LOS ANGELES (CBS)  — The Electric Daisy Carnival, an electronic-music festival that came under fire last year when a 15-year-old girl died from an ecstasy overdose, will be allowed back at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the stadium’s governing body decided Wednesday.

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission agreed to allow the two-day festival to be held at the stadium, but with several restrictions. For one, crowds must be limited to 75,000 people a day.

Festival organizers assured the panel that they planned to boost security and have more first-aid stations at the event, along with more secure fencing. Video taken at last year’s event showed crowds scaling chain-link fences to get into the concert, bypassing entry lines and security checks.

The commission imposed a moratorium on rave events after 15-year-old Sasha Rodriguez died of an ecstasy overdose. The panel lifted the moratorium in November, and in December adopted a series of guidelines aimed at making the events safer. Those guidelines included:

— requiring rave-goers to be at least 18;

— giving wristbands to anyone 21 or older, so that concession workers can tell who is old enough to drink alcohol;

— instituting “cool-off” breaks during the show;

— closing all raves by 2 a.m.;

— briefing event staffers about drug overdose symptoms and heat


— requiring that medical personnel be on site in case of an emergency; and

— offering warnings about ecstasy and other drugs during public service announcements and in materials handed out during the festival.

The Electric Daisy carnival is scheduled for June 24-25.

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Comments (6)
  1. CAN says:

    And we need this why????

    1. mike says:

      you must have never been to the electric daisy carnival its two days of pure madness, fun and ladies oh and there is music that w can shuffle too

  2. Jose Mercado-Reyes says:

    I cant wait to make it this year, I like how the media calls it Raves LOL.

  3. grace says:

    So raves were already supposed to be 18 and over. The CHILD that dies well thats pretty much a product of bad parenting. Don’t let that ruin it for the rest of the of age patrons. As for the 75,000 per day yeah rite.. its going to be the same as it always is.. 250,000 plus people per day because they always over sell it. And as for the anit drug propaganda umm good luck, you might as well hire extra cleaning crew people also because people are going to be too drugged up to realize whats going on. Flyers are just going to end up on the floor like all the other millions of flyers. In any case rave on people. rave on..

  4. Told You So says:

    Electric daisy carnival, is the new name for Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission, can’t wait til they get sued for another death and it will happen.

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