LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles is backing away from a plan to add 20 days to the calendar for its elementary schools.

Cardinal Roger Mahony announced last week that the archdiocese would become the first school system in California to move to a 200-day academic year. Mahoney said the idea was to improve student performance.

The change would have affected some 52,000 students in three counties.

But some parents complained that would disrupt family schedules.

On Tuesday, Chancellor Mary Elizabeth Galt said the decision on whether to add instructional days will be left up to the 210 elementary schools.

The Los Angeles Times says 15 schools already have the longer school year and 70 percent of the schools have said they will adopt it.

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Comments (3)
  1. RDS says:

    They’re extending the school year because they’re broke. Perhaps they should stop pouring money into covering up sodomy charges against Catholic priests, and then they might have a better hold on things.
    If they’re so concerned about bettering their student’s educations, perhaps they should extend the school day? 45 minutes more each day would be much less intrusive, and it would also alleviate their “performance” concerns. I myself had 180 days at this exact school each year, and I firmly believe that it was a substantial amount of class time.

  2. PoorParent says:

    In these tough times, a 10% tuition increase is silly. A simplistic solution to a complex problem: why not 365 days? How does this school compare to local public schools, why cant kids with motivated parents and no “problem” kids outperform the local schools on currently even days of instruction? Lots of questions, no answers, parents reconsider these money pits!

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