LAKEWOOD (CBS) — Have an emergency? Make a reservation.

Lakewood Regional Medical Center says they’re now taking reservations for care in its emergency room online, allowing patients with non-emergency conditions to avoid lengthy waits.

Patients can make an appointment for 90 minutes to two hours in advance, which the hospital’s Patrick Houston says is the typical amount of time they would spend if they just showed up at an emergency room.

The InQuickER service costs $14.99 and can be accessed at

The hospital guarantees that patients using the reservation system will be seen by a health care professional within 15 minutes of their scheduled appointment or their booking fee will be refunded.

Emergency room physician Dr. Bruce Jetton says that the economy and emergency room closures in the area have contributed to overcrowding in ERs that stay open, resulting in longer wait times.

“We are committed to providing best and most prompt service possible and we are putting some things in place to give hospital emergency room patients options and information,” Jetton said.

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Comments (4)
  1. Tammy Tyner says:

    This is a GREAT hospital. I went to it and they saw me very fast. The people were pleasant and professional. If you ever have an emergency and live in the area I would definitely recommend this hospital.

  2. Barbara says:

    Iif it isn’t an emergency that requires immediate care, why are you going to the ER in the frist place?

    1. Dorothy says:

      you are sitting at home in the early evening.. you have a fever and are vomiting. The doctor’s office is closed, what do you do? Wait in misery till morning? Or use the reservation system and lay down at home, in comfort, awaiting your appointment. You prefer that people sit in those horrid plastic chairs in the ER waiting room?

  3. I'm an ER Nurse says:

    This an innovative solution to a real problem that an ER faces every day. Many people use the ER for minor problems and as their primary care and this inevitably cloggs up valuable resources and results in longer wait times!
    Responding to an obvious need, this ER is thinking innovatively and should be applauded for it’s strategy. The ER should not be used for simple colds and pediatric fevers, yet it’s a big population we serve. Help us help you.

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