SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — While many states are running short of a drug necessary to carry out executions, California just received a major shipment.

California prison officials said Friday they received 514.5 grams, or a little more than a pound, of sodium thiopental, the first of three drugs administered during a lethal injection to knock out an inmate.

The state was forced to call off its first execution in more than five years in September, in part, because its entire stock of the drug had expired.

The state paid $36,415 to an overseas company to purchase the drug made by Archimedes Pharma of Great Britain, after the sole U.S. manufacturer stopped delivering sodium thiopental.

On Friday, Hospira Inc. of Lake Forest, Ill. said it was halting production of the sodium thiopental, further exacerbating the drug shortage in the United States.

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  1. Rankin says:

    what a joke, with Brown and Harris there will never be executions sell the supply to texas or florida.

  2. Jim Gates says:

    well if manufacters stop providing the drugs for executions the states can either go back to the old way of executions gas chamber electric chair utah uses the firing sqad as a second choice or they can commute everthing to life which would cost tax payers more money to keep these guys alive

    1. Den says:

      Yeah! Food, health care, dental care, clothing etc. costs went up again.

  3. Jim Gates says:

    send all the deathrow inmates to texas florida or arizona yes arizona arizona executes within 8 years

  4. Will says:

    A bullet is cheaper…..

    1. Nate says:

      …or a rope. lol

  5. Den says:

    Some good that will do us. With the whimps we now have running the state we won’t see any executions in California for at least four years. The Frisco 3 (Brown, Harris, Newsome) will make sure to that.

  6. Dave says:

    Give them the expired stuff….gonna die anyways

    1. Nameless Person says:

      Like! Like!! Like!!! Couldn’t agree more.

      Why stop what’s suppose to happen. I dislike that they think about how much pain it will cause the prisoner rather than the pain that was inflicted on the victim. I can’t even begin to imagine the pure terror of knowing that your life is about to end.

      Hang them all. Waste of space and waste of taxpayers money.

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