PLACENTIA, Calif. (AP) — Four children have been injured after being struck by a car that jumped a curb in the Orange County city of Placentia, including a 12-year-old boy who was pinned underneath the vehicle.

Placentia Police Lt. Eric Point says the boys were standing on a corner near a school Monday afternoon when a Prius drove onto the sidewalk and hit them.

Point says a minivan might have forced the car onto the curb. The Prius dragged one of the children underneath it and hit a wall.

Firefighters used airbags to lift the car and free the boy.

Orange County Fire Capt. Greg McKeown says two 12-year-old boys were hospitalized with traumatic injuries. A 7-year-old had minor injuries. An 11-year-old boy was slightly hurt and released to his parents.

The 19-year-old woman who was driving the Prius was also hospitalized.

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Comments (31)
  1. Paula Joppru says:

    Placentia and Golden don’t intersect.

    1. thosde66 says:

      its the OC-nothing intersects there.

      1. Nicolette Purdy says:

        It was Valencia and Golden. Right across the street from Golden Elementary.

  2. C Marasco says:

    I think it was Valencia and Golden. Looks like the condominiums on the corner from the aerial photo.

    1. CLYONS says:

      it was golden and valencia. i live in the surronding area and was out there myself

  3. Cynthia says:

    They meant Valencia and Golden

  4. J A C says:

    ok guys we get it, it was on valencia and golden…gotcha..

  5. thosde66 says:

    probably a brake failure by another jap car. when will they learn???

    1. ek says:

      or more likely, unprotected green light.

  6. seanbehm says:

    Another broad cuasing trauma and drama in the o.c.Probably flappin her jaws on a cell phone.Dumb ass!

  7. Stupid People says:

    Stop making stupid comments. You ever watched the video? Apparently, there was an accident between a minivan & a prius causing the prius to jump the curb & hit the boys.

  8. seanbehm says:

    Apparently?I rest my case your honor.Guilty,Guilt,Guilty.

  9. krissy says:


  10. chris says:

    This is horrible, and too close to home…. I feel horrible for the children who know no better.. just trying to go home after school and play…. Their sense of safty has been taken away from them today… they will be traumatized the rest of their lives….

  11. L says:

    WOW! Surprised at the comments here! Negative!

    This is just a BAD intersection. It needs a left turn signal because there isn’t one!
    So many people try to turn left, and then don’t realize that people are crossing the street there in front of them.

  12. So what!! says:

    People drive to fast know a days!!!!!!

    1. notlovinLA says:

      So what!!, I think you mean “People drive too fast now-a-days!!!!!!”

  13. 123 says:

    even though i don’t live there, i see many cars almost hit me even though i look left and right. my heart goes out to the children. hope they will be okay.

  14. Donovan says:

    Stop sitting behind your computers and judging the driver. Stop making a fuss about someone getting an intersection wrong when people were nearly killed. And lastly, stop pointing out the fact that people “now a-days” do things so horribly. Nothing has changed because mistakes have and always will happen. Either mourn or get on with your lives without dragging everyone down with your nonsense

    1. notlovinLA says:

      Well said, Donovan. I agree completely.

  15. LF says:

    People need to remember that 2young boys we’re seriously hurt. Arguing about names of intersection is a minor detail at this point. The boys are in critical condition. Our thought should be on them and their families.

    1. Paula J says:

      I live in the area and my son would have been driving thru the area at that time. It is VERY important to me to know exactly where this happeded and I expect a news channel to get basic information right.

  16. pray says:

    Pray pray pray!!! For healing, strength, wisdom & for all those involved. Now maybe they will put a light there being negative will get nothing accomplished!

  17. swhitS says:

    Guilty even before a trial. Hope no one here ever gets to be in a “situation”.

  18. losangeleswalker says:

    better luck next time for the kids. people drive too fast around my home too.

  19. losangeleswalker says:

    better luck next time for the kids.

  20. losangeleswalker says:

    the city must do something to make people slow down, like radar on traffic light or stop. something like this

  21. losangeleswalker says:

    or maybe like with have in France, a protection with many metal bar around corner of each street and avenu.

  22. c-man says:

    The cell phone laws need to be enforced. GUARANTEED she was texting while driving. Another OC prissy chick. I say charge her with a felony. Let her do some jail time.

  23. molly says:

    I live near that intersection AND drive the same make, model and color car as that prius. That was an eye opener. My family saw it on television and thought it was me.

  24. EVELYN says:


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