RIVERSIDE  (AP) —  Animal services officers are looking for the owner of a 5-foot-long lizard found wandering around a condo complex in the city of Riverside.

Spokesman John Welsh says a resident reported the wayward lizard Tuesday afternoon. He says animal services officer Jenny Selter put a catch pole around its neck while a police officer grabbed the reptile’s body. They then slipped it into a compartment of Selter’s vehicle that’s usually used for carrying large dogs.

Welsh says the animal is well-behaved, for a Monitor lizard, and likely has been someone’s pet for a long time. He suspects it escaped from its cage, perhaps while its owner was away, and hopes that someone will claim it soon.

Black-throated Monitor lizards are carnivorous and native to the grasslands of Africa.

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Comments (10)
  1. sandy says:

    that looks like a bearded dragon…

  2. sandy says:

    …or a flat headed agama lizard

  3. Clara says:

    This is not a monitor lizard, or a bearded dragon.

  4. mister s says:

    Can’t be positive about what that lizard is but definitley not a monitor. What the hell does “well-behaved, for a Monitor lizard” mean? It’s not like they are aggressive animals, it just depends on the handling of them, with maybe the exception of a Nile, or Crocodile monitor. I hate when animal services get hold of any reptile, they know NOTHING about proper care, and the animal always suffers for it.

    1. Regina Moultrie says:

      I think that the writer was just being humorous.
      The blame for lack of proper care falls to the owner who left the animal in a position to leave an apartment.

  5. Alex G Baraona says:

    That picture is a Painted Agama. I know I have one at home. It only grow about a foot long at best. I also have a Black Throat Monitor and they do get big. They are very friendly pets. They can contact the Serpentarium a living reptile museum in Lodi California or email Robert@snakemuseum.com and he can take it in for his adoption program.

    Alexander Gilbert Baraona MA. PhD.

  6. leapin lizards says:

    It’s a Kenyan Rock Agama

  7. billy says:

    thats a stock pic has nothing to do with the one rescued

  8. debbie says:

    i dont know were riverside is but i live in liverpool and my monitor lizard has escaped or been taken that is a water lizard but if anyone finds mine please comment on here

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