NEW YORK (AP) —  TNT says Larry Hagman is returning to Southfork Ranch for the pilot of an updated “Dallas.”

Also signed for the series pilot are two fellow “Dallas” veterans, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy, TNT announced Tuesday.

Hagman will reprise his role as villainous oil baron J.R. Ewing. Gray will again play J.R.’s wife, Sue Ellen, and Duffy returns as his younger brother, Bobby.

The original “Dallas” ran from 1978 to 1991 as a pioneering prime-time soap on CBS.

The new story focuses on the Ewing offspring as they clash over the future of the family dynasty. Josh Henderson and Jordana Brewster also star.

TNT did not say when the pilot would begin production.

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Comments (9)
  1. FLAWLE$ says:

    Can’t wait to see the return of ‘JR’. Dalllas was a reason to watch tv on Friday. Bring Lucy back too.

  2. Doug says:

    Linda Evans like Cher and Joan Rivers is another Hollywood poster ‘hag’ that spent too much time in a plastic surgeon’s operating room. If she were to spend any amount of time in the sun a hazmat team would be needed to dispose of her melted liquid remains.

    1. krg says:

      Well that was nice to share. Especially since Linda Evans isn’t mentioned in this article and actually starred on Dynasty..not Dallas

  3. Paul G. DeCroix says:

    Oh please say Pam, Victoria Principal will also be returning. I loved the show and watched it every Friday night!

  4. Kau Phaart says:

    Oh Boy! Another self-righteous drunk returns!

  5. bcb says:

    Linda Evans wasn’t in Dallas , she was in Dynasty. Can’t wait to see the show.

  6. JR & AR says:

    We use to watched this series in the 70’s while in England. Look forward to seeing the new Dallas with “key” players – JR is playing “JR” or my wife would say JR never changes!! Can’t wait to see the drama of Dallas.

  7. JANICE JONES says:


  8. GPAK says:

    I have not seen his name in the new return, but Ken Kercheval as Cliff Barnes would seem to be needed to round our a successful return of this series.

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