MORENO VALLEY (CBS) —  An 85-year-old Moreno Valley woman was mauled Friday by a neighbor’s pit bull, a Riverside County sheriff’s lieutenant said.

The victim, who was not identified, was discovered shortly after 3 p.m. at her residence “with severe wounds,” according to Lt. Chad Bianco.

The woman’s daughter called 911 after speaking with her mother on the telephone and detecting signs of distress, as though she might have suffered a stroke, Bianco said.

Deputies were sent to the residence, along with medical personnel, and discovered the injured victim, who said she had been attacked by the dog, according to Bianco.

It was not immediately clear what, if anything, provoked the attack.

“She was transported to Riverside County Regional Medical Center, where she underwent surgery for numerous puncture wounds to her body and severe wounds to her arms,” Bianco said.

The pit bull was seized by officers from the Department of Animal Services. Sheriff’s detectives are investigating the matter, Bianco said.

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  1. mister s says:

    Would this have even made the news if it were a golden retriever or a lab?

    1. B says:

      What if it was your Grandmother Mister S? Yes it would have made the news and they should put the owner down not the dog

    2. dog owner says:

      it would not have happened if the nieghbor had a lab.

  2. Whit says:

    Texas has the right idea. Ban the breed completely. It would be news if it had been a lab or golden retriever, because they dont do that. I warned my son’s gf to get rid of hers, and she did the typical ‘fluffy wont hurt anyone’. Her dog later ripped the face off her friends little girl, and this idiot dog owner blamed the child! ‘G’s are so stupid.

    1. Dog owner with a brain says:

      You’re a genius, Whit…clearly.

      Listen hear. The American Pit Bull Terrier was originally bred for dog fighting, as in to fight other dogs. The Pit Bull isn’t the only breed of fighting dog either, by the way. In any case, for dog fighting to even be possible, fighting dog breeds are bred to not be at all aggressive towards humans, since at dog fighting events, human handlers have to deal with fighting dogs. So fighting dogs that can’t be safely handled by humans would never work for this purpose.

      Obviously, I’m not condoning dog fighting. What I’m saying is that your ignorance about dogs, especially Pit Bulls, has been colored by our American culture of fear and lies. Any dog that is left tied up all day, not fed, or beaten is likely to lash out like this. Actually look up dog attack statistics.

  3. April says:

    Pit bulls are actually very good dogs and with good owners they are not prone to violence. They have gotten a bad rep due to sensationalized media portrayals but in the 50’s they were actually the most popular family dog. It is a shame that bad people have made them into a feared animal.

    1. whit says:

      April, in the last 20 years, I have read over and over about adults and kids who are disfigured or killed by Pitts, not other breeds. If you check, you will find that they make up a disproportionate number of attacks. They are bred for violence, and every gangster wanna be has one or more. Your child, or my grandchild, should not die because an idiot neighbor wants a violent dog. Even people who raise them with love are often attacked for no apparant reason by the dog they cherished and defended. It is just not worth the risk. PItt Bull owners just dont get it, for whatever reason!

      1. Dog owner with a brain says:

        What you don’t get is that American Pit Bull Terriers receive more coverage in the news than other dog breeds for no good reason. Well, unless that you consider that the news media usually shows lower income black folk as owning this breed. Hmm…the racism and fear mongering doesn’t raise a red flag?

        There’s nothing for Pit Bull owners to “get,” pal. If you take five minutes to read about dog behavior, or about Pit Bulls, you’ll see that all this hysteria about Pit Bulls being a “killer dangerous breed” is manipulation.

        Just to be clear. If you came knocking on my door telling me that I had to put down my dog because it’s mixed with American Pit Bull Terrier, it’s not my dog that would get put down, smart guy…

  4. So what!! says:

    Stupid owners are the problem!!!! Im tired of people blaming the dog, dumb MORONS!!!!!!!

  5. Anthony Look says:

    Pit or Lab, making the news or not. If a dog attacks, the owner should be libel for lawsuits and medical expenses and the dog should be put to death.

  6. Ricardo Ignacio says:

    Whit- a gangster or gangster wanna b? WHen you say that are you referring to Bush or which other gangster? Bush doesn’t own a Pit, does he? Neither does John Gotti, or the large monopoly owner gangsters, do they? You speak out of ignorance. This is about a Pitbull not a people, moron.

  7. Ransom J says:

    Dogs love very old or very young meat
    More tender

  8. mister s says:

    Dog owner with a brain- you and I are clearly in the minority here.

  9. Dog owner with a brain says:

    It seems that way, buddy.

    Ignorant people always need something to hate. Whether it be black or brown folk, or a strong breed of dog like the pitbull.

  10. stunned says:

    Unbelievable. Pulling the race card in a discussion about violent dog breeds. Pit bulls atttack and kill. That’s a fact. They should be outlawed. And you should be ashamed for pulling race into the issue. That has nothing to do with it. Go wipe that chip off your shoulder.

    1. Oscar Camacho says:

      hey stunned why dont u get your head out of your ass dogs become the way a owner wants to be i have a pitbull and 60 year old mother and my dog always licks my mom so stop being a dumb ass

  11. jewelcatz says:

    Here are the statistics for dog attack fatalities in the USA for the three year period of 2006 – 2008. The first number represents the number of people killed by that particular breed and the second number represents the percentage of all fatal dog attacks by that particular breed.

    Pit bull – 52, 59%
    Rottweiler – 12, 14%
    American Bulldog – 4, 5%
    Husky – 4, 5%
    German Shepherd Dog – 3, 3%
    Doberman Pinscher – 2, 2%
    Chow Chow – 2, 2%
    Wolf-hybrid – 2, 2%
    Labrador – 2, 2%
    Australian Shepherd – 1, 1%
    Golden Retriever – 1, 1%
    Boxer – 1, 1%
    Bullmastiff – 1, 1%
    Great Pyrenees – 1, 1%
    Mixed breed (undetermined) – 1, 1%
    Jack Russell Terrier – 1, 1%
    Old English Sheepdog – 1, 1%
    Mastiff – 1, 1%
    Presa Canario – 1, 1%

    1. Mariah Morgan-perez says:

      you need to check your statistics, citing your sources would make you look like less of an ignorant arseface also

  12. Mariah Morgan-perez says:

    is there a reason that when i posted replies with a lot of useful information that happened to be pro-Pitty Anti-media portrayal of the breed the only reply approved by the moderator was in response to jewelcatz? my accurate information and statistics were denied while bogus statistical without sources cited were accepted?
    @dog owner with a brain and mister s, keep up the love, the breed deserve advocates in the face of fearful, hateful people who want nothing more than to tear something down and make themselves feel superior

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