 🙂

  278. John C says:

    “Pull up your pants. Didn’t you have a father?” –Michael Savage

  279. No class says:

    wouldn’t it be a bad idea to have your pants down in jail where they can just rape you by pulling down your drawers?

  280. Tim Taylor says:

    The unfortunate, blatantly obvious reality is that the legacy of MLK has been a complete failure. By pretty much any reasonable standard you want to use, US blacks are not living-up at all to what MLK, or Malcolm X for that matter, preached, and continue to amaze & disgust the rest of the world with everything from violent crime rates to out of wedlock births, single-parent families, and of course saggin’.

  281. Mark says:

    Only in negro land would it be a “goal” to not act like a primate for a whole month.

  282. Eagle35 says:

    If a conservative recommended this it would be 24/7 race baiting on MSNBC, NPR, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC. Maddow’s head would be spinning and she would be spitting up pea soup! Ed Hhultz’s face would be several shades of purple and Olbermann would come back from the wilderness to rant!

  283. nightridder says:

    droppie pants!

    who cares, it just shows that the person is not very smart and chances are he is failing in school or has dropped out.


  284. Paul says:

    sagging pants were worn by inmates to show they were receptive to some jungle love!

  285. JB says:

    Yes, Because there is so much more respect the other 11 months. Its not going to change, and yelling at a bunch of obnoxious morons to change their low clothing standards will not have any effect at all.

  286. reality says:

    It doesn’t matter I reckon 85% of nigras see the prison cell anyway. Blacks were the worst mistake the foundong fathers made. They should’ve never brought them here. They should’ve worked the fields themselves that way we would have no porblems wihth the darkies…..stupid lazy forefathers

  287. richard schine says:

    let them sag. it’s how you tell a criminal from a normal human.

    it’s just like tattoos. it lets you know someone aint right.

  288. pete says:

    Good luck gettting a job dressed like that! http://www,

  289. I-BinPharteen says:

    There is no hope for the negroid race….!

  290. KJ says:

    You can take the Boy out of the Hood, but you cant taket the Hood out of the Boy

  291. TERI O says:

    So, if they are upset because baggy jeans look bad (which I happen to agree) then how in the world do they watch TV?? The TV is full of women that have low cut shirts to show off their boobs and have so much plastic surgery that they are hardly recognizable as humans…

    Is banning fat lips or banning bad hair cuts going to be next??

  292. gymlock says:

    The baggy pants with the super long belts started it all. When those fashion bugs were arrested and thrown in the slammer the belts were taken away and the pants naturally sagged and witness the results. Oh the cost of getting arrested and being cool.

  293. Robert Benson says:

    So this is unacceptable behavior only during “Black History Month?” The rest of the year it is ok to act like a baboon?

  294. James says:

    Your wasting your time doing that as these worthless losers have no respect for themselves let alone for their own race or culture. If you have to tell someone to have respect for something they already should then it is a waste of your time and energy. They will never get nor will they even care. They are destined to be losers, so let them be.

  295. navyvet54 says:

    worked in a prison In NC for long time , pants pulled down like in the pic was a invite to the other inmates

  296. OKWeGetIt says:

    Hey, I don’t know for sure, but I think I read somewhere that the baggy pants have something to do with prisons? Has anyone else heard this?????

  297. Centcom says:

    Gee, I haven’t heard Obama say that these losers are ‘acting stupidly’. I guess it depends whose ox is being gored. Pull up your pants in celebration of Black History Month. Halleluiah!

  298. John Frost says:

    Why are You trying to make Humans out of Non-Humans?
    Let them be what they are: Wild Africans and be done with.

  299. General Robert E. Lee says:

    Racist People, how dare them suggest that a Cultural Style shows disrespect to their race. They only dress that way as a way of connecting with their Fathers, whoever he may be.

  300. Marie says:

    Last summer I was driving, a kid on a bicycle had his pants down almost to his knees, and nearly ran into my car. I yelled out the window to pull his pants up and he could maneuver easier, and he gave me the finger. These kids have no respect, and don’t intend to. Every person I see that dresses like that, I automatically consider them thuggish and rebellious. I guess this is how they want to be thought of. One can tell what kind of upbringing they have had. Not just blacks anymore, but also whites.

  301. Tommy Bales says:

    Honestly, blacks have been spoon fed victimization for the past 50 years in America, taught to hate whitey while demanding money and services for existence, they’re a lost cause, next.

  302. Frankly says:

    Having lived and worked with various black races in their homeland villages, I can say with authority that they are no different there. Murdering, raping, stealing at every opportunity is their way of life and they will also commit these most heinous crimes against those who travel across the world to assist them and provide them aid. The majority are users and are a drain on and an embarrassment to any reasonable society. My adult children have finally realized (for themselves) that most black races have no interest in education, have no respect for laws or each other and will willingly kill and steal rather than work productively. It is not our responsibility to force them into civilization.

  303. Charles Runyon says:

    Sure they look dumb but as long as they aren’t hurting anyone who cares? We have goths running around, guys dressed as girls and plenty of other odd dressers so where is the outrage? What we need are black leaders who embrace America and explain that America is the greatest nation on earth and that these and all young folks have a stake in our future, and then maybe the young black folks would lose this rebellious need. If I were a black youth and my so called leaders preached that I can’t make it because of the color of my skin I would rebel too!

  304. John Frost says:

    “We Whites are the Children of Adam, Creators of White Human Civilization and High Tech.
    What about Blacks?
    —They are leeches and parasites in our World.”
    –We Should have never given these Africans Human Rights.
    —They are NOT Human. DNA is 98% different to Whites, Jews, Latinos and Asians.

  305. sadbuttrue says:

    You cannot force these poor brainwashed fools to respect themselves or anyone/anything else. Although most of them will die well before the age of 30, they will leave behind hordes of illegitimate children destined to follow in their failed footsteps. If the world would stop glorifying the ghetto gangster while demonizing those who do well in life, there might be more hope for the future. Unfortunately, personal responsibility and success are dirty words to those who wish to divide and conquer.

  306. sansabelt says:

    Best thing that ever happened for cops.

    These clowns can’t run fast with pants around their knees. And if they reach towards their waistband to pull them up, it’s a reason for the cops to shoot, thinking that they were going for a gun.

  307. G Man says:

    Their just practiceing for when they get to the big house!!!

  308. John Frost says:


  309. Thunder says:

    First of all let me state this. Give me liberty or give me death. Though some may be offended. I have a right as long as I am not hurting anyone else to wear anything saggy or tight. I can put rings in my nose and toes. Its my right. Yet the truth of this matter, is simply fear and a attempt to control and criminalize. Thus anyone wearing saggy pants are profiled. (most likely of african desent)
    Remember it has only been a hundred or so years since slavery. So it is obvious that thier are still much racicsm in the heart of US Government and society. So wear your saggy pants proud. Dont pull them up because America is offended or afraid. For they will be quick to pull them down to whip us

  310. sickoffools says:

    During February only ?! Why not all the time during American history month. Quit following those two loser hacks called Jackson and Sharton; where have they led you lot. Higher prison numbers, lower pants, gangs, drugs, video beatings, worse neighborhoods and losing competition to Illegal aliens; even poor Mexicans are doing a better job. Try listening to Jesse Petersen or conservative black examples. Lead yourselves and not be led by race baiter Sharptongue. Having your pants like that is preparedness for prison, easier to drop when in the showers. As gays wear colored scarfs to represent what so called ‘sport’ they’re into or on to; the thug wanna be’s show their desire for men to observe their butts. Isn’t is hard to run after you caused a crime ?

  311. barry1817 says:

    Can one imagine a person with self respect dressing this way, i.e. Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey or others.

    As to a comment that this is in response to being slaves more than 100years ago, look back at photos from the Dr. King era and people did not dress that way, and that was closer to slavery. So that is an empty reason.

    And for those excusing this behavior, the simple question is would you want your son or daughter dressing that way.

    Also, it has to do with who sets the discipline and sets the standards. An athletic coach can tell those kids not to do it, and they won’t.

    1. Thunder says:

      What you say is true. Yet what I say is true also. give me freedom or give me death. All this histeria about saggy pants is just another way to stigmatize. And if Dr king had to wear saggy pants to make a statement, Who knows?

  312. machila says:

    Fat Chance, its good these things even wear pants, not in their history you know, hurry back mother ship and pick them up.

  313. Timbo55 says:

    57% of black households do not have a father in the home for disciplinary measures. That is a government figure. Who handed out the discipline in your home? If the father of the child is in prison, and he wears his pants pulled down, then the child is imitating the father.
    Can you imagine one of these baggy pants individuals appearing for a job interview? Ergo, no job, no legal way to make income, so they go to the street, and do whatever illegal means present themselves, including looking to the leader of the local as a father figure. I read that there are 13,000 gangs in L.A. County alone. What do they do all day?Buy and sell drugs, rob people, burglarize homes and steal cars. And the women keep getting pregnant because they are too stupid to use birth control. If you don’t have a husband and wife in a committed relationship, you shouldn’t be having sex.
    I could name at least a dozen black NFL and NBA athletes who have 6,7, 11 children by as many different women, and none of those households have a father as the role model.

  314. Seth Joshman says:

    Oh mighty Negroes! What have come o’ thee?


  315. AVEY0007 says:


  316. William Lumbergh says:

    Hollywood sets such a great example for everyone. This is no surprise. You reap what you sow. Thank your liberal media.

  317. Thunder says:

    It hurts to know the people of our country and communites see the situation so cleary. Especially being able to state the origins of saggy pants from prison and fatherless sons. Yet with all your mighty wisdom all you do is insult the person in the pants. Saying absurt cruel things to them having them judged already for wearing pants baggy. If a women is walking around in daisy dukes rear all hanging out its ok. Yet let a black man wear his pant his way is criminal.

    We still are a nation of bigots who think we know.

  318. Thunder says:

    It hurts to know the people of our country and communites see the situation so cleary. Especially being able to state the origins of saggy pants from prison and fatherless sons. Yet with all your mighty wisdom all you do is insult the person in the pants. Saying absurd cruel things to them having them judged already for wearing pants baggy. If a women is walking around in daisy dukes rear all hanging out its ok. Yet let a black man wear his pant his way ithen he is criminal.

    We still are a nation of bigots who think we know.

  319. Thunder says:

    A proud man laughs and insults another man for his lot in life. Yet he knows not his own lot will change tomorrow.

    Why hate people for a person. Why hurl evil to a whole for the misunderstanding of a few. We distinguish ourselves by the way we treat each other.

    For those who wear saggy pants. Do your thing Im not mad at ya if your not huring anyone.

    For those who are offended by baggy pants. Calm down for this too shall pass.

    But please let us all debate without insults toward one another.


  320. Neo Poetry Soul says:

    New Sagg video link below:

  321. A says:

    That’s Just Nasty like this video talks about: