Celebrity trainer Patrick Murphy, who recently worked with Olivia Wilde to get her ready for her role in TRON: Legacy, visited KCAL9 to talk about three must-have items for home workouts.

Here are the items Murphy mentioned.

Jump Rope:

  • High calorie burner (more than cardio equipment!), establishes coordination, strengthens your cardio respiratory system!


  • Great for compound exercises
  • Dumbells allow for endless amount of options for exercises — many more than what a typical gym machine would offer you


  • Another great option for resistance training, bands are great for fixing posture (hello desk jockeys!)
  • Can be wrapped around items at home (desk, chair, door handle) to create unique moves.

For more information on Patrick Murphy and his techniques visit his website at www.murphyfitness.com.

Comments (3)
  1. patrick murphy says:

    Hi everyone! I had a fun time doing this segment, but 4 minutes isn’t enough to show what these 3 tools together are capable of. I’m going to shoot a little video this weekend and post it on my website for free to give you an actual workout!

  2. steve morgan says:

    Great Spot! Informative…Nice work!

  3. patrick murphy says:

    This is my own supplement to the KCAL 9 Segment I did on the three must have at home fitness tools. I have put together some exercises and created a fantastic workout you can follow. Go for it… it’s tougher than you might think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP6uLUsncro

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