LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — The Los Angeles police chief has apologized to residents for the inconvenience caused by a massive dragnet set up to catch a gunman who investigators now say did not exist.

Police Chief Charlie Beck said Friday that he was sorry for the delays people endured as police searched cars and homes for the supposed gunman after school police Officer Jeffrey Stenroos said he had been shot.

KNX 1070 reports: School Officer Arrested For Alleged Hoax Being Reassigned To Home

Law enforcement officials now say Stenroos lied about the shooting and he has been booked for filing a false police report.

It is unclear exactly what happened in the incident outside a San Fernando Valley high school Jan. 19.

Stenroos appeared to have been shot in his bulletproof vest and authorities said that protection saved his life. But on Thursday, police said they did not believe his story.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports that Beck was furious when robbery homicide detectives came to him with information that Stenroos’ story was false.

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  1. So what!! says:

    Hahaha!!!! Now they need to fire the rest of the crooked pigs!!!!

    1. john says:

      Just a cover up. He’ll be protected as soon as he puts a $package$ in the right hand. He needs to share the graft in the future.


    I wonder if his WIFE will be arrested as well for helping him keep this Lie a secret. If she indeed help keep this a secret, it is a crime right????

    They need to investigate on the Wife too if she knew about this Lie..

    1. Deborah says:

      Remember, though, a spouse cannot be compelled to testify against their spouse.

  3. Not newsworthy says:

    Stupid lying pigs this wouldn’t be the first time the lapd officers file a false reports let’s not forget Rampart Division, and mr. Fuhrman

    1. krg says:

      This wasn’t an LAPD cop.

      1. chaz says:

        Still a sworn officer working a different beat

    2. Josh Butts says:

      This was LAUSD School Police Officer that was probably sitting in his patrol car playing with his gun…….no pun intended.

  4. Nick Camacho says:

    ha ha…this is funny….dumb ass should know you shouldn’t play with guns….

  5. Terri Miller says:

    I almost didn’t get into Northridge Hospital that day to see my Grandfather who was dying because they had ALMOST ALL the entrances blocked because that officer was being treated there!!!

  6. WHAT TH-- says:

    I don’t think anyone saw this one coming. Whatever the reason, this soon to be x officer gives a whole new meaning to the word “WOW”!

    1. joe says:

      not true. i did. on the first day, the media dropped certain hints that strongly suggested he was lying.

    2. batteredbypd says:

      I did too…I never trust the words that come out of a cops mouth….they lie too much! I always need proof to believe their story..they lie quite often.

  7. john says:

    The whole force is corrupt. Pedohiles, sadists and cutthroa.ts

    1. Dee says:

      Force? As in LA School Police?

      1. batteredbypd says:

        police force! Law enforcement……

  8. Terri Miller says:

    And this officer is supposed to be protecting our children?? What if the accidental discharge of his weapon happened around our kids????!!!

    1. SampsonRules says:

      OMG! you are all a BUNCH of Freaking Morons!!!! “What if his weapon discharged around our children!!!?????” Terri, that is one of the few dumbest comments I have read on here!! What if his weapon discharged around our kids??? Geeez! I’ve seen parents and how fast they freaking drive around cross walks and the local streets after picking up there kids! well what if the parent loses control and kills a bunch of school kids standing on the corner!! How ignorant you are! What the cop did, yes was stupid and he panicked like so many of you in a situation gone bad…Once he got to a point there was no turning back….and dont any of you say you haven’t been in a situation that you took too far because I know you are all liars! For all you cop haters out there who think all cops are bad: I hope you or your family get in a situation where you need a cop, but none will be available! Good luck! Not all cops are bad!

      1. batteredbypd says:

        Resorting to childish name calling….. Really??? I can’t see how you can talk about anyone being a moron, dumb, ignorant etc when you have to act like a damn child to get your point across….lol….Now that’s funny!

      2. SampsonRules says:

        Truth hurts dont it….and talking about crying like a baby? your name says it all…..”Battered byPD” Poor poor baby….here’s a rag to blow your nose!

      3. batteredbypd says:

        Nobody is cryin this way….but once again here you go w/ the childish antics..lol…How pathetic u must be….hahahahahhaha are you even an adult, if so Poor thing!!! Name calling stopped back in elementary….but I guess hiding behind your computer screen calling people names makes you feel real powerful & mighty hence ‘your name’..hahahah That is hilarious!

  9. Stenroos Wife Hot??? She's a Conspirator too says:

    I think a couple of posters on here knew it was suspicious in nature from the start when the story broke out of the shooting. A couple of posters commented on the Original story that day that it was suspicious & one even called it a Hoax that same day of the shooting. If anyone can find the Original news article on that day, i’m sure they know what i’m talking ’bout.
    He had an armor vest on & he over-reacted to only a minor chest bruising.. That gave away the Hoax. You know if it penetrated you or not, so in this case his story doesn’t make any sense.
    And the few posters who commented on it in the Original story that it was a Hoax/suspicious were RIDICULE. LMFAO @ those posters now.. Just because they’re COPS doesn’t mean ALL of ’em won’t LIE.

    1. batteredbypd says:

      So true…Im having fun looking at peoples comments from last week who were ridiculing those who had negative stuff to say about the cop & this situation…They all must feel like idiots right now…..lol

  10. Long Jail time for this SOB says:

    This SOB Hoax got me in trouble from by boss for being stuck in traffic jams because of the police barricades. Couldn’t get into my work building because police were blocking off streets so I had to walk for over 1/2 a mile to get back into my work building after my Lunch break. What a piece of sh.t Cop.

    1. krg says:

      If you got in trouble your boss is an idiot. Mine isn’t even in the same state and she understood what was going on and that it was beyond our control.

      1. VH says:

        I had it little better then you. On the 19th around2:00 Pm I went to a store in Topanga and on my way home I was stopped and placed in handcuffs , my car was searched twice and then after 45min to one hour later released , with apology that I closely matched the alleged suspect.
        No fun at all.
        Hope he pays for all the problems he caused to so many people.

  11. Ou812 says:

    Not news worthy you are an idiot. This guy was not a lapd ofcr he was a school pd ofcr, not the same. And the LAPD is the dept that arrested this loser. Great job lapd for outing this lying idiot.

    1. ms r says:

      i know, people are so quick to talk sh#t about LAPD, but when you need them, you call them. yes some are liars, but that is true with any job. so many people hate any cops from any city and it makes me wonder why? they put their lives on the line for you every day and get no gratitude for it. all those haters better stop calling 911 when they need a cop then!

      1. batteredbypd says:

        @ms r yeah but not every job can ruin your life by lying so there is BIG difference…ppl seem to forget that part!

        And no, the haters have a right to hate if they’ve experienced the bad seeds of law enforcement..you want everybody to be gung-ho about cops when not everyone has had good experiences with these so called heroes….Maybe you need to get out of your bubble & do some research on how many peoples lives have been ruined behind police lies/misconduct..I dont think you’d be an avid cop praiser if you either experienced something negative yourself or witnessed it with someone you knew…People seem to be soooo close minded to the big picture! SMH

    2. Jerry says:

      Thank you, HE IS NOT LAPD the Cheff Saikd he woul not back down on this, this Guy is under house arrest, pending his wrights hearing, I don’t blame the cheff for being tick off

  12. Terri Miller says:

    Very True Ou812!!!!

  13. Get Out Of The Closet says:

    Why are so many of you around here obsessed with prison rape?

  14. Tommy says:

    I’ve worked at an area high school for 27 years, now. All of the LAUSD PD officers we have had on campus have been outstanding, dedicated human beings, who care deeply for the welfare of our students, and mentor the kids. In addition, we have a good relationship and liaison with our local LAPD Division. One bad or rogue police officer, or priest, or lawyer, or doctor…or teacher shouldn’t be used to condemn and entire profession. Shame on you all for your vulgar and vituperative railings!

  15. bdj says:

    There isn’t one profession that does not have a rotten apple or two now and then, but to comdem the LAPD as a whole is wrong. Especially since this person was not part of the LADP.

  16. Frederic says:

    I would like to know as I am sure the LAPD and everyone else why this brainless idiot did this… I would hate to be his son and go to school and be bullied and his wife being snickered at and so on. He not only caused us taxpers money but wasted police time where they could have been out on patrol catching real crimminals. If your going to pull a stunt like this at least put some effort into your story so you won’t get caught in lie and look stupid.. I cannot wait to see this on the Dumbest Crimminals Segment of True Tv

  17. Drew says:

    Please remember he is not LAPD…He doe definitely need to go to jail…

  18. lr says:

    wow..speaking from personal experience? you are a little obsessed dude! you seem to know A LOT about prison rules and where not to go to avoid being raped!

  19. SAMO OLD STORY says:

    When the LAPD is done with it’s “internal investigation” (cover up)
    the outcome will be the same:
    The officer did nothing wrong therefore
    no charges will be filed.

    1. JOHNNY says:

      LAPD is not conducting an “Internal Investigation” because he is not a member of their department. LAPD is conducting a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION, which concluded with the arrest of the idiot. It is the LAUSD Police Department’s job to conduct the internal investigation. Additionally, an internal investigation would not even result in an arrest, it would result in an administrative decision (ie: days off, termination, etc), which I’m sure will follow.

      Lastly, if LAPD was going to assist with a COVER UP…. then why would they arrest the guy and announced it to the media themselves…. that would kind of mess up the whole idea of covering it up, right??

      That’s the price to pay for the freedom of speech though…. every ignorant, brain challenged person can post their uneducated, illogical, unreasonable, mindless opinions, just like SAMO OLD STORY!!

  20. Greg says:

    This cop should be punished to the full extent of the law. Parading him in Woodland Hills would be nice too, haha.

  21. Jay says:

    So many hateful posters No wonder L.A. is considered the RUDEST city in the USA.

  22. Who Gets Jeff Stenroos??? says:

    Which group will Jeff Stenroos a property of…??? The Mexican Mafia, Black Gorilla Family, or Aryan Nation?

    and how many packs of Cigarettes will they have to pay to buy Jeff Stenroos?

  23. Susan says:

    LAUSD Police work for LAUSD. LAPD work for the City of Los Angeles. LAUSD Police are still fully-sworn police officers with the same authority as LAPD. Don’t confuse them with “school security” or “safety police”.

  24. cez says:

    He was NOT LAPD. LAPD did a good job investigating this so called shooting.

  25. Josh Butts says:

    I hope they don’t!!! He deserves it rough and hard with sandpaper wrapped around it.

  26. Josh Butts says:

    Don’t forget this moron also gave a description to a sketch artist and put it on the news which as we all know by now is a fake. Imagine if someone matching that description did get caught.

  27. Steve says:

    Prison only if it’s charged as a felony.

    1. Newswatcher says:

      It is being charged as a felony.

  28. Ray says:

    I hope every student and all the citizens who were affected, file individual law suits for “intentional infliction of emotional distress” just to make this man a pauper for the rest of his life.

  29. resuced sammie says:

    Why is the LAPD Cheif apologizing for an LAUSD Officer? and Why haven’t we heard from the LAUSDPolice Cheif?

    I think others at LAUSD should be investigated also.

    1. batteredbypd says:

      Ummm b/c LAPD is the one who had the schools put on lockdown & inconvenienced thousands of people….It’s pretty self explanatory.

      And the LAUSD chief did speak………..

  30. Joe says:

    He should have blamed it on a Mexican or a Black guy and they would have found one and tried and convicted one and this cop would have been an Instant Hero for saving the lives of Innocent school children but he stuck with the white guy not thikling they would look for him give him a fair Trial and presume him Innocent till proven guilty by jurors of his peers so Officers next time remember Blame the Mexican or the Black guy. now if you want a Metal of Honor award and a Parade and the whole night yards Blame it on a Middle eastener with a beard and say he was carrying what looked like the Koran and a Hand grenade.