LOS ANGELES (AP) — A California state senator has introduced a new bill aimed at protecting the ban on armor-piercing bullets.

Sen. Kevin De Leon appeared Thursday with several top law enforcement officials outside the Los Angeles police headquarters to announce his new bill against so-called “cop killer” bullets.

De Leon crafted the bill after a judge last week tossed key sections of a different state law about to take effect that would have restricted handgun ammunition sales.

That law was frozen because the judge said it relied on vague definitions of what constituted handgun ammunition.

De Leon says he is concerned gun activists could seize upon the judge’s ruling as an opportunity to tackle the state’s ban on armor-piercing bullets.

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Comments (38)
  1. Fully Informed American Citizen says:

    I’ll just head over to NV or AZ to buy the ammo.

  2. RickG says:

    There is NO law in California aganist AP bullets & that moron Deleon knows it. Furthernore, the law of hsk that was just thrown out was for handgun ammo, NOT AP rifle ammo.

    1. valleyguy says:

      RickG, thats what the ariticle said, Try reading it closely

  3. Tim Doggett says:

    The reporter at the press conference on 27 January said the “cop-killer” bullets were “hollow point.” That is factually inaccurate. Hollow point ammunition is intended to reduce penetration.

  4. Nguyen T. GySgt USMC (Ret.) says:

    I work for the police as a dispatcher and as a retired Marine I know that no body armour will stop a rifle round fired under 100m. I don’t know of any AP ammo for pistols because pistols aren’t designed to do that.

    1. wobbles says:

      Hey gunny, they actually do have some really nice body armor for about 2 grand which is high end(more expensive than our government values a grunt’s life anyway because they won’t buy it or permit it to be worn by anybody without brass on their collar) body armor than has been proven to stop close range rifle fire called Dragonskin.It’s made by a firm in Fresno and has been proven repeatedly in combat.

      And yes, there are unforunately some pistol rounds designed to defeat body armor. The round fired by the FN five-seven for example, but there are others for more standard pisol calibers. That’s the only kind of ammo the law was designed to ban. Ball ammo and standard self defense ammo like hollow points are not banned in this state.

      1. Nguyen T. GySgt USMC (Ret.) says:

        10-4 to that.

  5. moe says:

    why on earth would someone want armor piercing bullets? why? i would assume gun owners would only need basic ammo for self-defense, hunting or sports. why would someone other than a soldier at war want a bullet that could pierce armor?

    1. countrygirl25 says:

      an excellent point!

    2. John says:

      Cartels and criminals are using body armor now. Better to have and not need than to need and not have.

  6. RickG says:

    Moe: the entire report shown on TV was misleading & part outright lies about ammo. The reporter wasn’t informed enough to realise the Sheriff was blowing smoke up his butt.

    1. valleyguy says:

      thats typical of the sheriff.

  7. David Riley says:

    The News conference was a sham! I have never seen so many Politicians and Cops lie about anything in my life. Armor-Piercing Ammo was banned years ago!
    And of course a Full Power Rifle Round held by Sheriff Bacca, would penetrate any Vest used by the Police! But the law in question was to Ban Hand Gun Ammo purchased by Mail or the Internet! There was no provision at all for so called A.P. Bullets. Also Hollow Point Bullets from a Hand Gun will NOT Penetrate a bullet resistant vest. They are counting on the ignorance of the People Of California, To shove another Gun Control Law Down the Throat of the Law Abiding Public!

    1. Not newsworthy says:

      Well said Dave, nobody put it better than that. So sad but so true

  8. Nguyen T GySgt USMC (Ret.) says:

    The reporters got it all wrong. My brother is a cop, I’m a retired Marine and most of my friends are cops. We all agree that if we ever had a choice of being shot with when wearing body armour then “hollow” point rounds would be the choice as ball FMJ does not dissapate the engery as much as JHP rounds. In other words hollow point can’t penetrate body armour whereas FMJ can under the right conditions. AP rounds are designed to go through body armour and can anyone tell me where I might be able to get pistol AP rounds? So what else will they tell us to buy and not buy?

  9. James says:

    Piece by little piece Californians will eventually lose all rights to bear arms. When no firearms are allowed by citizens the liberals will be SHOCKED! SHOCKED! when armed robberies jumps by 300% in this state. Aldus Huxley was right. We lve in a “Nation Of Sheep”.

  10. James says:

    Gotta say it. If guns can be blamed for crimes, then Rosie O’Donnel can blame spoons for being fat.

  11. Bobby says:

    Law abiding citizens do not shoot law enforcement officers. Criminals will always be able to get what ever these dummies ban.

  12. Johnny says:

    Dave Lopez just did a on air report on this claiming hollow point bullets as cop killers. Mr Lopez I invite you to educate yourself before you file your report.


  13. Scott says:

    The reporter should do a little homework nstead of believing anything that Baca has to say. I’ve seen single shot pistols that will fire a .223 round like Baca held up as an example, but these aren’t pistols used by criminals. And some of the earlier posts are spot on about hollow points vs. hardball penetrating vests. The sad part is that the uninformed public will believe every word, because they saw it on TV. Shame on you Channel 9 for not getting the facts correct.

  14. Idiot de Leon says:

    De Leon is such an idiot.

  15. sean says:

    I believe that the reporter and the sheriff both know that they are making false statements. They know that they can lie and the ignorant will just believe them. The part they dont get is that they can pass all the laws they won’t, the day is soon approaching that “we” the Constitutionally informed will make the conscious decision to no longer obey..

  16. Everett Thompson says:

    Just finished watching Chiefs Beck and Baca, along with Senator De Leon stand in front of reporters and outright lie about “cop-killer” ammunition.

    The segment was purportedly about the pistol ammunition ban, but the final dramatic shot was of a rifle round not subject this legislation. As pointed out by prior posters, hollow point ammunition is designed to expand and reduce penetration.

    As a veteran, I am appalled by the gall and deceite put forth by these so called “public servants”, if they are really this unfamiliar with firearms and ammunition, they should not be holding the positions they hold!

  17. RM Yoder says:

    It is very unfortunate that the “facts” and terms are very inaccurate to the point of fiction in this report. The term “cop-Killer” bullets was coined to refer to certain armor-piercing bullets in the early 1980’s. HR Bill 3132 was passed in 1986 to outlaw such rounds. The California bill did nothing to change that law. The reporter shows a profound lack of intellectual honesty or accuracy in his journalistic skills. The terms and data can be readily found on the Internet by Googleing or searching if one wants to know of which one speaks. I am retired military and support the Law Enforment Community and my friends in it but this type of reportina and inaccuracy does not foster rational discussion and effective public policy making.

  18. Onclewillie says:

    The only true handgun AP rounds are the KTW rounds. Teflon coated, they will travel through more layers of Kevlar than provided for in most vests. However, the company restricts the sale of KTW to military and police. The rounds are NOT available to the civilian market. This hardly sounds like a threat to police.

    A big enough bullet with enough powder behind it can kill someone through a vest. That is hardly news and given the AP handgun rounds have been available since the 1930’s doesn’t make this news. This is little more than another attempt by a gun hating politician and a law enforcement tool to find a way to ban everyday ammo.

  19. Gary says:

    I agree with the person above that poses the question, “why do we need armor piercing bullets in the first place? It’s just one more step in the WRONG direction. What will it take to wake us up to the fact that gun supporting groups such as the NRA and others are perfectlly OK with the USA becoming more and more a SHOOTING GALLERY. More lives lost, more tragedy… is this what we want? Whatever happended to the sanctity of life?

    1. Scott says:

      Yet more and more guns are being bought, and the murder rates are at 40 year lows.

  20. Armed Citizen says:

    Good job Dave Lopez, you successfully misquoted AB962 in your reporting! You state that a judge struck down a law(AB962) that restricts the sale of hollow point ammunition???? You should read the bill and the court docket before reporting.

    After last night’s report on ATF theft/loss reports for 2010 saying that dealers seem to loose 20K firearms a year with no other data presented makes me think kcal 9 is on the wrong side of the 2nd amendment rights argument. Goodbye kcal

  21. GR says:

    California Penal Code 12320-23- (a)(2) “Any person, firm, or corporation who, within this state knowingly possesses any handgun ammunition designed primarily to penetrate metal or armor is guilty of a public offense….Handgun ammunition” means ammunition principally for use in pistols, revolvers, and firearms capable of being concealed upon the person… Is primarily manufactured or designed, by virtue of its shape, cross-sectional density, or any coating applied thereto, including, but not limited to, ammunition commonly known as “KTW ammunition,” to breach or penetrate a body vest or body shieldwhen fired from a pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person.”

    I found this in 30 seconds on the web. Would someone like to inform our illustrious lawmakers that body armor piercing ammununition is already, and has been illegal in California for some time now please, and that AB 962 is completely redundant and unnecessary? Thank you.

  22. Lis says:

    While I understand the 2nd ammendment fans… Let’s remember that it was written during another “time” in our society. Currently, there is no need for guns in civilized society. Want protection? Buy a machete, it doesn’t need to be re-loaded

    1. The Age of Reason, Hopefully Not Lost says:


      I think you overestimate the stability of “civilized society.” It depends completely on resource availability, an awareness of population dynamics and — yes — a balance of power between people and their governments. A dedicated OPEC embargo, for example, could turn America into a second-world country in a matter of months.

      Habeas Corpus has been suspended before in this country (during the Civil War — *before* the country’s significant federalization), and the assumption that governments will always act fairly and responsibly is exactly the sort of thing that would allow it to be suspended again.

      Times haven’t changed as much as you think. But even if they have, the power of the 2nd Amendment comes not so much from its practice as its mere existence. A government must serve its people, not vice-versa; therefore, a government must fear its people more than its people fear it. If a government must assume its citizens are armed, it gives citizens just a little more leverage in that equation. The Constitution is excellent, but you should read the founding fathers’ other written works; you will find that the 2nd Amendment was not written to address a specific time and place, but to affect the balance of power between people and government.

      Additionally, nobody needs anything until he does.

    2. Roger Hall says:

      The Constitution doesn’t work that way. There’s a reason why we have a Bill of Rights. And the right to keep and bear arms comes right after free speech. It’s shameful that some politicians try to get around the law of the land by going after ammunition or firearms manufacturers. It you don’t like the Constitution, there’s a way to change it — legally. The majority of American states are pro-gun. California is in the minority in having so many politicians who are eager to deny people their rights.

  23. Sam says:

    Referring to Teflon coated ammo that
    can penetrate Kevlar – soft body armor

  24. Roger Hall says:

    I was amazed to see Sheriff Lee Baca hold a powerful rifle round while they talked about pistol ammunition. He had to know the difference. It’s disgraceful that he is willing to stand there in uniform and lie to the public like that. And yes, the reporter got suckered about hollow point bullets. They penetrate less because they’re designed to spread out. A vest would have less trouble stopping a hollow point than a regular pistol round.

  25. Barny says:

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