STANTON (AP) — Deputies have found the bodies of a recently estranged couple in and around an Orange County motel.

Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino says the man’s body was found with a gunshot wound Friday in the Stanton motel room with a window shot out. Amormino says it appears the wound may have been self-inflicted.

Amormino Says Murder-Suicide or Double Homicide Suspected, KNX 1070’s Mike Landa Reports

The woman’s body was found in the back seat of an SUV owned by the man outside the hotel. Her body showed no obvious sign of trauma and her cause of death remained unclear pending an autopsy.

Friends and family members told investigators that the two were involved in a relationship that the woman had recently broken off.

Amormino says the bodies were found by deputies responding to reports of a man acting suspiciously around the SUV.

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Comments (12)
  1. Riptorn says:

    This world just keep on gettin better !!

  2. George Bush Ruined USA says:

    Blame George Bush for this Economy..

  3. Morgan Julia says:

    lol seriously? You guys want to blame a double homicide or murder/suicide on our Presidents?

    How about blaming the person responsible for the murder(s). There are millions of people who go through rough times in their lives yet somehow they don’t turn into murderers.

    1. yesenia gonzalez says:

      my father was not a murderer okay so why u put a sock n it and if u really wanna comment like that keep it to urself lady okay

  4. Steve says:

    Was the light on?

  5. zxcvb says:

    Ain’t love grand?

  6. I take my Dates & Girlfriends to Motel 6 says:

    I’ld be deeply disturb if she was my daughter and she dates man who takes her to Motel 6 for fanny smacking..

    1. yesenia gonzalez says:

      and u jurk put ur real name who ever u are thats my mother and father dnt u dare speak that way about them how bout u do something productive with ur life and stop judging pple..
      and if u wish to contact me sure go ahead just email me and ill meet u face to face i just hope that this stuff never happens to anyone !!!

  7. Save me money babie!! says:

    If they wham bam thank you madam at Motel 6, i’m sure they went on their many dates to McDonald’s. Sure, lots of potential in that Relationship..

    1. yesenia gonzalez says:

      why dont u mine ur own business and stopputting stupid comments okay if u dnt know the storey dnt judge

  8. dixie says:

    To all those who Like speaking there minds.. How many of you have been in a situation where it hits home? How can you judge just in speculation… How many times do we see things on the news and are fast at criticizing what people do… but when do we really stop and think what is the family going thru… In situations like this all that is left to wonder is why, why did it have to get to this… And what can be done to offer any support to the family left behind… And for more direct hit to I take my dates & girlfriends to motel 6 I believe you read the wrong article cause this was no fanny smacking so before you make a comment that could offend the family involved educate yourself on the facts given! So to end this I simply ask take the both parties family into consideration and have respect in their time of sorrow…

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