BIG BEAR CITY (CBS2) — Authorities Sunday said the pilot of a twin-engine plane was injured after crashing into a home in Big Bear City.

The crash occurred about 7:20 a.m. on Mountain View Boulevard, according to Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor.

The pilot was taken to Desert Regional Hospital in Palm Springs, San Bernardino Sheriff’s spokesperson Cindy Beavers said. Gregor said his condition was not immediately known.

Preliminary reports indicated another person was injured, however, Beavers says no one in the home was hurt.

The plane reportedly took off from Big Bear Airport shortly before the crash.

The Sheriff’s Aviation, along with the FAA, are investigating the circumstances surrounding the crash.

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  1. flyboy says:

    and why the F did he try to go back to the airport. You NEVER attempt to turn back cause you just won’t make it.

    1. CommPilot says:

      Flyboy – Turning back in a SINGLE-ENGINE plane is a bad idea. A TWIN-ENGINE plane that’s below it’s single-engine ceiling should have no problem making it back to the airport if the pilot’s competent.

      1. Patsy Bertolucci says:

        Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily true. My father was killed in a twin engine crash. They had just departed the airport and turned around to come back. They didn’t make it. And the pilot (not my father) was more than competent.

    2. CommPilot says:

      Hi, Pasty — Sorry to hear about your Dad. I’m not saying that you’ll ALWAYS make it back — “flyboy” wrote “You NEVER attempt to turn back” and that’s certainly not true for a twin. And even if you’re a sharp pilot, if you haven’t practiced engine-out proceedures recently, it’s easy to get below VMC and loose control. (At Big Bear, I’d rather take my chances returning if I was in a twin than try to find a “safe” place to put the plane down on a mountain side.)

  2. Wen Ti says:

    Thank God that no one was in the house to be injured or killed!! Not enoa!ugh info to criticize the pilot. Will there be any follow up? h

  3. Matt says:

    Unfortunate indeed. I can’t comment from experience thankfully; I do wish all well. More salvage to employ in saving the rest of the fleet.

  4. eqd says:

    you want to see one get ready for another one you do it that is for sure……
    777 is the one i do like to take you choose the time and the way you do ok …….

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