PASADENA (CBS) — A police pursuit of a suspected DUI driver that began in Pasadena ended in a serious crash in Covina Monday night.

The suspect led police through several communities during the chase, which began just before 11 p.m. in Pasadena and continued for about an hour.

The chase ended when the suspect side-swiped a vehicle at a high rate of speed while failing to stop at a red light at Barranca Avenue and East Puente Street, about a half-mile north of the San Bernardino (10) Freeway in Covina, according to Covina police and the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Police took the suspect into custody.

The driver of the other vehicle was reported as unresponsive by police. The car had sustained heavy damage on the driver’s side.

At times during the chase, the suspect reached high speeds and drove the wrong way down a road.

The suspect had stopped briefly in West Covina before taking off again.

Police radio transmissions indicated that officers were considering using the PIT maneuver, but an attempt at one was never made during the chase.

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  1. DCS says:

    What, no video feed after it went to Channel 9? I don’t get KCAL on DirecTV.

    1. Marc says:

      It has ended horribly you don’t want to see it. I felt bad seeing it. A innocent driver was Tboned and it appears that they may have lost their life.They ended the broadcast after that.

      1. Gabby Reynoso says:

        I know what you mean, i felt so bad watching it and i pray they dint have kids in the car. So scary that person was just driving by and now might have died, i hope they were just passed out but by the way the firemen were going real slow and th cops basically did nothing, it appears that there was not much that could be done.

      2. Christopher Skelton says:

        This was an travisty by the police. They need to be more acertive, especialy when the suspect was stopped.

      3. mark says:

        oh my god!!!! i seen this live on t.v .poor person(s)in that toyota corrola it didnt seem as though officers were trying to get that innocent person out. it didnt look good.that told me a lot my heart goes out to the families of that person comment from downey,ca

      4. ashlie says:

        it was a toyota corolla?

      5. mark says:

        yes ashile it was

      6. mark says:

        hey marc. ya no one wants to see how that ended my stomach has butterflys and i feel sick.thats the most serioud purduit i ever saw. comment me back if u like anyone

      7. Rick says:

        What i saw last night left me speechless because this was nothing but a call of duty for the police involved,We the people pay the city to teach and practice the pit maneuver and they do not use it then the city needs to stop wasting our money,Yes it is a tuff call except when anyone takes a piece of Metal and decides to use it as a Weapon Meaning a CAR or a GUN and runs every red light like a stray Bullet, We all can see the after math and that is exactly what i saw. This could of been prevented in my eyes. My prayers go out to the innocent Driver and the Family.

    2. reggie says:

      people its past time to be smart, you cant outrun the radio or the ghetto bird , now because of a terrible decision , someone’s family member may have died , and another looks at a long time in the slammer

    3. Fred Zermeno says:

      Officers have to handle these pursuits differently. The guy was running red light after red light. Its like shooting a weapon at every red light. Russian roulette. They have to do everything in their power to stop these guys. We invented the Police Pursuit Eliminator 10 years ago. Work perfect and everyone’s afraid to use it. This is a tragedy in front of our eyes.

      1. Anthony says:

        what is the Police Pursuit Eliminator ?

    4. daniel smith says:

      when will the police learn.. another innocent life is shattered because the police were too scared to take the guy down. Maybe they were afraid of the mini dog in the car..

      1. More Than Angry says:

        absolutely..when will the POLICE LEARN? after they allowed this EVIL DRUNK to “DRIVE AGAIN” ..I could NEVER UNDERSTAND why the Officers DID NOT TAKE HIM OUT when HE was STOPPED …this horrible ending could have been FULLY PREVENTED!!!!!!! I pray that the Driver/passenger/s in the T-boned car survives..I am VERY angry..I was not able to sleep a wink after watching this carnage enfolding before my eyes Live on TV & followed Live Stream broadcast of which was terminated and I was left with the horrible scene in my brain of POLICE OFFICERS NOT CARING TO CHECK THE OCCUPANTS of the T-Boned CAR & EMT’s moving in a snail pace, not checking the victims of the this evil Drunk and “Sorry” police work!!!!

  2. Mark says:


    1. jenny says:

      Why would want to see something so horrible

    2. Ashleigh Boiros says:

      Is the bystander ok??????

      1. mark says:

        doesnt seem like it:(

      2. Shelly says:

        Any word yet on the innocent victim? Does anyone know if they made it?
        I pray they are ok.

      3. Dom says:

        It was a female she’s alive

      4. MARK says:


      5. Dom says:

        that’s. Wat ABC 7 stated

      6. mark says:

        ok im confused would someone please tell me who survived .please comment me back

      7. Chris says:

        According to KNX 1070 news radio they have said the woman survived and was sent to county usc medical.

      8. MARK says:


      9. Mike says:

        KNX radio is reporting both the suspect and victim survived the collision.

      10. Yadira says:

        Thank GOD!!

      11. sandy says:

        Yes!! Thank you God!!!!!

      12. MARK says:


      13. JM says:

        abc just updated there story…All they said is that she is believed to be alive

    3. Jay says:

      I Saw it on youtube a min ago.

  3. Anna Licalsi Peterson says:

    This blows. Going back to Ch. 7

  4. David says:

    You say to follow you guys on the internet yet provide no feed… no confidence in news on the web, at least for this station

  5. eddie says:

    why cut into a perfectly good program to show another stupid car chase thru LA.

    1. alex says:

      Cash cab or a repeat of letterman. What good program?????

  6. aaron says:

    wheres the video feed…….you guys suck

  7. Nick says:

    I saw this chase go thru pasadena…it was chaos. As 15 cop cars sped down the rode after this maniac, i stood there, i watched patiently in awe. Police were everywhere, and the helicopters and their searchlights just added to the action…

    1. Al says:

      the car should have been blocked when it came to a stop. now it crashed and maybe the other driver was killed!!

      1. Doggone says:

        I agree.

      2. Joe says:

        You are right, Al! The cops did nothing. In fact, it took them at least 10 minutes to ever go check on the victim! Insanity! Instead, they all care way too much about the drunk chunt.

      3. Anita says:

        I agree with you Al…100%! I watched this live on TV and it shook me to tears after seeing it end the way that it did. I couldn’t even sleep afterwards. They should have boxed him in! What would the worse thing that could happen? A few dents in a police car? BUT NO!!! They allowed him to catch his breath, and pull off again, but this time with MORE anger than before…only to go on and kill someone. (I know that they say she’s alive…but it still could have been prevented) I thought that it’s their JOB to protect us? Ant not worry about a few busted up police cars, that could have easliy stopped he, after he finally stopped the first time! They should feel REALLY BAD for allowing this to happen.

    2. Joe says:

      Why can’t I leave a comment here? How do you register?

      1. Joe says:

        Ok there we go1 The LAPD caused this! That HORRIBLE, TRAGIC crash is because the LAPD did NOTHING. I hope the victim’s family sues you! For shame LAPD- as this could have been avoided!

      2. Mike says:

        The LAPD was not involved in this police chase at all, do your research before making stupid comments.

      3. A Cap says:

        Should have just watched it period instead of trolling the site.

        Apparently any police vehicle that is black and white is LAPD to him.

      4. Joe says:

        Black and white vehicle? What planet are your from anyway?

      5. joe says:

        Why watch shyt? Talk about trolling! Get off your tv and computer and get a real life. And buiddy, black and white cop cars? Where do you live? MARS?

      6. Joe says:

        Research? Why? What for? LA sucks, period. Research out here is a waste of my time.

      7. paul says:

        Idiot, the LAPD DOESNT PATROL the San Gabriel Valley dumb ass

      8. joe says:

        The Valley, LA, whatever, whoi cares, they all suck, period.

      9. Joe says:

        You’re right Paul, NOBODY patrols anywhere in LA as clearly evidenced by last night’s actions.

  8. Anna Licalsi Peterson says:

    Thanks. After wasting my time with no video feed, I go back to Ch. 7 to find the chase over due to a crash. Coulda watched it live on Ch. 7. Won’t make this mistake again!!!

    1. Peter Michel says:

      I had video on channel 9.

    2. Sparky says:

      You’re sick! You’re complaining because you missed seeing someone critically injured or killed! Well done, Anna Licalsi Peterson!

      1. James says:

        I agree with Sparky, have some respect. What if that was someone you knew that was the car that got hit and could be killed in the crash.

      2. Anna Licalsi Peterson says:

        That was stupid of me. I wasn’t watching closely and thought they hit a parked car. Very sorry for seeming so callus.

      3. Stacee says:

        Sparky I agree with u also! I am completely traumatized over this! Cant shake it… Im so sad.. It floors me that the supsect was just fine with putting not only his own dog in danger but innocent members of scoiety let alone the fact that his own family now has to deal with their ridiculous family memebers great decisions to intoxicate himself and get behind a wheel to drive! Im trying to understand how it is this stupid heartless fool didnt realize he was causing himself an others more pain and misery by staying behind the wheel he shouldnt have been behind! I wish so bad I could have words with this devil of an idiot!I just pray the cops r reading him the riot act right now and from here on I only wsh for him to be completely tormented in prison for the rest of his life as the low down loser he has displayed he is this very night! Hoping and praying his victim can overcome their injury and praying I am not going to hear the worst in the a.m. …. That possibly the victim didnt make it! So soryy for their family. Hoping the dog is ok and will be put in safe hands from here on and please dont make that poor dog stay in this family where this freaking monster was developed! Uggghhh I am so traumatized and stupid idiot anna peterson can take a hike off a really high bridge for being desperate to see an impact that ended in such tragedy. maybe when something tragic like this happens to her she”ll get how sick her thoughts were tonight! At 42 I realize life can be cruel at times but never will I understand why its this cruel… to an innocent victim who was minding their business and ends up having to pay such a price for such a sorry individual! Kinda wishing I was one of those cops on the scene right now so I could make sure things would be said that he would never forget and haint him for the rest of his life!

      4. Carrie Ward says:

        Hey sometimes being able to watch something this isn’t about being sick or anything … I was praying for the driver (victim) who was hit and that this person (turns out it’s a she and she’s okay)
        is going to be okay.

    3. Dave says:

      Chanel 7 stopped it’s coverage before the crash to go to Nightline. It was a horrible crash. I DVR’d it ‘cuz I was going back and forth from the chase to Nightline. First thing I said to myself is that person’s dead, sorry to say.

      1. cris says:

        can u post it on youtube?

    4. derek says:

      maybe if you took 5 seconds to stop being so infatuated with potential violence and read the bottom line saying “MOVING TO CHANNEL 9″ you wouldve seen what you desired.

      now you really…”Wont make this mistake again!!!”

    5. A Cap-Lan says:

      They said turn to channel 9. Your own fault for not viewing it. Channel 11 does the same thing at 11:30. You must not watch the news ever.

    6. Kimberly Richardson says:


      1. Jennifer A McDowell says:

        I am having trouble sleeping aftert watching that type of accident I really hope the guy pulls through.

      2. Stacie McCombs says:

        I’m with you on that. If the police recognized the car to belong to a loved one, they wouldn’t have strolled over so casually to look at the innocent victim 5 minutes after the accident. I was completely outraged as well.

      3. David says:

        I saw this crash live on TV and it was heart wrenching. This poor victim is either dead or seriously injured. The police should have used their vehicles to box this guy in when he stopped for a few minutes. Instead, they hid behind their cars like cowards. So much for “Protect and Serve.”

      4. tt says:

        I was watching the chase and telling my cowokers that the police should have taken him out early or stopped the chase before this reckless monster hit someone. One minute later, he t-boned the other driver. HOW SAD IS THIS?

      5. David says:

        Totally agree…the police had the chance to stop the car. If the suspect would have been wanted for a crime towards a policeman, this would have ended very differntly.

    7. A Guy says:

      Eye on the TV
      ’cause tragedy thrills me
      Whatever flavour
      It happens to be like;
      Killed by the husband
      Drowned by the ocean
      Shot by his own son
      She used the poison in his tea
      And kissed him goodbye
      That’s my kind of story
      It’s no fun ’til someone dies

      Don’t look at me like
      I am a monster
      Frown out your one face
      But with the other
      Stare like a junkie
      Into the TV
      Stare like a zombie
      While the mother
      Holds her child
      Watches him die
      Hands to the sky crying
      Why, oh why?
      ’cause I need to watch things die
      From a distance

      1. TOOL says:

        Maynard sais so much, and yes its true

      2. Some Guy says:

        Get your fix here.

      3. stacee says:

        Seems”AGUY” is completely dimented and a total kkkooookkk! talk about mumble freaking jumble! what a dork of a total idiot! Geek! Your words r better left unsaid! U must come from some cracked up alien planet we know nothing of! Yikes!

    8. silly silly says:

      Hey everyone, why are you blaming authorities for not stopping a DUI Psycho driver? Police have families too. If someone is driving at such high speeds and able to use their vehicle as a killing machine the police are not going to attempt something that may place other in more danger.

      Anna Licals Peterson…it gives me peace to know that you do have a heart.

      1. stacee says:

        Just like a zebra cant change their stripes I believe Anna”s heart will remain cold her initial thoughts and feelings r the true her inside and the fact she was desperate for some action at the cost of a life possibly is sickening and someone she will always be.. people like her desperate for action in a traumatizing situation dont change as long as they get that action! sickly sicko who has no decency! decency can make a wonderful personality but for Anna that probably cant happen her stripes are permanent.

      2. EMAN says:

        Stacee, give it a rest! She apologized. Get off your high horse will ya?

    9. Vic says:

      It was amazing we watched over and over again have it on the DVR. Did the other diver die. The other diver didn’t use any defensive driving. Shoud have turned the car in the other direction. I bet they were texting on the phone. You have to always be watching and ready to react to all situations.

      1. Jason says:

        yeah but i juss drove home now i watched the crash even if u were expecting something like that to happen it is so hard to react to avoid that even in a sports car and not a toyota camry like that

      2. EMAN says:

        Driver never saw it coming. Even if that person did, he/she would have noticed it at the very last second and had no time to react considering the other driver was barreling down the street at high speeds and ran the light. That driver never had a chance. Sucks…

      3. Mark says:

        You disgust me. Absolutely disgust me. I’m sure your parents regret you every time they hear your name. What a disappointment you must be to them.

      4. Suzy says:

        by the time the driver saw him coming it was too late. Plus, you don’t expect someone to run a red light going what looked like 75mph during the middle of a red light sequence. That’s sad to say they were texting.

        I’ll tell you what though, next time I hear a siren, I’m getting over IMMEDIATELY! even faster now.

        I’m so sad for that person in the car. what a tragedy. Pray for that family.

      5. Mw says:

        Vic, your brain must be pea-sized or smaller…nobody could have avoided that….get a life….

      6. Bran says:

        You are a headcase Vic. Seriously, go get some professional help. Perhaps you should stop texting while driving. To even think the victim had an reaction time is absurd.

    10. Den says:

      I’m so thankful that the dog and victim weren’t killed but I am disappointed that the coward is still alive..

    11. Joe Raygoza says:

      At one point, the enitre police squad positioned themselves in the rear of the car. A Little common sense; and wisdom would indicate position another squad (of cars) in front of the suspect’s vehicle. Poor judgment on behalf of the officers lead to this tragedy! Please, USE THIS TACTIC NEXT TIME TO AVOID SUCH TRAGEDY (ies).

    12. Joe Raygoza says:

      At one point, the enitre police squad positioned themselves in the rear of the car. A Little common sense; and wisdom would indicate position another squad (of cars) in front of the suspect’s vehicle. Poor judgment on behalf of the officers lead to this tragedy! Please, USE THIS TACTIC NEXT TIME TO AVOID SUCH TRAGEDY (ies).

  9. sharla says:

    What happened to the dog that came out of the suspect’s car

    1. Gina Gay Spooner says:

      That’s what I want to know too! Friends living close by are looking for the dog

      1. Johnny B says:

        Have your friends found the dog yet?

      2. Jacky says:

        Just read on that the victim is a woman who appears to be alive. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. And I just really hope the dog is ok and found.

    2. Melo says:

      Where did the dog come from?? Please dont tell me the innocent driver had his doggie with him 😦 …. feel so bad for the innocent guy.

      1. DEK says:

        The little dog jump or was thrown from the suspects vehicle. Looked like a puppy possibly a bulldog.

      2. Mel says:

        I just saw it, the driver let the dog go before the cops approached him. He looked so scared. I hope a good person finds it and the lady in the other car is ok.

  10. rich says:

    they killed the feed since it looks like he killed an innocent bystander, tboned

  11. Steffen says:

    Why didn’t the police block the car in while it was stopped. They had plenty of time to block him in.

      1. C says:

        Exactly! This innocent person was harmed unnecessarily! CRITICAL ERROR!

      2. Doggone says:

        When suspect comes to a stop…police place spike strip in front of rear wheels and if he goes…flat!! Pursuit over… lives saved. Certainly there was enough time to do this. How’s that as a new procedure.

    1. Ian says:

      Because that would have been to easy….and spoilt their chase…..

      1. smith says:

        COPS BLEW IT MASSIVELY! WE NEED TO FIND OUT WHO THE COMMANDING OFFICER WAS! There is another story to this story and we need to get to the bottom of it immediately!

      2. Bradly says:

        They police taken an oath to protect and service which they did not do either. The officers involved should be resigning. It obvious that the smaller municipalities can not handle this type of public safety. They did not protect the community nor service the people needs. They had opportunities to end this and not let this situation get out of hand.

    2. Chris R. says:

      Yes, and the cops who did not block him in are also responsible for the driver who was most likely killed; it did not have to happen; STUPID FRIGGIN IDIOT COPS. They didn’t even run to the victim in the t-boned car. Morons. I feel terrible for the innocent victim and their family. Un-freakin real. HEY COPS INVOLVED IN THE PURSUIT, you should feel pathetic.

      1. 5.8svt! says:

        Its So Sad,Seriously i watched it for over a good 45mins,they had him stopped could of done so many things to stop him frm speeding off again,and they took there sweet ass time and it lead to HIM killin some1 so innocent,that was probly going home frm wrk,etc,…they should feel ashamed to say “To Protect ,And to Serve”! my prayers go out to the family of that innocent person!

      2. Smith says:

        We need to find out which officers were in charge….what a bunch of g-damn cowards they have become! So worried about offending someone’s dignity and what did it get them? They should have at lease ‘tased’ the guy as he sat there convulsing in the front seat…….we need to act up on this cowardly police effort….find out who called the shots (or lack of shots) and make an example of political correctness gone awry!

      3. Chris H says:

        You have a lot of nerve to refer to the law enforcement officers as ‘STUPID FRIGGIN IDIOTS”. Why don’t you try and walk in their shoes and learn first hand how they are DAMNED IF THEY DO AND DAMNED IF THEY DON’T. No, it’s much easier sitting on your @#? in front of the TV finding fault with every thing they do. CARMA baby, someday you WILL need those same friggin idiots to come to your aide.

      4. Firemike says:

        Since your so quick to criticize the cops, why don’t you tell everyone what you do for a living. Do you put your life on the line? Tragic yes! You would be criticizing the cops if they did the PIT maneuver and someone was injured. Bottom line is the drunk driver is responsible. As far as the innocent victim, cops arent trained to treat the victim. That’s what the fire department is for. The CPA don’t know if the drunk has a gun or not. Mind your own business!

      5. Cera says:

        Hey Chris… It’s all about the system being flawed they can never seem to make the right decision! They are constantly making incorrect judgements and over reacting when they dont need to and taking situations like tonight and saying oh lets just see what happens. Yes Freaking Idiots!!!!!! They could have prevented this they didnt need to use lethal force, they just needed to act! Instead they stood by and let it play out and someone lost their life! It’s a horrible situation! Had it been a cop that got hit bet your ass they would’ve acted differently!!! Then it would’ve been crucial….. FRICKIN IDIOTS

      6. Fred Bond says:

        Shoot the damn driver….

    3. Sherrie Lee says:

      they never do

  12. Sad says:

    Those poor innocent people in the other car. Pray for them. Please tell me someone is looking for the innocent dog.

    1. Ian says:

      Why pray to an imaginary friend..please…the cops behaved like cowards and someone died…..sadly happens all the time.

    2. stacee says:

      Im so glad there are alot of people concerned about the dog! All who r.. U Rock!! Hoping and praying this innocent vicitim can recover fully and not have to endure unbearable pain! So praying for the victim and the pup!!!! so darn sad! cant shake this one! so traumatized!

  13. Jeff says:

    It’s on kcal9. The guy just t boned another driver. News reports are that the innocent driver is non responsive…terrible

    1. youguysrsad says:

      should’ve would’ve could’ve im sure the cops did what they had to do . are you guys cops? would you risk your life to chase this guy?. probably not. everyone is always so fast to point out who did what wrong. well who cares. this person could be dead. its no ones fault but the drunk.

      1. Cera says:

        You’re an idiot! Wow… You must be a cop! And offended because your lazy ass would act the same way! I’m sure any one else on here would’ve done anything they could. Not trained to help… Um yes they are thats what they frickin do! No they can’t bring the guy back to life but at least try and show some kind of effort for the poor victim. They walked to the car, who walks to the scene of an accident? Who cares what they did wrong? You will when this happens to someone you love! Who cares what they did wrong? What an ignorant interjection! You know who’s sad? You are! Yes ultimately it is the A holes fault who ran the light but look at all the things the cops could’ve done… It’s so tragic because everyone knew it was gonna end badly and they just watched it play out~

      2. Kevin says:

        You sir are the idiot… First Yes the victim is injured BUT Officers are not trained as Perimedic/Fire Personal nor do they have to equipment to handle a violent car accident (jaws of life and stuff that). After an accident like that moving the Victim even slightly can cause their injuries to escalate dramaticly. Also I have watched the footage many times… if you notice the cops are walking GUNS DRAWN… Running with a drawn gun is not only dangerous is stupid, they can not get an accurate Shot in case the suspect pulls a weapon and starts shooting . Also another reason to get teh suspect before the Victim if theyare tending to the victim and the suspect does have a gun and starts shooting at them then that is a HUGE PROBLEM… one you have shots fired in a public area but a DRUNK, Second you have officers down and now a standoff while the victim in the car can be FIGHTING For their life. Cops have to take in every possible instance and if you look at the footage (via youtube) the cops goes to the victims vehicle and then they suspects dog jumps out of the car … What if it was an ATTACK DOG!!!!… Trust me these cops have so many things going threw their minds and I bet if you walked onto the scene of an accident where a DRUNK POSSIBLY ARMED man was you wouldn’t run into it….

      3. Pat Lukes says:

        Sort of kidding when I say this, but here’s the order: Walk up to the suspect’s car, shoot him dead and then pool all your efforts to the innocent victim to get them out of the car. Done.

      4. Mac says:

        Either way they could’ve prevented this whole thing.. This chase went on too long and they had the opportunity when the suspect stopped on Cameron ave.

        They just let this drunk drive on and on and on and on and look how it turned out.

      5. how says:

        K, wait until you are the victim of the same scenario. Your family will be preaching the same sentiment about how lousy the police hanbdled the situation. Are you an officer? Hey, at least I worked in a jail. Even in jail, the inmates act like the fools they were born to be. Had idiots check up on me for no reason to show they wanted to be in charge, and I checked them hard into the walls to let them knbow who was the boss. And, those were my trustees!!! Yes, the police are all afraid of lawsuits against them….for anything. I wasn’t. If the idiot was injured for purposefully runing into me, then they had what was comning to them. Officers unfortunately have been lulled into a sense of being too cautious when they must be aggressive. In this case, they had opportrunities to take action…but did not. You defend them for being cautious, yet there were enough officers to render SOME aid AND protection to the victim.

      6. Joe says:

        Good points, How! Glad you showed people who was the boss! Wish more were like you!

      7. Carrie Ward says:

        Not all inmates act that way. I feel the Officers and the Justice system handled my case very well. Of course my case wasn’t the same as this one. First of all I wasn’t being pursued, but I did end up at a military base on accident and was stopped. I was DUI and although it may have seemed overboard i’m glad I was arrested because I could never live with myself if I hurt anybody. I learned a lesson and haven’t nor will i ever make that mistake again. If the cops let me go, it would be on them if I ended up killing someone in an ‘accident’ car crash and if I were an Officer I wouldn’t have let me go either.

      8. Steve says:

        Cera, people like you make me sick….you are the first one to call police if you hear something outside your door. Trust me if the police could have they would have shoot his f$%^&*^& head off but then people like you would scream ” did they have tio shoot him, he wasn’t hurting anyone. Get a life and don’t call them when you need help.

      9. Joe says:

        Sorry Cera but you are the idiot here. Your statement lacks reason and common sense. You are just a reactionary. Lots of people like you, unreasoned and irresponsible.

      10. joe says:

        For real girl. I would have soaked my hands in the victim’s blood to just try and assist! Cops are useless, waste products in society.

  14. Collin says:

    That is the worst impact i have ever seen, they havnt even taken out the jaws of life, i hope he didnt die on impact.

  15. ruben says:

    Watching this man fly down residental streets, with the cops doing nothing but waiting for him to crash or kill someone makes me sick. New rule if your useing your car as a deadly weapon you should be shot before you can use it. Now some innocent person lost their life tonite.

    1. Jeff says:

      Hell yes….well said.

      1. Chris R. says:

        Agreed. Maybe the cops would get a clue if the innocent driver was a cop’s family member. This is so sickening.

    2. dennis says:

      I agree with Ruben. More should have been done when this suspect was stopped. This didn’t have to happen.

    3. Cera says:

      I agree they had so many opportunites to stop him while his door was open and he was spazing out! They coulda tazered him and ended it there. Or just pit manuvered him when they had the chance!

    4. ian says:

      They should have shot hm when he was stopped….heck, shot out his tires…block his car with a plice vehicle, but that would take guts and brains, something missing in LA Cops.

      1. JB says:

        That’s the problem these weren’t LA cops, they were from Pasadena. When this went through West Covina and was on Valley Blvd Pasadena Cops should have let the Officer from WC that was trained in the pit manuever do what he was trained to do. The area was in an industrial part of the city and there is hardly any cars on the road over there at this time of the night. Instead of letting him get to Azusa where there is a lot of residential areas and people on the road. Tragic…..

    5. Patrick says:

      If it weren’t for the way the police are handcuffed, they would have ended the chase VERY early. Thank dummies like yourself. Liberals. Lawyers. Citizen’s Right’s groups. THEY are who are to blame. THEY are who you should be pointing your ignorant fingers at, all of you. Blind fools.

      1. Madds says:

        amen to that

      2. krg says:

        agreed Patrick.

      3. Nick says:


      4. Chris says:

        Patrick, I completely agree with you. My son was, (yes was) a police officer who tried to do the right thing and what did he get in return???? MURDERED. Today my son is dead but the family of the gang member who killed him filed a wrongful death suit against the city because the suspect was killed by other officers on scene….It is so wrong for people to just run their mouth when they truly do not have all the facts!

    6. Scott says:

      I most agree. The cops rushed the suspect and delayed even approaching the innocent victims car for far too long. They didn’t even try to get in through a window to administer help. NO BRAINER – CAR STOPS – BLOCK CAR! God bless the innocent driver and their family.

    7. smith says:

      RIght on! When he sat there convulsing in the front seat I saw it the same as him holding a loaded weapon!

      We should take this beyond just a blogging page and find out who the commanding officer was! IMMEDIATELY!

      CALL KCAL9 and ask them to follow up on this story….they probably won’t for fear they won’t get the next car chase scoop off their bearcat scanner

  16. cooper says:

    So so horrific end to this chase. 😦 Praying for the victim and the victim’s family.

  17. anthony says:

    the news is off the air for the night i belive on all local channels. i happened to be flipping channels right when the crash happened. it doesn’t look good for the victim that the jerk hit. they were still trying to get the victim out of the car and it was reported that he was unresponsive

  18. LA Breaking News says:

    Listening live to the units onscene via the radios…. There are parties trapped inside the car with at least one reported unresponsive… LA County Fire has units onscene and more enroute to assist.

  19. Kris says:

    Did the driver of the other car really die?

  20. Anna Licalsi Peterson says:

    Went back to Ch. 7 just in time for them to rewind their feed so I could see the ending to the pursuit. Thank you Ch. 7. No thanks to you, Ch. 9/2

    1. David says:

      Did channel 7 show the impact of the crash and not just channel 9’s censoring? Not that i need to see the horrific scene but it would be nice to know where to get my news from now on

      1. Cera says:

        Ch 9 showed the impact as horrible as it was. They didnt censor anything till they were replaying the events leading up to it. It was a good job by the reporters and news anchors… Just a horrible scenario!

      2. Marc says:

        Channel 9 did show the actual impact as it happened however when they went to replay did not show impact. I am proud of them to do so as watching live I felt horrible. It would be for me as it is for the family of the innocent driver to have been watching this. I think they were justified in not showing it again and for ending the broadcast.

      3. jason says:

        channel 9 showed it all live on air

    2. Richard Levenson says:

      Yeah what happens is they’ll say they are taking the high road by not showing the crash but what happens is the news casters & TV production personal will all be standing around a monitor watching the rewind as many times as they want. BS they take the high road.!!! I’m checking YT to see if somebody has it there.

  21. Shawn says:

    What a horrific collision…sad ending! I hope he rots forever and they find that dog!

    1. alex says:

      What happen to the dog??

      What is happening to the innocent driver

    2. Kim says:

      kcal showed the impact live…. it was bad… gives me chills seeing the way kcal censored it.

  22. Briguy says:

    I really support the police but I can’t understand why they didn’t do more to stop him before he (probably) killed some inocent driver when he blew a red light. The police should have been MUCH more proactive

    1. Ian says:

      Proactive and cops aren’t two words that go together….at least not in LA

    2. smith says:


      We need to all find out who was giving orders on site!

      That guy should have at least been tased!

  23. Jaz says:

    Why no live stream?? I need to see if that victim is ok! What kind of BS station is this to cut on this breaking news?

  24. patty poo says:

    I hope the cops beat this guy like Rodney King. I feel awful because I probably just watched someone die.

  25. bad says:

    I hope that innocent driver is ok …i live right down the street in from this crash.

    1. beth says:

      which intersection?…helicopters seem to be over barranca

  26. loren says:

    These police are morons …he is supposedly drunk driving ….it is a lethal weapon and they have plenty of opportunities to take him out … but no they just sit there and watch forever until he kills somebody… well done police… you earned your salary this month. Disgusting…

    1. Ian says:

      Yepp…I agrree with you 100%…sadly of course nothing will change. with police procedure….it never does.

    2. Paige lopez says:

      I pray that the innocent bystander makes it. I’am sure the officer’s wanted to shoot that nut, but if they did everyone would be screaming Attica. They were in a tough situation that went bad.

    3. KMA367-NEWT says:

      It’s not the Officers fault. Different agencies have certain policies and protocol that as an Officer you need to follow. I’m guessing that if it were up to the Officers they wouldve ended it right away. Blame the DUI driver 1st then blame agency management 2nd, not the Officers.

      1. howie says:

        KMA: I’m sure your hands are tied when you patrol the streets where so many idots return after you put them behind bars. Hopefully, this tragedy will allow you guys to do what you are supposed to do….stop crime by all means/measures when it happens.
        Yeah, officers don’t want to speak their minds to their TO/CO fearing retribution and reprisal. So, I do hope the tragedy isnbt lost forever, becasue it seems this particular crash has a lot of people upset at how the officers handled the situation. We are all frustrated that too many idiots are allowed to destruct our society because polkice hands are politically tied by SOP’s written by lawyers who don’t know how bad it is out there.

    4. Joe says:

      I agree Loren. Perhaps they didn’t meet their “bad registration” or “no tags” or “tint too dark” quota for the month. Hellofa way to make-up for lost time. I hope they plan to visit the INNOCENT victim in the hospital instead of the donut shop!

  27. cooper says:

    I don’t understand why they didn’t shoot out his tires when they had him stopped an hour ago. Because they were worried they would spook him and he might shoot himself? Now it looks like sadly somebody has lost their life because of him.

    1. tux says:

      or they had time to go ahead when he stopped & placed some spike strips. They had plenty time to place them, but they just backed away and let him drive off

    2. Kat says:

      Thank you Cooper, I was thinking the same thing about shooting the tires out. If this person this idiot hit dies it breaks my heart, the the police let this poor person die at their hands. They could of stopped him before he killed, or injuried this innocent person. Makes me sick when they let these high speed chases go on and on without taking them out.

      1. Patrick says:

        You idiots are the first to stand on the street with your signs yelling about police brutality. Now look at what happens.

      2. Kat says:

        Patrick who the hell is talking about Police Brutality? We are talking about taking steps to end this pursuit before he should of been allowed to kill or cause injuries to someone. Try reading before you post!

  28. Tiyana says:

    Hope the victim or victims are alive and hope nobody runs over that dog now

  29. sam says:

    They should have shot the MF before he killed these innocent people. You are warry about a Fuc.. Dog dum F.

  30. Peter Michel says:

    I’d tuned to channel 9 after they went off channel 2 and had video. So I did see the end of the crash.

    1. jaysmom says:

      i also changed the channel to 9 and saw the live coverage. channel 9 was the only news channel showing the chase live on tv. the guy was d.u.i. and it’s HIS fault – – not the police. helllllo. thanks kcal9 news for your live tv coverage. *frustrated* praying for the other driver. i hope he/she makes it.

  31. sam says:

    I hop ethey run over his owner and with teh dog on top of him

  32. Claudia says:

    Why did the police not shoot the tires of the suspect’s car when they had a chance from stopping him driving away. What kind of policy is this?

    1. Ian says:

      The policy of cowards….

    2. Mike says:

      … and the bullet ricochets off the wheels and hits the driver or into a house and hits an innocent sleeping victim. Then the officer is charged with murder, attempted murder, or homicide and the city is held liable for damages.
      Who the hell suggests “shooting out the tires” anyway???? What fantasy world do you live in???

      1. Anthony says:

        so true… people think its the movies or something.

  33. andy says:

    They should have Tasered him when he stopped. Now look what happened. The police are afraid to stop these drivers before they are allowed to kill someone. Now an innocent person is probably dead and, although it pales compared to what happened to the driver that was T-boned, but an innocent dog is now running the streets terrified.

  34. Irene says:

    Praying the victim is ok.

  35. Cera says:

    The cops sould’ve prevented this out of jurisdiction? Backed off because he went an intersection too far… Tell that to the family of the person who just died! This was horrible. Cops can use excessive force on a family celebrating a kids bday but get a crack head in a car and they back off… WTH! I hope to God next time they take precautions and save a life! My prayers go out to the family of the victim!

  36. gabe says:

    what intersection did the crash occur at? i can see them outside my window

    1. Tiffany Valdez, West Covina says:

      puente and barranca

  37. Andy RN says:

    LA county needs changes…we need to shoot people who are guilty not watch people die who are innocent

    1. Sandy Macias says:

      Well said

      Sandy RN

  38. watcher says:

    PD had a chance to block the guy and then bring in the K-9 unit to get him out. lack of work on the cops.

  39. Sandy Macias says:

    That is exactly how my dad was killed on his way home from buying party favors for my parents upcoming 50th wedding anniversary. God please help the drivers family get through this.

    1. Eddy says:

      Sorry Sandy 😦 We need changes now!!!

    2. June says:

      Sorry for your loss

    3. Sandy says:

      And even though my dad did not survive he was pulled instantly from the passenger side and CPR was performed. Nothing was done to even try and help this person!!!!

      1. heartbroken says:

        Im picturing a severely gruesome senario…perhaps he was decapitated, There mustve been a reason they didnt do anything.

  40. Derek says:

    go to the fox 11 website theyre streaming it

  41. b says:

    seriously. The police could have prevented any other danger if they had took care of the situation while the car was stopped. Unbelievable.

    1. krg says:

      Since you don’t know what happened when they stopped that’s a pretty stupid statement. There was something in that car that made those cops take pause as they were originally behind the car and then went back behind their doors. And when the car first stopped there was only one car there. I wish they would have shot his tires or something but without being there you shouldn’t judge what they did.

  42. Bob says:

    They crashed on Puente and Barranca. That’s right by my school.

  43. sam says:

    Hey loren.. I agree with you. someone should sue the morons.. They had waiting until he killed somebody..

    1. Ian says:

      The will pay out a huge settlement,….and then change nothing…..they never do.

  44. sunflower says:

    The crash was very disturbing to watch.

  45. Anna Licalsi Peterson says:

    Just saw that innocent people severely injured in the other car. Enough of my ranting on the news feed. Praying for the victims and their loved ones.

    1. fred says:

      anna…your a pitiful human being hope your thrill seeking personality leads you to a cliff and you learn to fly

  46. Kelly says:

    we want an update is the other driver alive? We want to know please update your website

  47. krg says:

    I wish they would have shot his tires out when he stopped the first time. That was a horrific impact and I would be stunned if the person in that car survived. Based on the fire departments reaction I don’t think they did.

    1. KBLangel says:

      How could the police not shoot out the guys tires when he was stopped? What is going on in this world, drunk drivers get to rule the road and the police just stand around with their guns drawn and don’t shoot out tires.

      What a horrible thing to watch and now a family will be devastated because of a drund SOB and lack of police action. Then all of the video feeds stop so we don’t see the police hang their heads in shame. Disgusting

      1. amb says:

        @krg I find out of all the comments on here so far you have been the most level headed. You are completely correct in saying that the rest of the public does not know the situation the police encountered during the first stop. Unfortunately we live in a society of irrational, uneducated people, that jump at any chance to blame someone else (ie police), the person at fault is the idiot who was driving under the ifluence; the police were doing their job. Yes they could have tried to shoot tires but that may not have resolved the guy driving off anyways and may have still hit someone due to loss of control. The police can’t win with the ignorant people who like to blame them. Those officers will have to debrief for the feeling of guilt on their own accord. The public needs to open their eyes THE BAD guy is at fault.

  48. Dede says:

    You guys suck, Going to cn 7

  49. aba says:

    what a horrible end of a police chase on CBS/KCAL, the cops should have ended this chase long before the crash, they should have shot that MO FO

  50. Tee says:

    Should have performed the Pit Maneuver when they first got permission to. Forget the “parked cars” in the area. Too little, too late!

  51. Allen says:

    This has to be one of the most horrific crashes I have seen, my thoughts and prayers are with the person/people in that car the got t-boned. Very sad.

  52. aba says:

    what a horrible end…i feel it’s the polices fault for not ending this chase long before this horrible end (especially when they had the car stopped) and someone (one of those cops) should have gone right away to check the victim …

    1. Gabby Reynoso says:

      i could not agree with you more!!

  53. James Milard says:

    I hope they nail this guy to the wall for hitting that driver, I hope they’re alright though!

  54. Tommy says:

    police officers are lame!! they getting paid to due nothing! they only mess around with the hard working people

    1. Patrick says:

      You are an ignorant ass.

    2. Eddy says:

      Tommy u are right!! They acted like a cowards tonight!! No bull excuses tomorrow from villaraigosa. We want justice!!

  55. robert says:

    that was one of the worse things ive ever seen… i am sick to my stomach right now

  56. laura says:

    maybe they should have been using the pit maneuver instead of talking about it they kept saying they were waiting for the streets to be clear from the t.v. i was watching there were several miles of clear. now this innocent person had to pay the price totally unacceptable .

  57. FYI says:

    live feed

  58. Gloria says: live streaming video

  59. Mark says:

    It’s quite terrible that I watched that DUI driver stop driving, have police duck for cover, then proceed to run away from them (in West Covina) and look what happened. I was absolutely horrified when I saw that DUI driver plow into that innocent person and watch them go flying. I knew this wasn’t going to end well. However the police should’ve taken more action!!

  60. tom says:

    I hope the bystander is ok =/. police officer gotta step it up!

  61. alex says:

    What shotty news. they end coverage after the accident. What is going on with the innocent passenger??

    1. dennis says:

      Well the newcasters don’t. Think that pulls the same ratings but that is the real story, not some loser that the PD allowed to run loose.

    2. 007 says:

      girls lives!!!!

  62. Smith says:


    We have to stop treating these animals like human beings……cops are so worried about taking what the media may see as ‘unnecessary force’ that innocent people may have died…..who was the commander in charge of this effort…..he or she should be identified and made an example of immediately!

    KCAL9 I dare you to follow up on this story…..find out why the cops did not do anything when the driver was stopped?!?! There is another story to this one….should not stop until you get to the bottom of this!!!

  63. Alan Leung says:

    useless police department at work again. We expect these idiots to protect us. My God. Should of pit maneuver that mofo on valley, huntington, grand

  64. Anthony Blue says:

    This is why police need to stop these pursuits. It’s unsafe and just plain stupid. These cops love and feed off the adrenaline of pursuits. Cops should be held accountable for the injuries and deaths of all innocent bystanders. There are better and more discreet ways to stop a vehicle. Let’s continue to PRAY for the family of the victim that was hit in this pursuit…

  65. Jeff reeves says:

    Should have rammed vechicle when it stopped in west Covina or pulled back after running soany red lights. That’s why we taxpayers pay for helicopters. If we can’t fix this once and for all then can the helicopter programs and save the taxpayer dollars. This is another innocent victim that was hit when police should have backed off. Unbelievable

    1. Jeff reeves says:

      Spot on dude. Maybe the state needs to make guidelines for all agencies to follow. Once again taxpayers will be held hostage and innocent victims are killed

  66. CRYSTAL says:


    1. James says:

      looked like a prius or something similar to me

      1. liz says:

        looked lke a dark gray or silver toyota corolla

  67. Maddie says:

    i saw this live streaming and saw him hit that car, i have never felt so shaken up in my life. 5 minutes before the impact I was hollering about how they make too much of a fuss about pursuits, guess I was wrong.

  68. Verris says:

    so there is no way to find out about the innocent driver? I cant go to sleep not knowing..

    1. Kim says:

      i feel the same way… i am not going to sleep until i find out… im on twitter right now, i follow the lafd and abc7

    2. M says:

      im staying up listening to radio news, no way i can sleep either

      1. Kim says:

        i just recieved a tweet back from abc7…
        abc7 ABC7 Eyewitness News

        @DiehrdLakerChik… Pursuit ended at Puente St. and Barranca Ave in Covina. The victim, a woman, believed to be alive. Suspect was arrested
        9 minutes ago

  69. paul says:

    they could have blocked him on Cameron ave in West Covina, or did the pit on Grand, the police may have waited too long, im not blaming them, but maybe they took too long, maybe policy will change

    1. amb says:

      paul just a question: how many times have policies changed?? cops get blamed or sued either way. I do agree that it took too long to end this but every situation is different unfortunately a family”s life has just changed

  70. GinaClean2Day says:

    I aint sure why they are such wooseys in LA it didn’t used to be that way… scared to go to court and defend why they stopped some idiot to keep them from killing someone. Rather get decorated for walking around on the street ignoring the person innocently driving down road… that stuff wouldnt happen in TX razor strips or shot guns one woulda stopped him.

  71. andy says:

    The cops blew this one, big. In the South, they routinely shoot out tires. Why not here?

  72. Mike says:

    New rules need to be put in place. Police procedure played a role in this accident.

  73. Tiko says:

    Again, poor judgement leads to another innocent life lost and a family torn apart. How much longer can the police keep on making poor decisions and expect us to be normal. No cover ups here, it was on live TV. This is outrageous, the dumb guy even stopped and they knew he was cracked out. Amateurs at it’s Finest!

  74. Steve says:

    A speeding car is just as deadly as a gun. When these morons decide to drive 50-100 mph on city streets in a pursuit, cops should have the right to “shoot to kill” as they would if he were holding a gun and threating everybody that gets in his way.

    1. sam says:

      I can’t disagree with you. They should have pulled the trigger and blow his F… Head this MF

  75. Ron N says:

    is there any news on the innocent bistandard yet?

  76. Andy says:

    anyone know what might have happened to the passengers in the car that was hit? Wow what a chase – the police should/ could have blown the tires of something to avoid all this….

    1. Kyle says:

      unfortunately, i can almost say for sure that the innocent driver lost their life. The amount of impact and the power of the collision, it is nearly impossible for someone to survive that, and the way the firefighters and police did not show a sense of urgency points towards that assumption as well. Very very sad.

      1. laura says:

        thats not true i survived an accident much like this while i was 7 months pregnant after rolling 3 times i was ejected my daughter and i are both alive. there were several months of rehab and being in the hospital but i think everyone should hope for the best

  77. Normsmyfavoriterestaurant says:

    Praying for victim.

  78. dmiller says:

    Very poor police work and coordination between agencies. This could have been avoided several times. I do not understand the thought process and decisions made by the police.

  79. heartbroken says:

    I am sick to my stomach after watching this collision live. Its just gut wrenching all around. My prayers go out to the innocent victim and the poor little dog.
    What a senseless tragedy! 😦 I really wish the news would stop showing high speed chases. The public doesnt need to see this..the idiot driver doesnt need all the attention..just let the cops do their job, I need a xanax now.

    1. mark says:

      omg heartbroken ur right. u can jujst be coming home from work and all it takes is someone to take ur life away.

  80. Mike says:

    OMG, I saw this chase since 11:30. This is so sad and very upsetting. I’m pondering as to why the cops didn’t do anything when they had the perfect chance. I’m not a cop nor do I know the law but the man was drunk and driving erratically! When he stop, the cops stood still and pointed their guns. I mean, do something. Maneuver car to stop him from continuing to go. They had a good 5 min to do something. God bless the innocent bystander. My heart goes out to them and their family. This is a true testament why you shouldn’t drink and drive. I pray and hope for some good news.

  81. Madalina says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with worrying about the dog. It is innocent too. I do hope the innocent person(s) is able to get the medical attention they need. Was it just me or did it seem like the ambulance took a while to get there?? The police need to be more aggressive in these cases or an ambulance needs to follow along with the police… Just in case. So very sad.

  82. Michael says:

    Does anyone with a police feed have another update? This has me and my mom sick to our stomachs as well! Any updates would be very appreciated.

  83. ashlie says:

    what kind of car was the innocent driver driving does anyone know???

    1. James Anderson says:

      It looked like a Toyota Corona S.

    2. Danny says:

      i think its a Corolla, silver or bronze

    3. lisa says:

      toyota corolla

  84. Elizabeth Mousa says:

    I’m heartbroken. Doing some SERIOUS praying for the innocent driver that was struck. Lord, please let them live.

  85. Sarah says:

    Nice to see out tax dollars hard at work to protect the innocent people!

    I’m so mad right now, they are happy to follow the chase for an hour but won’t tell us what happened in the end, I have a hard time going to sleep not knowing if that person is ok 😦

    1. Elizabeth Mousa says:

      I’m feeling the exact same way. I just want to know that they lived.

      1. kim says:

        abc7 ABC7 Eyewitness News

        @DiehrdLakerChik Pursuit ended at Puente St. and Barranca Ave in Covina. The victim, a woman, believed to be alive. Suspect was arrested
        9 minutes ago

  86. adrian and sophia says:

    Omg so sad:(((we hope after every1 sees this accident that some dummy caused u guys think twice before u do stupid stuff and think ur not only hurtn urself but other ppl around u…were prayn and hopn the best 4 the victums…

  87. Bozo says:

    They should have shot that dude when he was stopped

  88. Joe says:

    Worst car chase I have ever seen. It should have ended a lot earlier!!! Worst cops!! They had plenty of opportunities to stop it

  89. juan says:

    what a moron poor pitbull i hope the innocent driver is still alive like always the suspects walk away with minor injurys i hope the police whoop his ass off cameras !!!!!

  90. david hernandez says:

    la rules!!!

  91. CJ says:

    I just don’t get it! When the car was stopped, they could have EASILY blocked him in or put spike strips down right in front of his car in case he took off again….which he did and now he may have possibly killed an innocent person. Please tell me why the police did not run to the victim’s car immediately to see if they were alright. No sense of urgency for the victim whatsoever. If this poor person lost their life, there’s culpability on the part of the police as well for their poor handling of the situation. Situations like this is why there’s no faith in the ability of the police.

  92. Karin says:

    For all of you that did not understand, Channel 2 said to change to Channel 9 to continue watching live! They stayed live for at least 10-15 after the crash! They showed the crash!

  93. Reporter says:

    I do not understand why the police did not block all the intersection ahead?
    Why they did not make all the traffic lights on the way to stay red?
    Why they did not stop him the first time?
    Where are they during the chase and why suddenly 1000 of them show up at the end?
    Why the Ambulance was so late to show up?
    All around the world they have chain with big nails to stop cars.
    Why can’t they at least block the road with police truck?
    I think it is only in the movies that police can stop criminals.
    This was a big mistake form LA police.
    I am sure the passenger(s) are dead because of their mistake.
    The Police thinks this is a fun video game..
    It is so sad and wrong; could happen to any of us going home at night.

    1. paul says:

      the LAPD had nothing to do with this!!

  94. B says:

    The DA better go for second-degree murder and seek the maximum penalty allowable.

    1. Ian says:

      And thats against the cops……

    2. Kim says:

      the driver is not dead.

  95. james says:

    Why didn’t the cops shoot the suspect’s tires out when they had the chance?

  96. Me says:

    It is doubtful the innocent driver that was t-boned survived. Once the cops looked behind the side airbag you could tell they weren’t making any rescue efforts. Of course local news bailed out on the story at midnight, otherwise the late night shows wouldn’t pay them. Too bad one of the cops didn’t gut the drunk driver with a piece of crash debris right there in the front seat where the cameras couldn’t see. If there’s any justice his jail cellmate will tear him a new one in the showers.

  97. lauren says:

    yeah it totally looked like the police were not responding to that car fast enough, instead they were too busy with that idiot that caused such a horrible accident!

    1. Michael says:

      Thats exactly what I thought! Regardless of what manuevers the police did or did not do, (which none of us have experience in), the main thing that made me upset was how horrible the accident was and how long it took them to walk over to the car with the victim in it. God only knows what damage was done by no one responding to the victim for so long!

      1. Jennifer c says:

        Oh I know I was at the corner of the street and they were yelling at the guy and the cops were yelling to the suspect the other car is fine now get out of the f-ing car or we’ll have to use force…I’m thinking idiots should of used force long time ago

    2. mark says:

      this is just so sad:( and that idiot what was he thinking !!!!!!

  98. Gerubach says:

    I saw the whole crash… (since they aren’t going to post a video of the actual impact, I’ll describe what I saw). The collision was dead on straight to the middle of the unsuspecting driver (Car A) right in the center of the intersection. Car A flipped over and landed entrance of an alley way as a bunch of papers flew all over the street while Car B twisted counter-clock wise 90 degrees onto the sidewalk. A small dog jumped out of Car B and wondered in a circle for a bit and disappeared of the television screen. It was just the worst timing for Car A. Really really bad timing.

    1. person says:

      i saw the impact too, i never want to see it again, the impact was so bad, its unlikely that the innocent person survived this. I felt something go off in my nervous system when the impact happened, its not good, all we can do is pray

  99. Mark says:

    Can you just hear this over the radio? I’m sorry sir, but he’s not moving so there’s nothing we can do right now, but as soon as he starts driving, we’ll do the PIT maneiver

  100. tony says:

    My god!! it ended a few feet from my house(puente & barranca)….horrible scene….

  101. MAC says:

    The cops had the chance to stop this guy right when he stopped on Cameron just before Grand. They could’ve prevented this..

  102. lisa says:

    i liive right down the street and it took literally like 2 minutes for the ambulance to come. our police system is pathetic, watched the whole thing while listening to helicopters fly over and thay had SO MUCH time to shoot that guy. theres seriously a police station down the street and to the right from this crash site. pray for that innocent driver.

    1. Raffi says:

      Hi Lisa…are you cute,,lool

  103. Tom says:

    Totally disgusting – something has to be done to give police greater authority to take these idiots.

  104. anthony says:

    you know i went to the store today dressed as a hippie and believe it or not the girls were digging it!!!!!!! and i was loving it!!!!!!

  105. Viv says:

    Are they showing it on fox?? does anyone one have any updates?? Those people who say that live across the street, do all of us a favor go check it out. I’m scared!!!

  106. AnTYOIne says:


  107. Liz says:

    I am very disappointed with police should have used pit maneuver and accident would have been avoided. Now some has been injured or has died. Very sad.

  108. Bob says:

    Why did Ch 9 end the broadcast. The people have a right to see about the innocent victim

    1. Jen says:

      That person has a right to privacy.. Especially if they’re deceased.

    2. Kris says:

      They turned it off because if the person had died they didn’t want the family to find out on the news along with everyone else… I know that is not how I would want to find out about someone close to me… Don’t get me wrong I want to know how the other driver is doing as well, but out of respect to the family I understand why they cut the feed!

  109. barry says:

    So horrible. I will never watch live police pursuit again.

    1. Ian says:

      Like that will stop anything… about complaing about the lack of poilce action

  110. Ivan says:

    This is really sad. Why didn’t law enforcement agencies stop the car when they had the chance? What happened to laying down spike strips. Now some innocent person could have died or could be crippled for life. What a sad thing. How would the law enforcement feel if that was their wife or kid that got hit because they didn’t stop the car.

  111. Laura says:

    I felt SICK when I saw the crash on tv, I can hardly believe that I may have just seen someone die! I pray for the victim, their family, and loved ones! god bless hope this isn’t a tragedy broadcasted live!

  112. Misty says:

    What the hell, who wants to watch cash cab? Has anyone found out if the person in the car is okay? God I hope the injuries are not fatal.

  113. Atony says:

    soo sadd…major fail on the police’s account, he was stopped for 3mins not moving!!!! if they only boxed him in or used less the lethal force, or immobilized the vehicle, or the pit….but nooo hes driving on an open empty road and nothing can be done…lol did love those red light intersection cams flashing at the cops and suspect. The only thing that worked.

  114. Dom says:

    Officers needs to be trained alot better on these situations. Only one officer was qualified for a pit manuver?? Come on! All officers should be qualified. This horrific accident between the suspect and the victim, Should give thoughts to peoples mind that its not worth it at all to go behind a wheel after drinking its stupid and dangerous. Some say ill never get caught, trust me you will, you can never hide! So please be safe and be responsible trust me I have been down the road not worth it at all especially when your family and future should be the ones to think about.

  115. Kristin says:

    When the police had the suspect stopped, at the very least, they could have shot out one or both of this rear tires. Instead they just stood there and let him take off again! Now, an innocent victim has been critically injured or is possibly dead. Shame on all the police officers for their inability to take even the simplest action!!

  116. Patsy says:

    Agree with the thought the police should have disabled the car once it was stopped – either shot the tires or something. Wish I hadn’t seen the crash. Pray the innocent driver and any passengers are alive. Saw police at some intersections – why weren’t they at that one stopping traffic? The way car chases are handled here is not acceptable. Last week many would say authorities overreacted by locking down 9K kids looking for a suspect in the area — yet tonight this jerk driver kept running red light after red light and they weren’t able to stop him. Awful

    1. Cera says:

      So true! If that had been a cop in that car dead or alive they would’ve had that ambulance there and 50 cops trying to pry that door open to resusitate the officer! But since it was an every day joe they just leave that victim in there with the thought there’s nothing can do! How horrible! I hope the famliy of the victim sues the hell out of the A hole at the department that allowed this to happen!

  117. martin says:

    the impact woke my ass up i live down the street

    1. mark says:

      dam martin thats just WOW this may be fatal the way it looks i pray that its not

  118. eddie says:

    very bad. after the crash ,what were you newscasters watching? first officer went directly to the victims car ,looked in the drivers window , nothing he could do,and went on to contain a man who didnt want to go. where did you get they were fighting with an airbagm guns drawn by two officers, then 5 , finally get him out, sheriffs would have shot him,anyways when you have to ask which car was the victim, less is more,,,be a spectator and react with the viewer, speak when you get official news…cuz you reporters were annoying , maybe telepromper shud be operating

  119. andy says:

    When they have a car stopped, the police don’t want to pull ahead and block it. If there’s is gunfire, there could be a crossfire situation. Sorry, but THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH! They should have had this guy blocked when he stopped earlier. The cops didn’t take charge or do their job of protecting the public from an obviously deranged menace.

    1. Joe says:

      Andy I don’t know where to begin other than to say you are idiot.

  120. Morty says:

    Is there anyone at the news desk what is the report on victim?

  121. lou says:

    the state of california is bankrupt partly because of the law enforcement unions saying they need more money in order to protect and serve us the people. Yet in an attempt to protect and serve us they fail miserably and on national television they disregard the innocent bystander not showing any urgency to help the innocent. they are afraid of this one guy who yes could be dangerous so how about three guys go that way and all of the others help the innocent bystander. way to drop the ball. I hope that guys okay

  122. Lupe Gomez says:

    Another innocent person murdered by a drunk Mexican behind the wheel.

    Seriously, the rest of SoCal society needs to take a stand against the culture of violence and dangerous behavior of Hispanic men.

    1. Joe says:

      Trust me its not just hispanic males driving drunk in socal!!!! Don’t single out mexicans you have no idea where that dunk driver was from. Go check out the dunk tank and see if its full of mexicans. It aint!

      1. Joe says:

        Yup Joe, you are right-on, it’s full of low-grade idiots who can’t obery the law.

      2. Joe says:

        Damn you need to learn to spell!

    2. JACOB says:

      take you’re racist comments somewhere else! this is not the time nor the place to spread you’re hate. not once did they say it was a mexican driver, people like you make me sick especially with a name like you’rs i should assume you are one of the low class mexicans you’re self

    3. Z says:

      This has nothing to do with ethnicity its terrible how you are taking about his race at a moment like this. Lets hope the victim made it

    4. Joe says:

      I am sure illegal like most too that milk the system!

  123. Danielle says:

    I feel so bad for that person hit! May God watch over them and heal them and hopefully they do not die over this idiot that hit them

  124. Mikey says:

    The problem with this pursuit was, the lead pursuing agency didn’t have/doesn’t employ the PIT tactic, and when they had their window, they took to long to decide before it went back to Pasadena PDs control, this is not the police’s fault, I do agree they should have PIT when they had the chance, but these officers gave it their all, and if it were up to the actual officer, I’m sure they would have taken the guy down with the PIT, once again, its not the Departments fault, but rather fear of the consequences for having to pay for some guys damaged Corvette because the jerkoffs car crashed into it.

  125. dave says:

    when the car was stopped, why didn’t they move in front of him so the car couldn’t take off again? three cars were behind him when he was in a full stop. why on earth not put one in front?

    they let this go on way too long. i believe this was not a good job by the police.

  126. Alex says:

    I can’t believe I just watched someone die. This was a horrible car crash. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family that might lose one of their own. I’m hoping not but it didn’t look good.

  127. alex says:

    Saw the whole horrific scene live. My prayers goes out to that poor innocent bystander and his family

  128. Danny says:

    man my stomach dropped when i saw it…. what a horrible sight. I drive through that intersection all the time… I pray that nobody died : (

  129. George says:

    i wish they would update us on the status of the victim, but at the same time i’m afraid to find out… my thoughts and prayers are with the victim and their family.

  130. ricardo says:

    the family of this thug should be sued by the victim in the other car. Can’t believe this defiant punk resisted arrest after causing this accident.

    1. sam says:

      Not the family… They should hang the MF for killing and set some example to this f. Moran.‎

  131. craig mathews says:

    You suck, cops……you had him, and you let him get away….now look what you did. The whole country will see this at 7 a.m……

    1. Raffi says:

      Funny not one cop was concerned about the victim..Mind you some of these cops are ex or present military.
      They had no idea what to do in real time…

  132. Sally says:

    This is literally right next to my house right now and i hope the innocent person is responsive. There have been plenty of ambulances and cops all around the neighborhood. It happened on Grand and Cypress. I hope that there was only one person in that car and not a family. Luckily they hit an old abandoned gas station and not a house.

    1. Jason Daley says:

      U know this didnt happen on Grand and Cypress it happened on Puente Street and Barranca Avenue. Grand and Cypress kinda looks the same but google it and read the police reports and you’ll realize the scene is on Puente Street and Barranca Avenue.

    2. Dee says:

      Are you delusional or are you talking about another incident?

  133. Dave says:

    The COPS are morons! The officers should be out there to protect and to serve….not follow!!! They had plenty of opportunities to use the PIT maneuver, but for whatever reason, nobody had the guts or the super special permission, or the biggest enough pension, to do what was necessary to get the job done…..TAKE THE DUI SUSPECT DOWN!!!

  134. Junior says:

    me and my wife were watching this on TV and i was telling her that i had a felling this was going to end bad and it sure did my was asking me what happen hes 3 how to explain to him my prayers will go to their family and them i hope that this person in ok sad day cant beleive we saw that live..sad sad sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Mag says:

    whats wrong with so stupid cops that didnt even do anything to stop him… whats worse after crash and the cops just ran to the bad person? not even victims? omg cops make me so sick! If the person victims killed… oh my! I hope victims’ family is suing cops for not do anything to stop but killed someone that cops was waiting for! so so STUPID COPS I EVER SEEN and Hope THEY GET FIRED!!

  136. Kelly says:

    Patrick you are right, many want it both ways. I cant comment on what should have happened or when because I did not see the whole thing. I did see that for first time there was’nt 50 police cars there were only a few trying to let people know there was a nut on the street unfortunatelly that poor person or persons never saw it coming. I will only hope that every one commenting on this website knows who is truly to blame its not the police its the driver who put them in a position of being where they were AND the person that provided him the vehicle Where the registered owner?

  137. eth says:

    Any updates on the victim?

    1. Mike says:

      KNX is reporting that both suspect and victim survived the collision.

    2. ART says:


      The pursuit came to an end in Covina, where the suspect T-boned a car at the intersection of Puente Street and Barranca Avenue.

      The condition of the victim, a woman, was not immediately known. However, police said she is believed to be alive
      ABC .com

  138. Rita says:

    This is awful, I am completely against this police pursuits, however much that driver that caused this accident is at fault and should be charged to the full extent of the law and honestly that isnt even enough!!! Especially if that poor person in the car past away. The police department needs to look at there tactics a little closer, how many innocent people have died in these pursuits!!! There must be another way to follow from a safe distance or let the helicopter follow the car. And that poor dog, I think he came out of the car, he was so scared he ran off!!! Hope someone finds him. This was very disturbing to me, I am very upset and Hope that person in the car was OK!!! People, no need for speeding, a few minutes late is better then never!!!

  139. Ron says:

    The police should have done more to end the chase. They had opportunity after opportunity to end it and they didn’t, and some poor soul probably lost their life. They should have sent a dog in to subdue the driver or even utilized a taser or non-lethal rounds. They didn’t even try to rush to the aid of the innocent accident victim…they seemed more intent on storming the hoodlum’s vehicle and arresting him.

    As for the coverage? KCAL, KCBS? I am disappointed to say the least…. cutting away from important news for Cash Cab????? What The????

  140. JT says:

    This is just horrible….don’t get me started on the cops. We need new legislation regarding this type of situation. Cops should have the right to blow your head off if you are operating a vehicle in that manner, what is the difference between that and waving a gun around in a public area…that’ll get you shot, why not this?? You drive drunk….you just waved a 3000 lb gun in a crowded area……you get shot at first available opportunity. As a corrections officer I hope this guy burns…hot and slow. And for any others that may read this that decide to drink and drive I truly hope you find your death at the base of an unsuspecting phone pole before you take someone else out like this guy did.

  141. Patrick says:

    Judging by the force of the impact, that’s almost a 100% confirmed fatality. The entire frame of the car was bent inwards. Police could’ve stopped him before this happened. The driver was stopped and flailing their arms about. Couldve taken the driver otu then.

  142. Steven T says:

    I sure wish the liberals in the country were not so worried about the rights of maniacs like this and let the cops stop these people by any means necessary. Dont blame the cops for not doing enough, blame the liberals in the country, they are the ones responsible for this terrible incident for not allowing the cops to do what they need to protect the public. Our prayers go to the family of the innocent bystander.

    1. Ian says:

      The only people to blame here are the cops who blew several chances to stop this ahole. They have bever been any different….lost of talk about change…then the same old bs.

    2. Tired of idiots says:

      your an idiot

    3. Matt C says:

      Steven does have a point… if the ACLU get’s involved they will say something in connection with his mexican race. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    4. Tim says:

      Steven, I’m very liberal! The guy STOPPED at one point! They said they were going to do a pit maneuver but because the guy went from one police department to another they did not do the pit maneuver. This ends with an innocent person that could be dead! This kind of thing need to stop! The cops should have shot the guy or at leased shot out the tires when he was stopped!!!

  143. Rodika K says:

    I can not believe what I had witnessed. I pray for the innocent ones and their family. Any of us could had been in that car. And indeed the police did not offer help first to the victim where all seconds count. Very disappointing.

  144. danny says:

    if the cops would have done a PIT move that personal would be alive or not hurt cops fault bad move!!!

  145. AnTYOIne says:


    1. Viv says:

      Really?? How do you know??

    2. danny says:

      horrible…. so we all just saw someone being killed on live tv… im gonna cry :’ (

  146. Cyndi says:

    These cops could have prevented this!!! Poor innocent people need to stop getting killed and injured by reckless offenders!! We need to shoot at them and kill them!! They are using a deadly weapon (a car) and need to be stopped!!

  147. DKD says:

    I feel like many others of you – I am sick to my stomach having seen that accident. That was the most violent impact I’ve ever seen. It was horrific. I can’t imagine that whomeever was in that unsuspecting car made it… And the lack of energy demonstrated by the fire fighters pretty much confirms it. I’m sure they’ll be reporting that the person was killed in the morning. SO sad!

    And it may seem goofy to some of you – but I think it was also horrible to see the poor dog pop out of the car driven by the dumb-ass – and run all dazed in the middle of the intersection. It will probably end up hit too – and I’m sure it has to be hurt as well.

    The whole thing – from beginning to end was a travesty…. Car chases are SO stupid – for this exact reason… My heart is heavy for the family of whomever was hurt/killed… We all just watched lives get shattered…. What an absolute nightmare…

  148. Gary says:

    Does anyone have any updates? This was tragic and could happen to any of us. I’ve seen it way too much here in LA and the driver needs to pay dearly for what he did. Disturbing and freaked both my wife and I out before going to bed.

    1. Danny says:

      im not 100% but the word is that the innocent person did not make it…. one of the saddest things ive ever seen… :’ (

  149. VAL says:


    1. Gayle says:

      Val, I understand your anger. However, following a fleeing car by air will not deter crime, or the criminal. Not one criminal has ever gotten away — not one. But they still run. You cannot expect a criminal to value your life or mine — so what are we to do? I, for one, would rather perish in a car crash during a pursuit than let the criminals decide how I live. You cannot embolden those that care nothing for society by giving them a free pass to our roads on which to drive drunk, commit drive-bys, or other crimes —We need a warning system so drivers know a pursuit is in progress and in their area. If we can install cameras to capture minor traffic offenses, then we can install a warning system.

  150. Gayle says:

    To those that recommend ‘shooting out’ tires; are you out of your mind? One bullet has the potential to take many lives — bullets ricochet. I saw the chase tonight from the City of Industry until the crash. Unfortunately, there did not appear (during my viewing of the event) any moment when a pit-maneuver would have worked, and since taser guns are not found in every police vehicle, I imagine the only reason it wasn’t used was because there wasn’t an opportunity. Listen, it’s time to take down the damn “Photo Enforced” traffic equipment and replace it with a warning system that would be used to alert drivers that a pursuit is in progress and in the area.

    My thoughts go out to the innocent driver and any anger I have goes out to the fleeing driver and the police that cared more about getting their man, than saving their fellow man. They took no interest in the injured innocent driver as they rushed to pull a drunk and injured criminal out of his car– how inhumane and infuriating!

  151. Paul says:

    Im very saddened by this whole ordeal. The lack of response for the innocent bystander told me a lot about his/her welfare. It made me sick to my stomach. People….Tomorrow is never promised. live your life day by day as if its your last. i cried when seeing this chase and i was permanently affected,

  152. Michael says:

    i dont know what to say. its the police’s fault.. you chase a drunk driver from pasadena to covina what the **** do you think is going to happen.. aren’t they supposed to be professional.. is not that their profession?

  153. viewer says:

    If anyone finds out about how or where we can file a complaint (or take any other action) against such ignorance by the police officers, please respond to this comment. There’s no doubt this collision could have been prevented and we all saw that live with our own eyes, and now we owe it to the victim/s in that car to do something about it.

  154. kim says:

    that video is not even the right chase that happened tonight!

  155. Harmony says:

    I hope the person who was in the car that got hit. I hope they survived, and if not then may they Rest In Peace

  156. Ron says:

    Does anyone know how the victim is doing ?????
    Are they dead or alive ??????

    1. kim says:

      abc7 tweeted back to me and said they are believed to be alive

  157. aisha says:

    y the police did not drive a head of this jerk & stop or block other traffic

  158. Pat and Kami says:

    My wife and I are so angry right now, we can’t even go to sleep.
    There were so many opportunities that the Police could have done to prevent this senseless accident. I don’t want to say that the innocent driver is deceased yet because we are still praying for them.
    The Police took an oath to protect and to serve. I think that was for the public not DUI suspects driving at high rates of speed through residential areas.
    This was entirely preventable.
    We are devastated for the family of the innocent victim who is someone’s mother or father or son or daughter and family member.
    We pray for a miracle tonight.

  159. Jennifer c says:

    Wow I live two blocks down heard cops went out side and saw the crash happened sound like a semi crash… Saw it on the new too when they stopped him I know where that is next to the park on Cameron they could have shot his tires anything cuz that area is empty only a few homes everything else is a hill they had a chance to prevent this. My brother tried looking for the dog but it ran off…can’t believe the cops didn’t do anything for the victim I know there was the drunk but there were plenty of cops to help ohhh they are going to hear from the city about this one

    1. Gayle says:

      Jennifer, I agree. The drunk driver was injured, intoxicated, and his car incapacitated. He wasn’t going anywhere. The effort, on scene, should have been on the innocent driver.

    2. Mac says:

      just read this at the ABC site “The condition of the victim, a woman, was not immediately known. However, police said she is believed to be alive.”

  160. Phil says:

    Police had thier chance to stop this before anything like this ever happened. I pray for the victims in the car that they will recover from this. The police and the news people reporting on this just gave them up for dead and turned all thier concerns on the suspect

  161. Howie says:

    One perfect display of the police not beong aggresive when they should be. They are supposed to protect the public at all costs. Not be concerned about denting their rides. They had the chance to block the car when it stopped, pepper the idiot, or use rubber bullets. I’m not bashing the police, but seriously look at the multitude of chances they had to bring rhis chase to an end, but failed in their responsibility to the safety of the publ;ic. I remember the days when the police would bash the cars to stop them. That worked…until they all got cold feet….afraid of lawsuits filed by the whining family members of the suspect. If anyone is sued by the family of this innocent driver (who may be a college student based upon all those papers strewn about), I hope the police agencies get their licking for being idiots. Just becasue the strets are empty on a weekday night doesn’t mean the police can prolong the chase. Another thing I’m troubled by is the attention placed on the suspect, rather than the victim…no matter what condition he/she was in. You help out no mattter what condition the boidy is in. Everyone knows if the t-boned car was a police car (with a dead officer isnside) they still would’ve hopped in to start life saving procedures. Their actions just don’t make any sense. And, I always support the police because there are so many idiots in this worlld. But, this time I really am ashamed at how they all handled the situation. No administrative report should support or excuse the lax tactics by the officers. What a clear example of officers not being able to use immediate logic, but are hobbled by so many political policies written by lawyers to protect the suspect…not the innocent.

  162. Anthony says:

    I bet you anything that if the cops would have shot him they would have gone to jail because he didn’t give them “probable cause.” The law if f…ing stupid. One should lose they’re rights when they endanger the public like this idiot did today, and they should just shoot him

  163. hope says:

    this is a tragic accident. someones child, husband, wife, brother, sister, someones best friend isnt coming home tonight, all because of stupid drunk drivers. we need to stop this people. take a taxi, call a friend, dont drive drunk

  164. Paris says:

    My prayers are with the innocent person who was in the other car. I wont be able to sleep tonight not knowing if he/she made it or not… I pray that person makes it!!

  165. Jennifer c says:

    Wow I live two blocks down heard cops went out side and saw the crash happened sound like a semi crash… Saw it on the new too when they stopped him I know where that is next to the park on Cameron they could have shot his tires anything cuz that area is empty only a few homes everything else is a hill they had a chance to prevent this. My brother tried looking for the dog but it ran off…can’t believe the cops didn’t do anything for the victim I know there was the drunk but there were plenty of cops to help ohhh they are going to hear from the city about this one

  166. time to change says:

    face it people if they would have shot him they would have been sued. if they would have tasered him they would have been sued. We want them to protect but, when they do they get sued!
    What is sad is that kid who is truly responsible, will probably never care or understand the depths of his actions he will only be looking for a plea deal. now is the time citizens have to stand up and say no more DEALS WHAT IS YOUR LIFE WORTH? HOW MANY YEARS SHOULD SOME ONE LIKE HIM PAY FOR TAKING YOU AWAY FROM YOUR FAMILY FROM YOUR LIFE?

  167. andy says:

    The driver obviously didn’t care if he lived or died, or if he killed someone and his dog. But you can bet if the cops tried to put an end to this when he had stopped earlier, and the police hurt or killed him, his family would already have a team of lawyers waiting to sue the police. Too many lawyers just waiting to represent the families of criminals and maniacs killed or injured by police. Remember the No. Hollywood bank robbers—one of the robber’s mother sued the city. (unsuccessfully. )BTW, about the dog. I just watched the replay posted by Joe. The guy who was being pursued opened his door for a moment several seconds after the crash, and his dog ran out before he closed the dog to resist the police. Not a priority, but at least one cop could have tried to catch the poor dog before it ran off and maybe caused another car accident.

  168. VAL says:


    1. kingsley says:

      you’re an absolute moron. learn how to spell before you write on a message board.

  169. don says:

    I pray for the person that got hit and it is always the drunk ass that doesen’t get hurt well I hope this guy really gets his for running from the police, and for the Police you had your chance to do somthing with this guy and you blew it, you should go back to training on how to handle a hight speed chase.

  170. Joe says:

    Whoever it was sucked. The cops out in CA are useless.

  171. Chris says:

    They could have saved a life with the PIT manuver. Hopefully police will remember this and not hesitate to end a pursuit ASAP.

  172. John says:

    Yeah – would have been great to ram the guy earlier. Would have been worth overstating authority a bit to save someone else’s life it looks like. And I love the ACLU and like organizations but they have got to consider this innocent victim BEFORE the race and situation of the suspect.

  173. Andrei Sturgeon says:

    i am really ashamed on wat i saw tonight on the news my dad died in oct because someone was under influence of medication t-boned him im really sick of the stupid people thinking they are alright drive while impaired and how the cops didnt take the kid out lack of police duty their was plenty of time to take him out but waited for him to take someones life WOWW!!!!

  174. mas says:

    When an idiot like that stops, SHOOT HIM! All of you bleeding hearts that are always crying & whining about hurting these criminals need to SHUT UP. The man was/is a killer and should have been put down like a mad dog. Someone’s life is either over or will be changed forever because of this piece of cr*p. When someone is running red lights and driving through residential areas that way, TAKE EM’ OUT. No amount of time in jail or nights being some bad man’s “girlfriend” will ever make up for what he has done.

  175. josh says:

    The police backed off to “let the driver calm down.”

    Yeah. He calmed down alright, right into an innocent person. My heart is in my stomach right now. I hope they are ok. I am imagining the worst… a parent on their way home from a long day at work, can’t wait to kiss their kids goodnight. Oh God please let them be alive and live out their life.

  176. Julia says:

    I just watched the final events of the crash on KCal 9 Live. The suspect t-boned another vehicle while running a red light, going approximately 45 mph. The innocent driver’s vehicle was thrown around the road, and almost bent in half. The police chose to struggle with the suspect as opposed to helping the other driver. They yanked and pulled the suspect for about 10 minutes before he was out of his car. They began walking him toward police vehicles, before allowing him to lie on the ground, obvious he was in no shape to struggle or run anywhere. Now 15 minutes have elapsed and they finally check the victim. They now call for firetrucks and ambulances. The innocent driver is unresponsive and there does not seem to be much effort to remove them from their vehicle. Assumption stands the person was killed. It is unreal how this played out. Why were police not bumping or boxing the suspect, but following far enough behind that other drivers could not even see police lights before crossing the intersections that this suspect continued to plow through? At the very least, officers should have have sirens blaring, something to alert others on the road to be cautious. My educated guess is that the innocent victim was on their way home from work, judging from the amount of paperwork that was scattered on the road upon impact. Looking at the time of the crash, I will also assume it was a male, since typically women do not like being out alone at such a late hour, for safety reasons. Now, imagine you were the victim’s wife, waiting for your husband to get home. You’re watching tv and begin watching the pursuit, live, on your tv. You’re husband takes that route home. Then you see the crash and realize, after many repeated calls to your husband, this was him. How does it make you feel that these officers did nothing to apprehend the suspect sooner, other than following 10-15 car lenghts behind? This is absolutely senseless. The victim had no where to go, and no time to respond. It should have never gotten to this point.
    I understand the police are worried about reflections of Rodney King-like inceidents. However, there were more than enough cameras around to prove police innocence. Use some common sense in a situation like this. Would you rather catch only a small amount of ridicule, if that, for avoiding this outcome? Or, are you satisfied with the fact that you have caused an innocent person to possibly lose their life, and face massive amounts of ridicule, on top of an enormous lawsuit I’m more than sure will be filed by the victim’s family? You do what’s right, not wonder how the public will feel.

  177. mark says:

    i mean this is so sad.what a way to start the work week.ch9 said they would stream live @430am. i just cant believe what happened here. that victim is my main concern. like i said b4 it didnt look good. but i think this will be all over twitter and facebook.

  178. Rhiannon says:

    Happend right behind my house, on the intersection of Barranca and East Puente. The sound of the crash woke me up. Its all so sad.

    1. Andrei Sturgeon says:

      can u see anything

  179. DjNorvideo Norell says:

    this is a real shame

  180. Chris says:


    1. Frezo says:

      Room temp.

  181. john clayton says:

    how many red lights were they going to let this guy run? thats a whole lotta gambling with innocent peoples lives!

  182. Mo says:

    The police and their pursuits suck!!!! I hope this INNOCENT person didn’t die because the cops couldn’t find another alternative way to catch this criminal! Did everybody see how ALL the cops went over to the criminals car, and pulled him out of the car, while NO ONE went over to the innocent victims car? It didn’t take ALL of them to do this! A couple of them could have went over to the victims car.
    A lot of times the police make me sick!

  183. Tiffany Valdez, West Covina says:

    What this comes down to is poor police policy…. Why (out of ALL the PDs that came in contact with this driver) was there only 1 person qualified to perform the PIT manuver? Unfortunately, they should’ve tried it on the bigger streets (grand or valley) where there was a lot of room. It’s sad that someone possibly lost their life because once the car crossed into another city, it was “out of jurisdiction” for the West Covina officer who was set to do the PIT.

  184. thumpa125 says:

    So, I’m pretty disturbed with the fact that not only did the authorities not capitalize on retaining this individual when he was stopped in the middle of the road. But allowed him to continue on to eventually hurt an innocent person…during which when the police pulled up to the scene, not one of them initially went to check on the welfare of this innocent person. I had channel 9 on DVR and actually rewatched it, and am blown away by the fact that this person(s) are injured in this car and not one officer checked on them until what seemed like an afterthought and a long response time from fire & rescue, who also didn’t seem to be in any big rush.
    In this day and age, with EVERYTHING being filmed…this is definitely not something I want to see if I happen to know this poor person…God help us if anyone of us ends up in that situation, where a life could be hanging in the balance and every minute counts. Beyond disappointing, and rather disturbing.

    1. 007 says:

      if we look at the entire picture the cops were doing there job.they do try and be cautious for the public but sometimes things happen and its sad innocent people become the victim.there are many more consequences for this situation but you are in control to allow to see what you want to see on t.v. and its uo to you KNOWING already the possiblities of the results of any speedchase. so really its up to you either CHANHE it or WATCH it

  185. laura says:

    Why is everyone blaming the police in this tragedy, blame the driver of the runaway car! he is the one at fault more so than the police, if he wasnt dui this wouldn’t have happened!

    1. fred says:

      because the po-lice failed someone today in a major way. They had options and exersised none. The cops that had a chance to do something when the car was stopped…DID NOTHING, and will have to live with that mistake for the rest of their lives

      1. Pat Lukes says:

        We’re blaming them because we saw this happen live. It was rather pitiful and I’m not someone who EVER blames the police. They were so lame. They could have acted, but they didn’t, when he was stopped. The whole thing like was a very bad dream to watch.

  186. Shawn says:

    Just saw on the scanner feed at 11:58pm they called to transport 3 victims. Probably 2 people in the innocent car—


    1. goodreverend says:

      Where do you get this scanner feed?

    2. DJ says:

      Thanks Shawn. I can’t believe how shaken I am by having seen that crash! I was specifically looking for some information regarding the victim(s) in the car. Maybe unresponsive meant knocked out. God knows the impact was hard enough to do that! Thanks for posting.

  187. VAL says:

    MIKE I like the polic and worry ainbout their lives BUT there is no excuse for anyone with a badge to use their police cars for pursuits to chase criminals who more often kill or injue innocnt victims. This is enough .. STOP POLICE CHASES NOW !!! MATTERS NOT WHERATE THE COPS ARE STATIONED .. IT MATTERS THAT IT NEVER HAPP. ENS AGAIN. BY AIR .. GETS THEM SAFELY AND SAVES FAMILES WHO BECOME VICTIMS FROM THE COPS CHASE THAT SHOULDN’T HAPPEN AT ALL .. AIR .. GO BY AIR AND FOLLOW THE CAR!!!

    1. kingsley says:


  188. goodreverend says:

    ABC7 reported just now, though I don’t know how recent their information is: “The condition of the victim, a woman, was not immediately known. However, police said she is believed to be alive.”

  189. JT says:

    and again…….
    This is just horrible….don’t get me started on the cops. We need new legislation regarding this type of situation. Cops should have the right to blow your head off if you are operating a vehicle in that manner, what is the difference between that and waving a gun around in a public area…that’ll get you shot, why not this?? You drive drunk….you just waved a 3000 lb gun in a crowded area……you get shot at first available opportunity. As a corrections officer I hope this guy burns…hot and slow. And for any others that may read this that decide to drink and drive I truly hope you find your death at the base of an unsuspecting phone pole before you take someone else out like this guy did.

    1. Gayle says:

      You’re a corrections officer? Wow, you scare me more than the average lunatic. When did you decide that “due process’ was no longer a right and that ‘unilateral executions” are AOK — the police “should have the right to blow your head off if you are operating a vehicle in that manner…” Wow, may I suggest you get some anger management, climb down from your ivory power tower and get some perspective. Hopefully you do not come with a gun. Wow —

      1. Joe says:

        Shut the F up and and mind your own biz you nosey busybody bittiy! Daaaang!

  190. DEK says:

    I picked up the chase on KCAL (after Channel 2 went to Letterman) and saw the whole horrible thing – Live. Very sad and worried that the outcome isn’t good. My biggest compliant was watching the cops paying all their attention to that miserable dirt-bag who continued to resist with three officers on him. Even a poor dog (a puppy I think) was thrown from the suspects vehicle dazed and confused.

  191. mark says:

    tell em mike. they just want center of attention like the idiot in the pursuit

  192. Tracy says:

    You are the same liberals that would scream police brutality or unnecessary force! The police have their hands tied give um a brake. The Guy was a maniac banging himself around in his car they didn’t know what he would do.

    1. Joe says:

      Tazer girl, tazer, DUHHHHHH!

    2. Joe says:

      And, furthermore, Liberal? HA! CA is anything BUT Liberal!!!!!!! In fact, its one of the most conservative, messed-up states in our country. Time to smell the coffee brewin!

  193. Tim says:

    The guy STOPPED at one point! They said they were going to do a pit maneuver but because the guy went from one police department to another they did not do the pit maneuver. This ends with an innocent person that could be dead! This kind of thing need to stop!

  194. King says:

    “The condition of the victim, a woman, was not immediately known. However, police said she is believed to be alive. “

  195. Christopher Skelton says:

    I give up. This world has gone to the birds, to put it lightly.

  196. alex says:

    What happen to the dog?

    1. Joe says:

      Honestly, the dog should be euthanized. It came from an idiot, and most likely was raised to be an idiot like its owner. Poor thing, yet another victim of stupidity!

  197. Thomas Maidlow says:

    ABC7 reporting and i quote “The condition of the victim, a woman, was not immediately known. However, police said she is believed to be alive

    so hope for the best i guess

  198. zavala says:

    Its all Stupid Rodney Kings fault!

  199. Mari says:

    the victim, a women, is alive. check out abc7 news

  200. KCAL9 Troll says:

    Wonder if the other driver that was hit had also been DUI or texting while at the wheel.

    1. Chris says:


    2. Tiffany Valdez, West Covina says:

      what a horrible thing to assume or wonder! That person looked to be going the speed limit while their traffic signal was green! It only took a second for the driver to hit them… It could’ve happened to ANYONE, even if FULL attention was being given to the road.

    3. Joe says:

      Phucking please! Do you hear yourself?????? It was a green light for her you idiot! Green means GO the last time I checked, and how the hell was she supposed to know that stupid crunk was coming?

  201. LynnM says:

    Pray for the innocent driver !! What ever departments were involved in the chase They better open their but cheeks wide. They are going to get “F” on this one and rightly so. We need someone other than the three stooges to run the PD

  202. Amanda Lauber says:

    this story was just posted on abc

    It says that the woman was thought to be alive. God, I hope their correct.

  203. Lupe Gomez says:

    Mexicans will be the death of all of us.

    They are a plague.

    1. fred says:

      you both are racist morons, No matter the race, we live in so cal, and spanish population are here. Like blaming the recent shootings in Arizona on a white man.. come on now. An idiot is an idiot no matter race,color,creed….

      1. Lupe Gomez says:

        White people who are crazy commit crazy crimes.

        Mexicans who are sane commit crazy crimes.

    2. pete carrol says:


  204. Mari says:

    The victim, a woman is alive. check abc7 news

  205. Chris says:

    How sad!!!!! When and how can we make a difference and stop this from happening. How many people have to die or get injured because the law protects the criminals. Forceful action should be taken in ALL police pursuits…especially when they had the guy stopped! Ridiculous!!!!!!! I feel for the family..that’s probably someones Mom, Dad, Son or Daughter 😦

  206. lance says:

    police officers should work as a team, regardless of jurisdiction. if there is a highly specialized and trained PO who can perform a pit maneuver from one police jurisdiction, let them do it. it shouldnt matter what city its in. the point is you want this thing to end quickly and safely. TEAMWORK PEOPLE!

    and thats why i respect the military more than the police. they work as one, a team. REGARDLESS OF WHAT CITY THEY WORK FOR.

  207. Frank "Ponch" Poncherello says:

    Those cops should have put an end to this pursuit when the suspect was stopped. Now an inocent driver is critically hurt and most likely deceased. I saw the crash on TV and in my book, no one can survive such a high speed impact crash.

  208. KC says:

    COVINA, Calif. (KABC) — A high-speed pursuit Monday night through the San Gabriel Valley ended when the driver crashed into another vehicle in Covina.

    The pursuit began just before 11 p.m. in Pasadena when a man wanted for a minor traffic violation did not pull over for police.

    A pursuit ensued at speeds as low as 30 to 35 miles per hour, eventually moving east through San Marino, Arcadia, Monrovia and into Covina.

    The driver made a stop during the pursuit, but fled again and picked up speed to about 50 miles per hour.

    The pursuit came to an end in Covina, where the suspect T-boned a car at the intersection of Puente Street and Barranca Avenue.

    The condition of the victim, a woman, was not immediately known. However, police said she is believed to be alive.

    The suspect was apprehended.

    The suspect’s car, apparently a sedan, is registered to an owner in North Hollywood and had not been reported stolen.

  209. Lizzy Ford says:

    Shame on the cops for not attending to the innocent motorist for so long. They were more interested in that idiotic suspect. Even the fire dept. took so long to get there…. and there was no jaws of life to get the driver out. Horrible. Shame on Covina cops. Every second could have made a difference in that poor victim’s life.

    As for that foolish woman in the Ch. 2/9 helicopter ought to be fired. She doesn’t know the difference between an innocent bystander…. and an innocent motorist. Also she hardly ever answered the anchors’ question.. making me believe she didn’t know what was going on.

    1. Carrie W says:

      that’s funny you said that because my Mom kept having a fit over the same thing – the woman in the helicopter calling the victim and “innocent bystander”

      But, in the woman’s defense (in the helicopter) not being able to answer the anchor people’s questions it’s because those anchor people kept talking and talking and the woman in the helicopter who happened to have a police scanner wasn’t able to hear that scanner that’s why she didn’t fully know what was going on.

      However, I was able to figure it out without their help. i taped it and played it back.

  210. research cop says:

    If it was LAPD this would of ended a long time ago! Like Mike said do your research before making stupid comments.

  211. Rebbie says:

    Thanks Kim. I was looking for a comment with info on innocent car driver. I’ll be keeping close in my thoughts and prayers! The dog too!

  212. MARK` says:


  213. john clayton says:


  214. pat Lukes says:

    I’m sick. I watched this happen live on the news tonight. I can’t stop thinking about this and it’s obviously that all of you can’t either. I’m so sad that someone’s life has probably ended. I’m just sick and am in too much shock to cry right now, but am sure that will come later…the poor family of that innocent victim.

  215. howie says:

    I just pray for the family of whoever was in the t-boned car. Maybe, the ferociousness and tradgedy of this televised crash (shot in close-up after the crash) will press more politicians into allowing the police to do their job…by using all force available on suspects that clearly pose a threat to the public.
    What are the police afraid of ???!!!!!!

  216. Tucker says:

    Pray for the victim and their family. That was the most tragic thing I have witnessed in my life. It makes you reflect on how precious life really is.

    That pursuit should have been stopped. The suspect was obviously high on something and needed to be taken out when he stopped his car.

  217. Alex says:

    Anyone local on the scene? Any updates on the driver or the dog?

  218. dana says:

    when are we going to find out IF the driver of the car that was struck is ok. i feel so disgusted i saw that and need to know if they are ok.

  219. MARK says:


    1. Verris says:

      I guess you havent been to ABC 7 News.. Because they’re saying she is alive

  220. Ryder says:

    I think everyone would have been cool if we would have watched the cops billy club the hell out of the guys when they got him out of the car. Now think about how this will play out. There is an innocent victim here (we dont know for sure if they have passed), then this guy will cost us all $400,000+ to jail this guy for ever. This makes us all victims now.

    Don’t blame the cops, blame the system that wont let them do their jobs and yes, that includes billy clubbing on the spot, this does send a message.

  221. Joe says:

    What I saw on live television made my stomach turn and has really saddened me. I pray for the person(s) in that car that they are ok. As far as the police are concerned…..they are not trained to place themselves in a position of disadvange by placing themselves directly in front of an obvious lunatic. First of all, you do not want to be a target for this idiot by getting directly in front of him. Second….there is the matter of crossfire. Third….at that particular time there wasn’t an immediate threat to the public when the suspect was stopped. As far as “shooting the tires out”….police agency policy prohibit such acts…this is not TV. The police that many are calling “idiots” have to keep themselves alive in order to help people like you. Imagine the headline “Police officer abandons his training and is killed by only a drunk driver”. Police are also trained to subdue the immediate threat to its completion before further damage occurs….so forgive them for not rendering aid immediately. They are not fully trained paramedics and do not carry boxes of medical equipment along with their guns, ammo, flashlights, batons, handcuffs, tools, knives, keys, etc…… The paramedics weren’t exactly moving at light speed either. There is only so much a police officer can do….and until you’ve been in an exhaustive, extensive, stressfull pursuit and have to make critial decisions within a splt second…please reserve judgement. Most people stress sitting in traffic….imagine what it’s like. For thos of you who say the “idiot cops earned their money”, trust me…its not that great.

    1. fred says:

      to joe the cop…believe me, the two po-lice officers had more options than to run behind their car doors when the car had stopped. they will have to live with that decision for the rest of their lives,,, They failed someone in a major way tonight…All their training did nothing to stop a deadly pursuit..

      1. Joe says:

        The key word in your comment is “live”. The officers will live to help others another day. Ask any Police Officer….they will say the most important thing is to go home to their families at the end of the day.

  222. Dom says:

    Apparently. Its was a woman in the vehicle of the car that got struck and she is alive. Man that suspect is freaking lucky. HES going to pay the consequences for a long time possible attempted manslaughter or something else but hopefully the D.A hit him hard

  223. newsmen says:

    Why KCBS and KCAL does not updated their website?

  224. Robert says:

    You know I have read about the first 15 posts and couldn’t read anymore.
    You people that are so quick to blame the officers and everyone else but the suspect.
    You don’t know the first saying about police procedure when it comes to pursuits.
    Yes this was a terrible accident with the worst outcome and I pray that the other person
    will be okay. But just to address some of the things you said there is no police training
    that bet you pull a car in front of the suspect to block him in. The suspect could have a weapon
    and you would be in the line of fire for one thing or he could ram your car in amateur you.
    As far as the spike strip go’s you have to pick the right place and he has to be going down a straight line
    to deploy the strip and from what I seen when the car was stopped the suspect looked like he was high on something because he was rocking back-and-forth and jumping up and down. I could go into a lot more detail as far as officer safety and the safety of the public but we don’t have enough space to do that. If you want to take your anger out on somebody take it out on the suspect he is the one that decided to run from the police drive a high rate of speed and uses car as a weapon. Believe me please don’t give an opinion on operations that you know nothing about.

    1. fred says:

      isnt that their job. To put themselves in harms way to protect the public…come now robert. that responce is lame!!!!

      1. Gayle says:

        Fred, the police have families too. They are not expendable! If you want to throw yourself in harms way, go for it, otherwise get a grip!

    2. Gayle says:

      Thank you, Robert for a sane comment! I, too, was amazed by some of the posts.

  225. Collin says:

    did the innocent driver die?

  226. MARK says:


    1. Dee says:

      According to who? 2 victims were said to be alive. I saw the ambulances drive right by my house buddy.

  227. josh says:

    I can’t sleep until I find out if they’re ok…

    To think… that person was just driving. Just driving along. If you watch closely, you can see the person who was hit put their brakes on to avoid being hit. So sad, they knew it was coming at the very last second.

  228. L. Hubbard says:

    It’s absolutely unbelievable that not one of the pursuing officers felt it was important enough to come to the immediate aid of the innocent person who was tragically struck by the DUI driver. It was blatantly obvious that they were more concerned with being associated with the on-camera apprehension of the suspect that caused the horrendous accident. Time was so precious and of the utmost importance to the innocent victim. The lapsed several minutes that transpired between the actual time of the accident and the eventual attention paid to the victim’s condition by our so-called L.A.’s Finest, might have better been spent rushing to his or her immediate aid in an attempt to save their life instead of hovering around the suspect in an over-abundance of numbers just to satisfy a pitiful, self-centered adrenaline rush. I truly hope your egos were fulfilled but your conscience’s haunt you for the rest of your lives reminding each of you how you let that unsuspecting driver down.

  229. ILUVDANNY says:

    This has me so stunned. completely horrifying. God Bless that innocent soul. I pray he didn”t for a second what was coming at him. Those cops were so inept, I could not believe when they let that disgusting, drunk SOB take off when they had him the first time.

  230. gary says:

    Who has the correct info? Some guy named Mark is saying the victim didn’t survive “sad sad sad” and yet CBS is reporting its “a woman and she is beleived to be alive” Helloooo! It’d be nice to get some truth from a real source.

    1. Dee says:

      I saw 2 ambulances drive by my house. I’m a block away from the accident.

      1. Dee says:

        What I meant is, I saw to ambulances head south on Barranca towards the freeway transporting victims.

  231. Felix says:

    I hope the victim is ok too, they say shes female and said to be alive from abc news, but watching this live it looked like what everyone else is saying, they didn’t pay much attention to the innocent driver..

  232. RON says:

    I watched this Chase and the car was not Side-Swiped it was Center-Punched. If the Driver was Killed, this Tragedy could have been Avoided. Why didn’t the Police Shoot the Suspects Tires or Box Him in when the Suspect Stopped? They could have Pitted Him when he started to leave. The Policies that the Police Follow in this case was Just Too Politically Correct. I hope the Innocent Victim is Alright but the way the Drivers side Door was Crushed from Impact, it will be a Miracle if the Innocent Victim Survives. This Happened in Covina and they Should have let the Highway Patrol Handle the Chase since they Have the Experience on Handling Drivers like this.

  233. Art Campos says:

    My girlfriends best friend called saying that the guy she was dating called saying that hes drunk and was being chased by the police. He was headed to her house in covina but he never made it

  234. Patrick says:

    ABC 7 is reporting the driver to be alive.

  235. MARK says:


    1. Dee says:

      Let’s clarify this for you sweety…The suspect (bad guy) is a male, possibly drunk according to the stereotypes,a Mexican AND the victim that was driving the other car (the one that got hit) was a female.

      1. Pat says:

        You’re funny Dee…in spite of a very sad story…

  236. Kevin says:

    Im sorry to say but right now isn’t a time to blame the cops… The person who’s at fault is the DRIVER. The cops didn’t give him alcohol and yes they may of had time to stop him but there are certain regulations for everything, They didn’t know if the suspect was armed so blocking him in could of been bad if he started shooting, PIT Manuvers can only be performed in certain area’s with the conformation from higher ups, a cop cannot just do one any place any time. Most PIT manuvers are performed in a wide area where there isn’t much chance for collateral damage… Residencial area fall as a place NOT To perform one because if they don’t perform it correctly the car can go right into a house. Take this time not to blame the cops but to pray for the victim and hope the drunk gets what he desearves. As for the persons who say shoot the tires out… Again to high chance of collateral damage in the area bullets can bounce off and go straight into houses. Also the reason the officers went to the suspect’s vehicle first was becasue again they didn’t know the condition of the suspect. If the suspect had a gun and they went to help the victim the suspect could of opened fire on them. They are sworn to protect the people and unfortuantly one person in a car is less important then letting a drunk guy with a weapon start using that weapon in a public area. All the officers involved in this incident are probably not going to sleep tonight or tomorrow, Hidesight is 20/20 but what they do at the moment or CAN do at the moment are not known to be the best outcome. People stop looking for someone to blame and just take this event and realize how precious life really is. Sadly Next time it could be you. They family of that victim isn’t thinking about who to blame at the moment they are thinking of the victim. to many people blame others when they should not care who to blame only care about who is hurt and possible how they can help that person …

    1. Loren says:

      sorry, but absolutely none of this is relavent when a guy is jerking around in his car like he is epileptic. That’s when the “collateral” damage no longer becomes a detourant… that’s when common sense says this guy is not some normal LA car chase.

      1) There were more than enough police to divide and conquer immediately. Their reaction to the victim’s car was pathetic. You don’t know if an infant is in there pinned, etc. You go to both places… not mill around like they did on TV. Lame.
      2) I wonder how many people in history have died when a cop shot out a tire, or tried to, at 11:30pm on a dark desolate street. Hell, I wonder how many times its happened, any time of day.
      3) This isn’t hindsight… most of us were watching and pleading with the TV for them to do something…. both when the guy was stopped and after the accident. It was amazing to watch them ignore the victims car and just gaze in while the other cops were subduing the DUI suspect.
      4) Of course no one gave him alcohol… but duhhh.. the police are there to bring the DUI folk into cells where they cannot hurt people. So, he was “drunk” from the beginning and they even had him pulled over. Again, not hind sight… common sense. I

    2. Brian Lynch says:

      It’s obvious that the main fault lies with the driver, nobody is disputing that. What people are mad about is that the police had an hour to do something to get this guy off the road, including an opportunity where the driver was at a complete stop right in front of them, for several minutes. Yeah, there was a chance of collateral damage from their attempting to stop him, but there’s also a chance of collateral damage when you allow somebody to be chased through residential streets at high speeds for an hour. Unfortunately, with police in the LA area, just letting a chase happen and seeing how it all plays out, instead of aggressively taking measures to stop it and prevent something like this outcome happening, seems to be the common tactic. And it’s shameful.

    3. RON says:

      They were Given the Green Light to Pit. The Area was Secluded and the In-Experience of Pitting that they Displayed by Not Even Trying is why the End-Result of an Innocent being T-Boned at the Intersection.

      1. STOP! says:

        They were given the green light, but as it transferred into a different jurisdiction. I know the next comment “who cares about the jurisdiction, stop the car” Well who cares? All of those who blame police for any and every little thing that happens. It is due to this that the police have to adhere to the given jurisdiction that they belong. As stated several times on this page, stop blaming the police. You go through the academy, do all your training and learn the laws and regulations set in place, get out there and put yourself on the line. Do that, then you have EARNED the right to complain.

  237. Loren says:

    Look, as everyone has noted, this entire chase was lame. I’m sorry, but I am disgusted with the police lately. There were so many opportunities to block this guy, taze the guy, take tires out… and while some ignorant few might think that a little cowboyish, let’s consider the following.

    1) DUI suspect. Well, we know DUIs often end in fatalites (the moron who suggested they don’t pursue and he drives home drunk alone is overlooking this staggering fact). So, this isn’t ordinary… they know he’s erratic and prone to crash. And those are the ones NOT speeding, just driving home.

    2) When he did stop, and no one was within miles, he was a freaking zombie in the car, thrashing and freaking out… hell, even his windsheild wipers were on. At that point, if you have an IQ over 10 and you’re a copy retreating to your car you have to think to yourself, hey, this guy is mental, possibly drunk… we NEED to not let him drive at all, period. No ifs ands or buts… that’s it, game over. Captain, he’s on crack or needs a mental hospital, we need to take him out.

    3) The car is a lethal weapon. More people die in cars than from guns… especially from DUIs. If that guy was standing there with a gun, they’d take him out. This should be no different given his disposition. Start with the tires, take return fire if need be… YOU ARE THE FRICKIN’ COP, YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS, GET IN THE LINE OF FIRE, GROW SOME BALLS, AND PICTURE THE PAIN AND AGONY THIS GUY IS ABOUT TO REAP ON SOMEONE’S FAMILY. You do NOT let him drive for another half hour and then kill someone. PERIOD. I was screaming at the TV … get in the car, pull in front of him… do SOMETHING.

    Now, let’s compare this to the complete over reaction earlier this week in Woodland Hills where a cop was shot in the chest, but lived thanks to his vest. As horrible as it was, it was still a complete OVERREACTION to send 350 cops AFTER THE FACT and shut down 9 schools

    Exactly which person is more likely to kill someone imminently… the DUI freak zombie on crack in the car driving 80mph you’re not stopping, or the guy who shot a cop after trying to break into a car… but has long fled, and is obviously hiding for his life, totally sober and lucid? Exactly. The response to car chases needs to be emphatic and decisive. This following them around the city for hours hoping they don’t kill someone is not the answer. Pony up police, or find another line of work.

    We are ashamed at how inept you are. It’s one thing if the guy is driving 80… not much you can do. But he stops? He slows down? You pounce on opportunites, not back off. No amount of badge polishing and gear hanging off your belt makes you more qualified than those of us watching with common sense, and you just proved it tonight once again.

    1. Carrie W. says:

      Not really because too many Officers shot lately and they are scared and trying to take more precautions.
      It’s a tough battle out there, what seems like would be a simple solution isn’t always that simple.

  238. Johnny C. says:

    according to KNX 1070 as of a few minutes ago…. the innocent victim survived!! PRAISE GOD! I sure hope that report was 100% confirmed!! It looked really bad. I really hope they did!

  239. Sad says:

    The LA times reports that the victim was “completely unresponsive”. 😦
    There must have been no doubt as to the victims condition for the officers and paramedics not to be rushing to perform cpr. That was one helluva serious impact. I dont think anyone couldve survived. Devastating how quick one can lose their life. Gratefully, they probably never felt a thing.

  240. Anthony says:

    Just heard on KNX1070 news radio that the victim survived.

    1. Carrie says:

      I know !! yay! Praise God!

  241. KC says:

    Everyone keeps talking about the dog. If you watch the crash, the guy lets the dog out of HIS car after he crashes into the innocent driver. The dog must have been with him the whole time…

  242. Miranda R. says:

    Woman in the car…thought to be alive…just unresponsive. I hope she makes it. I feel sick to my stomach that I had to see this. It just popped on TV “Breaking News” so I watched it and 10min later, I see this awful crash. Im so upset I didnt change the channel. Either way…Im hoping to hear good news tomorrow morning regarding the innocent.

  243. andy says:

    KNX 1070 AM radio just said the woman is still alive. I’m an ER physician, and I can only imagine the horrible injuries caused by the side-impact crash that pushed the door at least halfway into the space where the driver’s seat is situated.

    1. Dee says:

      I figured if the poor victims survived it will most likely be a long recovery…

  244. Johnnyb says:

    The crash was horrific and the sad thing about it is that it could have been avoided. Some cops don’t have balls anymore!! I would have rather been releave from duty without pay for firing my weapon at the dui’s tires , than to live with the thought that i could have stopped someone from (possibly ) being killed by a dui driver but didn’t. To the cops involved in the pursuit , grow a pair!! and to the commanding officers of each respective police agency involved in the pursuit, stop being a bunch of P.R. minded woosies and start doing the right thing. It looks like you are worried more about the suspect and not the innocent bystander. Unreal , you guys should be ashamed to call yourselves police officers. One more thing, i’ve been in the cops shoes , Things were done different in the 80″s and 90″s we took care of business. Now adays i see a bunch of youngsters out there play cop but noy being a cop.

  245. Gary says:

    Abc news saying “The condition of the victim, a woman, was not immediately known. However, police said she is believed to be alive.”

  246. JT says:

    Hey Cera….the next time you need a cop…when you’re crying in a closet because there’s someone in your house… or you get robbed or something… remember what you said….you idiot….yes the cops should have handled it differently. But let us not forget what they do for us 99% of the time…. I am mad about what these guys may have not done in time but you are attacking the police community as a whole…like i said…hope you never need one because if one does save your ass one day sounds like you may not appreciate it

  247. Yadira says:

    My heart stopped when I saw the crash. There was plenty of time to exercise the P.I.T maneuver in many occasions. Also, the suspect could have been taken down when he came to a complete stop. This TRAGEDY could have been prevented. What a DISAPPOTMENT. =/

  248. Kevin says:

    KNX1070 (CBS2) is stating She has been transfered to County USC, As of now she is ALIVE !!!!!

  249. Robert says:

    It was a tragic accident and one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen.

    I am still thankful for what police do, but They dropped the ball tonight.

    I hope victim recovers.

  250. Bruce says:

    Isn’t there a way to program all traffic lights at any given intersections to either stay
    or flash red, so all drivers will stop first, than proceed with caution?

    This would be able to warn all traffic ahead, and probably prevent these horrible accidents from occurring.

    1. how says:

      What you are talking about is a red-light transponder. Some fire departments use them on their rigs; white strobe flashing at a specific frequency trips the intersection lights to all red…or opens up a private access gate. So expensive that only a few key intersections have the equipment. But, it would be cool to have a state mandate for each 911 responder to have this system in place.

  251. Spike says:

    Perhaps some jurisdictions will ammend pursuit tactics following this terrible event. The criminal driver was still in the midst of committing a crime. His crime did not end when his car stopped moving. I welcome the day when authorities engage an ammored vehicle that can maintain pursuit speeds and then be used to block the forward progress of a suspect vehicle while also protecting the officers inside. A practical tactic for a stopped vechicle which would allow other officers to approach(or attack) from the rear. We need to stop a vehicle and still protect our officers. Let’s invest in some proper equipment and training so that citizens and officers can all arrive home safely each night. The driver is a criminal and the crime is in progress. He has forfeited his rights so that the authorities can protect the right of safe passage of all law-abiding citizens.

  252. laura says:

    i really wish everyone would stop posting this person is dead just because the accident looked bad trust me i know from personal experience someone can survive something like this. hope for the best my thoughts and prayers are with this person and their family

  253. Michael says:

    I’m outraged and hope the police departments involved in this tragedy catch hell tomorrow morning because they have a lot to answer for!!!

    1. Jimmy Z Zulz says:

      I agree. I am so furious. They had many alternatives when he was stopped. This is one case where the police department in charge should be sued for a lot of money = and I hate lawsuits.

  254. Roger says:

    If you missed the accident.

  255. JoeZ says:

    I can’t sleep! I hope the bystander is alive! There needs to be a way to alert drivers in residential areas that there is a pursuit near by!!!!!!!!

  256. Cindy N says:

    ABC7 has reported that the innocent driver is indeed a Female and she is Alive but her condition remains Unknown..

    Thank you Lord! Everyone please continue to keep her in your prayers.

  257. IAN says:

    Let’s remember that it is the suspect who caused this horrible accident. It’s only in hindsight that we can all think of ways this could have been prevented. Let’s remember that the cops probably didn’t know if there were any innocent passengers in the suspect’s vehicle so shooting at tires may have just provoked more careless reactions from the suspect. But the cops should have continued to block off nearby intersections as they normally do in pursuits. They could’ve laid out spike strips when the opportunity presented itself the moment the suspect didn’t cooperate after stopping. I hope this horrible incident paves way to change how police pursuits should be handled- I think most of us agree that it should be ended quickly and with full force.

  258. scott says:

    very sad, i can’t sleep now

    1. Joe says:

      I know it’s awful! Ever hear of SPIKE STRIPS PD???????????

  259. Bruce says:

    There must be a way that all intersection traffic lights in any given areas can be remotely programed to flash red. All traffic will than stop first, before proceeding with caution. This will warn all traffic ahead, and prevent most of these horrible accidents.

  260. Jimmy Z Zulz says:

    That appears to me to be a late model Nissan Maxima – the victim’s car. I’m calling on police to start shooting these drives who take off. This has got to stop.

  261. Jim Smith says:

    After the news went off the air, all the little PA brats including the newscasters all were standing around a monitor watching the replay of the crash as many times as they wanted too but after saying they were going to take the high road. HELL NO” they did not!!! They’re brats who only got their job in the TV industry through favoritism and or affirmative action. They’re just greedy pigs that get to watch it as many times as they want and tell they’re brat friends on their iPhone what happened and then they all go out to the late night bars looking to get laid THATS HOLLYWOOD or should I say THAT’S STUDIO CITY another S***hole in California. Home of the morons. One other ting that congresswoman was crewing that kid regardless of what any political correct media says. He shot her because she broke off the relationship.

  262. Ish says:

    Why do some people blame the cops all the time??… do you not realize that cops get sued for everything they do??… if they do, if they don’t… get cussed at when they give you a speeding ticket… blamed for everything…. judged by their reactions in situations where you would no to any better!!… yet who do you call if you are in danger??????…… SHUT YOUR PIE HOLES MORONS!…. Cops are not reponsible for stupid people’s actions!!!

    This was a tragic, unfortunate and the only one to blame is the idiot driver. He is the reason we need to expedite the deathrow process to less than a month after proven guilty (what we have now is a joke)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am sorry for the victims and their familes. I hope they make it and are ok. I know this is bad, but all situations could always be worse. I feel for everyone who know the victims. May we all learn from this.

    1. CW says:

      thank you … Agreed! I copy that,

  263. Art says:

    The pursuit came to an end in Covina, where the suspect T-boned a car at the intersection of Puente Street and Barranca Avenue.

    The condition of the victim, a woman, was not immediately known. However, police said she is believed to be alive
    ABC .com.

  264. DONNA says:


  265. Shelly says:

    Why would they take her so far when there is a trauma hospital 5 minutes away. Queen of the Valley
    I hope she makes it.

  266. Joe says:

    Sue me that I don’t live in the phucked-up city of LA and its huge amounts of ghetto surrounding cities. Bottom line, no matter what cops took over, THEY are the idiots! They all are in CA- just look at our roads here- talk about disgusting.

    1. Joe says:

      No driving IDIOTS here just like the PD. No turn signals, you think they are novelities, cutting people off left and right and then flippin them off as if they’re to blame, driving below the speed limit in the PASSING LANE, looky Effin Loos, still talking on cell phones even though it’s ILLEGAL, texting while driving, the list goes on and on and on – do Cally Calientes ever leave the state, I mean ever????????????? Any other place and your selfish a$$es would be HIT AND RUN, and YES the cops do take care of business others places EXCEPT CA!

  267. Jessica F. says:

    This was gut wrenching. I watched it live, and cannot shake the image from my head. I pray for the innocent person in the car that was hit. There are so many things that are so terrible about this:

    1. An innocent person was most likely killed.
    2. The police had a chance to STOP the guy they were chasing, (when the suspect stopped and police went up to the CAR!!!) and they didn’t. His tires could have been blown or they could have blocked him in.
    3. It is reported that they were planning to do a “pit maneuver,” but the police never did. The driver kept going into different jurisdications… so apparently that couldn’t happen.
    4. Once the crash happened… NO ONE went to the innocent person’s car to help them.
    5. It took emergency personnel a long time to get to the scene.

    I could go on and on. This DIDN’T HAVE TO HAPPEN. The police should have, and could have stopped the driver before it ended so horribly. This does not make me have faith in our police departments and makes me feel unsafe on the road. How could they have allowed that chase to drag on and on, KNOWING the guy was on surface streets and blowing through red lights??!! Sickening. It also sickens me that the DUI suspect walked away unharmed. I pray I’m wrong, but I don’t think the innocent person in the other car survived the crash.

    Something needs to change in the way pursuits are handled by the police. I hope this opens the floor to many letters to congress, our senators and to the people we elect to represent us and who can be a voice to make a difference. The bottom line is – police need to STOP high speed chases/pursuits BEFORE something like this happens. In this case, they had the chance and didn’t. This could have ended with no one being harmed. So unreal and sad. Pray for the victim and their family and let’s hope the man who caused this will get the maximum punishment.

    1. Bruce says:

      I agree with you. There were about 8 police involved in this chase, and all it would taken is a few to block him when he came to a complete stop. This horrible crash never should have happened.

      We can only hope the other driver has survived. I guess we will find out later today in the news.

  268. dan says:

    Channel 7 is airing the chase right now.

  269. Joe says:

    Thank goodness she is alive and can sue the police!

  270. Ish says:

    Kevin… we understand what you are saying.. but you may want to read what you type just before you publish… but i do agree with cha. (read my comment above).

  271. SDR says:

    This should not have happened. My thoughts are for the innocent victim in this horrific crash. The driver who caused this should have just been shot on the spot!

  272. Spike says:

    My final thought….perhaps this type of reality TV doesn’t make for good late night viewing. The scenes seem to have rattled the souls of most who commented here tonight. For many not directly involved it will be a restless night. Far too late already.

  273. will says:

    i agree with Kimberly Richardson that they should of done something else and after seeing it on tv and watching it over twice my friend and i were like what about the guy that got hit the police didn’t even go check on the innocent person but they rather go get the idiot suspect then check on the innocent person then the other cop car came and still went to the suspect it should take that many cops to get the suspect if it was one of there cop cars that got hit like that they would of went and checked on there cop buddy. that is really sad hope the best for the innocent person and hope they review that tapes of this and do something about this.

  274. Michael says:

    It didn’t have to end that way!!! that’s the tragedy. That’s what has got me rattled. I’m not the monday morning quarterback type but in this case I have to chime up and say multiple huge mistakes were made by the the police.

  275. Greg says:

    I’ve heard they are developing a device that can shut off a car with the push of a button. I really hope they get the kinks worked out. A device such as that, if properly working can stop these pursuits in minutes. My heart goes out to the family of the lady who was hit. I hope she pulls through.

  276. Pat Lukes says:

    Hey…if someone finds this jerk’s dog, please keep it. It deserves a much better home.

  277. Joe says:

    KNX just reported women in car suffering from MINOR injuries. Thank you God for answering our prayers!

  278. Kevin says:

    KNX1070 Just reported The Victim only Suffered MINOR Injuries… Amazing

  279. John says:

    If I were cop i would have shot the driver in both legs so he couldn’t run away, and aid the victim as soon as possible. Instead, they ignored the victim, and it took 3 officers to drag the guy out of the vehicle; while the rest of the crew barely lifted a finger to aid the victim.

  280. MOTHERLAND says:








  281. bradley says:

    I bet there will be a lawsuit against the cops over this one. When the police saw how crazy the driver was when he initially stopped, they should have pulled another car in front of him so he couldn’t drive off again. And shot out his tires. This was a COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY CRASH! Some innocent person’s life was ruined by lax police work. They allowed a madman to run rampant in the streets for over an hour! I’m furious.

  282. GUNS N' ROSES says:

    BREAKING NEWS ALERT!! I FOUND THE DOG THAT CATAPULTED OUT OF THE VEHICLE..FINDERS KEEPERS LOSERS WEEPERS MY NEW LIL DOG IS FAMOUS..CYPRESS AND AZUSA WE HAD SOME ALBERTOS PUPPY WANTED A CHILE RELLENO I ONLY HAD A JAMAICA SERIOUSLY I FOUND THE DOG THOUGH.. PS…l always have hated cops alot of them have the big man syndrome, the im better than you attitude they lack something like they have to compensate for something else. They were the ones bullied in school now they are paying back in forms of harassing people

    1. Pat Lukes says:

      If you have seriously found that dog, then do not tell anyone and don’t post it anywhere online or you will be found and animal control will come and take him away from you. Dogs are personal property and there are laws governing them. If you are serious, just keep him and be happy that you are a better home than someone who, hopefully, will go to prison for a very long time…good luck to you…that is, if you’re serious.

  283. Stop! says:

    Yes How your right. have the officers that are NOT trained for this type a medical assistance go in and help…and do what. They are not trained for it. It doesn’t matter how many of them were there. THEY ARE NOT TRAINED FOR IT. Everyone says it went on to long. Wow, that was a short chase for LA. Yes the car had stopped at one point, sure lets walk up next to a car and drop the tacks. Lets not think about the fact that the driver could be armed and pop a round off at an officer that gets close. Oh and how many times have we seen chases where the tires were GONE, yet the car kept going. BLAME THE PERSON THAT DECIDED NOT TO STOP. Everything falls on that person. The police are not to blame at all. Any kind of action to stop a driver has several steps and people it has to go through. Some are not even a part of the police force. For that you can blame society for all the frivolous lawsuits that have caused so many stupid laws, regulations and hurdles. For that, blame ourselves.

  284. Reserve Your Judgement says:

    I would LOVE to see the “Armchair Quarterbacks” get an opportunity to spend some time in a police department training simulator so we could all sit back and critique THEIR actions. (Might be a good side story…maybe a few of the folks above would even volunteer their time.) I watched as the officers backed away from the stopped car. Their training to recognize dangerous situations and deal with them in ways that promote officer safety kicked in. The officers may have seen the driver fidgeting for something, they may have heard a dog barking inside the car, they didn’t have backup units right there with them. I will probably never know what they experienced. But, until YOU the ONE standing next to a dangerous suspect, and can SEE and HEAR EVERYTHING that is going on, you should really reserve your judgement. Yes, it is unfortunate that an innocent person was involved in ending the pursuit, and my heart goes out to them and their family. But the armchair quarterbacks, and society in general, must not forget that the ONE person to blame is the guy that was driving the vehicle and HIS failure to stop. I lost track of just how many red lights he ran, but people with such reckless disregard for the safety of others should have absolutely NO place in our communities.

    1. Joe says:

      And make my word for Reserve above, that idiot will get away with most if not all of his crimes. Hell. look what is happening in AZ!
      Camera lights, pfffffflittttttt, yea right!

    2. Pat Lukes says:

      I believe the video of this incident last night will be in training sessions all over the country for police departments for what not to do. The police were the ones who were unresponsive… It was so obvious how this was such a disaster.

    3. DK_Mode says:

      To some degree you’re correct, but this case does demand some criticism on the police. This is the third police chase I’ve happened upon that ended with a tragic, violent side-collision on an innocent victim’s driver-door. (out of the thousands I’ve missed, so I’m assuming this ending is quite common). I appreciate the cop’s valor and skills in these pursuits, but the thing that stands out in this situation is the fact that the police had ample chances to stop him. I can understand in certain high-speed pursuits where it’s too dangerous to box him in or do a pit maneuver, but once it was clear that the police saw that he was a deranged individual, and had his car STOPPED for several minutes, they could have easily shot his tires out (after about 5 minutes of his disobedience). Or boxed him in at that point (like I’ve seen the police do), or do a pit maneuver a dozen times over when they had him on seemingly empty, long stretches of one-way road. If the helicopters weren’t filming, I’m assuming/ hoping the police would have done just that. It’s not just his FAILURE to stop that caused this accident. You don’t leave the success or failure of a violent car chase in the hands of the perpetrator of it. If you are the police, and have a responsibility to protect society, then you take that driver’s abilities to operate his deadly weapon away from him. A steering wheel can be far more dangerous in the hands of an inebriated maniac than a gun is, and should be treated as so.

  285. abendozer says:

    The cops blew it. The guy stopped. Why did they let him drive off?
    Perhaps it was command and control paralysis. The officers, retreated
    from incoherent subject, with helicopters circling, afraid of blowing
    on TV, radioed for instruction. The guy just drove off.

  286. Joe says:

    Not trained? GEESHES do you seriously enjoy hearing yourself talk because it appears that you are one of the few listening! Cops ARE trained to do many things, but perhaps and ahem let me get this right so I am not crucified, the SAN GABRIEL Po Po are unable to perform their TRAINED duties, so perhaps they need to be FIRED.

  287. Jerry says:

    Ok I watched alot of this I am on the east coast . I have to say I hope that the family gets a good lawyer cause and sues the police for all they can… They had that car stopped for like 5 minutes with four police cars right behind him…The could have stopped him … I blame them as well as him after that piont .

    1. Kevin says:

      You don’t get it. YOU were not there. You can’t see everything on the TV. As stated above, the officers could have seen him going for something and thus they had to back off. The officers will NOT box in a car like that over fear of being shot at or the suspect using the car to try and hit them as well.

      To Joe, apparently you don’t listen or read. They are trained for CPR and other minor injuries, but for a possible trauma situation as this was, they are not. Paramedics are the ones that do that. Someone that has been in an accident such as that should not be moved or touched by anyone other then trained medical personnel. The slightest movement in the wrong direction could cause further injury and even death.

      Its easy to point the finger from behind a TV. 99% of you wouldn’t have the guts to do a quarter of the things police have to do everyday.

    2. Joe says:

      Jerry, Thank goodness you are on the East Coast. You’d HATE CA- sucky people, sucky cops, sucky rules, sucky education, sucky government, sucky sucky sucky! This place used to be progressive, now it’s just REGRESSIVE! Do yourself a favor and stay put. Everything you hear about CA minus the weather- and even that is becoming a mess, is true. Fake to the hilt!

  288. Hawaiian Chick says:

    I am just heartbroken for the innocent person that had no idea what was about to happen and the poor dog that was with a monster. Praying for the person that was hit & for their Ohana(Family) I have no words for the Monster driver.

  289. Pat Lukes says:

    I know where the ‘unresponsive’ comments came from. It came from a cop when he saw himself in the reflection of the victim’s car window. He recognized himself as unresponsive and got further confused. You can use this…I’ll be here all week.

  290. Hawaiian Chick says:

    I really hope that what I have heard is so true about the innocent driver was a lady and she survived. I continue the prayers for her during this time & also hope the dog was found & taken care of poor doggie=(

  291. John says:

    Covina Police Department did a very sloppy job with this incident. Firstly, this pursuit had been on-going for about an hour before the suspect entered Covina Police Department’s jurisdiction. When the vehicle first stopped, it was the perfect opportunity to take the suspect out of the vehicle; but there was only one (ONE!) unit following the suspect… never have I seen this before! Moreover, the first police officer was within a few feet from the driver’s window; but then he backed off! Not until two to three minutes later did additional units arrive! Unbelievable! Nonetheless, I had a relative who was rear-ended a few years back in Covina. When Covina PD responded, the police officer claimed that a report wasn’t needed; however, my relative pressed him to write the report (the Covina PD officer did it with a bad/lazy attitude). In summation, Covina PD sucks!

    1. Officer Sandoval says:


  292. Holly says:

    why couldnt they SHOOT HIS TIRES, when HE STOPPED AND they had theIr chance – even if the guy had a gun, the police could have kept behind their cars to protect themselves, but not let him go again, to put innocent people in danger!!!!!

    1. Guy says:

      Holly, TOTALLY AGREE with ya!!!!

    2. Officer Sandoval says:


  293. John says:

    Covina Police Department did a very sloppy job with this incident. Firstly, this pursuit had been on-going for about an hour before the suspect entered Covina Police Department’s jurisdiction. When the vehicle first stopped, it was the perfect opportunity to take the suspect out of the vehicle; but there was only one (ONE!) unit following the suspect… never have I seen this before! Moreover, the first police officer was within a few feet from the driver’s window; but then he backed off! Not until two to three minutes later did additional units arrive! Unbelievable! Nonetheless, I had a relative who was rear-ended a few years back in Covina. When Covina PD responded, the police officer claimed that a report wasn’t needed; however, my relative pressed him to write the report (the Covina PD officer did it with a bad/lazy attitude). In summation, Covina PD sucks!

  294. David says:

    Wow she survived. abc7 has up close video of her moving. And the dog has not been found since LMAO.

    1. John says:

      Yeah, the woman who was t-boned was shown n ABC 7 and NBC 4; she looked fine… she was moving and everything (though she looked dazed). Unbelievable! Yet I still think Covina PD sucks.

  295. Jvp says:

    Thank God the victim only sustained “moderate injuries”. What a miracle!!

  296. Samantha Cantrill says:

    ABC 7 reported a few minutes ago that the woman in the car that was t-boned was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. I somehow doubt that, especially since they are also reporting that the officers attempted the pit maneuver, which, as we all saw, never happened. The dog has yet to be found.

    1. Officer Sandoval says:


  297. Kevin Koehler says:

    I watched the crash and the police had several times to enact the PIT maneuver but becasue of jurisdiction between Covina and Pasadena they didn’t. This is the result of being poltically correct. Shouldn’t we worry about public safety first??????

  298. James Taylor says:

    Last night’s new broadcast was an all time low for TV news anywhere. We will never watch Channel 2 News again.

  299. jason the truth mercado says:

    I can’t believe they let his ass go thru all these citys and not one dam police agency was able to use the pit move they should of done it when he stoped gun or not that’s y u guys get payed for this time u guys failed dramatically I hope the victim made it thru this horrendous situation that took place ill pray for the family …….discusted by agencies that wer involved shame

  300. Joel Wooker Maldonado says:

    i agree thats kind of heartless so say that… innocent person is dead to DUI driver over powering the police on the road. they should of stop him when he had stopped in west covina but they feared they life…dammm use you gun blow tires or something …they let him continue driving and now theres someone out there that lost a love one……

  301. GT says:

    I feel so sick over this. I feel so badly for this person’s family. No one should lose their life like this. I have cried many times after watching the. Why on earth did I sit on my couch and watch this? I am traumatized and feel guilty about that bc my shock is nothing compared to the family’s.


    1. jt says:

      why are you blaming the police. it shouldn’t matter what they did or did not do, they did what they thought what was best at the time, they are human. BUT WE ARE MISSING THE POINT HERE….IF THAT NO GOOD DRIVER WHO WAS SO SELFISH TO PUT EVERYONES LIVES IN DANGER WAS NOT ON THE ROAD AT ALL…THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED… I hate to be cynical but this poor innocednt bystander will probably get lots of money from the city while this low life gets a slap on the hand and early release because we are so poor, everyone is being released early.

  302. Ryan M. says:

    When an officer accepts a job at the police dept. they are sworn to SERVE AND PROTECT…..but when it comes to high speed chases, they protect themselves and let the public get killed time and time again. After watching this pursuit for 15 minutes it was obvious how it was going to end. Great police work….unreal.

    1. KC says:

      What ever happened to personal responsibility? If the drunk moron never ran from the police then this never have happened. Maybe laws should be changed that if you run from the Police it is an automatic 10 year sentence NO parole and 1 strike. I also believe ALL the Police departments need to have the same rules when it comes to handling a chase. Somethings should have been done differently. Support the Police, not the criminal!

  303. AG says:

    Police get blamed either way. If they had shot the suspect or used the taser gun & hit his head and died, the public would be crying police brutality. The suspect’s family would be suing the police. I agree the police should have done something when suspect stopped. But either way, police are in the wrong.

  304. barbara says:

    When the suspect was stopped the police should have shot out his tires, not let him take off again endangering innocent people. Plus, why were sirens not blaring to warn cross traffic/all traffic to be alert. I immediately stop when I hear them and this could have prevented the 20 yr. old girl from entering the intersection. The police majorly “blew it” on this one.

  305. Jim says:

    I feel terrible for the innocent driver that was T-Boned and hope and pray that they recover,, But did you see that poor scared dog jump out of the car of the perp,, it jumped out and was not seen in the picture again.. I hope it was returned home somehow…

  306. gia says:

    I’m confused. The majority of the comments on this site are blasting LAPD and the other agencies involved in this pursuit for NOT shooting a suspect? If the police shot the suspect and, God forbid, injured the innocent unarmed dog in the vehicle, then the police would STILL be villified as heartless a******. Cops can’t win in SoCal. Bottom line. Pray for the innocent victim.

  307. Jan says:

    We were horrified as we watched this play out. The suspect came to a complete stop at one point…the police officers did not do their jobs! We hope the young lady in the car who we hear had moderate injuries sues the police dept for their negligence. Time to change something. The suspect’s car is a weapon. There should be zero tolerance in these situations.

  308. Steve says:

    Reality TV at it’s best. Isn’t this what you want? I couldn’t sleep after watching this live last night. A) It’s irresponsible for the media to broadcast tragic events just because video cameras are everywhere. What if it ended in a fatality? (Remember that guy in Florida a few weeks ago?) I remember when they called them: “Snuff” films. B) Cops. Well, he’s breaking the law…and endangering innocent people….just let him drive, it makes good entertainment. Besides, if one of us gets hurt taking him down, it will be such a shame. This will end obviously when a city or state official is the innocent victim.

  309. Tom says:

    When the car stopped during the chase, and the police got out of their car with guns drawn, I remember shouting at the TV, saying “SHOOT OUT THE TIRES!”. The officers were at a 45 degree angle to each other and would NOT have jeopardized each other. The continued chase was not necessary. And the story as written says the car was side swiped. The person writing the story evidently did not see the end of the chase, because the victim’s car was T-BONED. Police need to be more aggressive in these situations.

  310. adam says:

    ill come clean ive had 2 dui and they suck but i learned my lesson, on the ohter hand the f’in cops caused the crash its really a loose loose , let the dumb asss go and watch him and pick him up when he gets to where hes goin but keep an eye out on him while hes on his way to were ever hes goin, then bust his ass

    1. kiim says:

      Could maybe work….

  311. adam says:

    sometimes the cops do more harm thatn good

    1. kim says:

      Sometime’s alot of people do !!

    2. kay says:

      Lets not blame the cops. If the police acted in a different manner then everyone screams that the police are brutal. We must remember the police are not the bad guys here. Let’s place the blame on the irresponisble driver that got behind the wheel. Wake up folks! It is not the police that got behind the wheel drunk.

  312. Pat Lukes says:

    NEWS UPDATE: The lady in the car that was hit was just shown on the news. She was always alert and moving. I think all your prayers were answered here everyone. She has multiple internal injuries and broken bones. Perhaps, the fact that she is in her 20’s helped her, but it was just not her time. God bless her and her recovery. Maybe we’ll hear name and if we can help her financially.

  313. Justice says:

    The driver should pay for every single traffic violation he committed during the chase.

  314. Mars says:

    i saw it to. i only have one thing to say: life in prison

  315. MORE THAN ANGRY says:

    What was so DISGUSTING is the fact that the chasing police officerS DID NOT EVEN STOP TO CHECK the VICTIM on the OTHER CAR but opted to run straight to the evil suspect ..UNFORGIVABLE!!!

    1. kim says:

      How sad is that !!!

  316. collin says:

    The innocent driver that got hit is alive, shes not hurt.

    1. David Perschbacher says:

      She has a broken neck and broken pelvis…I would say she’s hurt.

  317. 007 says:

    some one like that would not survive a crash like that. but 4 the grace of GOD she did

    1. kim says:

      No kidden’

  318. kim says:

    You all know that it’s all about Politic’s, and make the police force look better !! They
    don’t care, they just care about being the Hero’s !!! The Good Ole’ Boy”, pat on the
    back, and who care’s who get’s hurt on the way, pulling out a gun, when it’s not necessary, beating someone up, etc. etc. I do appreciate the Law Enforcement segment, many of the men and women have so much to deal with. But, I have to think….isi it the Fat Cat’s upstairs, making the decisions,???and the guy’s or gal’s down below looking for that so-called pat on the back??? That might benefit them in the Future???? How sad it is that when they first had the guy, why the hell didn’t they taze him or spray him. Come-on you guy’s have the number’s, and the weapons, what’s the problem…Ratings????

  319. Suziesbro says:

    Which is worse? A drunk heading home at 10 or 20 miles an hour, or a Wild West chase with cowboys in cars or helos, forcing the jerk to run away at 50 or 60 miles an hour. Pursuits are like chocolate donuts to the cops. They love the adrenalin rush. At the termination of the pursuit they could have cared less about the victim. New policies and interagency coordination are mandatory. And why in God’s name did these clowns let the guy get away when he was stopped??????????

  320. David Perschbacher says:

    The victim will sue the police department and multi million dollar settlement that she RIGHTFULLY deserves.

    The police should be reprimanded for failing to secure the suspect when he was stopped.

  321. Chris Jack says:

    if the police do manything then you want to sue them for violilating your rights so they have to be care full not to injuring any one else its a catch 22 for them i am not a cop just tired of seeing them do thier job then wind up in court for a year defending them selfs

  322. The Grouchy Man says:

    I watched in horror last night as the chase ended with that maniac t-boning an innocent woman. How did the LAPD/CHP let it get to that point. Why did the police allow this guy to continue driving at high speeds through intersections, running red lights, and putting people at risk. They could have ended the chase by shooting out his tires when this ahole stopped his car and the police got out of their cruisers to confront him, I understand why they didn’t shoot him. But why not his tires. If they had done so, there would be a woman up in LA whose life would not be hanging in the balance.

  323. Damian says:

    This was a horrible crash. I feel bad for the innocent person. But, the public needs to understand that the BAD GUY caused all this to happen, NOT the police. If you are not a police officer then you have no right to criticize what they did right or wrong….Most people have no idea what it takes to stop a crazy,drunk or violent driver. However, if you think you can do a better job, become a police officer and try it. I guarantee it is way harder than you can ever imagine…..OR you can sit behind your computer and hide as you blame the police for everything…..Just make sure you don’t call the police to your house when there’s a crazy, violent person trying to harm you or your family……

  324. Paul says:

    I don’t blame the police when we as a public continue to pass laws that limit their apprehension abilities. The moment a person runs from the police either in a car or on foot, the officers should be allowed to use deadly force. The police had this guy cornered and he took off again. One gun trained on the driver at that point would have ended this. Of course, I’m going to be lambasted for making such a suggestion. Once again, give the advantage to the criminals.

  325. Tiffany Valdez, West Covina says:

    Just to let everyone know, the driver, 22 year old Johanna Arellano from Baldwin Park is alive and doing well. She has multiple injuries but is resting. She and I are former co-workers, so please continue to send your prayers for a speedy recovery and for peace to her family.

    1. Pat Lukes says:

      Thank you Tiffany for updating us. You have to know by all the comments that we really care about her and want everything great for her. She’s a lucky young lady.

  326. LB says:

    glad to hear she’s resting. My heart goes out to her after watching the footage. Awful, awful. Best wishes to her.

  327. Patrick says:

    The cops missed the opportunity to stop him by blocking his car when he was in Pasadena, and his car stopped moving; prevention of a pursuit is always the safest course of action.

  328. CHRIS says:



  329. Pat Lukes says:


    They showed a picture of him tonight on ABC. He’s a chihuahua with an underbite.

    1. Liizy says:

      We were the ones that found Prince and called the cops to see if the family is going to cliam him. He was taken from us ON tuesday the 25th and he is still at the human society uncliamed. They are waiting on the suspects deciion Im so diguised. The puppy would ahve gone to a great home if there is anyone that can help us please do. My neighbor is calling everyday to get updates but they keep saying No we cannot go see him and No he wont be placed up for adoption. I’m sad and upset that this guy gets rights after almost killing a woman and a wonderful doggy. Please someone HELP!!!

  330. Liizy says:

    My neighbor that had Prince has been calling everyday to the human society to get updates on what is going to be done. They are not giving us any information other than NO you cannot come see him, NO he is not going to be put up for adoption. Its not fair We are trying to care for this little puppy that has been put through alot. The suspect doesnt have rights anymore, why should he have the right to decide what to do with the dog. I’m diguised Please someone help us take this puppy and give him love. PLEASE

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