LOS ANGELES (AP) — The brightest bulb in most homes for more than a century is fading toward darkness this year as California turns out the light on the century-old incandescent.

Beginning Jan. 1, the state began phasing out certain energy-sucking bulbs, federal standards the rest of the country will enact next year. Manufacturers will no longer make the traditional 100-watt bulb. The 75-, 60- and 40-watt incandescent bulbs will be phased out by 2014.

Consumers will have to choose from more efficient bulbs including halogen, compact fluorescents and light-emitting diode, or LED, bulbs. The change is part of the federal Energy Independence and Security Act that President George W. Bush signed in 2007.

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  1. paula says:

    How stupid is this!!! What do those of us who get excrutiating migraines from flurescent lighting do if they completely phase out incandescent bulbs???

    1. Leo says:

      on Your Migraine Headache Adverse health effects from excessive lighting or incorrect spectra can manifest in the form of migraines,headaches, fatigue, stress, sexual effects, increased risk of certain carcinomas, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease.
      Not only does bright light induce headache, but incorrect spectra, for example too great an emphasis upon fluorescent opposed to sunlight contribute to incidence of migraine.

  2. Rod Sumner says:

    So, what, we are ignoring CFL & cancer links?

  3. Brian Stuart says:

    What about the film and video industry, what are we to do.

  4. marianne says:

    What happens when those flourescent bulbs break. We’re exposed to mercury that’s in them, which is harmful in itself. Did anyone stop to think about that and how many people coulkd get sick from that, huh????

    1. Leo says:

      Public, agencies ill-informed of risks
      As long as the mercury is contained in the bulb, CFLs are perfectly safe. But eventually, any bulbs — even CFLs — break or burn out, and most consumers simply throw them out in the trash, said Ellen Silbergeld, a professor of environmental health sciences at Johns Hopkins University and editor of the journal Environmental Research.

      “This is an enormous amount of mercury that’s going to enter the waste stream at present with no preparation for it,” she said.

      Manufacturers and the EPA say broken CFLs should be handled carefully and recycled to limit dangerous vapors and the spread of mercury dust. But guidelines for how to do that can be difficult to find, as Brandy Bridges of Ellsworth, Maine, discovered.

      “It was just a wiggly bulb that I reached up to change,” Bridges said. “When the bulb hit the floor, it shattered.”

      When Bridges began calling around to local government agencies to find out what to do, “I was shocked to see how uninformed literally everyone I spoke to was,” she said. “Even our own poison control operator didn’t know what to tell me.”

      The state eventually referred her to a private cleanup firm, which quoted a $2,000 estimate to contain the mercury. After Bridges complained publicly about her predicament, state officials changed their recommendation: Simply throw it in the trash, they said.

      1. Leslie Moffett says:

        I have not found any of the new generation of bulbs that are bright enough for me. I have a very dark apartment with no overhead lighting. Does anyone know which are the best of the new ones for brightness?

  5. Ingrid Earle says:

    oh there’s the problem part of the bush bla bla act…we could do better than this…solar and non toxic lighting…hmmm what a concept!!!

  6. Phil Leshioh says:

    CFL’s are more dangerous than incandescent bulbs. The dirty electricity and the mercury are but two of the problems with these bulbs.
    This has been started by the left under a so called green agenda but in reality is all for the money and power. Those idiots have no clue but just want to be in power.

  7. Marianne says:

    And what about the expense of buying these bulbs? You tell me how many poor people are going to be able to shell out $7.00 a bulb for them????

    1. Leo says:

      NO short fix here LED lighting for the most part last over 10/15 years per unit with the better chips

  8. Josh says:

    The price of these bulbs is outrageous!! I too have realized mercury is inside these new “energy efficient” bulbs.

    To me, this whole energy crisis is bull…If California wants to save energy/water they should tell cities to do simple things…like NOT run city-owned sprinklers when it’s raining outside or during the peak heat of the day. Why does the public have to suffer through all these restrictions when the government isn’t doing it’s part?

  9. NWalta says:

    Be careful where you use the CFLs. They will fade certain dies. I had an antique photograph ruined by being bleached by a CFL.

  10. Alice Ramirez says:

    I thought I had already submitted a comment, but it didn’t show up. Those who didn’t stockpile might consider visiting a nearby state and stocking up. Laws inflicted upon us by unelected bureaucrats of CARB, deserve to be ignored. Stuff your trunk and bring home the bulbs you really want.

  11. Bill says:

    Utility companies are often subsidizing the cost of CFLs. Recently I was able to buy 15 100 watt equivalent CFLs for only $3. That’s only 20 cents each! Watch for ads.

    Many city owned sprinklers are using recycled water that would otherwise run to the ocean.But yes, they should be turned off when it rains, but let’s face it, that’s only about 20 days a year.

  12. carol says:

    I live in a home off the Grid on the American River Valley I was forced to by the bulbs because the State of Calif has title 24 and all new homes must meet Title 24. I hate these bulbs they use energey just to warm up ,we have a read out of the amps we use and we are very aware of our usage once the bulbs warm the usage goes down also some won’t work on dimmers I was forced to install them also I have been trying to find LED BUlbs as I have been informed they use about a tenth of the energy as the Floresent bulbs but am not able to find sizes I need I have found that Lowes has a good supply but I need to drive an Hour to get to Lowes . Dont go to Home Pepot as they don’t know anything I tried

  13. B Wichman says:

    @ LEO: What are your credentials? I think you are trying to help people understand the reasons for the lightbulb change. However, you also need to check out the cons to this change. I’ll let you do the research – which you need to do to provide fair pro/con arguments – because it sounds like that’s what you like to do.

  14. S. Lennartz says:

    Spirally CFC’s give off UV, which are bad for macular degeneration.

  15. Snarkhammersniff says:

    I have a box in my basement containing maybe 500 incandecent bulbs. I suppose they will last quite a long time. I’m also reasonbly sure I can replace them online thereby also avoiding Los Angeles sales tax.

  16. Josh Butts says:

    Leo has an answer for everything!

  17. CalSolarEng says:

    And slowly but surely we start noticing the bad side effects to all that we consume and more impressively we are starting to change that. Make me proud California
    -California Solar Engineering

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