SACRAMENTO (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown will deliver his State of the State address Monday amid a grim financial backdrop that prompted him to propose a combination of tax increases and deep spending cuts.

KNX 1070’s Bill Cooper Reports

Brown will address a joint session of the Legislature at 5 p.m. Monday. The timing of the speech coincides with the beginning of the evening newscasts.

California faces a $25.4 billion deficit through June 2012. To close the gap, the Democratic governor has proposed $12.5 billion in spending cuts and borrowing, plus extending a series of temporary taxes in a June special election.

During his inauguration earlier this month, Brown warned that “the year ahead will demand courage and sacrifice.”

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Comments (13)
  1. D417 says:

    Anyone else tired of sacrifices and tax hikes to support useless lawmakers and illegals? Bet we could save a ton if we cut salaries of crooked politicians and quit giving handouts to those here illegally. That includes educating children here illegally or whose parents don’t pay taxes. Wanna cut class sizes? There ya go.

    1. tr- says:

      That is the problem, we never stand up sand say enough! at some point we have to say enough is enough!!! i feel for the illegals as far as being humans, and that they have needs, but we have to stop paying for them. Nobody gives me a handout!

      1. Karen says:

        Well TR – WE HAVE TO VOTE on any new taxes and I VOTE NO.

        I vote to let the state go bankrupt so we can renegotiate the state employees collective bargaining agreements.

        I am alll for increasing property tax.

        I wonder how many other states rely on income and sales taxes for revenue. MOST states in the country rely on PROPERTY TAX for revenue.

        OUR state is in FINANCIAL TROUBLE.

  2. Linda Drake-Cotrufo says:

    I agree with D417 comment, but it is primarily the illegal immigrant population driving this state ~ this countries debt! Unfortunately we will have no choice but to accept the extension of the tax increases though…we really don’t have a choice or else our k-12 schools will go under! I have never agreed with anchor babies, as they burden our teachers/classrooms/health care system and other forms of government! Unfortunately we have a bunch of politicians in Washington that could care less about the AMERICAN public, and merely want to be politically correct as to not offend any hispanics…unfortunately the illegals take and take and take (and usually send the $$$ they make back across the border so it doesn’t even help our economy) I say throw all the illegals back across their border with their drug slingshot and make a wide moat full of really really hungry gators that goes the entire perimiter of the border ~ THEN SEE THEM TRY TO GET HERE!!!!

  3. Karen says:

    I REFUSE to pay a tax increase. We already voted NO to tax increases last November and now Brown wants to spend more money to find out that WE DO NOT AGREE TO PAY MORE TAX.

    1. Let the state go bankrupt so we can renegotiate the collective bargaining agreements of state employees. Are you aware that sheriffs retire at age 50 and 90% of their salary? Do you receive this type of benefit from your employer? I hardly think so. I don’t even think super dooper CEOs get that kind of benefit.

    2. Let students pay their own college tuition. 100%! That way, they will appreciate it more. Not to mention, no other state in the country pays its students college tuitions.

    3. Teach students IN ENGLISH! Why are we spending double for education materials (ie, English and Spanish) when per our state constitution, English is the official language.

    I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THAT WE NEED TO PAY MORE TAX. Why should I go without so that a state employee can retire at my age? I’m 50.

    1. Jason Robards says:

      On number one you are just sadly ignorant Karen.

      Yes Sheriff’s receives an outsized benefit compared to other professions but what other jobs are you routinely shot at, stabbed, beaten etc. This is a dangerous job in which many do not even make it that long due to on the job injury or death.

      1. Karen says:


        I suggest that they DO NOT take the job if they have such a challenge with the work.

        I do not agree to pay their excessive pension benefits.


        Do other states provide the same benefits to their Sheriffs or state employees – NO!

  4. Karen says:

    How about we tax property like every other state too?

    I make zero compared to some of these wealthy landowners.

    Since they are the people who hire the illegals to be babysitters, cooks, gardeners, etc., let them pay more property tax instead of taking it out of my poverty pocket.

    1. Disagree with Karen on land ownership says:

      As a land owner with 3 units, I have to say that I pay SO much in property taxes that I’ve found that many prospective tenants MAKE MORE THAN I do! I’ve met people who work for courts who get a two dollar per hour raise in one year! I’ve also met people who work for utility companies that also make more than I do. I once had a prospective attorney tenant who makes way over double what I make. Karen, I really think that you should actually be a property owner before you make such statements. Also, if tenants don’t pay utilities, some utility companies charge the landlords. Also if a tenant breaks laws on your property, the landlord gets fined and not the tenant. Generally I’ve found that people who work for some government organization or for utility companies make the most money. I should know I do credit checks and have to be aware of who can afford rent.

      1. Karen says:

        I thought the property tax exemption was for PERSONAL residences.

        I do not own real property so you already are up on that leve.

        Frankly, the tax is the cost of doing business and should be charged to your tenants. Otherwise, I do not think you are a good business person.

        I am not paying more tax either, especially since you have TENANTS and RENTAL PROPERTY. I do not.

  5. Leaving California says:

    Brown will make the sales tax hike permanent regardless we vote yes or no. He has the authority to do so. He doesn’t care about the campaign promise, it is history. You guys were stupid enough to vote for him. Don’t complain anymore! Hand over your money and shut up!

    1. Karen says:

      Leaving CA,


      He is ONLY the governor. I understand from KNX1070 news that the Legislature would have to call this election. The Republicans are telling him no special election.

      I need you to stick around in case he gets that vote because we need to vote NO.

  6. Karen says:

    PS – I did not vote for Brown. After his last stint as Attorney General, I came to the conclusion that Brown does not care what voters want.

    But, hey, I did not vote for him.

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