Five officers, one sergeant on paid leave

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police officials in Glendale on Tuesday refused comment on why five officers and a sergeant have been placed on paid leave.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports the chief was quoted as saying that some officers make some very dumb mistakes.

A spokesman for the department would only say that there were four separate unrelated incidents and denied any conspiracy, adding the incidents — as yet undisclosed — were not heinous.

The official said it hasn’t even been proven yet that the actual incidents even happened.

He also noted that there have been no claims or lawsuits have been filed against the city.

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Comments (5)
  1. Hetch Metch says:

    Some kind of incident involving Zankou Chicken, Kotayk beer and a backgammon board?

  2. derk says:

    You would be surprised at how many things fall thru the cracks in Los Angeles. Not only do the police drop the ball but when things go to court matters get worse.
    Los Angeles Superior court judge David P. Yaffee was caught accepting $50,000 a year in bribes from Los Angeles counsel members to vote against the citizens and public. Richard Fine a lawyer with high morals called the judge on this crime which resulted with back lash from the judge. Imagine that a judge is caught red handed stealing, lying and breaking the law. What happens? The judge again misuses his power and throws the whistleblower in county jail for 18 months to shut him up. Please visit to read the facts and what is going on.

    Aviva Koneigsberg Bobb a presiding Los Angeles Supeior probate judges is robbing and killing our seniors. She does this behind court room doors, a coward and legal thug who now pretends to retire when caught. Again NOTHING is done when caught thus more and more judges and lawyers stoop to stealing, lying, killing and cheating. Visit for the story on Aviva K. Bobb who kills.

    1. Ed Rooney says:

      a bit paranoid are we?

      Enquiring minds want to know.


  3. Ed Rooney says:

    I just heard on the news it involves my mom and some soujouk.

  4. Jack818 says:

    Six Glendale police officers were placed on administrative leave for a variety of alleged incidents, including using a police vehicle for a trip to Las Vegas and a case of off-duty road rage, a source told The Times.

    Glendale police would not provide details of the cases, saying they are internal administrative matters and are prohibited for speaking about them publicly.

    But officials said the action is part of an effort by Glendale’s police chief, Ron De Pompa, to maintain a zero-tolerance policy on police misconduct. LA TIMES

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