LOS ANGELES (AP) — Authorities are planning an $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the gunman who shot and wounded a Los Angeles school police officer as police continue a search for the suspect.

Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine says he would introduce a council motion Friday seeking a $75,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the shooter.

He said the Los Angeles Unified School District police officer’s association, the Los Angeles Police Protective League and the Los Angeles Retired Fire and Police Association have each contributed $5,000. And David Gold, founder of the 99 Cents Only stores, put up $9,999.99. Zine took a penny out of his pocket to make that amount an even $10,000. The total reward amount is now $100,000.

Investigators said they had made progress with the recovery of some forensic evidence, Police Chief Charlie Beck said at a news conference Thursday. Detectives also were hoping to recover fingerprints from the scene.

Beck also defended the aggressive response to the shooting, which included the lockdown of nine schools for several hours.

Any person who openly shoots and wounds an armed and on-duty police officer has “demonstrated a viciousness and wanton disregard for human life that puts them at a different level,” Beck said.

The shooting happened Wednesday morning on a street just outside El Camino Real High School in the Woodland Hills area of the west San Fernando Valley.

Some 9,000 students were held in classrooms for hours at area middle, elementary and high schools as more than 350 police officers, sheriff’s deputies and California Highway Patrol officers scoured 7 square miles around the school and the surrounding area. Some were finally allowed to leave long after dark.

Officer Jeff Stenroos was struck in the chest by a bullet when he confronted a man breaking into cars but his body armor stopped the round, authorities said.

Beck introduced Michael Brodey, a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, at the Thursday news conference. Brodey used the officer’s police radio to report the shooting and stayed with Stenroos until police and paramedics arrived.

Brodey downplayed his role. “What I did yesterday was doing what I’m trained to do,” Brodey said.

Stenroos was released from a hospital Wednesday night, and a school district spokesman said he was helping police with a sketch of the man, who escaped despite the huge manhunt.

The nine schools that were locked down for hours reopened Thursday under heavy security, a district official said.

School district police and city officers patrolled at El Camino Real and other campuses. Crisis counselors also were on hand, but normal classes were held.

“We feel that our students are safe and secure,” but the extra security presence may comfort anxious pupils, said Robert Alaniz, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Unified School District.

He did not immediately have figures for school attendance.

Three schools in the “hot zone” — the immediate area near the shooting — kept students in classrooms for hours without access to food or bathrooms, Alaniz said.

Students in schools closest to the shooting were kept to classrooms on police orders, Alaniz said. They were unable to be sent food or go into the corridors to reach the cafeteria, and they were not allowed to leave to use the bathroom. Some said they used a trash can in a closet as a makeshift toilet.

Alaniz said it was necessary for safety.

“The last thing we want is for some kid wandering to use the bathroom being taken hostage or being caught in a crossfire,” Alaniz said. “You have dogs that are searching, you have SWAT teams with guns.”

Some parents complained, but school officials said they had to defer to police.

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Comments (12)
  1. So what!! says:

    They should offer that kind of reward to all people murderd not just police,,, what a bunch of losers!!!!!

  2. Skeptical says:

    This is shady. Detectives should look at this case from another angle. No disrespect to police officers, but there are some bad apples, and there’s always a chance, especially when there are no witnesses, that an officer could ‘fake’ a shooting to bring attention to himself. It’s happened before. A wounded officer is regarded as heroic; he’s publicized in the media; he gets time off with pay; and adds more drama to his life. A guy can move up in the ranks cheating his way there. If he’s a fraud I hope he’s found out, but if there was an actual shooter, I hope he’s caught, and I’m proven wrong about my speculation.

    1. punisher says:

      Not likely Sherlock. A gunshot from arms distance would penetrate body armor. Educate yourself before making stupid comments. Chances are you are just jealous of people w a good career and status. You fail at life!

      1. krg says:

        Thank you. I wanted to say that and didn’t get a chance.

      2. Skeptical says:

        It’s not impossible to fake something like this and get away with it. I have an open mind, and never suggested this shooting was a fake. I said there are different angles to look at this. A person who would be sick enough to do something like that for attention and accolades is also sick enough to find a friend of his to shoot him in the vest to make it appear real. He could also take off the vest and shoot it himself. I didn’t read anythig about a witness seeing the ‘suspect’ fleeing from the crime in this article. It only said a man came to his aid after seeing him down on the ground. If there’s a legit thug out there that did this the reward/sketch will do him in, but we’re all still waiting for that to happen, Punisher. You’re an idiot for getting bent out of shape over someone looking at this case from an entirely different angle. And about me being jealous, that’s ridiculous. I couldn’t care less about a someone doing something heroic when they’re paid to do it.

      3. Combaticus says:

        Punisher, huh? So everything you know about guns you learned at the movies or from comic books. Call of Duty much? Anyway…

        You absolutely could shoot yourself in the chest, particularly if you have an impact plate in your ballistic vest. Check this out and be sure to watch the video:


        Educate yourself, indeed.

      4. Kau Phaart says:

        Well now, who needs to be educated? YOU! you failed at your ignorant attempt at quashing someone else who was CORRECT show how shallow and stupid you are “punisher”…are you a lying cop, too???

    2. gokuhawks says:

      You called it skeptical!!!!!!!!! The shooting was a fake. Did you know that your comment was read on the John and ken show days before this new information came out. They were skeptical as well.

  3. SB says:

    Not fake – there was a witness to the man fleeing. Forensic evidence is being recovered … did you read the article? Besides, even if he managed to shoot himself in the chest and not penetrate his vest – medical professionals know a self-inflicted wound when they see one. You know, I find that people tend to believe about others what they really see in themselved but don’t want to admit … are you the “bad apple” you speak of?

    1. Kau Phaart says:

      WRONG it IS fake…you must be yet another shallow, mean-spirited, lying cop.

  4. Sissy Cops says:

    WoW! Despite a Massive Manhunt but Cops still can’t find the shooter? The school officer who was shot, dude needs combat lessons. Was wearing an armor vest but was too shock to do anything. Dude is a wimp.

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