LOS ANGELES (AP) — Authorities have arrested dozens of members and associates of one of Southern California’s oldest gangs and indicted many of them on racketeering and drug-related charges.

Hundreds of federal and local law enforcement officers swept across Los Angeles on Tuesday and arrested 57 people. Fourteen others named in an indictment already were in custody, while seven more remain at large.

Federal prosecutors say a 130-page indictment accuses some members of the 38th Street gang of murders, drug trafficking and extortion. In one instance, the indictment says several gang members dressed up as FBI agents and shot their way into a house where they bound and kidnapped a man before they executed him.

Those charged with racketeering each face up to life in prison if convicted.

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  1. Really says:

    Bunch of animals.

  2. Mr Vikings says:

    send them to the Moon and leave them there!!!! Don’t need TAX payers to feed,
    and home them….NO Money in Los Angeles

  3. Pam says:

    Gangs are terrorists. They are stupid and deserve the worst. I agree with Mr. Vikings, send them to the moon and let them fend for themselves. They’d all kill each other in a month. I don’t want my taxes going to feed these low-lifes. Starve them.

  4. it's about time says:

    War on Terrorism should be War on Gangs. Lots of gangs in our homeland but George Bush prefer to protect OIL interests oversees.

    Anthrax & WMA was a conspiracy to gain support for this War. Makers of Anthrax were US Scientists working for top secret US government’s classified military base. Coincidentally, the Anthrax scientists were murdered before they went to trial. Prompted another conspiracy theory that US CIA/FBI kill those guys to prevent a case against our own government.

    1. krg says:

      What exactly does anything you wrote have to do with this article?

      1. it's about time says:

        You don’t get it?

    2. Saber 1 says:

      Hey, It’s about time,

      If you won’t mind paying 11.00 a gallon for gas, Iraq would have been sitting on the second largest reserve in the world. Arm chair Generals always say oil. We were told WMD existed, oil was the second reason. He would have held the USA hostage over the oil.

  5. Eliminate Welfare Now says:

    Government should Eliminate Welfare and the gangs will slowly disappear..

  6. Jeff Stenroos says:

    Anyone here know how long Jeff Stenroos’ prison time will be? A stupid prank cost him a good and easy job. LoL. Every penny he has will be extracted by the courts to payoff the costs of the massive manhunt. What a fool.

  7. Big Serg says:

    WOW!! Ignorance runs rampid. Instead of making comments like, “let’s get more funding for anti-gang programs for our kids” You mighty men (or mice) need to get your facts straight and educate yourselves before typing stupid comments in front of the whole world. Like for instance, they can spend three trillion dollars on a war that killed alot of our children, but can not feed the hungry here in our own country. But hey! To each there own. This from an ex-gang member, recovering drug addict, working father, who still believes there is hope. I did it, so can you! Change my way of thinking that is.

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